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A really quick stress relief doodle because Ive been working on school the whole day.. Ive only played overwatch a few times and im notoriously bad at it but I love Lucio and his beautiful eyebrows


Life in the After Today world (152): Leah and Lucas all dressed up. Ste and Brendan making sure that their babies are kept warm in the winter. Fuzzy legs. Ste on holiday. Seth and Declan celebrating St Patrick’s Day together. Whiskey for two at the club. Christmas drinks (with a hefty dose of caffeine to satisfy the husbands’ cravings.)

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you say he's romance repulsed. does that mean he'd never enter a romantic relationship / love anyone or does it mean the right person has to come along?just curious!

as he is right now, he has no interest or desire to pursue a romantic relationship. that hasn’t even crossed his mind whatsoever. however, that doesn’t mean he won’t ever fall for someone– as you said, not until the right person comes along. it’s gonna take a lot of time and patience from the other party. he will mistaken this as interest, despite wanting to be around them but once he notices little changes in behavior like that, he’s gonna wanna push it away. not wanting to come into terms of it but eventually will come to terms with it after much frustration and internal struggle.. somewhere down the line. it ain’t gonna be pretty, at all. there’s gonna be a lot of fighting, a lot more yelling, and attempts at kid being a straight up asshole to the person he will like. like i said, it’s gonna take a lot of effort and a lot of patience. not to mention lots of tension and friction with one another, mostly cause of kid’s fault. but romantic relationship with kid isn’t impossible, just extremely difficult and rare.

EDIT: also, if said potential partner breaks up with him after he invests so much time with them, he’s gonna react very negatively. first, he isn’t fond of people playing him. another, he doesn’t like to be discarded like yesterday’s trash, it’s gonna remind him of his biological parents that cast him away without another thought (my headcanon for him is that his parents disowned him at a very, very young age– that’s when he learned to fend for himself and such. ) so for a potential partner to do that is the biggest mistake ever. he will not be interested in repairing the relationship afterwards if the person wants him back. unless it’s something.. reasonable but even then he will be extremely iffy and have a whole lotta trust issues. finally, he’s gonna be talking a lot of crap– letting them know they wasted his damn time and such. vent out rather angrily and something he will probably never let go.

the room darkens, the sound of rain rages. thunder booms, loud and echoing. lightning flashes, briefly illuminating my face, a crooked smile stretching across. a small cackle starts in my chest, getting louder and louder, getting eerier and eerier. you step back, heart hammering in fear. you know what this means. Shade has an angst idea

Seriously! I need to leave the bed!!!

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I was looking at your gorgeous Hamilton art last night, and I was wondering if you would ever consider selling prints? I wanna throw some money at ya! >:)

hmmm i could probably clean one of the drawings i made of hamilton and sell it as a print! ive been really wanting to take up commissions or sell prints but i just dont know what to sell! i would love to sell stardew valley prints, button sets, maybe even handmade stuffed plushes of junimos…i just dont know if i can??? weeps ill come up with something soon…thank you for wanting to throw your beautiful crisp dollars bill at me ;o;

19 days update has me gayer than before. 
Makes me wanna get my single ass up and get a bf just to have a moment like these idiot babes…

damn I love old xian <3

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day


Human/highschool AU 

Basically the cliche idea that Bonnie is student council president and Marceline is some hoodlum and idk 

dey gay