I don't even know what I think of this scene yet

Looking back, I realized that the SOTBE teaser has really trolled us hard. 

Like first they flashed STAN in morse code 

which flew over the majority of the fandom’s heads (who the hell knows morse?? OR better yet, who would watch a teaser for a children’s cartoon, see a bunch of eyes flashed in a split second and think “Oh look. Those flashing eyes spell out Stan!”)) 

Then they flashed these glitchy images

The code on the left is the infamous “STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS” flashed in the opening credits. The nyarf gun pic is the scene where Dipper shoots at a picture of–you guessed it– Stan in the face. And looky there, it’s pointing directly at the “IS THE AUTHOR” message. 

And to insure that they got their message across, they flash another glitchy image of the same message but with a picture of Stan and another code which means.. I don’t even need to tell you what it means! (It’s STAN.)

The messages throughout the trailer, when put together would be “I know who is the author. Watch till the end.” And what do we see in the end credits? 

This old fella.  

In a mere half a minute, they bombarded us with the biggest spoiler in the freaking series and the funniest thing is. 

Stan is not even the author. But STAN is. 

So my post was getting way too long but I’m still thinking a lot about this story:


And I’m just imagining a scene where Jason goes off.

And he goes to a junkyard and he just starts smashing everything. And eventually he starts a fire and it quickly spreads but he doesn’t care because he’s just so angry and he just wants to let it all out.

And Lucius shows up.

And he’s just sort of calmly standing there, despite the fact that he could very well die in a fiery blaze. And they hear a bunch of sirens in the distance but still he’s standing there. As Lucius. Not The Cosmos. I think that’s an important distinction.

And he tells Jason that Tyler is safe and looked after and that he’s allowed to unleash as much anger as he wants but that the second he puts himself in danger, Lucius will step in and stop him.

And true to his word, he stands there and watches as Jason just unleashes all of this anger.

And Lucius eventually asks him why he’s so angry and Jason screams that he’s angry at himself and that it’s his fault.

“What’s your fault?” Lucius asks.

“It’s my fault they’re dead!”

And Jason just bursts into tears and sort of collapses and the fire gets to be too out of control and the sirens are right there so Lucius calmly walks over and wraps an arm around him. And he uses his grappling gun (because even though he’s not in costume, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve; literally) to latch onto a news helicopter. And Jason is tightly hugging him, bawling into his suit, occasionally stopping to look down at the chaos that he caused.

And eventually they drop down onto a rooftop and Lucius holds Jason and is a remarkable listener as the teenager bawls that it was his fault that they’re dead.

(I’m still not sure how exactly it is his fault, if it even is. Either way, he carries the guilt.)

And Lucius comforts him and when he’s feeling better, he gives him a gentle but stern talking-to about how it’s okay to be angry and it’s okay to unleash his anger but that he needs to do it in ways that aren’t harmful to himself or others.

Because I also really just want Lucius to have a weird moral conscience? Like he always jokes about how he’s going to kill people and he terrorizes them, sure but like he genuinely doesn’t want to hurt anybody.

Plus I imagine that Lucius does really…erm…non-stereotypical supervillain things like knitting and cooking and obviously looking after the two kids.

But it’s never played for laughs. Like it’s not like Despicible Me or other stories where everyone laughs because he’s doing something traditionally feminine. It’s just something that he does. It’s something that he likes doing. It’s part of his character.

And I think it really shocks the boys, especially Jason, who know that he’s a supervillain and expect him to be murderous.

And he probably makes jokes about killing people all the time and he threatens people and again, terrorizes them, especially if the boys are upset by someone.

But deep down, he really is a softie. And while that’s definitely expanded because of the boys, it isn’t caused by them.

So it’s almost like a reverse of the trope.


People, like. Seriously.

Even if MikaYuu was incest (which is NOT because istg they are not blood related and their surnames just changed ‘cause they both were orphans at the fcking Hyakuya orphanage) WHAT WITH IT. Does it hurt you in any fucking way? Like srsly?

Incest is NOT like pedophilia or rape. I mean, it’s a kind of relationship between 2 people related by blood but this type of relationship doesn’t imply any harm for them. INCEST IT’S JUST A NAME FOR A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN 2 PEOPLE RELATED BY BLOOD AND IT DOESN’T IMPLY RAPE OR NON-CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP. The moment rape or pedophilia enter the scene, that’s another entire issue, as those things DOESN’T come along with incest.

I DO NOT LIKE INCEST, just so you know. Having an older brother makes me feel disgusted thinking about it. Like wtf I wouldn’t even dare think like that about my cousins. But incest only harms when two genetically related people have kids together, as they are born with issues, yet not always. AND GUESS WHAT. Mika and Yuu are both MALES. They couldn’t have kids. So the only “harm” of the ship if they were related by blood CAN’T EXIST IN THER RELATIONSHIP.

THO. Even if they could have kids, does it still harm you? Does what other people do with their lives harm you at all if they keep it between themselves? Don’t you know how to let people live their own lifes??????

AND. They-are-not-related-by-blood. SO WHAT’S THE DEAL. It CAN’T be incest when they are a made-up family and doesn’t even acknowledge each other as SIBLINGS. Would you call it incest if your brother hooks up with your partner’s family? Because it’s literally the fcking same thing.

Point is: if you hate a ship, do it. But don’t fcking mess with people who just want to enjoy it by trying to affirm that the ship is something IT IS NOT. (And something that it isn’t even “problematic”. They’re not toxic to each other. They love each other and want them to be happy).

Now… haters, come at me.

anonymous asked:

Even though Oliver never heard from Felicity that shoe loves him, it seems to me that he never doubt that. I really would like to hear him asking her, "Do you love me?"

LOL. So, on the one hand, you acknowledge that Oliver knows Felicity loves him; yet on the other you want him to ask her that? 

I don’t think he would ever ask her that; he doesn’t need to. Oliver isn’t insecure about this. His love isn’t based on the condition of reciprocity nor is it based on what she is doing, thinking or saying at any given point. That was the purpose of the “Whatever experiences you had to go through, I’m glad that you did. They shaped the person you are today. And you know how I feel about her” scene; that was the purpose of the 3.09 scene. 

Oliver is telling Felicity, loud and clear, that it doesn’t matter what she does, where she goes, what she says or what mistakes she’s made in her past; his feelings for her won’t change. He’s telling her that it doesn’t matter if she kisses Ray Palmer, if she dates him or anyone else. He will still love her. He’s saying that it doesn’t matter if she loves him or not, because his love does not demand that she loves him back. His love for her is pure, selfless, unconditional. No matter where she goes, he will love her. No matter what she does, he will love her. This is the significance of that scene in 3.09. He tells her that there are only two things - two people - that he is absolutely certain of in HIS ENTIRE LIFE. And one of them is Felicity. 

After all that, do you really think he could come back and be so insecure as to ask her to vocalise her feelings for him in that way? To, basically, force a confession out of her?

Oliver would never ask that of her. She will freely give him her words when she is ready. 

Re-watch #4

So tonight I went to see CACW again, this time with the largest audience around me yet. 
Most of them were muggles who’d either wandered in unwary or been dragged there by a nerd-friend who was desperately whispering explanations of the entire MCU to them throughout the film–which was irritating, but w/e nerds gotta be nerds.

But the moment I’m here to tell you about isn’t that I finally figured out what Zemo’s plot ACTUALLY is and just how irrelevant it is to the plot of the film–though the producers have tried to fool us into thinking it’s something different. I’m here because of a special moment that occurred during the infamous quinjet scene. 

You know the one. 

Because, my friends, there is a lot to be said for audience participation when it comes to theatre. Even pre-recorded theatre. 

In a nutshell, here is what happened to me tonight:

Bucky: I don’t know if I’m worth all this, Steve. 

Me: *all the feels, inner weeping*

Steve: *looks like he really wants to say it but doesn’t and the pause goes on and on*

Small Child in the Front Row: YES!

Like, it was so cathartic. 
Having that small child shout out to Bucky on the screen that he WAS “worth all this” to Steve. 
Because Steve can’t say it himself in that scene. 

And I feel like we’ve come a long way–or perhaps the small children of the world have–from shouting out to Cap onstage that Hitler is sneaking up on him to shouting out at Cap onscreen when he can’t verbally express his love for another man. 

In my mind, that small child went home and wrote Captain America a letter in crayon:

Deer Captin America,

U shud tell Bucky u love him. 
He lookt sad. 

Yur friend,

Timmy <3

I’d also like to congratulate Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan for their acting in that scene. They created a vacuum of manly UST so great that a small child felt the need to fill it for them. 

And THAT is fucking talent.