I don't know

Imagine if GD trolled everyone the way he does Seungri

YB: “Look here are some fruit preserves I made to give to my friends.”

GD: “Stop lying you didn’t cook that your mom probably made it.  You don’t even know how to cut up the fruit right, look how uneven it is.”


TOP: *posts picture of fancy dinner*

GD: “Hyung we all know you just ordered a pizza last night.”

If I ever being to feel as though,
I have forgotten what love looks like,
What warmth feels like,
I will remember the look in my dog’s eyes,
As she placed her paws on my stomach,
Looking up at me with love,
Pure, raw, bright love.
Love that has not been hurt,
Been distorted; been altered,
And I will remember the joy racing through me,
The intense love for this furry friend,
The joy she has brought to me,
When I could not find my own,
The strength and happiness she has lent me,
When I fall to my worst.

My dog never sees the illness,
Or the shameful things I have done,
My dark days do not scare her,
She does not see my time in the hospital,
Nor the warped perversions my eyes see,
When she looks at me,
All she has, all I see,
Is simply love.

your  hands  are  a  cemetery  /  your  mind  is  a  funeral  /  your  lips  are  a  eulogy  for  the  damned.     horror reigns free  /  your crown is made of bones  &  your throne from corpses.      youth’s innocence is lost  /  wrought from  the  temptress’  lips with  searing  revenge   &   unimaginable  bloodshed.    tell  me,     are  you  free   now with  the  chains  encircling  your  wrists  ?     //     indie  kieran  wilcox  from mtv’s  scream,      written  by  rory.