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Hey I'm writing my very first story and I'm having issues with coming up with a plot. I have written on and off in the past but mostly short scenes. I have never attempted to write a story in the past all because of plot. I know it seems silly not to write because of that. I feel frustrated because I care about my characters and I want to give them a great story. I've written bits and pieces of scenes I came up with but don't have beginning or and end in sight. What should I do?

You should start with understanding what plot is. We have plenty of tags under plot and plotting that should help. Excellent books you can use are Save the Cat by Blake Snyder, one of the classics of script writing, and James Scott Bell’s Super Structure (and a few others). 

We also did a feature called Plot a Month that gets you doing a little bit every day, which no matter where you are in your writing skill or career, is the best way to go. Always. [The link takes you to one of the places where we started posting, so you’ll have to go backward Because Tumblr.]

Snyder’s book is going to run around $10 for Kindle or used, since people tend to hold onto their copies; Bell’s books on Kindle start around $3 and are worth every penny, even if he’s kinda Boomer in his world view. Save the Cat is more likely to turn up in your local library.

We posted this link a few weeks ago and if you are starting from page 0, it can help you get to the essence of your story. Do that first, then maybe start following a course of action from one of the sources above.

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Some WIPs from my little journal For updated versions go here: http://mon-cheri-fob.tumblr.com/post/136980619611/since-everyone-seemed-to-enjoy-the-original-wips

Okay. This is all stuff about my Imaginary Friends Headcannon. This is the original post, but so I can edit it without having to reblog it a bunch, I’ll put everything under a Read More. Enjoy the angst.

Meouch, Havve, and Phobos are all figments of Sung’s imagination. After his people died of Boredom, he felt very alone. The only living thing he could save from his planet was Dangus. He traveled through space and decided to land upon Earth, but he didn’t fit in, so he just kind of……. stayed in his room all day. Then he started talking to himself. Came up with names. Then drew out concepts of what his “friends” looked like (which is why the boys had so many different costume changes). He made dolls of his friends and often talked to them, acting out different Cool Events (like Groove Crusaders, Japanquest, etc.).

Sometimes, he gets too into it and will start sobbing, talking about his past. He even came up with sad backstories for his friends so he wouldn’t be the only one who was sad.

So he comes up with an idea. He’ll make his friends real. They’re not… perfect. They’re very stiff and will often just repeat phrases. Things Sung needs to hear. “You’ll be okay.” “You’re not alone.”

But Sung’s not the best at building his friends. They malfunction. They start messing up. “You’re not okay.” “You’ll be alone.” Sung panics. He destroys his friends. His eye starts glowing uncontrollably and lights up the entire room. Dangus senses this and comes in to comfort him, and Sung calms down.

Eventually, Sung finds a human friend (Lazerhorse) and puts him in the basement to work on the Baby, NYC video (a jumbled concept that Sung came up with to keep him busy). Lazerhorse isn’t allowed out of the basement because Sung fears he’ll die of Boredom. He can’t lose another friend.

Today’s Tally II: Excerpt Edition


“Yes,” says Kankri, and points.  The girl with the big green eyes and oversized coat lowers her hand.  

“You said some of you left.”  She fidgets. “Is that…the ones who were after us?”

Kankri takes a deep breath.  You can feel it, you’re so attuned to him by now—the twinge of hurt and fear that comes with thinking about the deserters.  

“Yes,” he says, heavy. “There’s one whose allegiance we can’t confirm, but…the other three have nothing but their own interests and gain at heart.  I know a few others here had close calls with our enemies’ powers before they were recovered—I’m afraid that…in a world where there are real superheroes, there are always going to be real supervillains.”  He smiles, painful and crooked.  “As stereotypical as it sounds, uh…we think their goal is to instate themselves as the new world order.  World domination.”

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Hi-hi! Um, I just wanted to ask for affectionate!Stiles fic recs or even affectionate!Derek? I don't know what tag that could fall under, but I thought I'd ask. Thank you so much, guys. :)

the fluff tag might have something

How the Pack Sees Sterek by SeltheWolfie (13/13 | 10,966 | R)

AU in which Derek and Stiles are an extremely affectionate couple and the pack witnesses it. Originally posted for Derek/Stiles week in 2012. Drabble form. Spoilers.

Remember To Say Thank You by orphan_account (1/1 | 1,534 | G)

In which this case, Stiles saves Derek’s ass.

I Don’t Like You [That’s Okay] by Red_City (1/1 | 3,617 | NC17)

“At least I know how to shut up. So SHUT UP.”

That had been the fatal blow. Derek could look back now and confirm - that had been his downfall. That had been the moment that changed everything, because in response, Stiles had simply said, "Make me.”

There is basically only one type of Reylo that I’m okay with.

And it’s the type where emotionally-stunted-emo-goth-kid Kylo Ren thinks Rey is the bees knees because he’s recognized her as the beautiful badass princess she is, but is so screwed up that he can’t express that in any normal way. 

Meanwhile, Rey literally just wants to utterly destroy this weirdo Darth Vader fanboy because he tortured, manipulated, and tried to kill her.

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Flufflet of Bucky and Tony having an "I can watch over Steve better than you can"-off.

“I saved his life!" 

"That hardly counts, Barnes! He only needed saving because you were trying to kill him!”

“Guys, is this really necessary? We’re closing in on the target and I need to know who has my ten.”

“Shut up, Steve.”

“Don’t tell him to shut up! He’s your superior, you asshole!”

“Say that again, Robocop!”

“Don’t mean to interrupt this custody battle, but you do know you’re doing this over open coms, right?" 

"Barton, I am this close to blasting you!”

“Tch. Too hot-headed for your own good, Stark. You’re a damn liability!”

“Whatever. I’ve never tried to kill him." 

"Really? You managed to drop him from a thousand feet on the mission yesterday!”

“I caught him! I can fly!”


“That’s a lot of smugness coming from an old man with a tin arm." 

"Says the guy in the crappy metal suit.”

“Cra…? That’s it. Jarvis, arm rockets!" 

"Again, I am really enjoying this pissing contest, but we’re under fire and Tash just saved Steve from getting stabbed by that dude.”

“If you want to have his back you better work for it, boys!”

“I don’t need a damn bodyguard! Now will you all start acting like a team?”

“Aye aye, Captain!" 

"Barton, shut the fuck up.”