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A Jane doodle I spent too much time on, but was too lazy to shade, um-

Love for the shitty signs

Because let’s face it, we’re all shit :’)

Aries-Lively little shits, y’all always make me laugh. Always passionate about what you dedicate yourselves too. I know one who is into fashion, one who loves Jesus, and another who does graphic design. You dedicate yourselves to something and stick with it. You fight for it.

Taurus- Oh you little shitty cutie patooties. Both of the Taurus I know are beautiful. Both of you are such beautiful funny souls, but you deserve better than you are going for. Don’t you realize you are original and sassy, and frickin hilarious? Plus, gotta talk about that stereotype, your food finding skills are A1. I bow down to you food detectives. Every college student wishes they had your skills. Seriously. Ask someone who the coolest person to go have lunch with and I bet you 5 bucks and a penny they will say a Taurus. 

Gemini-You clever little shits. Talking to you is like a game. I’m just along for the rolleroaster of laughs. Honestly though, you will get deep if allowed. I think it frightens you all, but I can assure you everyone else loves it. My pops is a Gemini, my best friend is a gemini, the guy I fell in love with was a gemini(pisces moon, I’ve weaned myself off of him, no worries everyone.) You guys have played such an important part of my life.

Cancer- Oh shit! Oh Shitty shit shit. Hands down the first sign that comes to mind when I think of unconditional love. The friends I have who are also cancers have never given me up. Have never let me down. Have never run around and deserted me. Made me cry a few times though, but that was just out of love and deep conversation. They have evolved and know themselves better than anyone else. I can talk to them and know their thoughts are their own. So fucking weird and I love it. Also the best people to travel with? Every cancer I know seems to travel alot because of their extensive family network(including family friends) that extends around the globe.

Leo-Radiant balls of shit. I love the confidence, though I promise it’s ok to show that nervous side. Life can be nerve-wracking sometimes. I enjoy the banter with y’all. It makes me smile when you get the attention you desire. You deserve it and more! Y’all are hot hot hot. Knockout hot.

Virgo-!!!!!!!!! I love these peices of shit?! So much!! I’ve had the best nights of my life with Virgos. Partying in one place, ending up on a rooftop by the end of the night. They are the right amount of planning and having fun. I don’t have to worry about dying or drama when around them, which let’s face it who wants to deal with that? It’s just chill time. Talking, laughing, and dissecting everything the next day. I love your minds so much!

Libra-You cute little shits. A close friend of mine is a Libra and I’m upset with myself. I took her for granted too much. I took for granted the fact that she’s such a hot commodity, anyone would be happy to have her in their life. You guys are so charming and sweet with interesting minds. Conversation with you is phenomenal!

Scorpio-Crazy little shits and I love every second of it. My mom and best friend are Scorpios. Some of the weirdest, geekiest, non-intimidating,sex-crazed people I know. I can talk about anything with y’all and know that I won’t be judged. Creative and snarky, your humor matches mine so well I just bounce off of y’all. Can I just say, I love the clingy-ness personally? I’ve only ever heard how much everyone else wishes they knew someone loved them as much I love my best friend. I go around bragging about him all the time. He calls me to ask for girl advice. Get yourself a Scorpio if you want a best friend who will grow with you!

Sagittarius-Philosophical little shits. I like talking to you all about my beliefs. Sweet and maybe a little confused about how to put theory into practice. I enjoy you guys, I never tire of talking to you. Conversations can go for hours and then I don’t have to check on you to know you love me. Great at explaining things and punny as hell. Also the only sign to agree with me that working with  the Peace Corps is a worthy dream.

Capricorn-My precious little shits. I can’t express how much I love you guys. So hard working and perverted and everything great in a person. Your humor is to die for, you guys are hands down the funniest signs to me. I literally can’t write everything I’m thinking. I could write a five paragraph essay with a mla citation page about how much I love your sign and I still wouldn’t encompass it all.

Aquarius- Y’all are cocky little shits and I love it. A really great teacher of mine was an aquarius. That’s the only one I know. Besides a rapper and he was a judgemental little shit when I first met him. After the initial reaction we got along fabulously. He had a great mind and we talked about astrology. We were cracking up trying to guess everyone in the room’s moon sign. I think that encompasses this sign so well. Y’all can make friends with everyone, even if you may not like them off the bat. You are literally that cool and good with words.

Pisces-Ethereal shits from outer space, let me count the ways I love your spirit. Talking with you takes me somewhere else beyond the shallow. I go deep and swim in your mind when you allow me to. You are such sweet individuals, I love how you want everyone to have a great time!

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anonymous asked:

Hi so I was thinking about getting some fake ah art made - i know that's not what you do but can you possibly recommend someone for me to talk to?

Hello hello! Hmm if you mean someone i’ve used then nope sorry i’m living that broke student life at the moment unfortunately but if you just wanted an artist suggestion then absolutely.

I’m sure there are a bunch more i could suggest if i thought about it more but off the top of my head i’d say: 

  • Fahchaus does commissions and her fahc art is outstanding (Easy link to her comish info)
  • A-Simple-Note also does commissions which again, 10/10 fab fahc art so hit that up if it’s more the kind of style you’re looking for (Click me
  • Justisaisfine does gorgeous watercolour art (Linkylink here
  • Rysarts has a really cute cartoon style that i love  (Linkaroo

Otherwise i think a lot of tumblr artists do commissions so your best bet might be to look around the tags and find art with the style/tone/look you’re after then have a chat to the artist, i’ve yet to find one who wasn’t perfectly lovely so you should be fine. Good luck!


I remember the good old day when backgrounds were a pain in my butt. Where did those days go? Idk, but here have a scene from the drabble I wrote for myself (that I probably won’t share at this time). I just really love space, and learning how to paint it was the best thing ever.

edit: I forgot the close up.

Missing Spices

a/n : Your boyfriend Nathan is mischievous at dinner. Minor NSFW warning at the end.

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The opportunity to cook Nathan a decent meal didn’t come along as often as you would like, considering his meets and trials required him to travel to different and distant sites, your man hardly ever had the chance to enjoy an actual home cooked meal- at home. So tonight, on one of his weekends off, the two of you were going to enjoy each other’s company with a much needed, stay at home, dressed in pajamas, date night.  

Stationed at the stove you call out for your boyfriend, needing him to stand in on stirring the mixed vegetables sizzling in one of your black, silver rimmed pans. Moments later you hear his footsteps stomping- simply due to his staggering size- towards your direction from the living room a mere feet away where he was once lounging on the couch, fully enthralled by a discovery channel documentary.

“M’m what do you need baby?” Nathan mumbles with his chin resting on top of your head, arms wrapping around your middle as he slowly sways your joined bodies side to side. His body forced to crouch down just so he can place a kiss on the top of your right shoulder, one of his old Cal Berkley swimming shirts sliding off due to his much larger frame, exposing your skin to his mouth.

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one of the reasons people with bpd handle people rejecting them/abandoning them so hard is bc we base our identities around these people we get attached to. how THEY feel about us is who we ARE, in our minds. if they love us, we base our identities around that and believe we are loveable. if they leave us or decide they don’t like us anymore, we believe we are unloveable because we have no concrete sense of who we are, apart from how other people feel about us.

if you have split attractions and you do choose to use the split attraction model or do find it useful, your orientation is good and valid and you’re not wrong for using something that is helpful to you in talking about your experiences

using the split attraction model is your choice. even if other people try to pressure you into redefining your experiences, telling you you shouldn’t use the split attraction model, your orientation is still valid. you don’t have to refrain from using or identifying with it. your orientation is your own to label and describe.

if you have split attractions and you choose not to use the split attraction model or don’t find it useful, your orientation is good and valid and you’re not wrong for not using something that isn’t helpful to you in talking about your experiences

using (or rather, not using) the split attraction model is your choice. even if other people try to pressure you into redefining your experiences, telling you you should use the split attraction model, your orientation is still valid. you don’t have to use it or identify with it. your orientation is your own to label and describe. 

no matter how you choose to describe your orientation and experiences, they are valid and you are valid.


Imagine my disappointment when there were no bees. :(

When you wait for Furuta’s appearance in the following chapters

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When he doesn’t appear

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