I didn't put a strong coloring on it cause I like the light as it is


Imagine: Being a close friend of Mike Warren and assisting him on a case, before ultimately being targeted by the suspect and shot in your own home where Mike happens to find you after wanting to do a follow up question.

WARNING: Violence, descriptions of blood mention, angsty af, mention of gun use, reader gets injured; slight mentions of possible feelings between Mike/reader. 


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evanseb  asked:

Prompt: I didn't realize I was staring at you while daydreaming AU

Title: I’ve Seen the Paths That Your Eyes Wander Down (I Wanna Come Too)


“You manage to get her number?”

The guy tilts his head to the side, brow furrowing as he asks, “Whose number?”

“The girl at the counter,” Steve replies. “She was flirting with you.”

And that’s when the stranger tilts his head back and looses the most mesmerizing laugh that Steve’s ever heard. 

“I didn’t even notice,” the man chuckles, biting his lip as he looks down at Steve. “I was a little bit distracted by somebody else.”

You can also read the fic here.

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