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I hope this doesn't come out wrong and insensitive I'm sorry if it does. First off I'm sorry you lost your grandpa. How are you & your mom doing? Are you able to be more yourself and transition now that he isn't there?

it’s not insensitive! it’s really nice of you to want to check on us honestly. 

mom and I are doing alright. she’s got 5 or so chemo treatments left! then after that is radiation and I’m not sure how I’ll do then. I’ll be by myself for the week while she’s in another city getting her radiation each day, then she’ll come home on the weekends. I don’t know how well I’ll do by myself. she was gone for about a week after her hysterectomy and I did… okay. not great, but I got by.

uhhh as for being able to transition or anything, no, I haven’t been able to. mom doesn’t really call me by my name either. she deadnames me and misgenders me daily and really only puts “michael” on christmas presents and shit like that. I’m trying to be patient because I know she knew me for almost 2 decades before I came out as a guy to her but on the other hand she’s had Years to adapt to my new name and pronouns and hasn’t so…. idk. shit sucks in that department but I deal with it.

I just hope she gets through her cancer and is alright. yeah, she’s got some transphobia issues but I know she loves me a lot. my sister’s ex called me an “invalid” the other day and my mom made a point to come to me and tell me she loved me and that I’m not a burden on her, so that’s some good news.

btw for anyone confused reading this I am male and my name is michael. 

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What's going to happen to Vlad? Surely Danny is going to get suspicious of his mysterious disappearance. I feel like this is a possible bomb shell that could wrench the family even further apart if he ever discovered that Vlad was being imprisoned inside a thermos. AHhhhhlhl! He just got comfortable too! I can't

Danny finds out, of course. Neither of them were really planning on hiding it from him, but there just never seemed to be a good time.

Jack lets Vlad out for a meal when he thinks no one is around and discovers that Vlad’s condition has seriously degraded– he reverts to human, but can no longer speak or stand. Jack doesn’t have time to do much more than open the containment field before Danny walks in.

It only takes a few rapid-fire questions to discover what happened. Danny doesn’t bother asking permission. He flies Vlad to the nearest hospital and drops him in a bed at the ER. Then he storms off to Shannon’s and refuses to speak to either of his parents.

Imprisoning Vlad–for months–when Maddie knew that containment felt like slow torture to a halfa went against everything his parents had said they’d changed about their ghost hunting. Danny doesn’t realize how much that matters to him until it’s suddenly violated. He’s furious and hurt and even though it’s Vlad, he feels betrayed.

Vlad, meanwhile, is making national headlines as lawyers scramble to recover his estate and police try to puzzle out how a millionaire vanished from his luxury apartment and then randomly reappeared in a hospital months later. It’s eventually pinned on ‘unspecified ectoactivity’ and the Masters representatives are pointed in the direction of the GIW… which they quietly ignore. The GIW, which is in its death throes at this point, barely notices.

Vlad will spend the next year relearning how to walk, talk, speak and eat. He can’t communicate to express what he’s been through, but anyone who looks in his eyes can see the unbridled rage simmering under his sagging features.

It takes weeks to sort out the mess between Danny and his parents. Valerie, surprisingly, finds herself advocating for Maddie. She of all people knows just how dangerous Vlad can be.

Eventually Danny agrees to go back and talk things out with their joint therapist mediating. Mending this probably takes some vulnerability from Maddie that she’s not used to having with her children– a detailed description of that creepy fantasy-fulfillment dinner that Vlad had arranged, his cold-blooded attempt to murder Jack. Danny has to understand that Vlad was committed to acting on his threats this time.

In the end he gets it, but it’s hard to let it go. Rebuilding takes time. It doesn’t ruin things forever, but it’s certainly a big step back.

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You could try drawing darkiishu!! :P or a dark robin or something ^^

I wanted to draw both of the lovelys, but I seriously can’t draw Robin, sorry! I’m also feeling not so good, so just didn’t wanna try to draw him over and over again.

The lovely Darkiishu! :D Deadly goregous, she has a power of puppies and human blood and will destroy you with throwing cacti :v xD So beware!
Destroyed it a bit //like the blurry effect// plus I can’t draw female or hair, especially female hair xD But I like how it turned out at the end C:
Thank you so much for the idea friend! It’s nice to fight creativity block with you guys!
Enjoy this bloody beauty :P

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Pleaseeeee don’t take this the wrong way but I just want to ask how I deal with jealousy? Because I’m in a relationship and I honestly don’t now how to handle it. I’ve followed Ara for a long time and I was just wondering how you handle people telling her she’s hot all the time??? Idk I’m just stressed I guess and need advice

I understand it no worries ;)
for me I don’t really mind that people give her loads of compliments because she is very very hot and deserves all the compliments! I do find it harder when people actually act a bit flirty or are crushing on her and the thought of that makes my blood boil a little :’)
but I think it helps that she is very obvious with her feelings towards me (I honestly need that daily confirmation that she still loves me and she is happy to give that to me) and I trust her completely!

there was a situation that I kinda felt insecure about which had to do with jealousy and at first I talked about it with a friend who also has had long distance relationships and he told me to tell her. and I ended up word vomiting all my insecurities about that to her in the early morning which was probably horrible timing but it did end up in us having a conversation about the situation and her being able to calm me down a bit (it sounds very dramatic but it was honestly just my anxiety imagening things) and it ended a string of bad thoughts in my head so afterwards I could completely let it go

so I guess it is definitely good to talk with a friend about the situation because they do not have all these pesky love feelings in their heads and are actually able to think a bit clearly and then to talk about it with you s/o! 

and jealousy in a relationship is normal! the unhealthy thing is either when you internalize it too much and it becomes a big thing or when you are telling your s/o who they can or can not talk to 

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24, tony and teen reader? add peter, too, if you want :3

Prompt 24: “You’re trembling.”

You took in deep gulps of oxygen as the grip of panic slowly eased off your throat. “Okay…” you whispered to yourself, “I’m okay.”

The satiny sheets of your bed were damp and you swiped beads of cold sweat from your forehead. The nightmare had been vivid and intense, and set adrenaline pumping through your veins. In any case, it was going to take an awful lot of doing to get yourself back to sleep. Sighing in defeat, you dragged yourself out of bed, gasping softly as the bare soles of your feet hit the cold hardwood floor. Maybe a hot drink will help, you thought.

You made your way to the kitchen, still trying to shake off how unnerved you felt. Nightmares were the absolute worst, and you despised that they still plagued you sometimes. You lived with the Avengers, for goodness’ sake. There was little reason for you to fear for your safety. Yet still, the bad dreams came.

With cautious steps, you entered the kitchen and stood on your tip-toes to reach a mug from one of the cabinets. You then started to whip up your favorite hot drink, hoping the warmth in your belly might replace the pit of anxiety gnawing away at you.

“Hey, kiddo, you okay?”

You were so shocked to hear the voice beside you that the mug slipped out of your hands. To your relief, the person who had startled you was quick on the draw and managed to catch it before it smashed to pieces on the counter. You turned to face him and recognized Tony’s stark features towering over you.

“T-Tony! You scared me,” you exhaled, pressing a hand over your chest to try to quell the frantic palpitations of your heart.

Tony reached out and pressed a hand to your shoulder. “Sorry. You’re trembling–did I really scare you that badly?” His eyes were filled with apologies. Your stomach twisted.

“Um…it, uh, wasn’t just you,” you admitted softly. Tears started to well in your eyes and you tried to blink them back. “I had a nightmare.”

Tony’s brow furrowed and he opened up his arms. You gratefully accepted the invitation and snuggled against his chest. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Sniffling, you shook your head. “Not really.”

“Okay,” Tony nodded, pressing his chin to the top of your head. “Well, in any case, we’ve got to bring a smile back to your face, don’t we?” His fingers jumped to life against your sides, tickling lightly there and occasionally skirting the edges of your belly. Small, light giggles began to pour from you as a soft smile tugged at your lips.


Tony hummed in response and gently spidered his fingers from your hips to your lowest ribs. “Well, you can’t possibly expect me to send you back to bed without feeling better, can you?” he inquired.

“Ihihihi- Ihihihi guhuhuhuess,” you admitted, burying your face further into the fabric of his shirt. You had to admit, being forced to let go for a few seconds and have all the negativity chased away by the effervescent feeling Tony administered with his wiggling fingertips was a type of euphoria you were not quick to reject.

All too soon, though, the fingers retracted and he rubbed your back soothingly before pulling back to look you in the eyes. “Let’s finish up your drink, and I’ll stay up with you until you’re ready to go back to sleep, okay?”

You mustered a broad smile this time. “Okay. Thank you, Tony.”

*while playing D&D, someone in my party ends up falling off a ledge into a pit*

Other Partymember: Oh, can I try to lasso her with my rope and catch her in midair?

Me, slightly too loudly: THAT DIDN’T TURN OUT WELL FOR GWEN STACY!!!!

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Gingerpilot, kylux, finnrose, finnrey, finnlo, damerey, hanleia, holdo/leia, anidala

gingerpilot >>

ewwww / nope / no idea / maybe / ship it / awwww / MY LIFE

kylux >>

ewwww / nope / no idea / maybe / ship it / awwww / MY LIFE

finnrose >>

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finnlo >>

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damerey >>

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hanleia >>

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holdo/leia >>

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anidala >>

ewwww / nope / no idea / maybe / ship it / awwww / MY LIFE

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The Quinx would make such a good Friends AU

It’s been so many years since the last time I saw this show, but I love this idea. I was thinking about this and honestly I would love to rewatch it all and pretend that the Qs are the characters. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I think it would go something like this:

  • Haise = Ross (both are huge nerds, awkward sense of humor and I think Ross teached at an university. Perfect fit)
  • Saiko = Phoebe (both are the lovable weirdo of the group)
  • Shirazu = Joey (very outgoing and a bit simple, likes girls, is the cool guy)
  • Mutsuki = Monica (because Mutsuki would be the one that knows how to take care of everything in the house and is the only one who knows to cook apart from Haise and they would totally be fiddly about it all.)
  • Urie = Chandler (because I bet that deep down he would be like Chandler. Don’t think this is an insult though, because I think there’s a little of bit of Chandler in all of us. I was going to make Urie Monica first, but I feel like he’s closer to Chandler than Mutsuki is. At least in this AU Urie gets to marry Mutsuki so he should be grateful to me.)

That only leaves Rachel and I think it’s fine to give that to Touka even if she is not part of the Qs squad, because she is the love interest of Ross. She is technically the mother of the Qs squad even f she tragically never got to meet her kids. I think she’s a bit like Rachel too.

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What's the fastest you've ever driven?

I would like to say “the speed limit,” because SAFETY FIRST, kids, but probably 103? idk. Sometimes you’re on an empty interstate and you just get into the zone. And/or the passing lane is uh, shorter than you’d hoped it was going to be. XD For a sustained amount of time, probably not over 90. 

I’m a normal person who drives a normal car on normal roads.

Between this answer and the hatchback thing from the last ask, I probably have ZERO Cool Kid points right now, so I figure I might as well dip into negative numbers here and say that I am a huge fan of fuel economy over speed. 😎 (My personal fuel economy record is 33.3mpg, which in a normal, non-hybrid/electric 12-year old AWD vehicle is pretty darn good. I know, I know–HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE. lol)

Things that do make me want to go fast, though:

- nice, smooth road

- no one around

- in a state that isn’t heavily patrolled

NE-2 is great for that! Also, it has sunflowers.

i’m not sure why, but the scene where lup and barry become liches always gave me like, a wedding vibe. an extremely quiet and small wedding, like they eloped and taako was the only one they wanted to bring along. 

it’d be funny if that’s actually how they got married too. Griffin says they probably don’t tell the rest of the crew about the lich thing for a few cycles even, so what if that’s like, a reoccurring thing with them. Lup and Barry making these monumental life choices off on their own and just not telling anyone until years later. 
It’s just 

Davenport: wait, what do you mean you became liches? Back on the magic world? That was three cycles ago! 

Lup: guys, has anyone seen my wedding ring, I took it off to cook and I can’t find it
Magnus: Lup, why do you have a wedding ring?
Lup: uh, me and barry got married like, six cycles ago, that’s why? Did we forget to tell you guys? 
Magnus: yes you forgot to tell us!

Lucretia: Taako, you’re not bothered at all that lup and barry go off and do these things on their own?
Taako: What do you mean on their own? You think I wasn’t there for my sister’s and best friend’s wedding? Or when they ripped their souls out of their still living bodies? what kind of person do you think i am?

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Aizawa did you enjoy the trip to the hot springs? Did the kids behave? ((Im new to the fandom and just found out about that old (?) onsen event and it was really cute wow))

I don’t remember how long I was there (don’t do this, it’s dangerous for your health). Luckily, All Might happened to come by soon after I think. My memory’s a bit fuzzy.

@ask-allmight Care to clarify…?

event in reference to this!

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How would you describe Oedipus? I've been asking around and most people either give a generic description or "motherf*king" jokes so I was wondering how you'd describe his story? I see it as tragic but I just can't seem to paint the story from my mind to my mouth. I'm clumsy with words but I admire yours. You have this way with powerful, lingering stories, haunting tells and perfect endings. So.. how would describe the tragic hero named Oedipus?

oh, it’s a tragedy, of course it’s a tragedy, how can it be anything else?

but i think the tragedy is not in his actions, not in the father he killed nor the mother he wed nor the children he sired. no, it’s not in what he did, it’s in who he was, the tragedy here is that oedipus was a good man and a good king and unlike so many mythical figures, he did not reap what he sowed

the tragedy here is not that he was human and erred and suffered due to his errors.

it’s that he did not err, and suffered, it’s that the sins of our fathers are our sins too and we cannot escape them

the oracle of delphi gave a prophecy that foretold that any son of king laius would kill his father and marry his mother. so when his wife and queen jocasta bore him a son, he had the baby’s ankles nailed together and ordered him to be left to die.

laius erred. laius planned to kill his son of blood, who had committed no crime, who was in perfect health,  who had done nothing but be born. it is laius who committed the sin of infanticide, and through this sin all other such events transpired

a shepherd spirits the infant away instead of leaving him to die, and he is eventually brought to the house of king polybus and queen merope, where he is adopted. laius and jocasta have no more children, even though this leaves laius heirless. since we know jocasta will later bear four more children, we know it is not her whom is the issue here. after laius commits this grievous crime, he is left sterile, and this, here, is where i believe the curse truly begins.

the curse over thebes does not begin with oedipus’s rule, with his supposed transgressions. it begins with his father’s sin.

oedipus grows up a devoted and loving son. he eventually hears rumors about his strange birth and consults the same oracle his birth father had, and is told the same prophecy. not knowing he’s adopted, he think the prophecy refers to polybus and merope, and he flees his home, horrified at the thought that he could ever harm his beloved parents in such a way.

he’s traveling, and upon a crossroads he meets his birth father, laius. they do not know or recognize eachother. they quarrel about who may precede first. it’s important to note that laius is the one who attacks first, who’s so offended that this unknown man will not move for a king that he tries to kill him, unknowingly attempting to murder his son a second time.

oedipus kills laius, not knowing he’s a king or his father, rather than let himself be killed, and fulfills the first part of the prophecy. once again, it is laius’s actions that are the incendiary actions here. if he had not attempted to kill oedipus, perhaps he wouldn’t have died. if he hadn’t thrown his son away, oedipus never would have killed him, since he was so aghast at the possibility of harming his adopted parents that he ran from his home and his life rather than risk it.

oedipus acts in self defense. even if he hadn’t, laius had already tried to kill him once, although neither of them had been aware of it. a trial by combat would be the least of what oedipus would be owed. he breaks no laws, does not act in hate or malice or fear. oedipus kills laius, kills his father, but no great sin is committed. patricide is a sin, but defending yourself is not, refusing to die is not a sin.

so he travels, and lands upon thebes, where a sphinx has taken residence, eating anyone who attempts to enter the city and cannot answer it’s riddle, effectively cutting off all trade to thebes and trapping all its residents inside, lest they leave and never be able to return. was the sphinx here when laius left? we do not know. it doesn’t say.

but if it was – did laius leave his city to die? was this sphinx just another piece of the curse laius had brought down upon thebes by attempting kill his freshly born son?

oedipus, a cleverer man than any who have yet tried to enter thebes, answers the sphinx’s riddle, and the creature leaves, having been defeated by this man’s intellect.

oedipus is a man who has shown himself to be strong enough to kill a king, and clever enough to defeat a sphinx. he has not harmed any who did not first try to harm him, was so against committing harm against those he cared about that he simply left them behind. oedipus so far has shown no fatal flaw, no poor judgement, nothing damning or ruinous.

jocasta’s brother, creon, had said any man who could rid thebes of the sphinx would be named king, and given his sister’s hand in marriage. oedipus had not known about this before arriving. he had not come to thebes with the intention of becoming king.

but king he becomes.

he is given jocasta’s hand in marriage, and the final portion of the prophecy is complete. he weds and bed and fathers children with his birth mother.

notice, however, that this only happens in the first place because of how honorable and kind oedipus is to begin with.

jocasta is in her forties, at least. she may be a beautiful woman, but she’s not a young woman. yet there are no accounts of oedipus being unfaithful, or cruel. jocasta bears him four children, two sons and two daughters, when during those long years after oedipus she had not had another child with laius. if oedipus had rejected this widowed queen, said her age made her unsuitable, had taken mistresses, had kept her as a wife in name only – then perhaps so much pain could have been spared.

but he didn’t do that. oedipus took a wife twice his age, at best, took a woman who was not a virgin, who had been the wife of this land’s former king, and he dedicates himself to her. he is faithful and attentive, and she must be fond of him, because she later tries to shield him from the truth when she uncovers it.

which part of his actions can we take account with? yes, jocasta was his mother, and it is incest – but he didn’t know that. he didn’t want that. to do otherwise than what he did, to cast aside his gifted bride, could only be considered cruelty. and oedipus was not cruel.

many years after this marriage, a plague strikes thebes. why is not clear, because if it were truly due to oedipus’s actions, to the gods taking offense at this incestuous union between mother and father-killer, surely it would not have taken years to come to fruition?

but a plague comes, and the oracle says that the only way to lift it is to see that laius’s killer is brought to justice.

(is it laius, yet again, bringing sorrow upon his city? is it his restless spirit which curses all of thebes? it is a strange coincidence that the infertility which he was cursed with after trying to kill his infant son is the same plight that now faces all of thebes.)

and of course, of course, honorable and kind oedipus vows to bring the killer to justice, says that this killer will be exiled for his crime of murdering the king.

exiled, not killed, what a peculiar punishment, what a merciful punishment for a king killer, what a merciful judgement from a merciful man.

but things unravel, as they do. he tells creon to bring him the blind prophet tiresias, who tells oedipus that he must stop digging into this matter. but the good of his city is at stake, so he can’t, of course he can’t, and tiresias calls him false for not knowing his true parentage. he and creon quarrel, and slowly, oh so slowly, the truth comes out.

a messenger comes, saying that his adopted father has died, and oedipus is relieved. not for any malicious reasons, but because it means he won’t fulfill his prophecy of murdering him. he refuses to go home because merope is still there, refuses to take up the title of king that is surely his by right, because he fears harming his mother. when the messenger says that oedipus is adopted, and there’s no reasons for him not to go home, jocasta finally realizes that oedipus is her son. she begs him to stop his search for laius’s killer, desperate to keep the truth from him.

jocasta knows, and tries to protect oedipus. she must believe he’s worthy of being on the throne, he must have showed her kindness and affection if she’s so desperate to protect him from the truth, even at the expense of the well being of thebes.

but oedipus does not listen. he leaves, and finds the shepherd who gave him to his adopted parents so long ago, and discovers the truth.

he is the son of lauis and jocasta. lauis is the man he killed at the crossroads. he has killed his fathe and married his mother, all them each unaware of each other.

after this, there are differing accounts of what happened next.

sophocles’s account is most popular. he returns to find his wife and mother jocasta has killed herself, and he takes the pins from her broach and blinds himself, unable to stand the sight of her. he is then exiled, as he said laius’s killer would be, and his daughter antigone guides him until he dies soon after.

in euripides’s version, jocasta does not kill herself. oedipus is blinded by a servant of laius, and so justice is still served to laius’s killer, and he continues to rule thebes. i like to think jocasta rules with him, alive and well, because she no more deserved death than oedipus deserved blindness.

the tragedy here is not in oedipus. it is in lauis, the clear villain of this story, the one who damned and hurt and cursed all around him. he who caused so much strife, and then left it all for his son to fix, for his son to struggle with.

but he did fix it.

oedipus was a fair and just ruler of thebes, a kind husband to jocasta, a good father to his children, from all accounts, since antigone was so devoted to him, and he was disappointed in his sons for their selfishness because that’s not how he raised them.

perhaps oedipus is a story of how our fathers, our predecessors, those who come before us will curse us and damn us and leave us more problems than solutions can be found

perhaps oedipus is a cautionary tale, and our tragic figure is not oedipuis, but laius, who made his own ruin, who’s spiteful hands left scars on all they touched.

oedipus is a tragedy, but only because it reminds us that our own undoing, our own unhappy endings, aren’t necessarily within our control. our own tragedies may not be our fault, may not be due to our mistakes, maybe we didn’t earn our unhappiness.

it’s not fair.

it’s not fair, and that’s the true tragedy of oedipus. that good, kind, clever, merciful people can do their absolute best, can show kindness and sacrifice and love, and in the end it won’t be able to save them from the mistakes other people have made.

oedipus was a good man, and a good king, and it may not have saved him – but it saved all those in thebes.

yes, oedipus was blinded. yes, jocasta died.

but the spinx was gone, their line continued, and thebes thrived.

the tragedy of oedipus is the idea that we’re not in control of our own destiny.

the triumph of oedipus is the idea that we need not control it in order to have a destiny worth remembering.