I didn't know what to gif

Alright, kiddos. It’s going to be a wild week starting tonight because @pleasecallmecaptain​ is visiting me on the 17th of July through the 25th!! Her plane lanes in a couple of hours and I’m so very excited. Yayy!! So, we don’t really know what to do so we’re doing a Q&A sessions throughout the week, answering anything really… But the cool thing is that we’ll be answering this together ayeeeee. I’m going to be taking around town for a couple of days so you can ask us about that, and yes, we’re going to have actual lunch dates together

“Idk what to write for this post.” - Jessie 2k16

“Just write like… ‘Victoria will be invading my house for the next week, please ask us questions while I’m still alive.’” - Victoria 2k16