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Not gonna lie, but it irks me to no end that the people who complained about htf and made Sam edit everything did NOT go back and read it. Like, I understand. The points you all made were valid. What you had to say about those things were not at all untrue. That is not what we supporters are mad about. What WE are angry about is that you keep going about the same things that were changed, and the only reason is because you haven’t gone back to read the edited version because “you had had it.” Sam was fucking nice enough to go back and edit those points, and for you ungrateful brats to not even check it out is quite disgusting. And I know that at least ONE of the people who has complained about it is indeed a writer and I know that they wouldn’t take the same treatment lightly, but that’s on them.

With that being said, since I had to get it out of my system; Hang the Fool is coming to a close soon, and we readers should continue to love and support Sam throughout the rest of her writing adventures. @arcanebarrage you are truly a blessing and an amazing writer. You put so much time and effort into your work, and even going so far to please the unappeasable. For that, I know that I am grateful to have come across your work. Thank you for everything.

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What is canon: Snape hexing James as much as James did to him. Snape using sectumsempra enough that Remus recognizing it later. What isn't canon: Snape's friends not helping him. Snape dealing with marauders alone. Lily explicitly states Snape n his buddies bullying muggleborns, he has friends and there is nothing to suggest they didnt help him out when they were around. We've seen them fight twice. I think you're unknowingly rewriting canon to justify and suit your bias.

What I say is based on my memory, Snape’s memory from DH, and HPwikia. I’ve read that Severus had to deal with the Marauders alone. But of course I might be wrong!! I’m not trying to rewrite anything, I just try to defend my very personal-experience-related views on James, which some are so eager to oppose (and I can see why, James is a hero in many’s eyes so you all want to defend him, I get it, I do!!).
If you can tell me where I can read about Snape bullying James in the books (Remus and muggleborns don’t count–we all know he bullied them), I’d appreciate it!!

All I’m saying is that I do not approve of active bullying of any kind. Defending a person–it’s fine. I’m glad he defended others against the gang of Slytherins. But taunting and starting fights just because he felt like it–never. And James, a very much loved/loving and privileged boy, did that. And so did Snape, but he was on the dark side (a negative character), while James (a positive character) was not, and he still did those things.

- Cons of not having X-Men in “Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite”: Having to say goodbye to Wolverine, X-23, Phoenix and probably Deadpool.
- Pros of not having X-Men in “Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite”: NO MORE MAGNETO/STORM/SENTINEL INFINITE COMBO SPAMMERS!

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Your eyes weren’t blue as the ocean. Your hair wasn’t stroked through. Your shirt wasn’t always tucked in. Your smile didn’t always make me smile. Your words didn’t always make mine stutter.
Your eyes were brown which shone through and told many stories.
Your hair reminded me of that cheekiness that you always had.
Your shirt smelt like you had rolled in beautiful flowers for hours.
Your smile reminded me that I was safe. You were happy. And I was safe.
When I heard you speak, you did not make me want to scream. You did not scare me. I never turned away from you. I guess your words calm me down.
You’re my home. You may not seem perfect to anyone else but you’re my home.
You are my home.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #36