I don't know anymore

I feel so detached from myself, I’m so exhausted. I feel like I’m repeating the same day over and over, the same routine, same feelings, same meaningless drama. I’m so sick of it, I just want to feel alive and be happy but I’m constantly drained and everything feels so pointless. I just feel dead.


Me: I’m feeling down, I don’t have energy to draw
YOI StaffYuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX “Welcome to The Madness” PV feat. Otabek Altin
Me: h Oly S HI T- 

voltron prompt part 2 yO

haha and i’m back with more!! (tw for torture and scars and burns etc)
- keith wakes up a week later feeling like lance’s disappearance was his fault (you shouldn’t have brought the explosives bro wth??? where did you even get them keith how how how)
- everyone else kind of thinks he’s dead but keith just knows lance is still alive somewhere                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - hunk is heart broken pig is heart broken everoyne is fuucin sad beCAUSE THEY THINK LANCE IS DEAD                                                                                                                                                         - que keith doing training everyday as much as possible, (he’s determined to become the best fighter to find lance and get him out safely) and hunk has to bring him food and pidge kicks down the door and tells him to go tHE FVCK TO SLEEP                                                                                                                                                         - and keith is perfectly fine after the explosion besides the small cut on his chin which left a scar (his helmet and armor mostly protected the rest of him)

and now back to lance

- lance wakes up in something similar to a healing pod, but he still feels terrible and not healed that well, pretty much collapsing on the floor (he’s very confused, maybe the pod was just a holding cell to keep him alive?) he kind of can’t see out of his left eye but it’s not really concerning because he’s pRETTY MUCH IN PAIN EVERYWHERE
- lance is escorted by a galra doctor to fINALLY FIX MY SON
- he wakes up with a new undercut shave and a metal circle attached behind his left ear, and a metal plate on the back of his neck (it’s pretty small, & they had to give him the undercut to put the plates on)
- also he has a new left eye (the iris can change colors but the eye is controlled by the galra so they can turn it off or flash a bright light which lance finds very annoying)
- lance is kind of upset because whO WOULDN’T BE IF YOU JUST LOST YOUR LEFT EYE SO??
- he’s confused what the metal plates are for and he thinks his haircut looks a little weird but he has more important worries on his mind like are his friends going to save him? do they think he’s dead??
- the galra are like “hey blue paladin, you’re pretty much our bait for the rest of voltron now, fun fun”                                 
- he’s basically treated as the galra’s pet, being pulled around the castle (when he does leave the room) with a weird collar thing that chokes him if he doesn’t move (he begins to go along with it, better to be humiliated than to choke to death right?)
- they put him in a holding cell (holding???) until he finishes his gladiator fights (he loses like 60% of the time because he’s not very good at fighting with spears and apparently thats all they will give him; he eventually gets better at fighting with it though) and it leaves him with scars pretty much everywhere, the biggest across his neck (the gala had to pull his opponent away before he could kill lance: no one is allowed to kill him because he’s bait for the rest of the paladins)                                                                                                                                                         - lance finds out what the metal circle is, the galra had put some sort of earbud into his hear so it’s irremovable. it plays high pitched noises if he talks back or tries to run away. he still doesn’t know what the metal rectangle is for though.                                      - once they get bored of him in the gladiator fights the galra are wondering where his friends are (surely they’d try to take him back right?) so they film him (he’s tortured for information, he’s got burns everywhere, from the bomb explosion and the torture) to send a video to voltron so they’ll give up their lions - once it’s sent they put him in an enclosed room which is pitch black and the walls are a glossy black.                                                                                                                 - que langst. he wonders if his friends will come back for him and if his family misses him at first but it arises to stuff like doubting his friends even liked him and thinking his family was glad he was gone (the type of stuff that happens when you’re trapped in solitude for a while)

and back to keith and the gang

- keith is like guys i’m 99% sure lance is alive whY WONT YOU FRIIKCIN LISTEN TO ME and they’re like how keith?? there was no one there in the remains of the hallway except you JFC
- allura tries to get into the blue lion but it won’t let her in for a few weeks, until the video comes
- a video of a very beat up looking lance is sent from the galra, its raw footage so none of it is edited out and there is a lot of cursing from lance 
- also screams but they don’t know from what, there seems not to be any physical interaction in the video
- and so keith is like “what the heck did i tell you?? he’s alive!!”
- so everyone apologizes and once that happens blue let’s allura in, on the strict conditions they find lance or shiro first
- they make a plan to storm the place with hunk and pidge distracting the galra while keith and allura sneak in
- when the plan is put into action it’s going pretty well for hunk and pidge, but keith and allura have no idea where the heck lance is being kept
- like it’s been a month or two since the video came (keith is guessing in earth terms) so they could have moved him anywhere (and they didn’t get the video for like 4 months after lance vanished, they were coming up with plans and taking out smaller galra bases trying to look for shiro) 
- right when they’re about to retreat they pass by some doors with windows and there’s someone on the table who positively looks 99% like lance
- o shit man it’s lance

to be continued ?? ill probably edit this later it sucks a$$$$$$$$$$ ahahaaaa………….,.,, by,E