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Just dropping a note here for all who are confused–

Sorry for the current lack of activity on this blog! I’ve been having trouble getting answers done and further plotting for stories due to some events that came up recently. The blog isn’t on hiatus, but I’ll be taking frequent breaks from this blog to get myself together.

I hope no one minds this. I just need to build-up my motivation while I get things sorted out personally. I’m just strongly in need of some time away from this blog, but I also would like to keep it running as regularly as possible.

Your asks are here and will be replied to in time! The Home Arc is still a-go!



The 12 Character Archetypes: Blindspot

Everyone is A Hero

a rescuer, a crusader for a cause, the Hero is quick to fight for what he believes is right.

The Orphan
sincere, empathic, down to earth, with solid virtues and a lack of pretense, who values the dignity of others.

The Innocent
optimistic, good, faithful, pure and virtuous, who is driven by strong positive personal values that stem from love, hope, faith and loyalty.

The Explorer
on a quest, in search of something, a way home, important knowledge, a key to happiness or a “better way.” doesn’t follow rules or conventions. acts intuitively, strikes boldly, self-sacrificial and lonely.

The Caregiver
compassionate, generous and protective.
looks after those who can’t protect themselves. takes in strays, lends a helping hand, and seeks out those in need.

The Outlaw
outrageous and radical in their thinking and approaches to attacking and solving problems in life. holds counter-cultural ideas, and is all about creating a better world.

The Jester
relies on his wits and is willing to cross boundaries, break taboos, insult anyone in his way to achieve success. their real goal is to ignore all the boring people in the world and to enjoy life to the fullest, to laugh about life, or at life.

The Lover
aims at finding satisfaction, pleasure, bliss, or fulfillment through intimacy or passionate commitment. driven to bond with someone, a lover, friend, or with a group that holds a connection for them.

The Creator
visionary, imaginative, skillful, and talented. is motivated to use their abilities to create art, music, poetry, literature. a non-conformist, leaving conventional social life behind to find themselves and their art.

The Leader
strives to be in control, assumes responsibilities and shows leadership. their objective is to insure that order, harmony and control are imposed on the world. displays strong personal values, is systematic, organized, fair, yet powerful. leads his people to battle to protect them and risks the dangers of battle himself. is a peacemaker

The Sage
the expert, knowledgeable and understanding, the source of wisdom or the guardian of truth.
gathers wisdom from far away sources. wants to be sure their knowledge is based in clarity and truth.

The Magician
supremely skilled at manipulating objects and forces of nature to create supernatural transformation. charismatic, visionary, who is well-educated and inspires others. aims to control and change circumstances for their own or someone else’s benefit.

Thanks to @gypsyscarfwoman for geeking out with me and helping me figure it all out.

why would you, a person reading in 2016, comment on a fic written and posted in 2014, to correct me on a piece of canon not revealed until 2015



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You're the patron Saint of getting shit done

Honestly, I don’t talk about 80% of my productivity these days because I’m trying to preserve the veil of anonymity. But if there’s anything law school has taught me is how to hit the ground running, while juggling knives. And sometimes they’re on fire.


*Waves* Hii! :)

It’s been a while and I’m sorry for disappearing so bluntly ;-; School’s been keeping me busy by having me take 3 tests a week of the content we have discussed in class and we need to pass 9 out of the 12 tests in total, so that’s what’s keeping me busy these weeks ._.

I haven’t been able to read anything, let alone wanting to play a game that’s laggy and takes 124634 hours to load .-. 

ANYWAY, I’m definitely not back but I’m trying to play sims whenever I have time and I made this cutie from my base sim, which was weird but worth it because look at her 8_8

I hope everyone’s having a great day or had one and will have one tomorrow ;)

*tunes out for 9 weeks*


good words for the headstone.

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Hi! Could you please elaborate on the differences you noticed between Jordan's and Sanderson's Mat? I didn't always read Mat's chapters super closely so i didn't notice anything and im kinda curious

Ok so bear with me bc I just got home from work and then my laptop decided it Had To Update Immediately and now it’s 3:40 a.m. (and now 4:30 as I’m about to hit ‘post’, i cant believe i spent 50 minutes thinking about this and rewriting) but I’m still going to answer this tonight. Forgive any mistakes or typos.

Mat has far more depth than he himself would admit, and I believe that Sanderson didn’t quite understand the depth of Mat as a character. Sanderson’s Mat reads, to me, like what you’d read in fanfiction. Which might be exactly what you’d expect, considering.

Sanderson’s Mat is trying to be funny. RJ’s Mat just is. RJ’s Mat is funny in how he thinks, especially compared to his actions – he’s got a complete lack of self-awareness, the same way Nynaeve does. Sanderson’s Mat is funny because of overly dramatic backstories for aliases and spelling mistakes in a letter. Sanderson’s Mat feels like he’s pulling gags from a sitcom. He’s childish and immature in a way that seems to ignore books’ worth of character development, but he’s still got all of those experiences so you can still try to argue that he’s “matured” as long as you don’t look too hard. If you want to take an in-universe perspective, maybe Mat’s trying to hold on to whatever makes him feel like himself, because he’s just gone through some major life changes. He’s going back to ridiculous pranks and jokes because he wants to reinforce how he believes he is. Or maybe Sanderson just took Mat at face value, and, for the most part, ended up writing him the way the other characters of the series view him. I did really like Mat’s boots monologue in ToM, but imo RJ would never have had Mat write that sloppy, mistake-filled letter to Elayne. Mat was never written as illiterate before Sanderson, especially considering lifetimes’ worth of knowledge in his head – worst case he uses super old spellings for words, not outright misspellings all over the place. RJ might have had Mat wear the itchy coat to meet with Elayne, but mostly I think not. I think RJ’s Mat would have gone with “a touch of lace at the wrists, and maybe at the neck too i guess, if I must, [dramatic sigh], I guess she is the queen now, and a coat that is Comfortable and Just So Happens to have a bit of embroidery, Oh, Nerim Must Have Had Them All Embroidered When I Wasn’t Looking”

Sanderson himself has admitted that his Mat is certainly different from RJ’s. He’s said that his perception of Mat was very much influenced by his appearances in EoTW and TGH.

anyways I’m not super invested in Mat as a character, and Sanderson did a decent job with him. I only cringed a few times. Some people like Sanderson’s Mat better, but it didn’t feel like Mat to me.

now, if you want me to really get upset with Sanderson’s writing, ask me about Mazrim Taim some time.


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Saw photos of Rose in Belfast today. Could this mean she's making a cameo in GoT, maybe showing up in one of Bran's FB? I haven't seen her hanging out in Belfast before, not even last year when kit spent a month there shooting the battle. So this could totally mean she's in town for filming, right?

I would absolutely love that and considering how D&D loved Rose I don’t think that’s totally impossible that they bring her back for a few seconds (especially considering Jason Momoa is also in Belfast, but he’s good friend with D&D so he might just visit too - edit: I’ve been told he was there doing things for Guiness) but I wouldn’t be too hopeful about it to avoid disappointment. She could also be there for several reasons, maybe just to have the chance to see Kit and her friends from the cast, we can’t know for sure. Fingers crossed that she’ll make a cameo before the show ends though !! :D

However I woke up to so many asks ranting about Rose’s private life because she’s in Belfast and as much as I’m grateful for the interest you have in the blog or my opinion, I hope you’ll understand that I won’t answer them as I said before. Just one last rant because this is honestly getting insane : we can’t know what is happening in actor’s lives and it’s their business anyway. I know that it’s hard to wait for news and so the focus is on her private life right now and what is she doing here or there and why isn’t she doing this and blah blah blah, but I don’t wish to know what is happening during her private life and do not care. I love her as an actress and she seems lovely as a person but I don’t enjoy speculating on her every moves. It’s her life, she’s a grown-up, she has the right to do whatever the hell she wants without being judged 24/24. As to people who blame her for all the gossip articles showing up when you google her name, I tried to google a few actresses and let’s see which article comes up first : “Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes move in together after secretly dating for a year while shooting Victoria” , “Game Of Thrones’ Carice van Houten shares kiss with boyfriend Guy…”, “War And Peace’s Tuppence Middleton shows off boyfriend at event”. This is a fucked up world where there are more articles about actors’ private life than their talent, you just have to accept it and ignore it. And if you want to stop following her career or don’t want to be a fan just because stupid gossip sites write about her private’s life or because she doesn’t seem to work enough for your taste when you actually know 1% of what she’s doing in her everyday life, no one’s stopping you. No one’s telling you how to live your life so I don’t get why so many people tell Rose’s how she should live hers especially through this blog. I’m just here to share my love for her/her talent and bring news and even though it always makes me happy to see other fans supporting her I won’t sleep less because some others don’t want to be fans anymore or whatever. There are honestly worse things in the world and I don’t have time for negativity. I don’t know about you but I have enough with taking care of my own life to care about someone’s I don’t even know personnally and I always said that I want to respect her privacy. Thank you for understanding. :)

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