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Got Tagged for something

Time and Date: I don’t know what time I was tagged/August 22, 1015
Average Hours of Sleep: 7-9 hours, depends on if I work or not
Birthday: October 7th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: I Don’t Even Know Yet
Height: 5′1/2″
Favorite Color: White, Pink, Black

One Place that Makes Me Happy: Anywhere with WiFi and A/C
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under: Two Blankets and Five Pillows
What Are You Wearing Right Now: Loose Gray Hoodie, MARVEL Tank Top, Hello Kitty Pajama Shorts
Favorite Beverage: Chocolate Smoothie Boba Tea, or Sweet Black Tea Lemonade with Eight Pumps Of Liquid Sugar
Favorite Food: Pho Thai, Banh Mi, Dim Sum, Peking Duck

Last Movie You Watched: Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Dream Vacation: Go to Japan with my friends with an unlimited Debit Card
Dream Wedding: Don’t got one yet
Dream Job: I’m in School to Become a Teacher

I got Tagged by Yanagay a LONG time ago…..Sorry I’m only doing this now hahaha.

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Hey guys, just a quick favour I’d like to ask - if you see my art anywhere it shouldn’t be, can you please let me know or ask the person posting it to just add my Tumblr link to the caption on it? The only places I post my art is this Tumblr blog and my Twitter (@Kay_LingLing). Also if you want to use my art as your avatar or something please just drop me a message letting me know, and maybe add a link to me somewhere on your blog. I just want to know where my art is and would like to get some form of credit so people can find my other art easily. That being said, I’m going to make myself a proper signature or small watermark to use from now on so if my art does get posted without my knowledge at least people can still maybe find me.