I don't even

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A : *is playing pokemon GO*
  • Person A : Oh! There's a rare pokemon! DON'T MOVE!!
  • Person B : W-what?
  • Person A : Just...don't move. I'm gonna catch it
  • *person A is sneaking towards person B*
  • Person A : *hugging Person B tightly*
  • Person B : What are you doing?!?!
A Christmas Drama
  • Person A : *takes a deep breath* I can't believe you did this to me!
  • Person B : I didn't mean to! I-I just...
  • Person A : WHY?! I TRUSTED YOU! I can't believe you betray me like this!
  • Person B : Please, listen to me I just- *tearing up*
  • Person A : I can't believe you would...I thought you LOVE me!
  • Person B : I do-
  • Person A : THEN WHY?!
  • *silence, heavy breathing
  • Person A : Then why...why would you eat all the Christmas cookies? *sniff
What Markiplier Said About Darkiplier (in case you missed it!):

- Darkiplier will be coming back.
- Much like Warfstache, he doesn’t obey the laws of physics, and he exists in another world and bleeds into this world.
- Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who Mark is.
- Darkiplier admires what Mark has accomplished.
- He is a manipulator, a 100% manipulator.
- He leads you into this false sense of security and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you.
- He is not there to help you. He is not your friend. He is there to use you.
- He is not kept together, as Mark put it.
- When Darkiplier glitches, it’s not Markiplier trying to break free, it’s his shell cracking.
- A lot of inspiration of Darkiplier goes to G-Man from the Half Life series.
- Darkiplier seems human but is actually not.
- Darkiplier is like a shell of a person that is in a human suit and is trying to puff it out so you can believe him but he is really good at it.
- Is Mark is ever going to make an opposite version of himself, he is going to be the worst, the most awful person.
- Darkiplier doesn’t have a shadow.

so uhh,,,,,, Darkiplier isn’t really a good person,,,,,, o h

That’s all the Mark said about Darkiplier, just in case any of you have missed that part of the stream! Hopefully I got all of it but feel free to add more if you’d like!

Did Proton find a Shiny Petrel?! Or is it just another one of P’s tricks? He’ll find out soon enough! 

LOL. WHAT Art?!?  Inspired by a conversation me and @tutotismic had a ways back and I finally got around to finishing SOMETHING before I get slayed with work again.  Now I need to finish P getting swarmed by Brown haired protons that is the male Aether foundation grunts. SNRK

Why I NOTP your OTP..?
  • friend: *ships my nOTP*
  • me: Look I know you may have your own reasons but even I, someone who ships a turtle with his lab, a girl with a potato, a guy with a broom, Jesus with a horse, a midget with a giant, my favorite character with the whole other characters in the show, don't ship that excuse of a ship.
  • me: Don't you think there must be a particular reason behind it?
  • friend: *reconsiders life choices about me being a friend* ...