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Blurryface Themed Asks
  • Heavydirtysoul:What are you afraid of?
  • Stressed Out:What are you stressed about?
  • Ride:Whats your dream car?
  • Fairly Local:Favorite place?
  • Tear In My Heart:Are you single?
  • Lane Boy:Dream vacation?
  • The Judge:Do feel guilty about anything?
  • Doubt:Do you have any doubts?
  • Polarize:Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
  • We Don't Believe Whats On TV:Whats your favorite show?
  • Message Man:Last person you texted?
  • Hometown:Where are you from?
  • Not Today:Whens your birthday?
  • Goner:Do you miss anyone?
Birthstone Master Post!


  • Garnet - Strength, perversity, prosperity, health.
  • Rose Quartz - Emotional balance, forgiveness.


  • Amethyst - Wisdom, spirituality, sobriety, security.
  • Onyx - Relaxation, comfort.


  • Aquamarine - Beauty, honesty, loyalty, happiness.
  • Bloodstone - Endurance. 


  • Diamond - Invincibility, clarity, purity, eternal love.
  • Rock Crystal / Quartz - Balance, clarity, energy. 


  • Emerald - Patience, understanding, foresight.
  • Chrysoprase - Fertility, secrecy. 


  • Alexandrite - Balance, confidence, joy.
  • Moonstone - Balance, good fortune, tender passion.
  • Pearl - Modesty, purity, beauty, happiness.


  • Ruby - Love, success, integrity, passion, promise.
  • Carnelian - Luck, safety.


  • Peridot - Fame, dignity, protection, success.
  • Sardonyx - Relaxation, security.


  • Sapphire - Truth, sincerity, commitment, loyalty.
  • Lapis - Understanding, protection.


  • Opal - Hope, faith, confidence.
  • Tourmaline - Balance, endurance, safety. 


  • Topaz - Strength, wisdom, courage.
  • Citrine - Hope, cheerfulness, youth, health, fidelity.


  • Tanzanite - Contentment, understanding.
  • Zircon - Wisdom, honor, wealth.
  • Turquoise - New possibilities, happiness.

youtube vs. live. [7/24/15]

Love interests dealing with the Inquisitor’s death

Cullen: For a few moments he disbelieves what he’s heard. He denies it loudly, refusing to believe they’re gone, and isolates himself in his office. Anger takes over him, there’s no way they could be gone! It has to be lies. The anger quickly turns to himself, what could he have done to stop it? What if he’d been there? Could he have helped? I should have been there, is all he can think. He remembers, and replays every bad decision he’s ever done. The memories of losing his friends in the circle, not being able to stop the rebellion in Kirkwall, not being with the Inquisitor when they needed him. He hurts. Worse than being tortured by mages, worse than quitting lyrium. He gives up, deciding that he’s been through enough sorrow in his life to go through another.

Cassandra: She’s angry, fuming with rage when the messenger tells her the news. “And where were their backup? Their help?” she demands to know. The anger doesn’t fade, she trashes her room, knocks over tables, kicks down chairs, shreds bedsheets, and rips letters to pieces. She doesn’t know how to handle the pain, she tries to treat it like any injury. By walking it off, ignoring it and continuing with her life, but the pain doesn’t go away.

Dorian: Pretends that the news doesn’t affect him. Swats concern off and claims he’s got somewhere to be when in reality he needs to be alone, to grieve, and cry. If anyone asks he will deny it. If anyone catches him he will lie. He’s good at lying, good at hiding his emotions. No one’s seen him like this, except the inquisitor.

Blackwall: He nods when he’s told, eyes dropping to the ground, lips pressing together to keep the emotions in shack. He mumbles a few words on their funeral, stands in honor while the new divine speaks from the chant of light, and keeps a straight face until he’s alone in the stables again. He feels empty, lonely, like history is repeating itself. He thinks that maybe he’s meant to be alone.

Iron Bull: He laughs when the messenger stutters out the news. Not believing what he hears. The though is ridiculous. How could his inquisitor, the one who conquered his heart possibly be gone, when neither dragons, demons, nor walking in the fade could defeat them? Realization doesn’t hit him until days later, when he sees the inquisitor’s weapon displayed on the wall. They never left Skyhold without it, never walked unarmed, but there it is, collecting dust on the wall, on display below a golden inscription of the story of the inquisitor. It hurts like acid, but not on the outside but on the inside, in the center of his chest. His kadan.

Solas: Solas is calm, knowing that their love would not be forever. But it doesn’t keep the pain away. He hurts inside and out. He hurts all the way into his soul. Even his dreams are twisted with horror and pain, constantly reminding him of his loss. He sees the inquisitor when he wanders in the fade, never for more than a second, in the corner of his eye, and when he turns to look they’re gone.

Sera: Laughs nervously when she’s told what has happened. Eyes darting over the messenger’s face, with an awkward smile. “Yeah, and I’m the empress of Orlais.” She shakes her head and looks around, calling for the Inquisitor to come out, saying “you almost got me”. She gets angry when they tell her that there’s no joke, no prank, no act. Firing arrow after arrow at the retreating messenger, yelling bloody murder at the ‘Maker’ that everyone seems to look up to. She doesn’t like the Maker if he lets things like that happen.

Josephine: Horror crosses her face when she reads the message. She’s stunned, can barely see straight, feels dizzy. She stutters when she speaks, trying to tell the others around the war table. Her hand clutches over her chest, trying to keep her heart in one piece. She can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t stand, and braces herself against the table. Leliana is by her side in an instant, wrapping a pair of arms around her right before the tears starts falling.


Cole: Doesn’t quite understand what they mean when they say that the Inquisitor is gone. He searches for them, in Skyhold, in the fade. He listens but there’s an odd silence in the world. It’s unnatural, it’s like everything is mute. With he Inquisitor’s colorful thoughts gone the fort seems paler, without their warm presence it seems colder. There’s a strange feeling within Cole. It hurts, but he’s not wounded. It’s lonely, but he’s surrounded by people, and he doesn’t know how to take the hurt away.

Varric: As if he hadn’t lost enough in his life. As if he didn’t miss his home, or his brother, or Hawke. Another person to add to his list of heartbreaks, another person to remember, but not be able to see again. He curses and sits down by the fire, picking out his trusty inkwell and some parchment, writing the story of the Inquisitor.