I did a photoshoot this morning!


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Well this is what she would say my soul mate best friend. We did two shoot’s together one with Harold Strout the other was a Wet Plate by Scott Anton! We worked GREAT together and always were able to get our butts in gear despite tough pre shoot mornings. We are apart now but that does not mean our work together did not come out beautifully <3 I also wanted to wish her a happy 20th while I am displaying the photos. 

She is also an AMAZING makeup artist. 

Day 4

Today was my first weekend day as Britney. My roommate got irritated at me this morning for forgetting to refill the kettle after I used it but when I sang my reply, “oops I did it again”, she burst out laughing and told me she couldn’t take me seriously. I suppose that being Britney has some perks although they are few! My challenge today was to do a mini photo shoot on the promenade to display not only how good I look but how good I know that I look that I want everyone else to see. This challenge to me is all about vanity and showcasing that vanity to everyone who wanted to watch. I have to admit that this challenge has been the most mortifying one so far!! While I was strutting my stuff for the camera I could see that some people stood and watched while others had a little laugh as they walked past. I tried my best to ignore all the eyes on me but I have to say I felt incredibly uncomfortable! I think that different people have different reactions to this type of behaviour as its become almost normal in society today. Those people who embrace social media and obsess about image love to have photos of themselves and I must say I’ve seen many of these amateur photo shoots in front of the sunset for their new profile picture. For me to be in that position myself was very embarrassing and I felt as if I was on display. I’ll post some pictures of the shoot but don’t forget to follow my Instagram account @its_britney_bitch9

ACen PH Shoot


I was the Alice in the opera arc dress at the Pandora Hearts photoshoot at ACen and I did not have anyone taking pictures for me! If anyone has any photos from the shoot this morning could you tag me? Thanks!!

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what did her friend post? can you give me a link ?

It was on Instagram and I don’t even remember her friend’s name anymore, I just briefly saw it this morning. Basically, this friend is a photographer and he had a photo session with her in a Real Madrid shirt. Then he posted the pics with the caption: “Photoshoot with @cristiano’s new girlfriend”.

LMAOOO, as if wearing a RM shirt makes you more of a WAG when you don’t even know the player. Oh my…  😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

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"Good morning, hope you don't mind me borrowing your shirt. . ."

Morning After Sentence Starters

    is that my led zeppelin one? yeah ; sure does look cute on you … ‘round your hips, your sides, and       fuck it, c’mere and wear th’shirt. 

Yesterday morning I did a photoshoot for my trainer’s new german import. What a filly she is. She was completely bored by what we were doing but cooperative enough, haha. 

I met some of my trainer’s other students, and it was really touching how complimentary my trainer was to me. It means so much. 

I then went to my barn to ride QT. He was pretty good! We did some poles and a ton of changing in direction. Did some leg yields as well. He also tried to do a change and got the front half haha. We also opened and closed the gate from horseback for the first time. No fuss at all So proud of him.

Let Ringo graze for a bit and then was off for the weekend. 

Busy yet so free!!

I literally went out every single day this past week… I don’t remember all of the details, but here’s a few snippets of mah activities!! 

Last day of school, my friends and I had photoshoots throughout the whole day, and we satisfyingly took the cutest group pictures! Later on that night, we played mavericks, and rather than partying at stag, we gladly kicked back and had a girls night in with thrilling rounds of charades. <3  

The weekend literally zoomed by, and I think I actually completed some work dealing with college prerequisites and summer cleanup, but there was no pressure whatsoever because Monday, seniors did not go to school! Except I did because I had to run errands to a few of my junior friends, and that morning I woke up early to eat at Rialtos with my favorite! The food did live up to the hype. 

During the first week of my unofficial summer, I also had an extremely busy day because of Sunny Hills’ graduation, followed by my school’s Reflections. Again, a photoshoot obviously took place.

Ahh then came my actual graduation. The weather wasn’t sweltering hot and the actual procession wasn’t as lengthy as expected. Nonetheless, the pictures after graduation were disgusting and sweaty. After grad, I went to Cha2o and cooled down with drinks with my favorite juniors and senior friend. Then we wandered about and somehow ended up at a park, then McDonalds. Finalmente at night, I hung out with my same eclectic group of friends, we watched the first half of Inglorious bastards, made an in-n-out run literally 7 minutes before it closed for the night, and we made a 4 am DK’s Donuts run! 

Last night, I put my free admission tickets to use and went ice skating with mi amigos favoritos! After a single hour, we were so tired, and our legs wobbled like noodles (it was quite sad actually to see how much our physiques had deteriorated). But the Frostbites and ramen afterwards were so rejuvenating! Treating ourselves out was a sweet way to end our night. Running over a speed bump at 50 mph also woke us up, but nbd.

This early afternoon, I calmed down with a movie with my parents. The Imitation Game was extremely deserving of all of its nominations and awards. Benedict Cumberbatch is bae.


Here is to a wonderful month of June, and the official commencement of summer vacation! Congrats again to all 2015 graduates :’) 

Week 8

Monday had work and school and dance. Maddie visited, always good to see her! Tuesday had class, work, class, and then a photoshoot at Hammer Sky Vineyards, and then straight to dance. Stayed up pretty late that night trying to get work done for my drawing class, packing and working on a packaging project. Wednesday had class, skipped work, came home, went to class for 1 hour (out of 3). Then I finished packing, picked up Stephen and we left for home!

I think that night I just did some homework and edited photos. Thursday morning I went to the dentist, got my hair cut, bought some things for a project at the hub, checked out Ardenwood Historic Farm, and went to Pac Commons to get stuff for a project. Then I went home and did homework and went to Allison’s (T) and we hung out for a while! At night got dinner with my parents.

Friday I literally stayed home all day and did homework. At night I think I ran some quick errands with my mom. But I went to sleep early to prep for Saturday. Saturday was the big day. I woke up at 6, picked up Nichole at 6:30, got some oatmeal from McDonalds which is actually SUPER good! Then we drove to Mountain Winery in Saratoga to photograph Suraya for Harker’s graduation. We got there at 7:30 and thought it started at 8, but it actually started at 9…anyway Suraya’s mom wanted us there at 7:30 so yeah. Then I left at 11:15, drove back to Fremont, went straight to Shinn Arboretum. Got there at 12:20ish. My shoot wasn’t until 12:45 so I just had a quick snack. Then I did Sanaea’s shoot 12:45-1:15, Stephanie’s 1:15-1:50. Drove to Ardenwood, and was suppose to meet my group at 2, but they didn’t arrive until 2:30, so I only had 2:30-3 with them. Then my 3:00 group arrived and then I shot them until 4, we got kicked out so then we drove to Shinn and I did a couple more for them until I had to start my 56 person group at 5. Nichole helped me, and after we got through all those we were finally done around 6:45. Drove home, and had dinner, and edited until I passed out around 11. My legs hurt so bad.

Sunday I went to church with my mom, went to my granma’s and had lunch, that’s what this photo was from. Her beautiful roses she’s growing in her front yard, she made us lunch and I just hung out with her. Then drove to SJ, picked up Wilson, he came with me on a shoot for my cousin at the Japanese Friendship Garden. Not really sure why he came…after that dropped him at home and then I went home and edited more photos. Later hung out with Sohan and Mehul, and then went to dinner with Mehul, Tony, and his friend. Then got home, edited, and went to bed.

Today I Am Dead...

Travelled to Keswick with Adamskii Photography and fellow model and best friend Lita Lawless to shoot a super secret project :) Got to play with dumper trucks and rusty spanners!

It was a fantastic day and it was so sunny! All I did was sleep when I got home after a #cheekyedsdiner with Lita after a damn long journey!

I’ve slept from 10pm until nearly 9am this morning and I have zero energy to get out of my pit. Purely wiped!

Hoping to get some more photos up here from my last few shoots which have been fantastic.

I’m involved in a PinUp creative night this Tuesday (all going well) so hopefully have even more images to show you!

Hope you guys are having a fantastic bank holiday

R xo

Some left over roses from the photoshoot I did for @elindayap’s daughter, Elena this morning. We did a Cinderella photo themed, so fun! Will share the photos later 😊

W O W • // After @denfair and the photoshoot on Monday, I didn’t know how this week could have got any better, but it did! Another phone call from @elyseecollective yesterday and we have a new magazine interested in our pieces! This mag is one of THE mags we adore and we are so excited! High res imagery sent through this morning and fingers and toes crossed💃. @jayjayogram was an outright HERO overnight helping us get the images converted to print resolution. Thank you!! All on a day as I am about to drop pieces to studios in Alexandria, Sydney for a different mag shoot! And it is not the first time in the last 5 weeks since we opened we’ve had to do this either. Wow. Psst: … New product being released soon. Watch this space 😊 • // #middleroad #mymiddleroadstyle #goldleafing #dalicoasters #goldcoasters #style #interiors #handmade #design #sydney #australia #dowhatyoulove (at Bondi Beach, New South Wales)

Good Morning Mt Hood

Good Morning Mt Hood http://ift.tt/1IHd6ZG @mpurciel: After three sleepless mornings I was debating getting up one more time at 5am. Good thing my friend Josh was pushing for one more morning photoshoot. And I am glad we did! The alpenglow on Mt. Hood was amazing along with the sweeping views of Hood River Valley and the last of the blooming Arrowleaf Balsamroot.

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How cute! Anyways i have to go. I have a photoshoot in the morning and i dont want to look awful. Have a nice day. Oh and niall *whispers something to him* see ya!

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