I don't even care

the reason why I love band members is because when they get so into the music it looks as though their having an orgasm. and well it’s not a disappointing sight

I’m waiting for the day Brendon goes off at someone for mentioning Ryden. Like in all honesty, this guy puts up with so much to do with it. People are constantly mentioning Ryan and Ryden on Periscope, Twitter, Vine, etc. And it’s not fair for him to have to deal with it. He’s probably not even spoken to Ryan in five years or so, he’s obviously uncomfortable talking about him, or hearing anything to do with him. And yet people are constantly bringing him up. And not even just to Brendon, but to Zack and Spencer and Dallon, and even Sarah. Don’t get me started on how absolutely rude and inconsiderate it is to bring up Ryan to Brendon’s wife. 

I’m not saying don’t ship Ryden. Ship it till your hearts content, but please, don’t say anything about it to Brendon. Don’t tweet him ‘Is Ryden real?’, Don’t comment on Periscope ‘RYDEN FOREVER’. It’s not cool. You’re not respecting him.

One day, Brendon’s going to snap, because no one ever leaves it alone, and he’s going to tell some fan off, or he’s going to scream it at a concert or something. And everyone’s going to feel like shit. Everyone who calls themselves a true Panic! fan has most likely seen the video of him trying to sing Northern Downpour and all but crying in the middle of it. If that isn’t enough to make you stop and go ‘wow, obviously he’s fucked up by this all, I should stop,’ then you need to take a step back. 

It’s not a matter of shipping Ryden, it’s a matter of not bringing Brendon Urie into it all, personally.

Times Cas Saved the World

1. Essential to stopping Lucifer.

Got Dean out of hell, teleported him to Sam at the cost of his life which saved Sam from Lucifer, brought them back to the past to save their parents from Anna, cut off pestilence’s ring which enabled them to open the cage, threw holy fire at Michael at the cost of his life which enabled Dean to get Sam back in control at which point Sam jumped into the pit, ending the apocalypse.

2. Stopped Raphael from Restarting the Apocalypse all by himself while fighting literally everyone else.

Worked with Crowley to open Purgatory, lied to everyone to keep them from screwing it up, started a rebellion against Raphael, used his army to keep fighting against Raphael until he could open purgatory, killed Balthazar to keep him from messing up his plans, killed Rachel to keep her from messing up his plans, broke Sam’s wall to keep Dean from interfering with his world saving plans, betrayed Crowley to stop him from gaining any power, tricked Crowley and Raphael so they wouldn’t get the magic blood to open purgatory, got the purgatory souls and killed Raphael, ending his plan to restart the apocalypse.

3. Essential to stopping the Leviathans.

Gave his blood for the spell to kill Dick, identified Dick Roman when no one else could, helped Dean in the physical fight against Dick, which saved the world from being turned into happy meals for Leviathans.

4. Stopped Metatron w/ some help.

Came up with a plan to be Gadreel’s fake prisoner to get into heaven while Dean tried to distract Metatron, talked Hannah into letting him out of heaven jail, set up Angel Radio to hear Metatron’s speech turning the angels against him, smashed the angel tablet, saving the world from Metatron being its God and doing God knows what.

5. Stopped himself when he was Godstiel with a lot of help

Adding this last because it’s kind of controversial but once Cas became Godstiel he was not thinking clearly, Dean said it was “scrambling his brain”, and he wasn’t acting like himself, but there was a moment when he regained control of himself and decided to stop, he went to Sam and Dean and Bobby for help, and he released the purgatory souls, essentially saving the world from himself and from the explosion of all the monster souls into the world, of course he did not know the leviathans held on inside him but in my opinion this counts as him saving the world from millions of monsters exploding into the world instead of just leviathans and it was his intent to release all the souls. He also died for this.