I don't know anymore



Happy moments

Hey, I hope you’re doing well and everything is going good for you. But most of all, I hope you read this. I was listening to “I will always love you” a bit ago and it reminded me of that time we were driving back to your place and the song came on so I stopped the car and started serenading that lady outside of her house. That’s all, we did have happy moments.

You know, for these past couple of weeks I have written so many messages to you… But I always just hit backspace until the message is all gone. And not to sound cliche, but every time I delete the messages, it somehow reminds me of your love… Gone. I just wish you could see that I am willing to put it all on the table if we were to give it another try. It’s not that I am afraid of being alone. It’s that I truly am in love with you.

The more I try to forget you the more you get stuck, not only in my mind, but in my heart. That’s where is hurts the most. It just feels like something was taken out of me, and that only one person has the cure. So again, if you read this. Please do consider a second chance, and I understand I have asked you already, but one does not simply just fall out of love with whom they said were once blindly in love. And for sure one does not give that person another try knowing he is willing to do everything in his power to make it happen.

I love you M. Camilla.

I know it sounds utterly ridiculous, but I really want to learn how to rap. It’s always been something that I’ve found incredible, and admirable. So I want to learn. I even have a name! Kinetic would be good. Kinetic Katic. Is anyone willing to help me?