I do not have time for it

🌼 🌼 waiting for the mission to start, teaching the son important things  🌼 🌼

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I am the worst person ever.

I made a work friend cry a few days ago when she came up to me looking very pleased that she had seen ‘some of Georgia O’keeffe’s beautiful flower paintings’ and I mindlessly replied whilst typing away on my computer that ‘they are all representations of vaginas you know’ and then she cried because she is very religious and basically realised that she had spent her day looking at paintings of vagina-flowers. 

I know everyone is going to kill me for this but...

I need to see Dan straight hair again

Don’t get me wrong I love his hobbit hair!
It’s just that…
Just one more time… please
I didn’t have time to say goodbye

Sharing my art with people and have it inspire/cheer them up was something I never thought I would ever be able to do, so thank you

happy birthday @enbyezra !!! have a small hylian and his tall girlfriend

anonymous asked:

I have an odd and very specific problem... I was writing a fanfic for voltron and I realized that I want to write the plot of my fanfic into an original story since it's completely mine but with obviously voltron characters... do I continue the fanfic or cancel it so that I can write it out for my original?

As odd and specific as your problem may feel, I can promise you this is a burning indigestion that lives inside many writers, my dear. 

The original idea for my Citrus Witches, actually came from a Merlin fanfic I wrote back when Geoffrey of Monmouth was still alive.  It ended up veering far and wide from the original plot, only about 15% of it comes from that original fic I wrote, but the fact remains, it’s still there.  I also took an entire scene from a Free! fic I wrote for this story.  

If you feel a real connection with this story, and you want to see it take on it’s own life outside of an existing show, and become your own thing, I would definitely encourage you to do that.  I think fic is a really great place to fine tune your writing and to spark new ideas, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with that.  

Tfw u find a mental illness that might explain some of your symptoms and on one hand u wanna rejoice because it finally makes sense
but on another hand how mentally ill can I get??
but on a third metaphysical hand what if I’m just making up the symptoms for attention or looking into this diagnosis for attention????

All of those people who use that screenshot twitter about the disorganization on the Arc V staff because of the higher ups as a “definite” proof of the series having going downhill or being a joke or whatever…

…You really need to learn about how production of anime in general works and the level of time pressure and yes, disorganization they do have ALL of them, because if you think this is an isolated thing then you have another thing coming.

6 movies I can watch anytime. I was tagged by the beauty @minkefreak<3 <3

Ah this is so hard!!!! I can never narrow down my list! ok in this mood currently, here goes….

  • The Selfish Giant {2013}
  • Forrest Gump
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Moulin Rouge. 

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Episode 8

I like that Bong Soon is an imperfect but basically good person. She isn’t robot perfect, thank goodness, but I think she generally means well. She even does good things that are unrelated to her strength, like cheering up Min Hyuk and buying her friend a gift when she left the hospital. And how much do I love that she gets herself a gang and sets them to work picking up litter? That’s my kind of gang leader.

I also love that Min Hyuk clearly sees these good qualities in her. When he helps her, it’s not to remake her into a different person. He uses what he knows (he appears to have some boxing or martial arts training) to hone her skills, but he isn’t the catalyst for her decision to use her strength and he doesn’t give her the powers she has. He is the supporter in this show, and I love him for that.








I’m excited and at the same time not ready even if it’s out in June.

*hugs prompto because he totally needs it* (hug him with me guys)