I did one thing wrong and bam

I know this is gonna cause a massive shitstorm but quite honestly I’m beyond giving a fuck at this point.

I’m not a fan of Toby Turner, nor do I have any ill will towards him but what happened to him recently is a great example of how easy it is for feminists to ruin a person’s entire online reputation, all it takes is for one woman to come to the forefront and say “He raped me” and bam your entire career is over.

Now I’m not saying he didn’t do anything wrong, but this “listen and believe” bullshit needs to fucking stop, if he did rape that woman then she should have just gone to the police and they could have settled this thing in court, but instead she made a video about it and now feminists and SJW’s are calling for his head on a stick.

All the stuff he’s done over the years means nothing now and even if he somehow proved that he was innocent in a count of law, feminists will still demonize him because they’ll always believe their own ilk instead of facts.

Look at what happened in the Ghomeshi trial, his accusers were proven to be liars in a court of law and yet the media still treats them like heroes.

And what pisses me off even more is that feminists constantly lie and say that their movement gives a shit about men’s rights when they have done NOTHING to benefit men and their issues.

Fathers still can’t get custody of their kids in court and there are a very few if any domestic abuse shelters for men. But feminists don’t care because they believe that quote “men already have all the rights” (even though they can’t name one legal right a man has that a woman doesn’t have in the west).