I didn't know what to label this


Okay I don’t know how well-known this fact is but
You know that song “Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued” by Fall Out Boy? You know why it’s named that? That is actually what happened. The original song title was “My Name Is David Ruffin and These Are The Temptations” but their lawyer and their record label were like “no guys you can’t name your song that you’ll get sued”.
So yeah their lawyer actually did make them change the name of that song so they wouldn’t get sued

Guns N' Roses in Kerrang! 1987

"We’re a lot more down-to-earth now," says Slash, who looks positively seedy. "They still try and label us as a glam band but I don’t give a shit because we’re not."

"Everybody’s been through the wringer," says Duff, who came out uncreased, "You go through a lot of bands when you start playing at 15, and in the beginning you don’t really know what you want to do. You just want to play. Eventually, you into each other and the chemistry is just right". 

"And the first thing we did ’ when we got together is we hit the road to Seattle." Izzy grins a wicked grin

 "you drifted around," says Axl, "you stayed in friends’ garages, cars, ‘stayed one step ahead of the sheriffs." 

anonymous asked:

I know it's none of my business... And you don't have to answer this. But what's your sexuality?

No, no, it’s totally fine. I’m obviously not straight, but I’m not gay, either. I think that if I were to label myself on the spot I would say I was bisexual.You see, I knew I wasn’t straight when I was like eight, I was convinced that I was bi when I was twelve/thirteen, and then at age fourteen I was pretty sure I was a lesbian after falling in “love” with my best friend, and then another girl I was in a play with. At age fifteen I had feelings for my best friend, who was a boy, so that threw the lesbian thing out the window. Right now, I like girls and boys, but that’s hard for me to deal with because I grew up with the mindset that I had to “pick a side” and that you were either gay or straight. And I wasn’t either! Some day I hope that I can be super proud of however I label myself, and I’m working on that now. 

something I’ve learned from being on tumblr is that people still believe in labels and not spectrums.