I don't care it was worth it

I hope you don’t accept anything less than what you deserve. Run away from average love. Run like all hell. You deserve someone who will make your blood stir and cause your heart dance. You deserve to be deliriously happy. It’s ok to be patient. It’s ok to wait for that. You’re waiting for the best, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.
—  Unknown

ladies of the inner circle of the night court

“The Court of Dreams. The people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream. The bastard-born warriors, the Illyrian half breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares… And the huntress with an artist’s soul.”


Just hadn’t posted much and wanted you guys to know I was actually still drawing.
Four of these I’m planning to finish and a few are gifts. Also threw in some western AU stuff I’ve been avoiding posting because I can’t imagine anyone is interested but me and maybe Nicole.
Also, have you guys seen that dress meme? Because that’s where that Hondo came from.
Also, Sillah makes a guest appearance and she’s @nmallenart oc! The rest are Star Wars characters I’m bastardizing I’m sure but at least I’m having fun, even if it’s just mostly by myself XD

I objectively know that the concept of physical beauty is deeply flawed in many ways, that it revolves around subjective standards and that it doesn’t have any correlation with anyone’s worth as a person BUT if I could be generally considered beautiful I wouldn’t turn my back on that opportunity u feel me? because I feel like no matter how many times I convince myself that my flesh prison is absolutely nothing but a vessel society is still kicking my ass for looking the way I do lol


Saving the girl I love and the world at the same time? Feels pretty right to me.

100 Reasons To Live

  1. We would miss you.
  2. It does get better. Eventually, it will get better. Before every rainbow, there’s a storm, and before every dawn there’s the darkness of night.
  3. There are so many things you would miss out on doing.
  4. There are so many people you would miss out on meeting.
  5. Many people care about you. I know I do.
  6. You are worth happiness and you are worth life. Don’t let anyone yourself included, tell you otherwise.
  7. You are amazing.
  8. The freedom of owning your own car, or of graduating from school.
  9. You will never hear the voice of your favourite musical artist again if you’re gone.
  10. The feeling of walking into a warm building or standing beside a fire on a cold day.
  11. You’ll find your soulmate someday, if romance is a path you want to walk along.
  12. Red pandas. 
  13. Sitting at diners at three in the morning when the world is somehow quiet and whispering all at once.
  14. Soft pillows.
  15. Eating pizza.
  16. Proving all the naysayers wrong when you succeed. (And you will.)
  17. Being able to help other people.
  18. Sitting on rooftops, whether it’s to watch the clouds or the stars, or to simply sit and think.
  19. Going on roadtrips, by yourself or with good friends.
  20. Singing loudly along with music in the car.
  21. Hearing crazy stories.
  22. Telling other people crazy stories.
  23. Ice cream on a hot day. 
  24. Meeting your heroes or people you look up to in person.
  25. Staying in your own room at a fancy hotel.
  26. Trampolines, and the feeling of jumping higher than you could on solid ground.
  27. Your favourite film. You won’t get to watch it again if you’re gone, you know.
  28. Laughing out loud because of an inside joke between you and a friend, or simply because you saw or heard something funny. 
  29. You make the world better, even if it’s just for one person.
  30. People do care. I promise.
  31. Treehouses.
  32. You are unique. There is no one on this planet exactly like you.
  33. A cat could become president of the United States and you won’t be around to see it. 
  34. Chocolate.
  35. Starbucks.
  36. Hugs, if you like them.
  37. You have a purpose. Trust me. Everyone does.
  38. You’ve changed someone’s life. And you could change the world.
  39. You have your entire life ahead of you.
  40. Snow angels and snowmen.
  41. And snowball fights, and sledding, and skiing, and snow forts!
  42. Laughing until you cry. 
  43. The world would not be the same if you didn’t exist. 
  44. A hot, relaxing shower or bath after a stressful day.
  45. Getting completely hammered with a group of good friends.
  46. Good food.
  47. Staying up all night watching your favourite films or binging your favourite television programme.
  48. Dancing and singing along to your favourite songs.
  49. Sleeping in.
  50. Creating something you’re proud of.
  51. Meeting your Internet friends.
  52. Tea, whether it’s hot or iced.
  53. Chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven.
  54. Holding someone’s hand.
  55. Finding sea glass worn smooth by time.
  56. Listening to a new album from one of your favourite musical artists.
  57. Hiking up a mountain.
  58. Making a child giggle until they fall over.
  59. Packages and cards in the mail.
  60. Musicals. 
  61. Old books.
  62. Popsicles in the summer.
  63. Sunlight filtering through the leaves of the trees and dappling the ground.
  64. Dogs. Stray dogs, dogs that need saving, pet dogs, other people’s dogs, fluffy dogs, big dogs, small dogs.
  65. The sunset or sunrise in hues of rose and gold and lavender, like the sky has caught fire.
  66. Forests, and walking through them.
  67. Picnics.
  68. Guitars.
  69. Pianos.
  70. Kaleidoscopes. 
  71. Free samples in grocery stores, and the kind workers who slip you extra ones.
  72. Plants; taking care of them, admiring them, sitting among them and thinking.
  73. Poetry.
  74. Sunlight shining into your room after a rainstorm. 
  75. Beaches; the soft sand, the hushed murmur of the waves.
  76. Bird watching.
  77. Christmas, or Hannukah, or Kwanzaa. 
  78. Fireworks; bursts of colour and brightness and crackling energy.
  79. Constellations, and learning to pick them out from the dark blue velvet of the night sky.
  80. Late night phone calls or video chats.
  81. Roaming thrift shops and finding wonderful new clothing or items that you can afford. 
  82. Vacations to familiar places, or to new places to explore.
  83. Compliments.
  84. Learning; learning new concepts, or new language, or new lessons, or new songs.
  85. Autumn. The colourful leaves, the special flavours of lattes, Halloween, scarves, candy, sweaters, leaping into leaf piles, the way the air in the morning is crisp and cold and gives a jolt of energy to your lungs when you inhale.
  86. Sorting your favourite characters or even other people into Hogwarts houses.
  87. Someday your dreams will come true. 
  88. Baking; cookies, pies, biscuits, bread, cakes, and whatever else you want to eat. 
  89. Cats; their soft fur, bright eyes, hilarious antics, and the low rumble of their purrs as they curl up beside you. 
  90. Feeling the wind whip through your hair as you rollerskate, or ride a bicycle, or skateboard.
  91. Standing in the rain with your face tilted upward and feeling the cool droplets on your face and just reveling in the feeling. 
  92. Decorating your room or your new apartment in just the right way so that it looks wonderful and reflects a look that is uniquely you.
  93. That feeling when you get in bed after a long day, and your body just completely relaxes.
  94. Butterflies. Gentle, pretty, colourful-winged creatures.
  95. Bumblebees! They’re such noble creatures, and it’s because of them we have all the different foods we do.
  96. Horseback riding.
  97. Reading a story or watching something that gives you a totally new perspective and makes you think about the world that much differently.
  98. Colours. Imagine how dull the world would be without them. (Imagine how dull the world would be without you and your smile.)
  99. I love you. And if even one person loves you, that’s still a reason to stay alive.
  100. “There, peeping among the cloud-wrack above a dark tor high up in the mountains, Sam saw a white star twinkle for a while. The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him. For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.

Now it’s so obvious that you don’t give a shit about me. Why did it took me so long to realise?
—  I was too blind to see that all of this never meant anything to you

I hope you ate something today. I hope you took care of yourself today. I hope you’re doing okay.

But I also want you to know that it’s okay if you’re struggling. It’s okay if you relapsed. It’s all going to be okay.

But please don’t give up. One day you will understand why you had to fight so hard.
Keep going.