I did a photoshoot this morning!


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Easy Isi (WIP)

Last Saturday I fell in one of those deep holes and I’m feeling miserable since then. I still decided to finally repaint my Isi. To be honest, I was so terrified of ruining her, for this is my second repaint and she’s my favourite ghoul of all time.
I have to admit, I’m proud of myself… simply for getting her done. She did not turn out perfect, but it’s something. At this stage, I’m seldom strong enough to even get up in the morning. Sweetie pie will get a proper photoshoot after I found the perfect pair of pants for her and crafted her headpiece. Hope you’re alright, my fellow doll lovers. ♥


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1. I did such a fun photoshoot with the ladies over at @sistersofnature (@alainis @emilyneikam @nicholemarielim) showing off the wonderful vegan hair products by @olivineatelier! Check it out on their blog Wednesday! 🦄💕

2. Post workout floor selfie. I just got a snapchat! Follow me there to check out some really random morning videos. 💕 (same username)

3. It’s like 70 degrees and windy today! Was it not just snowing?! Coconut milk lattes and cozy @l2lapparel tees while I work on portraits 💕

4. Repost from @alainis from our fun @sistersofnature shoot 💕! Stay tuned for V-Day’s post on their blog by @emilyneikam 😍

Katie May Didn’t See Doctor for Neck Pain Before Fatal Stroke, Family Says

Playboy model and Snapchat “queen” Katie May, who died Thursday of a stroke at age 34, saw a chiropractor — not a medical doctor — for her neck pain, according to her family.

“To the best of my family’s knowledge, and we are fairly but not totally certain of this, Katie did not seek medical care prior to Monday evening,” her brother Stephen May told People magazine. “If she had, it seems reasonable to conclude, the subsequent days would have unfolded very differently.”

Known as the “Queen of Snapchat,” May tweeted on Jan. 29 that she had pinched “a nerve in my neck on a Photoshoot and got adjusted this morning,” adding that she was returning to the chiropractor.

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“I don’t know the cause of Katie’s neck pain,” her brother told People. “We only knew that she was feeling discomfort.”

On Thursday, family members told TMZ that the stroke may have been brought on by a blockage in May’s carotid artery, following a possible fall during a photo shoot last week.

The model’s most recent Instagram post, from earlier this week, reads, “Hope everyone is having a great Monday! It’s very windy here in LA.” Her Facebook profile states that she is originally from Pittsburgh.

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The GoFundMe page set up to support May’s 7-year-old daughter, Mia, read earlier this week, “Katie’s family plans on using any money raised to help pay for education, Mia’s daily life and to help her dad with the costs of parenting.”

May appeared in a pictorial with other social-media stars on Playboy.com last fall.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had to make a second set of the wings last night, as I had only needed one pair for Rolo. I’m sure the boys are super pleased that they each have their own to wear. They weren’t very enthused about the photoshoot, possibly because I did it before giving them their morning apple slices. I figured I should get it done right away, and I made it pretty short for them. They’re now happily back in their cage.

this is my favorite picture in the world. 4th of July 2015! your parents were out of town and you convinced them i was out of town so they would let u stay home alone.. we spent our night in Geneva for fireworks, asked that goofy guy for a photo… he took this and said great photo! Handed me back my phone and we couldn’t stop laughing, we drove the whole drive home crying laughing at this, spent the night at your house making music videos of us singing in the shower, let u have a photoshoot in ur room with me and ur senior banner, drank more Apple reds than I could handle and literally sat on your bed all night crying laughing at everything we said or did, made love and probably gave u more back scratches than u deserved. Woke up in the morning and the first thing u said was pull up that picture!!! hahahah miss it more than anything!!!!!!

Aloha & good morning from Kihei Maui!!!! This breakfast changed my life. So freaking good! It’s ok to splurge while on vacation…ummm, I mean “work!” Just on the other side of those palm trees is the Kamaole beach! That’s where I did my photoshoot yesterday. I don’t want to leave!!! 🌊🌴🌺😩 #Aloha #Kihei #Maui #Hawaii #Hawaiian #Breakfast #Food #GoodMorning #PalmTrees #Beach #KamaoleBeach #Travel #Explore #Adventure #Selfie #FlightAttendant #FlyGirl #CrewLife #CabinCrew #WanderLust #HappyGirl


LECsnapshot Photography

August 13, 2015

Birthday Photoshoot

This morning I did a complementary photoshoot for my cousin for his birthday present. It was a fun morning spent in Downtown Stockton with some graffiti walls and on the top of a parking garage. We got some amazing shots! Happy early birthday Alex. (: xo

joylenzpls asked:

{text}: I had a mini photoshoot yesterday, so I had my hair done on set. I took a shower this morning and managed to get it to look the same as it did. It's still lookin' pretty. I'm saving everything else for girly day. :)

[text] Aww you always lookin’ pretty, girly, always.