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crimson: fatal, sweet, and intoxicating. dancing in ruins, they are a beautiful sort of madness.

vermillion: rusty, wild, powerful, and brilliant. they are abandoned castles and gods made of stone.

amber: dripping with honey and lullabies. they are a quiet kind of queen.

lemon: live fast, die young. fearless and exhilarating, they know everything and nothing.

gold: heart stopping, blazing, beaming. they are lighting up the world tonight.

jade: elegant, sharp, seductive. they are cruelty at it’s finest.

cyan: neon lights and electric love.  they dream in light years.

azure: drunk on the sky, hopelessly hopeful, they are stuck wandering in a world not far from here.

midnight blue: inky, mysterious, and graceful. they know too much to have any optimism.

bordeaux: sophisticated and wondrous, they are stolen kisses and empty lies, fairy tale love and promises of tomorrow.

cream: moonstruck and sundazed, they are the smell of books and secrets better left unsaid.

alabaster: do not mistake their delicacy for weakness. wise and weightless, they are made of stardust.

dusty rose: bubblegum lips and paper masks. one way or another, they are rising to the top.

champagne: bubbly, dancing, the chic life. with lips painted gold and hearts painted red, they are taking on the world.

… You guys love me so much, don’t you? 


Hazel: @ask-bangle-tiger It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…cry if I want to…

Cashew: Come now, It’s time for cake! I made your favorite |;3

Hazel: Uniwow! Ok! All better!!! 

(She was trying to sing in da club by 50 Cent

OC Kissing Week - Hanin x Ierys

I adore this ship yet rarely post about it! So @ourinquisitorialness, I have stolen your lovely Ierys Venati for a smooching session with Hanin. I regret nothing. Full drabble under the cut (~1000 words)


The corner of her mouth lifted slightly as Hanin entered the room, and it still surprised him when a piece of his heart lifted with it. She was bent forward, her eyes scanning over documents from Tevinter. The latest report from magister Pavus, no doubt. A piece of information that so well hidden that it was practically for her eyes only. Hers and the Inquisitor’s, of course.

The fact that she always got to it first was testament to her value.

If there was a game to be played, she knew not only every rule, but every sleight of hand. Every route to take to skirt the red tape of bureaucracy. She may not have used those movements herself for a while, but she still knew how to look for them. If there was a rat to be caught, she was the perfect trap. Lord Pavus likely knew that, too. He’d be a fool not to seek her advice.

“Are you just going to stand there staring, or did you need something?” her voice was sharp, but not angry. It was a familiar blade - one he would carry anywhere.

Hanin folded his arms and leaned back against the far wall, green eyes wandering down the curve of her back as she arched over the table. “That depends. Are you busy?”

Ierys let out a huff of laughter. “I’m always busy. It’s part of my charm. Here I thought I’d be dealing with less politics after leaving the Imperium.” The last part was almost an aside, had it not been spoken so loudly. 

She shook her head and Hanin levered himself off the wall, a slight frown touching his brow as he crossed the room. “You don’t have to read every missive sent to the Inquisitor. You know that.”

He was at just the right angle to catch her rolling her eyes. “And you don’t have to beat the life out of a training dummy every night, yet here you are. Sweaty.”

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Imagine Jin and Yoongi co-presenting a children's television show. Just imagine. That's all.

HI there anon, I have tried and tried but honestly all I keep coming back to  Lambchop’s play along with Yoongi as Lambchop and HOpe as Shari Lewis and it’s really quite something to think about, but since I had to image it now you do too…

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Thoughts on Joshaya in Bear? I saw your tags on how Josh's "long game" comment in Bear seemed possessive, and as much as I ship Joshaya, I kind of agree...

i love joshaya (and i quite liked their moments in bear, especially when zay got involved) but that first “long game” comment just rubbed me the wrong way. there were definitely some possessive undertones there, but i kind of understand why josh said it???? he’s obviously having trouble adjusting to college and having the entire experience be vastly different from how he imagined. everything around him is changing (and he has no control over any of it) and he probably wanted to make sure that maya’s feelings for him hadn’t changed as well. his “long game?” comment most likely comes from a place of insecurity and vulnerability. josh is at nyu, right near the matthews’ apartment, and even though he’s close to his family, he’s far from his parents and his friends from back home. he might feel a little alone in the city (i know i did when i moved into nyu!!!), but the idea of the long game might’ve brought him some comfort. he needed maya’s reassurance that she was still there for him.

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see, grant's attitude when Barry is with Iris better be better than that mess. is it just me or does he seem completely NOT into the girl that he's sleeping with? i'm not even sure it's supposed to come across that way, i thought Barry was supposed to be worried about Patty, but he just seems like he'd rather not be dealing with her.

He wasn’t that into her. Remember, people had to basically force him to ask her out when she was throwing herself at him from day one. LOL

Y'all we need to chat for a second.

There are currently 24 request chilling in the inbox. Some of them will be combined, some will probably be imagines, definitely one will be a series. But there’s a lot there.

So that means if I haven’t wrote your request yet, I eventually will. What it doesn’t mean is to send in the request again.

I don’t have to write every single request I get. I do love what you all come up with and I love what I could make of it. But I don’t have to write it, especially if you send it in exactly the same way.

So this is a warning: if you send me a request more than once (y'all can always request for more stuff, just not the same shit over and over again) I will not do it.

I’m contemplating on doing the request and it’s twin. I’m not really sure, it might go last.

I’m just one person, okay? And I only post twice a week, okay? I can’t do everything. If that makes you mad, then so be it, there’s a million other supernatural writing blogs on this website. Go submit a request there.

If you don’t know if your request was submitted right, send me an ask. You could say “oh yeah, I sent in this, did you get it?” And I will answer you, I love talking to you all. But I will not put up with someone requesting the same shit.

i wanted to draw some scenes from my Beauty and the Beast AU!!

i absolutely had to draw the snowball fight between Stan and the kids, haha. the second image is of everyone sitting in front of the fireplace, and Ford (as the journal) is telling them a story, while Dipper reads it aloud for everyone. the third is the ballroom sequence, and i changed around some of the colors here to fit the characters better.

my favorite is Stan’s transformation into a human again. i was itching to draw that scene for a while, and i’m really happy with how it came out!!

my second favorite is Stan embracing Ford. Ford, since he was stuck as a Journal for so many years, can’t really walk or use his limbs all that well. so rather than trip and fall on his way to Stan, he waited for Stan to make his way up to him. and Stan is just so relieved that his brother is back that, in a show of raw emotion, he just ran and held Ford as tightly as he could, while Dipper and Mabel run over to join them

the final image is of everyone just celebrating the fact that the curse is finally lifted. Mabel and Dipper are getting formally introduced to Ford (which is why they’re holding his hand), and Stan is helping hold Ford up to keep him from falling over

(Wendy’s design is by @cirilee and Soos’ design is by @soupery!!)