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One thing the chocobros love about their s/o? Can be gender neutral and can be serious or silly.

What they Love About them (Chocobros)

I won’t lie, this was a tricky request. Personally, I feel what they would love about their s/o would depend on what kind of person they were with in the first place. And you know people can be diverse. But enough rambling, I decided to play off of what we see of the boys, so let me know how it works out.

They never throw his obligations in his face. Just about everyone in the Lucian Court is adamant on emphasising that he’s the future King. They may aim to keep him grounded but all he hears is that he needs to get his act together. “Remember, you’ll be King someday.” Not a day has passed in his life where he hasn’t had  those words hurled at him. But when he’s with them? It’s as though, those words aren’t hanging over his head anymore. That he is good enough. Because why else would they choose him? He knows he has a long way to go but looking into their eyes, he feels hopeful. Not anxious, like he does when his duty is thrown at him. They never really bring up that he won’t be a Prince forever, which is probably part of why he feels at peace with them. In moments like this, being King feels like the destination of tomorrow, not the headache of today. And with them by his side he knows the transition will be smooth.

They listen to him. Not just that, but they understand what he says. Not just in terms of him sharing things at an emotional level, but at a more intellectual level too. Most people see that he’s hyper and smile-y and dismiss him. Thinking he’s too childish for a meaningful conversation. He socialises quite a bit so he has to put up with this sort of thing often. Which is why when he absentmindedly starts talking about something he read the other day, he realises that no one told him to quiet down. Noticing, that they were there and listening pretty intently. It was strange to see someone who’s relatively new in his life being so considerate. But he did take it as an invitation to bombard them with whatever opinions and the like he has. They enjoy that he does, loving how excited he looks now that he can actually talk to someone about these things.

When they joke around with him. The majority of his day, and arguably his life, is about maintaining the utmost professionalism. No quips, no sarcasm, no puns. He has to be succinct, clear, and formal. No two ways about it. He doesn’t really disagree with that though. Being in service to the Crown means one needs to be as sensible and mature as possible, he agrees with that. He will admit though, that it’s refreshing when he can be frivolous with them. Engaging in humourous banter. Laughing at each other’s jokes. Trying to outdo each others’ puns. It’s a nice way to break the pace in his day. And letting all the trivial thoughts out, empties his tank and helps him maintain the guise of the serious Ignis that those he works with are most familiar with. The Ignis that they have a hard time believing, exists.

When they help him relax after he trains. He usually tries to devote as much of his day to training as he can. Sometimes that isn’t particularly long. Other times it’s ridiculously long. He enjoys the adrenaline rush but he absolutely hates the aches and pains that come with strict training. They want him to feel less tense, so they try to do their part. Sometimes, they urge him to cuddle with them and they play the big spoon so he feels comforted. Other times, they draw up a bubble bath, and even though he’s tired, he still acts silly with them. Usually though, they like to give him massages. It’s the fastest way to get him asleep. Which is very welcome on days where he’s especially tired. This being a common occurrence, they’re pretty good at it too. And on days where they just want to collapse onto bed, he returns the favour and helps them relax.