I don't care

Hook tried to kill Belle

Regina tried to kill Snow, Charming, and Emma

Rumple tried to kill everyone except Belle, Henry, and Neal

Hook (arguably) tried to kill Emma

Regina tried to kill Hook

Snow killed Regina’s mother

Rumple killed Hook’s girlfriend and his own wife

Regina killed Emma’s potential boyfriend and her own lover

Archie killed Marco’s parents

Charming killed Hook

Arthur killed Hook

Emma killed Hook

Snow and Charming almost killed Regina

Emma almost killed Lily

Lily wanted to kill Snow and Charming

Henry inadvertently almost got Snow, Charming, Hook, and Zelena killed when he destroyed magic

Zelena indirectly killed Neal

pretty much everyone has injured, or tried to injure, each other, including True Love couples; Snow scarred Charming, Emma knocked Hook out, Rumple manhandled Belle

Emma locked Hook up, Hook locked Emma up, Rumple locked Belle up, Regina froze Robin, Snow trapped Charming in a net, Regina locked Emma up, Graham locked Emma up, Emma locked Snow up

in conclusion, no one should be friends with anyone, everyone should be alone and/or in prison forever, the only healthy relationship is Henry x the storybook and even that is slightly obsessive, the end

regina doesn’t truly think that there was a specific moment that she fell in love. she knows that it would never be that sort of definitive movement. not for them, anyway. because every moment made her fall in love even more and all over again. every moment they had ever shared seemed to fill her heart a little bit more and make her a little less alone; every moment, from the ones that made her feel alive with anger to the ones that made her melt with something wholly indescribable. so snow can pester her all she wants, but regina will smugly deny her an answer because she’s sure that the moment snow’s looking for doesn’t exist

she’s always been in love with emma, she’s sure of it

I don't know vs I don't care
  • Has every word they've ever wanted to say on the tip of their tongue, sprouting like flowers in their lungs, and their thoughts are screaming to be heard but as soon as they get asked, says "I don't know.":Taurus, Pisces, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn
  • Emotions are bubbling and rioting and clawing in their chest, enclosing around their heart and they feel everything all at once but when they get confronted says, "I don't care.":Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra
  • *moon//mercury*
Your eyes weren’t blue as the ocean. Your hair wasn’t stroked through. Your shirt wasn’t always tucked in. Your smile didn’t always make me smile. Your words didn’t always make mine stutter.
Your eyes were brown which shone through and told many stories.
Your hair reminded me of that cheekiness that you always had.
Your shirt smelt like you had rolled in beautiful flowers for hours.
Your smile reminded me that I was safe. You were happy. And I was safe.
When I heard you speak, you did not make me want to scream. You did not scare me. I never turned away from you. I guess your words calm me down.
You’re my home. You may not seem perfect to anyone else but you’re my home.
You are my home.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #36