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Can you do a post on the Hogwarts houses telling their crush they like them?

Hufflepuff: Hey do you want a cookie *talking really fast and sorta quiet* oh yeah and by the way I like you

Ravenclaw: So… do you? Maybe? Wanna? Sorta? Hang out? Sometime? Maybe? Because? Your? Pretty cool?

Gryffindor: *yelling* HEY YOU’RE AWESOME AND I LIKE YOU

Slytherin: Wait you thought they were actually going to tell them? Nah, they’ll just suffer in silence.

there’s a lot of good sky factory content and aus, but i haven’t seen any jeremwood come out of this yet and i’m,,, me. SO i raise y'all this:

sky factory au in which broody, menacing dark god ryan hears whispers of a blood mage who is supposedly “more evil” than him. in fact, ryan’s friend the solar queen spends a lot of time with said blood mage, and cheerfully tells ryan how twisted this guy is. “he really puts all of your machinery and nuclear power to shame with what he does!” ryan of course does not like this, doesn’t like the comparisons between him and the mage he’s never met in which he apparently comes out looking like a giant softie. every time gavin mentions the name jeremy, he bristles.

one day he’s visiting herbologist michael in the enchanted forest. (gavin had been telling him how michael seemed to finally be getting into the swing of things, having found his niche. ryan hadn’t seen much of him since the mask incident and was curious.) with michael, however, is somebody else. in fact, it seems like this other person is actually coaching michael on what to do. ryan watches, appreciating their knowledge of runes and mana and flowers, and the calm, patient way they explain what to do without taking over. once michael and his friend (mentor?) are done with their task, ryan steps in and joins the conversation. he keeps a close eye on the newcomer, taking note of their bright smile and merry disposition. he reminds ryan a little of gavin, hints of mischievousness seeping through in his laughter. (and, well, he’s pretty easy on the eyes too.)

ryan can’t seem to place him, but eventually they say they must get back to what they were doing. he shoots michael an encouraging thumbs up and, as he leaves, calls out a “nice to meet you, your darkness!” and waves goodbye to the two of them. it seems teasing, but not in a mocking way, and ryan raises an eyebrow. introductions kind of got lost in the conversation as michael caught ryan up on what he’d been working on, but he’s not particularly surprised that they know who he was. michael seems surprised however when ryan turns and asks “who was that, exactly?” 

“…uh, duh. that was jeremy.”

ryan freezes. “jeremy? as in, the blood mage queen gavin has been going on about?” he demands. michael nods. “jeremy, who is supposedly more wicked, more dark, than i have ever been and will ever be?” when michael nods again, looking amused now, ryan’s head snaps around to stare into the trees in the direction jeremy left in. but… how? he seemed so bright and sweet..?

insert ryan being cold to jeremy every time they meet from then onward, desperately working on new things to prove himself, all the while secretly impressed when he does eventually visit the mage’s temple with gavin and sees the blood altar. there’s an unspoken competition between them, at least in ryan’s point of view, and he hates how riled up he gets just at the mention of the other man’s name. 

and yet jeremy is still so friendly and cheeky when they interact, like he simultaneously knows exactly what is going on and has no idea just how much he affects ryan, how he makes ryan feel.

The Ripper

This is going to be a short story based off of Mishima’s Thief concept art! it’s been in my drafts for months now along with an akechi one rip Yes, it’s going to take place in London during the Ripper era, and a guest appearance is included so I hope you like it! Consider it one of my gifts for 2000 followers!

WARNING: mentions of death and slight gore ahead. Please read at your own discretion.

The still of the night was as deafening as ever; the only sound penetrating the frosty air of London’s East End being the clacking of a fine leather heel reverberating off the narrow walls of a cobblestone valley. Fortunately, Mishima had remembered to roam the streets while equipped with an umbrella, as the unpredictable bouts of London rain demanded, and he steadily trudged toward his destination, oblivious to all but his thoughts as he tipped his formal panama hat with a gloved hand, a nervous habit he developed over the course of his time in the Whitechapel district.

Lately he had preoccupied himself with investigating a series of homicides, the victims being moonlighters and the perpetrator remaining unknown; although, the rather gloating notes left at each of the crime scenes were signed with the alias ‘Ripper’. Mishima was but a mere intelligence analyst and medical intern, but his mediocre status didn’t deter him from inquiring into this atrocity that plagued the nighttime streets. He had already discerned that the culprit retained a fair amount of knowledge pertaining to anatomy, as the bodies of the victims were discovered with an organ removed from their bodies in a fashion that no one but an expert could accomplish; although, his deductions failed to narrow the possibilities too substantially. The perpetrator could easily be a doctor, surgeon, butcher, nurse, biologist, or even a professor specializing in the previous fields mentioned.

Therefore, the only rational conclusion was to wander the general area of the murders; despite knowing he was in no such danger, Mishima couldn’t quell the uneasy knots tangling his stomach as he made his way to his base. He had prolonged his search enough for the night and was fully set to retire home when a most peculiar form entered his peripheral line of sight. 

Although the shadow was clad in a trench coat and top hat, Mishima shuddered from the repugnant aura it was emitting. A feeble echo in his mind encouraged him to pursue it, and thus he did, stealthily blending with the darkness of the walls with barely audible footsteps. The only noise that could betray him was the heart pounding against his chest, begging for an escape as anxiety gnawed at it like a ruthless predator.

Where the hell are you going…? Mishima thought, not entirely knowing what it was he was anticipating as he tailed the suspicious individual through the endless alleyways for what seemed like an eternity, the night air as silent and crisp as ever. 

Right at the moment he was about to retreat out of embarrassment for stalking an innocent wanderer, the form broke out into an abrupt sprint, dashing madly into a nearby alleyway as Mishima hastily followed suit, the two winding themselves further into the maze known as London.

Mishima was riding their coattails now, yet he only grasped air when he extended his hand toward the suspect as they sharply turned the corner, into another alley. However, the suspect had blindly charged into a dead end, wildly seeking a way out of their predicament as Mishima slowly closed in on them.

A goading chuckle penetrated the silence, and Mishima flung his sturdy umbrella over his shoulder, his opposing hand propped on his hip. “I’ve cornered you at last, Ripper.”

The shadowy figure desperately flitted their gaze around their surroundings, but to no avail; the only escape was through the glaring opponent anterior to them.

“Heh, all out of tricks? That makes it easier for me. You’re going to pay for what you did to those innocent people, and I’ll start by tearing out that filthy heart of yours.”

The suspect looked as though they were contemplating the method to retreat past Mishima, and although their voice was heavily muffled by their scarf, the vile arrogance that dripped from it was as distinct as the pallid moon in the star-strewn sky. “You’ll never catch me.”

Mishima narrowed his slate eyes at the taunting demon in front of him. “Oh, I don’t know about that. You can run…” 

An electric blue flame promptly flickered and lapped around Mishima’s feet, his clothes flapping slightly from the luminescent gusts of energy. “But there’s one thing you can’t do, and I’m assuming you already know what that is.” His steady footsteps toward his target imprinted the pavement with dancing cyan flame, and the culprit retreated at the same excruciating pace, gradually backing into the cold impact of a brick wall. Mishima was mere paces away from them, slowly descending his umbrella to point the barrel-like tip directly at the Ripper. 

A tip of his hat concealed his eyes, and all that could been seen of his face was the pearly whites of his teeth as his lips furled into the smirk of a sadistic predator. “Hyde.” The Ripper shielded their face with their arms due to the sudden outburst of cerulean flame; the sheer force would have sent them plummeting to ground had a wall not supported them from behind. 

When the Ripper lowered their arms, they beheld a most bewildering sight; there Mishima stood shrouded in his peculiar cobalt inferno that generated no heat with his hat now ignited, a demon hovering behind him with a grin as sinister as its user. The Ripper could only gasp and cower against the barrier behind them; what match were they, a flimsy mortal, against a menacing abomination from the very depths of hell itself?

“You’re mine,” Mishima declared, cocking his onyx umbrella; the Ripper suddenly comprehended the reason for the shape of the tip: it was the barrel of a gun. “A corrupt heart like yours can’t be allowed to beat any longer.”

“Halt right - h-huh?!” An authoritative voice pierced the tense atmosphere like a silver arrow, and when Mishima looked round he discovered a local law enforcer, likely on night patrol. “A-are you… the Ripper?!”

Mishima’s steely orbs widened underneath the brim of his hat as the flames dancing around him vanished. “You’ve got it wrong, this guy is-”

The person Mishima spoke of darted past him and the officer, merging with the shadows of the night, leaving behind the faint echo of triumphant laughter.

“Damn it!” Mishima spat, frustration swallowing his cadence as the true Ripper successfully fled the vicinity. The officer was currently beckoning his comrades, excitedly shouting about ensnaring the Ripper. “You’ve got the wrong guy!” Mishima iterated, this time in a more panicked tone as he was the one backed against the wall. The officers were hastily closing in on him, and he compressed against the wall with such frantic desperation that he was certain he would have ruptured his spine, had it not been for the metallic chain that clinked and fell before his cloaked eyes. 

I recognize this… he mused, immediately tugging at the steel upon recognition. Silky ebony feathers enveloped Mishima, and the sensation of his feet departing from the stone pavement hitched the breath in his throat as butterflies swarmed in his stomach. A few seconds had passed before he was firmly placed on a rooftop, the wings as dark as night dissipating into an azure blaze, revealing a masked face.

“It’s about time you showed up. I thought they were going to throw me in slammers, or worse,” Mishima complained halfheartedly; he truly was grateful despite his inflection.

“Yeah, can’t imagine being in jail,” his savior countered sarcastically, rubbing the nape of his fabric-covered neck.


“Haha, it’s all right. You should be more worried about yourself; it seems you’ve adopted quite the reputation… Ripper.”

Mishima sighed in exasperation as he adjusted his hat. “That’s not my code name!”

The masked man elevated a gloved hand to his mouth and chuckled, a playful smirk teasing his lips. “Don’t take it out on the messenger.” 

His face sobered considerably upon scrutinizing Mishima’s countenance, anxiety and despondence now structuring his sickly face. “If it’s any consolation, we all know you would never commit such revolting crimes, and we’re going to stand by you regardless of what obstacles we face. All right… Jekyll?”

The lines of worry on Mishima’s face subsided as he commented, “Your perspicacity scares me sometimes, Joker.”

The infamous leader of the Phantom Thieves smiled, a twinkle of mischief spawning in his inky irises, befitting that of a trickster. “No, you’re just easy to read. Come on, the others are waiting at the hideout.”

Joker flicked his crimson hand to gesture their retreat, and Mishima nodded in response, nimbly leaping across rooftops alongside his role model. “I feel a bit guilty for dragging the others into this investigation on a hunch.” It was true; Mishima’s instincts pestered him earlier that night, as though a part of him somehow knew the Ripper would attempt to strike again. He urged the Phantom Thieves to scour the streets for any sign of suspicious activity; alas, it was all for naught, as Mishima had been convicted of being the very same person he was striving to incriminate.

The leader shook his head. “Don’t apologize; your hunch was correct yet again, and you even managed to corner the culprit this time.”

Mishima’s eyes fell downward, silently observing the passageways and civilians that became blurred from his speed. “Yeah, but…”

“Jekyll, it’s a relief to have someone as reliable as you with us. You’re doing a great job as a Phantom Thief.”

Mishima was caught off guard upon receiving such an earnest gaze, and somehow his burdens felt significantly lighter, thereby confirming what he surmised all along: the Thieves couldn’t have possibly elected a more admirable candidate as their leader. Mishima nodded once more, proud to call himself one of their own, in addition to being their cherished friend. 

“Yeah. Thanks, Joker.”

I’ll be critical of FO4 here for a minute and then go on to enjoying it for what it is but: I think Shaun and how you react to him should have been a much bigger and a much more nuanced issue than it is in the game. Finding Shaun is used as your motivation throughout the game, but when you find him and the Big Twist is revealed, you… are not really left with diverse ways to react to it, or him. By all accounts it SHOULD mean so much more in the narrative of the game and force you to think, and you should be able to talk about it with the various people around you, but mostly you just get silence or very shallow mentions about what SHOULD be a big thematic discussion full of questions and issues and emotions. I swear there are side-quests that have more depth in this game than YOU FINDING YOUR SON and finding out that he’s not what you expected or maybe wanted him to be.

On the one hand I’m glad because the open-endedness gives more freedom to headcanon, but on the OTHER hand I feel robbed out of a satisfying, interesting and nuanced conclusion to the whole Shaun storyline.



this is very incomplete but look at the new t shirt(s) i’m designing

oh hey, if y’all want a DNI banner like the one i made, send me a message w/ what you want specifically (i’ll put up to 2 different pics on each one) and what you need it to say and i’ll see what i can do!!

EDIT: here’s the one i did for myself if you need an example

    y’all ready for ghost story time because holy fuck.

    so I work overnight in a house where a young man with autism lives and because of certain issues we have cameras throughout the house so we’re able to see him at all times. well, my coworker ( jason ) and I were chilling in the living room and we had the video app open on the ipad so we could watch e asleep in his room. the swing in the living room was moving already because the dog has bumped into it, but I watched it physically start to go faster. I pointed it out to jason and we sort of just shrugged it off ( that happens a lot, actually, and we always just ignore it ). about two minutes later, I saw e jerk awake on the video. now he doesn’t really just jerk awake like that so it sort of worried me so I start watching him a bit more intently. he’s looking around his room ( mind you, it’s pitch black in there and he can’t see a thing ) and he looks terrified. he looks straight up scared. he then completely covered himself up and went back to sleep. less than thirty seconds later, the perfectly content dog leaps up and stares at the stairway leading right up to e’s room. jason and I just sort look at each other and the dog keeps looking between us and the stairway. so I had jason go back in the video so he could see how e jerked awake because it had concerned me ( e had gone back to sleep so I decided not to check on him ). I wasn’t fully paying attention to the video, because I was still weirded out by the dog when jason nearly threw the phone from his hands and shouted, “did you just fucking see that???” it took like three times but I finally saw it: you can see something move under the blankets and grab e’s foot and pull it. that’s what woke him up. I watched this fucking video a dozen times and you can clearly see something move toward his foot and pull his leg down the bed. he woke up so fucking scared and he’s looking around so terrified this poor kid. and then seconds after this happened the dog is freaked out and staring toward e’s room. to top it off, about three minutes later we heard beeps from the keypad to get in the house ( they only beep when you press the numbers ).

     tldr; in the span of five minutes we had: a swing move faster on its own, client’s leg be pulled and have him wake up terrified, the dog freaking out toward client’s room, and the keypad making noise. fuck.