I don't know anything about colour

You know, I’m not sure if anyone else ever has this small fear, But for the longest time, I’ve been afraid of adjusting the colours on someone else’s character/s.

Now, I’m not saying adjusting as in “changing the characters whole colour design”, I’m talking about:

Dulling them down a little because they’re too bright and it’s uncomfortable to look at.
Lightening them up a little because you can’t see anything/details (especially your line art).

But recently, I’ve been combating that fear and have been adjusting colours ever so slightly so it’s workable for me.

And I think other artists should too.

You shouldn’t be afraid of adjusting a characters colours, think of it in a traditional art sense; there is no way you can replicate the exact colours of a digital character onto traditional. You can get close, but you’ll never be 100%.

So if you need to adjust a characters colours slightly so it’ll be easier for you, DO IT!
Majority of the time, people usually don’t notice, that or think it’s a little more appealing because maybe it’s easier too look at!

Unless you get some random person who’s upset because you didn’t stay “true to the colours”, screw them.

Be happy when drawing, and be comfortable too.