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As promised I have made a massive list of all my favorite blogs, bloggers and lil weirdos I love! I have decided to make a series of categories instead of just alphabetically, because why not!

First category: Lil Weirdos I just adore!

zarziherondale-shadowhunter ateengirlneedsbooks girl-power-1 the-mother-goddess edodeb3 aelinfxreheart20 aquietpersonwithaloudmind bookslivresandlibros xxnadiarosexx far-too-late8502

Next: Some of my favorite blogs to follow

matvrity razielthesexynerd nephilimdaily immzies-adventures-through-books theboywhoreadsbooks books-are-my-life17

3rd category: My favorite URLs

puttingslothstoshame longlivefleetfoot locked-in-the-pages i-know-im-weird-but-what-r-u books-are-my-carranam cautioniwenttoazkaban panicked-with-the-pilots undercoverbookworm ferme-le-bouche

Last but not least: Just mega awesome people

letsthefaultinourdivergentfan i-am-truly-nameless andersonbeard vampirchen96 archeryandbooks smilingisgoodforyoubytheway justanothertypicaltumblinggirl rowan-stole-my-heart imnotjoking24 startaconversation manon-and-abraxos twiheartdirectioner capnneiljane ice-queen-24 chaol-not-kale feyresardothien bleed-in-ink the221bassasin raexxoo huntingfordemons penguinpower57 netherreads justahufflepuffbookaddict caravaggion theliterarydachshund the-quote-books beccasdivision mlove1594 andrepop98 @thewannabeewriter gabrielneverdied puppothings mxrvelwidow harbingerofbooksandbakedgoods schreavetiara abookishmoomin peach240 txpsyprxncxss milly6046 shadowhunting-in-idris idontwanttheworld-iwantmalec silverthewaitingfangirl 13bibliophile13 down-that-path-into-darknessashyvrwhitethrn cecyhherondale aelinqueen aelincarstairs theresaherondalecarstairss lydiastilinzki feeling-strangely-fine books-in-my-igloo sorrywhatiwasreading nerdywallflower18 the-book-i-am-lost-in reading-by-the-full-moon furryofdancingflames dancingtheatergirl thebookhangover reigningreader galathynius-whitethorn

I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten some people so sorry if you feel like yo should be on this list! Chances are you were on my written list and I just can’t read my own hand writing (^-^)

when u overhear someone talking about kidney function

and they say it’s a right not a privilege


★ Autophobia Update !

Tapastic >> Latest Page | Start from the beginning
Smackjeeves >> Latest Page | Start from the beginning

All shares and reblogs are super appreciated and helpful as it introduces the comic to new readers!<3 :)

Synopsis: Autophobia is about Louis, an anxiety-ridden teenager who is constantly trying to make his somewhat neglectful father proud. After he befriends his classmate, Daniel, the two find themselves in a secret love affair and Louis struggles to find acceptance from his father, peers, and ultimately, his self.

…And the Drama Llama makes his chapterly entrance. *LAW&ORDER DUN DUN*

frukmerunning asked:

uhh I didn't block you and what did I lie about exactly?

umm yes you did but I’m not gonna get into that right now.

This was the message I was trying to reply back to, not only to address your lies but also how you were misgendering DMG. I wanted to, but you blocked me i guess. Anyway, at the last part of your ask, you said:

“Also please don’t accuse me of copying gaby’s art. I don’t look at *their pieces. I don’t look at *their blog. I don’t talk to *them”.

I went to DMG and asked them their thoughts on this and they said back in June you admitted to telling them
“[7:49:37 PM] Gaby Gutz: they said “ yeah i saw your art on tumblr before and liked it so i started drawing like that. i dont know what you want me to do.”
[7:50:19 PM] Gaby Gutz: and i sent an asking saying that what bothered me about our styles being similar was that we were being confused for one another. and that my style was personal and important to me.”

So not only did you admit to SEEING their art, but you yourself said you started drawing like that. DMG says you should have the ask in your inbox where you said that but it’s up to you to post it. 

I was totally willing to drop this until you lied?? Like not sure why you did that. I don’t want you to get in trouble I’m just trying to help you realize what’s wrong and how to get stronger from this. 

anonymous asked:

I've seen people worry Regina might be taking over this storyline. Her becoming the savior and playing a bigger role than everyone else, which the writers like to do cause they love her look at Will. Eddy said in that interview that's why his story got canceled. I know you said we should get over 411 but people still want a CS centric storyline and a CS kiss and with all the Regina centric press and spec people are concerned that the "emotional" "twitter breaking" ep is apparently about Regina.


you exist because you’re the most caring, most delightful giant that ever roamed the land. You bring up so much happiness. I honestly just wish that we could give you the happiness back when you’re upset like this. You’re so so so special to all of us and we want you to know that. You’re sunshine, you’re so busy lighting up other people world’s that you don’t realize you’re surrounded in darkness until it’s to late. You are loved, by Phil and millions of us. You exist because You do so much great in this world.

Please cheer up, darling, it’ll be okay. <3


and pretty much the entire phandom


my brother showed me this on skype & i am utterly baffled

to the lady who just gave the most heavy annoyed sigh and said “are there any more questions I have to answer about this, or do you think you’re capable of pouring a lemonade over ice?”:

we’re all going to hell but I am going to drag you down screaming with me


Taking an id photo for my student card took far longer than I’d like to admit… these are some that I didn’t use but I’m uploading anyway cuz GOD DAMMIT MY HAIR LOOKS NICE IN THEM AND I USUALLY HATE MY HAIR SO FREAKING MUCH 


I’m gonna get this off of my chest because this has been happening to me a lot in the past few weeks. Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop reblogging my headcanons. I put a lot of time and effort into fleshing out my muse and making them my own. All of them are of my own original creation. So reblogging them without my permission is technically stealing

It’s not flattering. It’s not cute. It’s stealing my stuff. STOP IT.