I don't know

MINI Preview Of Next Series?

I honestly don’t know why the hell I’m doing this. But I am.

This is really weird and totally on a whim for me but yeah.

So this is just a preview of my next series and I’m pretty excited about it right now. I’m writing part 5 currently and yeah.

So here we go:

“I think that … you should go see a doctor.”

You turned to him, almost offended by his suggestion.

“I’m not fucking sick Yoongi.”

“I just, … I think you need some help coping with this.”

“Trust me, I’m fine. There’s no need to-”

“You held up a fucking knife like you were going to kill me!”

(I hope you’re excited for my next series! I won’t even start to post it for like another month but yeah.)

And she’s even alive.