I don't even know what I think of this scene yet


Let’s all pray that what I am about to say will have become obsolete by next Sunday night or the end of the series, but still, it needs to be said.

This scene is nonsensical garbage.

So much progress destroyed in a heartbeat. And turns out it’s not even Sherlock’s doing.

You know what I hate the most about it? Molly Hooper is a tool. And I’m not even talking of her having to deliver John’s message. Which is dreadful enough.

I’m thinking ‘narrative tool’.

Molly is undermined as being Victorian Mrs. Hudson’s worst nightmare: a plot device. This scene erases what Molly fundamentally is only to emphasise the drama going on between John and Sherlock. All I’ve read since are wonderful attempts in fanfic to fix this mistake. Because let’s face it. The Molly Hooper we know would never have agreed to say such a thing without at least providing some sort of comfort to Sherlock. Amirite? I call that a royal screw up. This is Mofftiss yet again shifting things around to serve their purpose. 

You can’t blame them for distancing their writing from ACD’s. They did their own version. Fine. But I am not going to let slide the fact that they managed to betray their one and only original creation. In one single line! All because everything needs to revolve around the two blokes. 

Utter bullshit.

Now, putting that disgusting fact aside and focusing on the story: by the end of the first episode, not one but two main characters are sacrificing themselves for the sake of keeping this toxic relationship at the center of the stage (and female ones at that. Talk about feminism. Is that what TAB was about Mofftiss? To get you off the hook for what is to come?).

One of them is even sacrificing herself in the most literal sense. 

And you know what? I should have known. They keep repeating it and yet I didn’t listen. It’s all about the two blokes. Molly doesn’t count. Mary even less. I’m heartbroken. 

What’s the point of my rant? This:

It is of course too late for Mary. And that’s a massive shame. But Molly. Molly Hooper is due. She is fucking due. If nothing comes out of this, and I’m talking BIG, I’m done.


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.


So different and yet so alike. Two sides of the same coin.

Been working on Summer’s backstory. It’s pretty much done sans some details

Summer Wheatley/Amano Minami

Myers-Briggs Type: INTJ

Well, “her parents are dead.” And now she fights crimes. No, I’m serious. Summer lost her parents to a crime.

Summer is not native to a Union-influenced region, although I’m yet to decide where she hails from. Her parents were murdered when she was five. She was with them. She runs away from the scene and becomes lost in the wild, and a group of Rangers who were on an expeditionary mission find her. (I’m thinking her parents’ murder was connected to why Pokemon Rangers were there, I need to establish that) Summer’s aunt (not sure if father’s or mother’s sister), who happened to live in Fiore, gets the custody of her, but she was never ready for a child and honestly didn’t know what to do with Summer, and she only agreed to care for her because she’d end up in an orphanage otherwise. The aunt ends up all but neglecting young Summer, who begins to explore Fiore by herself until she catches Elita’s eyes. Elita begins to look out for Summer until she reaches ten, from which she properly begins her apprenticeship under Elita. (Idk yet why Summer chooses apprenticeship instead of the Academy, where she will get to “learn things properly” for better or worse.) (She didn’t get enough scholarship I guess) She becomes promoted into a Union Ranger around 13. She is 14 when the events in Guardian Signs take place. (I’m giving her time window from 13 to 15 when she becomes a Union Ranger, and GS happens a year later)

(Note: Nope, I didn’t name her after Yo-Kai Watch. “Amano Minami” literally translates into “South of the Sky”. Yeah, meaningful names smell of Mary Sues, and my Summer does in fact have some characteristic traits, but it’s never the traits themselves that make or break a character. It’s always how those traits are handled by the author – so I better be able to handle them well.)


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Cold Case?

You know what I find interesting about this scene?

We don’t actually see Regina crush her father’s heart here. She can’t because she has to do it when she actually casts the curse. Yet,he still goes down. As if he died immediately. That doesn’t usually happen.

I think that the crushing of hearts on this show is symbolic. Of hurting someone, or ending emotional attachments. Breaking up with people or choosing other people over them. Doing things that will heart people’s feelings.

I thought this was the beginning of it, that Regina told her father she was choosing her own happiness and it broke his heart, figuratively. But this seems to be the exception.

Regina doesn’t even crush the heart to cast the curse. She burns it. In what could be equated to a campfire. 

Which makes me think this is a real death. As Shady has pointed out there are a couple of deaths or altercations near campfires or at campsites. 

There was the one with Charming’s “adoptive father”. There is the fact that Regina said she killed and buried Owen’s dad and Owen later finds his remains at their campsite.

Which makes me wonder if it’s possible that Regina and Owen are actually siblings?

And since I’ve always felt like Regina and Jefferson were somehow related, or something, I’m linking it to him. As in that Jefferson could be Regina’s brother.

In another theory I speculated they were lovers, although in our sick world the two are not always mutually exclusive.

I just always felt there was a familiarity between the two that Regina didn’t have with the other characters.

There was the fact that when Rumple, Regina’s second “father figure of sorts”, was trying to break Regina, he brought in Jefferson. 

There is also the fact that 3 people ended up in Neverland against their will. Jefferson, Cora and Henry Sr. Two of which we know to be Regina’s mother and father. 

Cora then took Jefferson and had him make hats so she could get back to her daughter.

I just, I think there is something there. Either they’re related or they had an affair. Or they grew up together but weren’t actually related.

But if they are related that would make Regina Grace’s/Paige’s aunt. Or maybe he was just her drug dealer? Maybe he did low key stuff as well, like pills? And for some reason I think that Paige’s story is also Emma’s? Which means they might have given us the ending of that story through Emma’s encounter with Jefferson.

But that would then also mean that Jefferson truly ended up going crazy and turned on his own daughter. Not to mention that he drugged her and the whole Emma-Jefferson thing had sexual undertones. Could it also mean Emma’s birth father was a drug dealer and addict? I mean, the whole Wonderland, mushroom collecting and selling bit? That was his job. He also said that his job got Grace’s mother killed. Someone who Regina didn’t seem to care for very much. Not that she cared for a lot of people.

It all brings me back to Regina’s father. Or maybe Emma’s father? I think he died and that she had something to do with it. But she also said in the Wish-verse that she didn’t actually kill anyone. And I think that probably extends outside of the wishverse.

So, maybe Emma? I definitely believe Emma killed someone. I thought in self-defense. But I’m starting to wonder if she may have killed someone in order to defend or protect someone else.

When she and Lily are at Lily’s Summer house and Lily’s dad shows up Emma immediately goes into defense mode. She almost takes a bat to Lily’s father’s head. She actually did hit Jefferson with a bat. And then she rescued Snow, who was kidnapped alongside her.

So was Emma kidnapped? By someone who thought he was her father? Or that she could get his daughter back (by being his daughter)? Was he her father? Or was he a pedophile?

There is also the curious detail that Jefferson faked a limp to get Emma to let down her guard. Which immediately re-links this to Rumple, since he is the only character on this show who actually has a limp.

Rumple also actually bound and gagged Regina the same way Jefferson did Snow. And just like Emma saved Snow, she saved Regina. After killing the dragon.

I think there’s a whole story there. That might have involved both Emma and Regina. And a homicide. And the burying of a body in the woods.

Jefferson disappears after he kidnapped Emma and Snow, only to turn up again later. 

Emma said later that Lily lied to her. So what was the actual lie? And what consequences did it actually have for Emma?

Also, Katherine, Regina’s friend, is kidnapped and thought to be murdered first by her husband David, then by his actual wife, Mary Margaret/Snow. Her heart is found buried in the woods by Ruby.

Only for her to turn up alive later.

Regina also takes out her own heart and buries it in the woods at some point, while Snow is watching her do it. It is referred to as her “burying her pain in the woods”. This also reads to me as symbolic, that whoever was killed and then buried in the woods meant a lot to Regina. 

David is found in the woods, by the toll bridge, barely alive, just after getting out of a coma and returning there because the place had meaning to him. Snow actually releases a dove there and is helped by David, which seems like something someone might do after a death? Since two are sometimes released at a wedding? Yep, releasing doves at a funeral is a thing. Just googled it.

Snow and Charming also end up fighting trolls together at the t®oll bridge after a deal gone wrong. They end up killing a couple of them.

But the question then is “Who died?”

I’m telling you, there is a story there.

And it has to be related to the curse, as in hurting the thing or person you love most. Because this death is the first curse. The real curse. Or closely related to it. 

Snow killed Charming, Pan killed  Felix. 

There is also that I believe David actually killed his own father to protect Snow, who was being bounty-hunted by him. I’m also almost certain that Emma or someone else also beat up or battered other people that link to this, only now I don’t remember who.

I mean, there’s Ruby who killed Peter. Then David’s “adoptive father” killed Gus Gus/Billie and  framed Ruby.

So this might also involve a frame job where no murder was actually committed or there was but the wrong person was accused of it. But I’m guessing someone did get hurt.

Regina did also get framed for murder. The murder of someone who wasn’t even dead, Archie. But someone had actually died. Only we never knew who it was. It just looked like Archie. Which brings me back to My Sweet Audrina. Audrina having been told her older sister Audrina was raped and murdered and buried, only there was no older sister. Audrina was very much alive. And confused.

Regina also told Owen that she killed his father, when under duress. She confessed when put under electroshock therapy. And we never actually saw her commit the murder. Although there was a body.

Then there’s the Queen. When she had the Dragon’s heart, I, along with I assume a lot of people, thought she had killed him. Only she didn’t. He was thought to be dead but still very much alive. You know who did kill a dragon that was later also resurrected? Emma. 

Then there is the Oracle. When her body was found everyone just assumed that the Queen killed her. No one questioned it. And the Queen didn’t deny it.

At the same time, we saw Rumple kill the handmaiden the same way that the oracle was killed. While Regina tried to save her. Which makes me wonder if this murder might have been symbolic. it was a slow poisoning that Regina tried to stop. But she got there too late.

I wrote a post where I said that I believed Regina helped Emma figure out who she was. Which made her the villain in the story according to Emma’s (adoptive?) parents. And that Emma’s parents found a way to make her forget who she was. A metaphor could be a slow poisoning of the mind and body through blood/ veins by Emma’s parents until it reaches the heart. Regina blamed for hurting Emma when she was actually trying to help her.

The oracle and the handmaiden dying the same way because they are the ones who knew Emma’s truth. Because they are Emma before the poisoning. Interestingly, Jasmine, who also represents Regina, also got blamed for the oracle’s death. 

I said before “The Handmaiden” is a Korean movie now that’s based on “The Fingersmith”, a movie about two women who fall for each other, but shrouded in secrecy and deceit, manipulation, you name it. Nothing is what it seems until it’s all revealed in the end. The handmaiden was one of the women. 

I think the Count of Monte Cristo is about a man in a mask, who gets locked up by his twin brother. 

These two were a couple on the show.

The Handmaiden makes me think of Emma and The Count makes me think about the split Queen.

What’s also interesting is that the handmaiden worked for Snow and Charming right before she died. Or before the murder process was started.

The Count was actually sent by Regina to kill Snowing, only it would involve him having to kill Charlotte as well. He falls in love with her instead and so he chooses not to kill them. 

What if the Count is Regina? Rumple ends up getting his hands on the Count just like he did with Regina. And just like Regina, the Count ends up frozen in time. With a handmaiden that has been poisoned. It seemed like the Queen would be the one to poison her, but in the end it’s Rumple.

What is also interesting is that Emma’s parents went to the Sorcerer’s apprentice to have their child’s darkness removed. Regina was Rumple’s apprentice. Only, as we know, she didn’t poison the handmaiden. Rumple did.

What if the handmaiden and the Count’s story is closer to what actually happened? But very symbolic?

It also makes sense because season 1 made me believe that Snow and Charming got pregnant almost immediately. And they were always worried about the Queen’s curse. But  with the Count’s story it seems like a baby was not on the horizon nor were they really very worried about her curse. Which makes me think that baby Emma in the wardrobe? Is a symbol. Of how Emma’s parents saw her. An innocent child, barely out of the womb. Easy to corrupt. When she might actually have been Charlotte’s age. That would make a lot more sense if this is about being gay, than knowing that your child is gay before they’re even born.

The handmaiden also ends up dead. The oracle predicts Emma’s death. But as everyone has said, Emma can die on of two ways. either the poison reaches her heart and she completely forgets who she is. Who she is dies and the savior lives. Or she saves herself and her parents’ savior dies and who she actually is lives.

But the question still remains, who died at the beginning of this story, around the time of this curse other than Emma? And who killed them? Did anyone else die?

I mean, Katherine’s heart was found buried in the woods. Regina buried hers in the woods, burying her pain. Katherine was later found alive, but without her memories, I believe.

It fits Emma. Regina and Emma sharing a heart. Regina burying it in the woods in order to bury the pain. Katherine representing Emma. Who Emma is dies, only for Emma to return as the savior, with no memory of who she actually is.

Katherine wanted to leave town. Emma did try to leave. Cinderella went into labor trying to leave town. Owen’s father tried to leave town after Regina wanted him to stay with her, but he allegedly got buried in the woods instead.

Electroshock therapy to admit to a murder you might not have committed, that might not have even happened. Maybe because you were found near a body in the woods, like Jasmine was?

Looking back, I realized that the SOTBE teaser has really trolled us hard. 

Like first they flashed STAN in morse code 

which flew over the majority of the fandom’s heads (who the hell knows morse?? OR better yet, who would watch a teaser for a children’s cartoon, see a bunch of eyes flashed in a split second and think “Oh look. Those flashing eyes spell out Stan!”)) 

Then they flashed these glitchy images

The code on the left is the infamous “STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS” flashed in the opening credits. The nyarf gun pic is the scene where Dipper shoots at a picture of–you guessed it– Stan in the face. And looky there, it’s pointing directly at the “IS THE AUTHOR” message. 

And to insure that they got their message across, they flash another glitchy image of the same message but with a picture of Stan and another code which means.. I don’t even need to tell you what it means! (It’s STAN.)

The messages throughout the trailer, when put together would be “I know who is the author. Watch till the end.” And what do we see in the end credits? 

This old fella.  

In a mere half a minute, they bombarded us with the biggest spoiler in the freaking series and the funniest thing is. 

Stan is not even the author. But STAN is. 

People, like. Seriously.

Even if MikaYuu was incest (which is NOT because istg they are not blood related and their surnames just changed ‘cause they both were orphans at the fcking Hyakuya orphanage) WHAT WITH IT. Does it hurt you in any fucking way? Like srsly?

Incest is NOT like pedophilia or rape. I mean, it’s a kind of relationship between 2 people related by blood but this type of relationship doesn’t imply any harm for them. INCEST IT’S JUST A NAME FOR A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN 2 PEOPLE RELATED BY BLOOD AND IT DOESN’T IMPLY RAPE OR NON-CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP. The moment rape or pedophilia enter the scene, that’s another entire issue, as those things DOESN’T come along with incest.

I DO NOT LIKE INCEST, just so you know. Having an older brother makes me feel disgusted thinking about it. Like wtf I wouldn’t even dare think like that about my cousins. But incest only harms when two genetically related people have kids together, as they are born with issues, yet not always. AND GUESS WHAT. Mika and Yuu are both MALES. They couldn’t have kids. So the only “harm” of the ship if they were related by blood CAN’T EXIST IN THER RELATIONSHIP.

THO. Even if they could have kids, does it still harm you? Does what other people do with their lives harm you at all if they keep it between themselves? Don’t you know how to let people live their own lifes??????

AND. They-are-not-related-by-blood. SO WHAT’S THE DEAL. It CAN’T be incest when they are a made-up family and doesn’t even acknowledge each other as SIBLINGS. Would you call it incest if your brother hooks up with your partner’s family? Because it’s literally the fcking same thing.

Point is: if you hate a ship, do it. But don’t fcking mess with people who just want to enjoy it by trying to affirm that the ship is something IT IS NOT. (And something that it isn’t even “problematic”. They’re not toxic to each other. They love each other and want them to be happy).

Now… haters, come at me.

Re-watch #4

So tonight I went to see CACW again, this time with the largest audience around me yet. 
Most of them were muggles who’d either wandered in unwary or been dragged there by a nerd-friend who was desperately whispering explanations of the entire MCU to them throughout the film–which was irritating, but w/e nerds gotta be nerds.

But the moment I’m here to tell you about isn’t that I finally figured out what Zemo’s plot ACTUALLY is and just how irrelevant it is to the plot of the film–though the producers have tried to fool us into thinking it’s something different. I’m here because of a special moment that occurred during the infamous quinjet scene. 

You know the one. 

Because, my friends, there is a lot to be said for audience participation when it comes to theatre. Even pre-recorded theatre. 

In a nutshell, here is what happened to me tonight:

Bucky: I don’t know if I’m worth all this, Steve. 

Me: *all the feels, inner weeping*

Steve: *looks like he really wants to say it but doesn’t and the pause goes on and on*

Small Child in the Front Row: YES!

Like, it was so cathartic. 
Having that small child shout out to Bucky on the screen that he WAS “worth all this” to Steve. 
Because Steve can’t say it himself in that scene. 

And I feel like we’ve come a long way–or perhaps the small children of the world have–from shouting out to Cap onstage that Hitler is sneaking up on him to shouting out at Cap onscreen when he can’t verbally express his love for another man. 

In my mind, that small child went home and wrote Captain America a letter in crayon:

Deer Captin America,

U shud tell Bucky u love him. 
He lookt sad. 

Yur friend,

Timmy <3

I’d also like to congratulate Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan for their acting in that scene. They created a vacuum of manly UST so great that a small child felt the need to fill it for them. 

And THAT is fucking talent.