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what makes me angry about this trailer is that it’s so well-made to the point that it is believable and by the time you search up “addams family netflix” on google you’re already in love enough to be crushed when you find that it is, indeed, fan made

note: i didn’t see this on youtube first and therefore did not see the fan made title disclaimer

Ta-da!! Here it is! I finally finished it! :’D I know I already made a comic for this scene but my brain decided it would be a good idea to animate it because I need more practice. And like I said, it’s nothing special at all; just your normal hugging and talking it out. 

But here you go @scribefindegil!! I know there was absolutely no need for me to do this, but it’s just in my nature to do stuff like this. Hope ya like! :D My fave part would definitely be the shine on the glitter. There are mistakes and things don’t look good. Hopefully the dialogue is readable. Lot of trial and error with this one.

(Also, stupid me forgot to put a watermark or my tumblr page on it so if you see it anywhere else without credit, do tell me.)

LOGIC 101: Abby Didn't Kill Jake

I track The 100 and the Abby Griffin tags and just about everyday, I see a comment or two from someone who says, “Abby killed her husband.” I’ve seen this outside of Tumblr as well.

I try to defend these comments and point out why that isn’t true. I don’t know if I’m getting anywhere. I don’t know if anyone will see this post and have a change of mind, but I’m going to try anyway by using a different method.

I’m going to give an alternative scenario:

In this AU, Abby never talked to Thelonious. Instead, Clarke talked to Wells, confiding to him about her father’s plans, and Wells betrayed her, resulting in Jake’s death.

Would you all be saying “CLARKE KILLED HER FATHER.”? And saying this with conviction, because of course she is at fault, even if she didn’t mean for that to happen. She opened her mouth to a friend she thought she could trust, so that makes her as good as a murderer. Her betrayer doesn’t even need a mention, because Wells was just doing what he does. Clarke is the one who killed Jake.

No, you wouldn’t say that, because in matter of fact, this is the situation that we were lead to believe was true at the beginning of the show. No viewers and no characters on the show blamed Clarke.  

Back to Reality:

Think hard of the AU reality, because that situation is exactly - exactly - what happened to Abby. Abby confided in a friend, and that friend betrayed her.

I could take this a step further:

1. Clarke didn’t need to talk to Wells. She was just venting, not trying to help Jake. If Wells had betrayed her, what she told him would be a complete mistake.  

2. Abby did need to talk to Thelonious. If Jake succeeded in posting the video, he would have died. Thus, Abby came up with a plan to try and save him, and that’s the reason she went to Thelonious. Even though Thelonious betrayed her, what she said was for something: an attempt to save Jake.  

Final Thoughts:

The reality is that both Clarke and Abby confided in a friend about Jake’s plans. The difference between the two is that Thelonious betrayed Abby where Wells did not.

Even if Wells had betrayed Clarke, I would never say Clarke killed Jake. The same thing applies to Abby. Abby did not kill Jake. At worst, you could say she is the accidental cause or catalyst (which as I said Jake’s death would have happened with or without her), but by no means is she the killer. 

Oh, look. Jake agrees.


LOOK! WE’RE GIFS! Someone teach me how to properly do the Tumblr GIF thing. The quality is horrendous.

Let me say this last thing to you: There’s two paths you take when you first put on that guitar or sing that song. And that’s “Do I wanna please the audience?” Or “Do I wanna push that audience’s buttons?” And in alternative music, which Alternative Press has been putting across for how many years now, you have to be able to push those buttons. You understand what those button pushes mean, but most of the world doesn’t. They just see angry people screaming about God knows what. Over 25 years ago, I made that decision that I was gonna push your buttons, or the people that came before you. And I like to think I’m receiving this in humility, because I am willing to push your buttons. Because I am willing to tell you to go fuck yourself. I didn’t start a fucking band to be anybody’s bitch; I started a band to kick your fucking head in. What I love about the bands that are coming up here tonight: That’s what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to kick your head in, and they should. You deserve it. You deserve your bands to push you, to make you question everything about you, because if they don’t do it, nobody else will—and you do understand that. So God bless you. Thank you very much.
—  Billy Corgan accepting the Vanguard Award // APMAs 2014

Ok, I just want to put out that Brucenat/Brutasha/Hulkwidow (we really need a official name for this.) isn’t as unpopular as you think. Most of the hate I’ve seen are from Tumblr and some from Twitter.

Tumblr is a really weird website. It’s almost seems like 90% of the users have a connected mind. You hardly see any disagreement depending on what the subject is. Now I’m not judging anyone but ever heard of the TV show, Supernatural? Look it up on Google and you’ll see low ratings and viewers and isn’t very popular. Look it up on Tumblr, and you’ll see at least 5 posts of it on your dashboard in an hour, even if you don’t follow any the fans’ blog.

What I’m saying is think of every single person in the world who has seen Age of Ultron. How many of those people has a Tumblr? Probably less than you expect it to be, if you think about the younger and older people. People on Tumblr is probably 1% of the people who saw the movie. Every person I know that have seen AOU don’t mind the relationship. What you see on Tumblr are mostly super fans. They’re the people who will defend the fandom till their last breath and if anything goes to something they don’t like, shit gets real.

Most of the critics reviews I’ve seen are positive about it. Most of the cast are positive about it. Most of the people in the theater where I watched the movie (I’ve seen it about 5 times.) are positive about it. Most of my friends, family, classmates, and basically everyone I know are positive about it. If the Russos are looking for opinions of it for whatever reasons, they won’t look at Tumblr only. They’ll look everywhere and anywhere. So don’t expect them to change everything because of the hate we see.

Don’t let one website get you down. Don’t let it make you change opinions. Most of all, don’t give up on the ship.

pussy-lemonade  asked:

Hi, I was just wondering if you were anti-feminist?I have been following your blog for a while and I didn't see that to be the case .OH and in advance; I am just asking a simple question so I Hope you refrain from getting your panites up in a twist over it.

not at all? not sure if i said that anywhere ever but nope i’m all for the feminist ideals etc BUT some of the “in too deep” feminists are like “we hate boys” “i love to drink mens’ tears” etc i mean that’s just ridiculous

i still would call myself a feminist but i will entirely stay clear of anything related to social justice or whatever because i know how picky tumblr can be so if i end up saying one wrong thing there could be an entire scandal type of thing and i’ll get reported to tumblr or whatever

idk i just want to run a blog thats all