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After Sam told Dean that the spell was irreversible, Dean just looked really sad. And it seemed like it had to do more with Castiel’s current state than the fact that he has to deal with all the dick Angels currently on Earth.

Because as much as Castiel was trying to present himself as being okay with how things are, and how he’s adjusting to life as a human, Dean has known him for years and he knows, he just knows how difficult life is and how Cas can’t honestly be happy this way.

And even though Dean told him not to worry about it, that it isn’t his problem anymore, that he should live a normal life, Castiel wouldn’t be Castiel if he didn’t at least try.

And judging by how he was looking up at the Heavens in that final scene, he’s not going to just stick his head in the sand while Dean and Sam risk everything they have once again. He’s going to fight.


I know Bradley’s filming. I have to redeem myself after yesterday - Teri Polo

You know who I feel most bad about?! Sakura, poor girl… She hoped, she hoped till the very end that maybe, maybe a trace of light lies there, but there’s nothing there, only darkness… Sasuke is not back with them and never will, sadly, Team 7 laughing together can’t happen. Sasuke is evil and that’s who he is and he hit her where it most hurts: Tsunade.
Tsunade, the woman who made Sakura in who she is today, the encouraging mother figure she always needed, the knowledgeable person who helped her turn Sakura’s tears and brain into her power.
I don’t think you get how much Tsunade means to Sakura… I mean…If you are under the slight impression that Sakura is gonna forgive Sasuke for laying a hand on this person:

I’m sorry to say it but you are dead wrong and probably don’t get Sakura’s character at all or her relationship with Tsunade and the respect and care this girl has for her mentor, no matter the brief the moments were between the two of them that had been shown.

If you are under the impression that Sakura is gonna forgive this:

Then you probably didn’t understood at all this panel:

Don’t forget that Sakura has been doubting Sasuke ever since the beginning, even though she still had hope and even though many of you refused to believe it, what was shown to us is that Sakura was questioning and distrusting him ever since the beginning:

That fake smile wasn’t for nothing, and Kishi through Sai told you that even though her words might be sincere, her smile is fake:

Why that smile was fake? Because she was happy but she didn’t trust him. What do we know about Sakura when she fakes her smiles? She lies! She always suspected him and now, through this final image, she understood what Sasuke wanted to do:

That’s why I say, if anyone is is any way believing that Sakura is gonna take Sasuke’s shit for attaching this person:

You’re dead wrong. This isn’t even about pairings anymore… Sasuke attacked Sakura’s most saint pillar of her growth… 
I am not seeing him well once she gets out of the shock. But what I do know is that if Sakura had any grace for Sasuke, today he fucked up the last bit…

Because Tauriel is awesome and no one can convince me otherwise

As I see it Tauriel rebelled against ancient grudges and idleness, defied king and country knowing full well she’d most likely become an outcast, followed her heart in spite of knowing her love and cause were pretty much doomed from the very start, was not afraid to become vulnerable and gave it her all even when she lost everything. She went beyond the point of no return because she chose to believe in her ideals and the love she had unexpectedly found. She basically opened up her chest in defiance, brave enough to wear her heart on her sleeve, fully aware of the consequences and choosing to embrace them. If that’s what makes her character weak? Then by all means. I wish to be just as weak in life.