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Happy 22nd Birthday Michael Clifford. May God bless you and your beautiful. You deserve happiness and love. Stay hydrated and take care of yourself. We love you. <3 

I’m insanely busy lately, but here’s a quick piece of my loves at London pride~ Lately I’ve been pretty proud of who I am, and I hope that you can feel it too!

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it feels really biased that you only reblog art and fics from your friends. it doesn't help smaller authors get noticed. I wish you'd spread your net wider and include people outside your little bubble.


Clay Quarantine!Sans!

So I have to say that Q quickly became one of my favorite Sans’s when I came across him. I mean he’s an AI Sans, what’s not to love? (besides maybe his freaking outfit omg q why do you have so many layers??) I’ve been wanting to make a figure of him for a while now and finally had the time to do so. And so here he is!

Q belongs to @jolie-in-the-underground go check out their amazing content and maybe ask Q some questions if you want!

Oh and some bonus pictures under the cut if you want to see.

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!!!  omigosh,  this  was  so  nice  to  come  back  to wow  thank  you  @qx3ry @blanc-perfumes   things  like  this  really  do  mean  a  lot  to  me  like  you  have  no  idea  c:  &  you  know  i  adore  you  guys  as  well  you  keep  my  dash  exciting  &  i  just  love  writing  /  talking  with  you  i  seriously  am  lucky  to  have  you  guys  as  friends  !  ❤  ❤  ❤

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You’ve Got Me

prompt; #7: “But you’ve already got me”

requested by: @xiuhanforthewin
pairing: Hiromu Takahashi / Female OC
warnings: fluff
a/n: it’s sooo super short but i struggled with this big time, only because i wanted to make sure i did heartbreakingly earnest Hiromu justice. props to @breadclubrising for letting me discuss my Hiromu thoughts lmao
tags@wrestlingismyfavourite @devittsbalor @fireangel1978 @laziestgirlintheworld @vipervenomisgoodforyou @onewingedgloria @littlebluespoon @narwhalneglect @princesstoniii

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now onto something really random when you were talking about somi and jungkook(and said jy was a better match) or nayeon and jinyoung I suddenly had this thought, did you ever read some k-idol chart and thinked wow this person would be such a good pairing to x? Hihihi xoxo also that time you said iuxgdragon does not match well, that was interesting to me you have such a way with words.


I mean. I don’t like shipping people but I do like making people… Go for the good people for them? Yeah. I wouldn’t say anything to them if I ever met them but when seeing the Astrology in their lives… I do think about that sometimes, when reading idols’ charts. How they’d fit each other.

I think LE (Exid) and Hoseok would be amazing together, for example. This is the one that I thought about the most, when I read her chart I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a couple of days. And Yugyeom and Chorong (Apink) would be such a power couple, they’d be so great… And… Jisoo and Jimin… Random, I know! But I swear their charts put together make sense to me. And I also think that Youngjae from BAP and Seungri from Big Bang would be great for one another. lmao I know, the most random people. But that’s to show you how unbiased I am because I don’t think these people will ever even meet (not on a personal level anyway) but when seeing their charts combined I see how good they’d be for one another… Sadly the world hasn’t realized yet how I’m always right so they wouldn’t listen to me. Oh well.

But I won’t lie that… I mostly think about how a certain idol would suck for a certain other one. Like. I normally focus on seeing how certain relationships wouldn’t work at all, and not because I’m a pessimist- Just because it’s easier to tell. When people won’t be good for each other, I mean. Like… I love Sinb and Jackson interactions for example but their charts make it so messy. lol So how awkward Weekly Idol would get at times makes total sense. Also… I do like to compare certain charts and see if they’d fit each other but I refrain from doing it most of the time because… Sadly most people don’t really know what is good for them, so doesn’t really matter what I think ‘cause they’ll rarely go for the romantic partners that they should. So for me to get all excited about how LE and Hoseok would have the most amazing babies is just tiring to me because both are actually prone to making really bad choices when it comes to relationships and it just makes me wanna bang my head against the all. Sorry, I’m just rambling now. But glad you found what I said about IU and Jiyoung interesting ‘cause I thought people would be mad at it idk haha

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(i mean just a collaboration of theirs would already make my hearto go insane i honestly ain’t asking for much)

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Hey there :) How does Magnus feel about being intimate again after his and Alec's rough patch? What is that night in the hotel like? I imagine he would also have a difficult time adjusting.

For the most part, Magnus is able to reintroduce intimacy in the relationship without much trouble, because he’s so damn grateful that it’s a possibility again. Basically, once they start communicating again, Magnus is 100% ready to go, and to put in the work to fix what needs to be fixed.

Because for him, the most difficult part of the rough patch was that he had no idea what was going on with Alec. He and Alec have two completely different experiences during that time, because their perspectives are both so narrow. So during that time, while Alec describes how he doesn’t know which one of them started pulling away first, or when things started getting difficult, Magnus knows exactly what happened. From his perspective, Alec gradually started brushing off Magnus’s attempts at intimacy, then any sort of touch, and then any attempt at real conversation. There are so many times during the rough patch where Magnus asks Alec how he’s doing, and how his day was, and he *means* it, but Alec thinks it’s insincere. Their wires are completely crossed at that point, and they’re basically experiencing two different relationships entirely. Alec feels like they’re growing apart, and that it’s felt by them equally. And Magnus feels like Alec is closing him off and pulling away and eventually rejecting him entirely, and he has no idea why.

And that’s the hardest thing for him. Magnus *hates* not knowing things, and not understanding things. So not knowing why Alec is acting that way (and watching Alec seemingly brush off any attempt Magnus makes to try to help him) is basically unbearable for him. So when the rough patch ends, it means Magnus finally understands what’s been happening. And that means that the real *problem* for him is fixed, and all the other things they still need to work on are relatively minor. They’re talking again, and they’re being honest about what’s been happening, so as far as Magnus is concerned, they’re going to be fine. He’s more than ready to feel like they’re a couple again.

That being said, he’s *incredibly* aware of the fact that intimacy is more complicated for Alec during this time. He understands that Alec needs some time to feel like they’ve gotten distance from the rough patch, and to feel fully comfortable being intimate again. But as long as they’re still being open, and talking about these things, Magnus doesn’t think it’s a problem. He’s more than willing to take some extra time, and to go back to asking Alec too many questions before initiating anything (like he did at the beginning of their relationship). For him, the biggest obstacle has been passed, and he’s so ready to start working toward something better.

As far as the night in the hotel goes, Alec is more worried that it feels like they *have* to have sex (since they have the chance, and it’s a fancy hotel, and there are all sorts of implications to them getting a room for the night), so he makes it clear that he’s not trying to push anything, and that nothing he does or says or wears is meant to pressure Magnus into anything. And for his part, Magnus is fine one way or the other (he’s still dealing with some physical after-effects of his half of the rough patch’s low point), and wants to respect Alec’s boundaries. When they do eventually have sex that night, it’s gradual, and easy, and they both feel as comfortable with it as they did the first time.

This is so surreal, but I’m nearing a follower count I have never dreamt of and Iike 98% of the time I have no idea why you follow me – THANK YOU so much,  ilysm!! 

For my celebration, I’m posting one of those bellarke manips I wanted to for ages. 

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Losing the motivation for pre-interview dinners faster than I’m losing the motivation for interviews themselves.

I really just want to put on pajamas and get in bed but I feel like it’s a really bad look to not show up to a pre-interview dinner for a program in my home city.

it’s 2am, i’ve had some mike’s hard, i’m watching titanic, and i just want everyone to know that a week or so into our friendship @the-cockbite-syndicate yelled at me over tumblr messages until i made it so that james survived the titanic au i had in my head