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How do you deal with the crushing loneliness that is losing nearly your entire social support structure because all your old friends and loved ones are no longer a part of your life after an ideological change? How do you even meet people who you can even remotely agree with politically, let alone anyone who also shares other interests? This has become unbearably difficult for me

I mean honestly there’s probably a reason they are no longer part of your life, either you realized that they are not good for you or they don’t want to support you and your changes. I know that feeling. I’ve personally grown apart from a lot of people and it’s not so bad after awhile. Especially after attempts to rekindle these friendships and realizing that it’s just not what’s best for me anymore. 

Being lonely sucks, but I’d suggest maybe attending some events in your area centered around your interests. Find out about local movements in your area that align with your beliefs. Even try to talk to people over tumblr or other social media websites. Some of my fellow mods have been really great to get to know and talk to about political stuff. It’s hard too because I’m really shy but once I started to get involved with certain stuff in my area, it got a lot easier and I’ve made some really great friends. I’ve even been able to talk to some of my old friends about politics and got them to understand where I come from. Not everyone is an asshole, sometimes it all works out.

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Challenge: Give a shout-out to someone on Tumblr that you love (preferably someone you haven't seen already get a shout-out), and share something specific that you love about them! Spread the love!

Shout-out to the following people for being super cute and funny and cute and funny as hell, as well as being very easy to talk to: @mythical-michelle @humbae @touchinganelectricdove @petteroes3 @missingparentheses I’m really happy we’ve gotten to know each other :)

And shout-out to @reedytenors for being really nice and welcoming and without whom I’d probably still be stuck in Jersey. XD

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I've been meaning to give you this quote, so I figure the "first sentence" thing is as good a chance as any. "They broke the wrong parts of me, they broke my wings and forgot I had claws" you can change it so another character is saying it about Riza if that would make it easier. I just really wanted to give you that quote before I forgot again!

They broke the wrong parts of me; they broke my wings and forgot I had claws.

That was the mantra Riza Hawkeye had repeated to herself over and over again until it became scripture. It was the only thing she could do to distract herself from the insurmountable pain that plagued her since the moment they had fractured her arm. 

She braced her back against the wall and lifted the back of hand that held she blade she had found so she could wipe away the beads of sweat and blood that had saturated her brow. 

After everything that had happened, she decided that it was no longer about the precept she had bound herself to; rather, it was about surviving so that she could see another day.

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5 for COFT please? ( also that latest chapter of TGATNW was super great. hot damn that subtle torture!)

5: What part was hardest to write?

It was really hard starting, because I was so sure - like so sure - that people wouldn’t read it or want to read it. And there was actually a drop off between Game Theory and The Court of Five Thrones (some people love GT and not COFT, some people love COFT and not GT, some people don’t love either etc.)

Additionally, I had just cut off from an intensely emotionally abusive person, who was at the time quite entangled in my writing in a not healthy way. And so I’d not only cut off a relationship that had been super important to me for such a long time, some of their parting words included them strongly urging me not to write COFT because they had zero interest in it as a project. That, combined with the abuse, meant that COFT became a lot more to me than just…a story.

But that meant it also became more intimidating. My self-esteem has never been great, and it was pretty shattered at that point. I didn’t like any of my writing. I felt really burned out (and I was). One of the most helpful therapists I’d ever seen, left the state after confirming that I was in the equivalent of a verbal domestic violence relationship and she recommended a thing called No Contact which was really fucking hard, and I was in a grey area of looking for a new therapist, and I’d also lost a few other friends who I cared about deeply, or alternatively, the friendships changed to the point where we became acquaintances. Like, this irl stuff had a massive knock on effect, but these were often also people I knew on Tumblr, and so I was suddenly like, wait… what?

So I’ll always remember the first 5 chapters as the hardest. Introducing new characters, trying to find my way through a new format, losing friends, almost constantly suicidal for months, unable to reach out here (I felt muzzled by the situation), and also not really sure about myself. Things many people go through, but just felt sharper because of all this other stuff.

I’ve had writer’s block since then, sometimes pretty bad, but nothing compares to that period of time where I seriously was considering quitting writing and deleting Game Theory, and my finger would hover over the ‘delete this work’ button so many times you have no idea because I couldn’t stand myself.

So, so glad I worked through that.

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fics where klaus & caroline get married? human or otherwise. thanks love x

The Wedding by charley07

To Have And To Hold by cuteasahybridpuppy

The World According To Caroline Mikaelson by LitLover 101

To Have And To Hold by a-little-blonde-distraction

Possession by maevelin

A Wedding About Klaus & Caroline by Mrs Ambrose Klaroline delena

Toasts, Talks, And Tidbits Of A Wedding by mysticblue17

Our June Wedding by Erin Salvatore

A Thousand Years by HollyTheLovatic

Happy Endings by Sci-fi Christian

The Royal Wedding by howeverlongittakess

Best of Me: Wedding Sequel by MarvelousKatie

Never the Bride by Sophia Chase

Gravity by AddriannaDestiny

Unravel Me by lostinmysticfalls

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I love Red and all your artwork! Especially loving all those super great sticker designs! Your style is so amazing and satisfying <3 Love them! Cant wait to see the set complete (You should consider doing the DLC companions too!) Love ya~ <3

Thank you so much! ^_^ Oh man, I totally forgot about the DLC companions! :O I really should do them too. I LOVE Ada. <3

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5. Into Shadows We Fall?

5: What part was hardest to write? // Into Shadows We Fall

This is actually easy to answer.

Chapter 4 - the sexual assault scene. It was crushingly hard to write, and for a long time, I couldn’t reread it. I couldn’t even reread it to refer back to it while answering comments for a while.

It was a mixture of the challenges of the scene itself (I worried a lot that people wouldn’t find Augus’ change of tack and his using comfort as a form of abuse valid - and honestly I did get like two or three comments/asks to that effect, though thankfully most people saw what I was trying to do and felt the impact), and also real life concerns about making the story that dark. I wanted to do it for myself, but I knew there would be some readers who wouldn’t stay through an event like that, and I questioned myself and second-guessed myself and grilled myself over it for ages.

For a long time I also went back and forth over how far things would go, too. I was pretty blocked on how much Jack should actually experience. I had to ask questions like: ‘what do I realistically think he can recover from in the length of the story? What am I trying to do/achieve? What will his PTSD look like? How will that intersect with Pitch?’ Idk, I angsted a lot over that scene, which meant I’d write two paragraphs and then have to walk away and grit my teeth over it for hours before coming back and writing another two paragraphs etc.

I reread it recently and I actually like the chapter. I mean I don’t like what happens, I just like how I executed it.

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Hello! I loved, loved, loved your birthday Drabble All's Fair! Any chance of a follow up at some point so we can see Katniss get back at Peeta for putting one over on her?

I’m glad you liked it, Anon! I have good news for you. Keep your eye on @everlarkbirthdaydrabbles in the coming weeks.

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doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!