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Imagine Garcia accidentally discovering that you and Morgan are an item when she calls him early in the morning and hears your voice in the background.

Chocolate Thunder


For the first time in weeks, your phone wasn’t what woke you up at an ungodly hour in the morning. This time, it was your boyfriend. You opened one eye to glance at the alarm clock to see what time it was. You knew Derek wouldn’t just wake up at 3:51 AM for no reason, so you sat up a bit and opened both eyes to look at him. You wanted to cry when you realized he was on the phone.

“Oh my God, please don’t tell me we have a case.” You whined, not even thinking about who exactly could’ve heard you until Derek looked at you with wide eyes. That’s when you heard Penelope yelling out questions like, “Was that who I think it was?!” and “Is (Y/N) at your house?!” and “Are you together?!” You let out a sigh and whispered, “Sorry.”

The truth was you and Derek had been together for nearly eight months now. It started off with playful banter and flirting until one day he asked you out to lunch, and then asked you to be his girlfriend. The two of you had decided to keep it a secret due to FBI fraternization policy. It had been hard hiding your feelings for each other in the field, especially since you were called away so often. You were always together but you rarely got time to enjoy each other, but the two of you made it work because you loved each other.

Derek finally managed to get Garcia off the phone after answering some of her questions  and couldn’t keep a straight face when he looked to you. “I have good news, and I have bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?” He asked, the smile never leaving his face.

“Bad news,” You decided, since you pretty much knew what he was about to say – or at least you thought you did.

You were surprised when he said, “The bad news is Penelope’s pissed, but the good news is we don’t have to deal with it until tomorrow.” With that, you let out a breath of relief and placed your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat and letting the rising and falling of his chest slowly put you back to sleep. You were almost out when you got a bit curious, “If we don’t have a case, why the hell did she call you this late?”

Derek laughed a little and shrugged. “I don’t think it was that important. If it was, she’ll call back when she forgives us.” Then, the two of you went back to sleep and the next thing that woke you up wasn’t Derek, but a text from Garcia that said, “I love you, but I’m still calling him Chocolate Thunder.”

Sweet Innocence

Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 1,895
Warnings: Talk of sex
Request: Anonymous. Hola! I have an idea for something. I would love for a dean and reader where the reader is super sweet, shy and innocent (she doesnt understand alot of dirty jokes and stuff) and they find out that they are eachothers soul mates. Dean feels like he ruins everything and she’s so sweet he thinks she’ll be hurt around him just like everyone else. So he pushes her away and says some really mean things and she’s hurt and confused and leaves. He realizes how stupid he was and finds her to make up

Part 1 of Dean’s Soul Mate

Dean watched as your nose crinkled as you laughed. He thought you were the most adorable people he had ever met. It probably helped that you were also the most innocent. Somehow, you’d made it to your mid-twenties, a virgin. On top of that, dirty jokes went right over your head. Sam was making faces at you while you were trying to eat your breakfast. You’d been sick the week before, and he was happy you were back to your usual self.

Cas popped in, making you jump. “Morning, Cas.” You smiled at him.

“Good morning, Y/N.” He smiled back. Cas felt comfortable around you, probably because neither of you understood certain things.

Dean sat back in his chair, kicking his feet up on the corner of the table. “What’s up, Cas?” He asked, popping a piece of bacon in his mouth.

“I have come across some very interesting information.” He began, making Dean make that face that meant ‘go on’. It always made you chuckle. “I have found out that you have a soul mate, Dean.”

“You’re joking, right?” Dean laughed, shaking his head. “There’s no way heaven wants me with someone.”

Cas shook his head. “Not someone. Y/N.” He said as if he was stating the color of the sky. “Y/N is your soul mate.” You had been drinking your juice when he said that, causing you to choke on it. “Are you alright?” You simply nodded and waved him on. “I felt you should know that.” And with that, he was gone.

The three of you sat in silence, none of you sure what to say after that. After a few minutes, Dean got up and stormed off. You looked at Sam, who simply shrugged.

And that’s when things went down hill. Every time you tried to talk to him, he’d shut down. Normally he was the one trying to get you to get out of your shell. By that night, you thought that maybe he was just having a rough day.

Walking in the living room, you smiled when you saw him watching a movie. “Can I join you?” You asked quietly.

He glanced up, shrugging. “I doubt you’d get it.”

You furrowed your brow. “Why not?”

“Dirty jokes, sex, things outside your comfort zone, sweetheart.” Dean was cringing internally at how he sounded. He was being a dick, but it was for your own good. He had to keep you away to keep you safe. He heard your footsteps move away from the living room.

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Aftermath: Tom x Black Reader

Reader is pretty happy that Tom actually listened to her for the LSB.

You were stuck at home while Tom was off enjoying life as a young and upcoming celebrity at the MTV Movie & TV awards. Stupid finals, you thought as you scribbled over some notes. You glanced up at the TV and smiled once you saw Zendaya flash across the screen. Your reaction was greater once you saw Tom.

You clapped because you knew the Lip Sync Battle would be coming on in a few minutes. You looked over your notes one more time before getting a glass of wine and some popcorn. 

You snapped your fingers once Zendaya’s song first played. “Okay Tom.”You didn’t know what songs he used because you weren’t there during filming and e wanted it to be a surprise for you. When the sing played you screamed,”So he actually listens to me?” 

You texted him, I see you actually used my song choice…

You weren’t too sure if he would be able to text you back with all the commotion but he texted you back in less than a minute. Well love you are my greatest inspiration…keep watching❤

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Behind the Walls (Chapter 5)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 4,917

Warnings: Cursing!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: Feedback is helpful you guys!!!! Tell me if you want to be tagged…Enjoy! Also, I start classes soon so I won’t be able to update everyday (sorry)!

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Bad Boy // Zhang Yixing

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I hope you enjoy!!! Sorry if it took too long 

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Requests are open! 

Tonight Lay decided to cancel our plans to go out which I was completely okay with being that he’s always with me and I want him to hang out with his friends but one thing I didn’t know….He was with his so called ‘best friend’ now at first I didn’t have a problem with her then she started to pull some shit like everytime she’s around Lay she decides to be all touchy feely with him and it pisses me off then when I chose to be a women and talk to her about it she told me that she was persistent on stealing him from me. I for one told her to try me now she does everything in her power to put herself in between  my relationship it seems like this bitch knows when I’m about to suck my mans dick or when we’re about to have a night full of movies, cuddles, and kisses she knocks at the door.at the door ruining the night being a total cock blocker. My friends wanted to got to this new club that just opened and asked if I wanted to tag along and being that I didn’t have anything to do I got dress in a nice dress showing little skin since I’m a proud black women is in love with my body I let my hair stay it’s curly self and tagged along which leaves me in the position of questioning whether or not I wanna go over to the section where Lay is and punch this girl all the way to next week  

“Y/N are you okay you look like you’re plotting someone’s death”

“That’s because she is Lay is here and if you can guess so is his shadow”

“Don’t do it girl. Just show her who’s the female alpha”

I personally didn’t know what they’re were saying because I was too busy looking at Lay he looked really good he looked over at me I smiled and then ‘The 7th Sense’ by NCT U came on so my friends and I got up went to the dance floor and did what we did best and that’s dance once the song was over ‘Artificial Love’ by EXO came on I smiled and dance with Y/F/N not paying attention to Lay and the girl who I really wanna punch

“Lay’s coming over here”

“Okay. Pay him no mind”

She nodded once he got behind me and started dancing running his hands down my body I pressed my body against his moving my hips to the beat turning to face him biting my lip

“So are you gonna tell me why was she all over you babyboy? Because last time I checked you’re mine and I don’t have a problem reminding you of that or reminding her.”

“I-I’m sorry mistress I told her to get off me”

“It’s okay baby boy just don’t let it happen again”

He nodded and we kept dancing I looked over to Brittany and smiled I pulled away from Lay and walked over to my table not before telling him the I was tired he nodded and walked me to the table before going back to his table I started talking to the girls laughing and sipping on my drink my friend had stopped talking and was looking in the direction the vip section where Yixing was at I looked over and Brittany was kissing him I finally had enough and got up and walked over the security stopped me but I told him that my boyfriend was there he kept stopping me but lucky Jongin came to my rescue thanking him I stood in front of them to see that he was pushing her off him he seen me and looked down I sat on his lap and whispered in his ear

“You are in so much trouble Yixing”

He whimpered and nodded I then looked at Brittany raising my eyebrow

“Okay I’d had enough of you. Be happy that we’re in public because I really wanna beat your ass but I can’t so I’ll just do this”

I started kissing Yixing and he gripped at my waist kissing me back at this point I’m having a full makeout session in front everyone I pulled away biting at his lip and looked over at Brittany.

“Do it again and I will beat the shit out of you.”

I got up pulling Lay along with me telling everyone we’re going home I walked over to my table grabbing my bag and ordering a uber to come get us the uber came and took us home once we got home I told Yixing to go upstairs I grabbed some handcuffs, a blindfold, told him to strip and lay down I put the blindfold then handcuffed him to the bed. I walk in front of the bed to see how he looked.

“Baby boy I’m disappointed…I know you didn’t mean to let her kiss you but, you know how I feel when she touches you I’m disappointed at the fact that you let her that close to you her being all hugged up on you made me mad then I thought maybe you need a little reminder on who you belong to and it certainly ain’t her”

He whimpered and I smiled seeing that he was getting hard I got on the bed and ran a finger over his slit making him moan a little I licked getting the same reaction out of him I then decided to slip only the tip of his dick in my mouth and suck…He pulled at the handcuffs and started speaking

“I-I’m sorry mistress I won’t let it happen again please don’t tease me”

I pulled away and thought about it

“I don’t think so baby boy”

I slowly slipped his dick in my mouth and started sucking him off he thrusted upward making me pull away

“Don’t move baby boy you won’t get what you want”

I repeated the process over again only pulling away when he thrust into my mouth teasing him making him moan and groan listening to him beg to let him fuck I pulled away when we was close to cumming. Taking my finger and running it over his slit again

“Please…mistress let me cum it hurts I won’t do it again”

“ What do you want baby boy?”

“I wanna fuck you please”

Straddled him sliding him in me making him pull at the handcuffs again I started riding him at a slow pace he kept pulling at them biting his lip thrusting upward making me moan out loud.

“Please move the handcuffs I wanna touch you please mistress”

Ignoring his plea I kept riding him slowly this went on for a while until I thought he learnt his lesson I took off his blindfold and removed the handcuff he took this as an invitation and pulled me closer to him and started to thrust  at a fast pace making moan louder than I was in the beginning while doing this he kissed me the started talking

“I’m sorry baby… I’m so sorry”

Not to long after I came and him after me I got off of him then laid beside him. He pulled me in his warm embrace kissing my forehead

“I’m sorry Y/N”

“It’s okay just know if it happens again I will put my hands on someone”

He smiled and kissed me

“Don’t worry I love you and only you jagi.”

Of course I can, my lovely anon! Thank you for your request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!

  • Bakugou actually hates the idea of having a soulmate. He hates having to rely on someone else to fully experience the world. He hates being responsible for someone else’s happiness. He hates feeling like he’s missing out until he finds this other person. He tries his whole life to avoid ever meeting his soulmate. He wants to make a life just decided by him and he’ll try everything he can to surmount his mostly black and white world by himself.
  • Bakugou will be a little pissed off when he does finally meet his soulmate. He doesn’t want them, no matter how much his soul screams otherwise. He doesn’t want anything to do with them and will actively avoid them, fighting to remain self-sufficient. He doesn’t care about the colours; he did just fine without them. He doesn’t even find them that amazing as they slowly come out. He doesn’t feel it’s a new magical world being unlocked for him. All he feels is this huge pressure to be with them, to be magically happy about having a soulmate pressed onto him, and to be responsible for someone else’s life and happiness. 
  • He can’t help it though. He can’t help wanting to be close to them and he can’t stop himself from seeing them. If he ends up not seeing them in a day, he ends up feeling empty, almost physically in pain, despite pretending how happy he is to be rid of them. No amount of training, no amount of exercise can exhaust him and he’s up at nights, wondering about them. He ends up prolonging conversations, even as he fights with his soulmate. He doesn’t even care about the colours that grow brighter because those colours don’t even hold up to the sight of his soulmate, watching all the ways they move and all the changes in their expressions. They’re the most brilliant thing he’s ever seen.
  • He won’t admit how much he ends up falling for them, how much he ends up needing them even if it’s only to himself. He doesn’t want to but somewhere along the way he’s going out of his way to see them, even while pretending he’s not. He’s finding himself being less harsh to them, finding himself listening to their idle chatter and finding it relaxing instead of annoying. He’ll still fight, still be rude but it’s all a sham, all a way to disguise how he’s falling for them.
  • They’ll have to force his hand, have to leave before he accepts how he’s grown to feel. He loves them but until they leave, he won’t have to show it and thus won’t. There has to be that risk to it before he’ll admit to his feelings and in the end, it’s because he absolutely has to. He’ll still be grumpy even after he admits to having fallen in love with his soulmate.
Mixed Signals

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Pairing: CrowleyxReader
Word count: 1, 220
Warnings: Swearing, smut
Request: Anonymous. Can you do a Crowley x Reader where they have a sort of love/hate relationship and and are bickering and the reader tries to say “fight me” and “fuck off” but instead she says “fuck me” and it leads to smut? Thank you :) @snow-leopardfetishist. Can I request some crowley smut?♡ you flirt with him all the time & it bugs the boys, you sometimes do it just to get a rise out of them. Eventually the flirting leads to more? As much smut and snarkiness that is the king of hell you wanna throw in

“I bet you’d love to kneel for me.” Crowley breathed in your ear as he came up behind you. You bit your lip. You knew that the boys were watching. That was half the reason you flirted at times. Your relationship with Crowley was complicated. Love/hate didn’t come close to covering it. It was tiring, but it was what it was. Just as flirting came naturally to the two of you, so did fighting. When you argued, things tended to get out of hand.

Smirking, you turned to him. “Are you sure you could handle me, my King?” You purred, not missing the look in his eyes. Hearing Dean groan, you grinned. “Yes, Dean?” You asked, turning to him.

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Imagine making Axl Jealous

“Who is Axl talking to?” My friend, Aria, asks. I turn around in my chair to see, my drink in hand. Standing by some tall, blonde with her hand on his should is Axl. His red hair laying against a black dress shirt, and a smile on his face.  

“Hell if I know. Looks like a whore.” Her red leather dress tight against her skin, her boobs pushed up to her neck. I try to ignore it but watching him laugh and smile with her causes my skin to burn. 

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Request: Cold Water, Hot Scot

Request: You’re Chibs’ old lady and you tease him extinguishing hot water while he’s in the shower. In revenge, he pulls you under the shower with him and it ends in fluffy/smut.

[Hi everyone. How are you today?

Forgive me for the weird title, it’s not a weird imagine (I think…). My dirty mind works in some weird ways I guess, our Scot being angry just pulls some right or wrong (it’s up to you…) trigger and… You better read it, I have nothing more to say…Enjoy!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: Smut

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When you got married to Chibs you knew what you were signing for, be an old lady wasn’t an easy task. Your relationship had always been great and you understood his duties, but since Jax became the club president, you were getting less and less quality time with you old man.

“I miss you”, you said to him one night.

“I miss you too love”, Chibs sighed, “I will make it up to you, do something together”

You were thinking about that in the shower that morning and got surprised when you saw Chibs waiting for you at the bedroom. He had left earlier and you thought he was at the clubhouse.

“Put some warm clothes darling”, he said, “We are going on a run”.

“Really?”, you asked almost jumping with joy.

“Aye”, he got up and kissed you, “I have a picnic ready for later”

“You are amazing!”, you smiled and rushed to get ready.


The day had been perfect. Chibs thought about everything and you had lunch at a beautiful park outside Charming. You got back home at sunset, he left you there and went to buy dinner. You decided to take a shower, feeling your skin dirty from all the dust on the road. 

You enjoyed your time, relaxing under the warm water. When you got out Chibs was there, laying on the bed.

“What took you so long love?”, he groaned, “You almost ended the hot water”.

“I didn’t”, you smiled and kissed him.

“I hope so”, he smiled back and entered on the bathroom leaving the door open.

You were only in your underwear, looking for your pants when you heard an angry groan.

“Lass!”, it was Chibs and he sounded pissed off.

“What is wrong?”, you rushed to the bathroom stopping at the door.

“The. Water. Is. COLD!”, he barked.

“Sorry”, you couldn’t hold back your laugh.

“Do you think it’s funny?”, he grabbed your arm, pulling you under the shower with him.

“Filip!”, you squealed, feeling the cold water on your back.

“Still think it’s funny?”, he smirked.

“No”, you started to tremble. He looked down at your body and completely wet underwear. Spinning you around, he pushed you against the wall, immediately claiming your lips. His kiss could warm you up as nothing else could and you melted in his arms.

Fillip took off your bra, kissing your breasts before kneel in front of you. He looked up at you, took off your panties and put one of your legs over his shoulder. You felt his lips on your inner tight, kissing and teasing you. The tip of his tongue touched your clit before he open his mouth over you, making hard for you to stay up. Your fingers tangled on his hair and you whispered his name, your legs shaking.

“Let’s get you warm love”, he turned the shower off and grabbed a towel before lift you in his arms walking to the bedroom.

He gently laid you in bed, smiling. He had a towel on his hands and started to dry your body. He held your arms, kissed your palms, then he did the same to your legs, kissing them too. He gave special attention to your breasts, his thumbs brushing your nipples. Spreading your legs, he dried your inner tight. The fabric touched you making you shiver in anticipation for your man’s touch.

“Your turn”, he said and stood still, holding the towel for you. You sat on the bed, looking up to him and starting to get him dry too. It was hard for you to finish your task when he was getting hard and running his hands over your skin.

You stopped and grabbed his cock; Chibs watched every move. You licked his length, teasing with the tip of your tongue before take him in your mouth. You felt his hands holding your head, his fingers tangled in your hair.

“Lay down love”, he commanded. You did what he had told, Chibs had a thing for being dominant in bed. He wasn’t always up to games, but when he did it was heaven.

He twisted the towel in his hands and got in bed with you. You knew what he wanted and held out your hands in front of you, together. He tied them, raising your arms above your head. You were powerless in his hands and your old man had a big smile on his face.

Chibs kissed you and spread your legs with his knees. He kissed your neck, breasts and down your body to lay between your thighs. He started the oral sex again, his tongue doing magic and his fingers reaching the right spot on your core. You got restless in his hands; not being able to touch him was torturing. You were desperate to run your fingers through his hair.

“Filip”, you mumbled.

“What love?”, he smiled, looking up to you.

“Let me touch you”, you begged.

“I can’t darling”, he smirked, “It’s your punishment for ended the hot water”.

You gasped when he held you by your waist changing places with you. You were on top, but your hands were still tied together. Chibs lined his cock with your entrance; you lowered yourself onto him, breathing deeply while he filled you. He held your hips, guiding your moves; you looked in his eyes while your mouth hung open. Chibs’ eyes were full with lust and desire. It had been a while since you had a day like that, together.

“I missed you”, he said.

“I missed you too”, you whispered.

He sat on bed, you put your arms around his neck and Chibs spread his legs open for you stay between them. That was intimate; he was deeper inside you, his strong grip guiding your moves.

“Filip”, you moaned on his mouth. His tongue was exploring yours in an obscene kiss. You tightened around him, not able to hold anymore, “Please”

He reached for your hands and released them, throwing the towel on the floor. He was desperate, the game had been fun but he needed your touch. Chibs closed his eyes when you cupped his face, caressing his scars.

“I love you”, he kissed you. You climaxed in his arms, listening his deep groan when he followed you. You rested your forehead on his shoulder, running your fingers through his hair.

“I love you Filip”, you kissed his skin, “Sorry for ended the hot water”

“Aye, you should do this more often”, he laughed.

BTS reaction to thinking you are waving at them, but you are waving at a friend behind them

We’ve all had an awkward/embarrassing moment in public, whether it be subtle or hidden. Whether it be in front of someone, or by yourself. Some are more traumatizing than others. If you are thinking to yourself, Pssh, I’ve never embarrassed myself in public, you are lying. Unfortunately, I have waved at someone even though he supposedly wasn’t waving at me. It did not feel good, and honestly it pissed me off that the person who pointed it out was smug as if it were a competition to see who he waved at. Who cares??? Haha, okay sorry for the randomness. Enjoy

-Admin Gray

I do not own any of the following gifs.

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Jin: He saw you before you saw him. Jin, naturally being the cool and subtle guy he was used to being, waited for you to look at him before he decided to be a little friendly. When you finally did raise your hand to wave, so did he, only to be shocked when you walked past him and greeted the guy behind him. Feeling secretly mortified, he brushed it off by running a hand through his hair and chuckling at whatever his friend was rambling on about. He couldn’t focus though- he never knew that you not noticing him would bother him this much. He had been smiling mere moments ago, and was now walking about, a straight look on his face to hide his disappointment.

Originally posted by vminv

Suga: Yoongi has never been the type to be friendly towards anyone, even his best friends. When you came along, however, he felt himself slowly slipping and turning into a marshmallow when you were around him. Annoyed with the soft spot he had for you, he always tried to be cold to you like the others, but he just couldn’t help himself. You were just too sweet to be mean to, and he cherished you as a friend so he saw no point in expressing any meanness towards you in any way. One day he saw you walking towards him, your eyes bright and welcoming as you approached. He grew secretly excited, filled with joy at the sight of the one girl who never failed to make him smile. Watching you as you raised your hand to wave, he eagerly began to raise his own- just as you zoomed past him and hugged your best girl friend. Humiliated, he shoved the ugly feeling of embarrassment down and carried a frown on his face for the rest of the day.

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J-Hope: He hadn’t seen you in a few days, and was feeling a little down about not seeing your warm expressions. All you did was bring him happiness, and you had agreed that he was the same happy outlet for you. So not seeing you for a while took a huge toll on him. Spotting you walking towards him, not paying any attention, it brightened his mood, and a smile grew on his face as you seemed to notice him. He raised his hand, shyly waving only to have you wave enthusiastically. Opening his mouth to speak, he freezes in shock as you walk past him and greet your other friend who happened to be walking behind him. He quickly scurried off, embarrassed and a little hurt over the situation that had just played out.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon was naturally a closed off guy, a friend who hardly greeted you with enthusiasm. Sometimes you felt lucky to even receive a head nod from him. You had been surprised, to say the least, when Namjoon had stormed up to you after a little lunch with your friend and scolded you for not noticing him. Confused, you had asked what he was even talking about, and he stared back at you with a serious face. “A little while ago. I put up my hand and waved, all happy to see you. And you just walked on by! You waved at someone else instead!” You felt the urge to laugh at the slight pouting in his tone, but you opted to apologize and offer him dinner for reconciliation. He agreed reluctantly, secretly happy that he was receiving a free meal for his earlier embarrassment.

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Jimin: You usually wanted to hang out with him after your afternoon classes, but today you had decided to randomly take a rain check. Figuring you had to do something urgent, he grabbed lunch on his own and decided to hang out around the city for a while before heading home. To his surprise, on his way back to his house he saw you frantically walking towards him, excited and exuberant as you raised your hand to wave. Smiling widely, he waved back, only for the smile to fade as you continued on walking past him. Looking over his shoulder, he felt his heart become heavy as you hugged another one of your close guy friends. Feeling grumpy, he decided to just go home and ignore everyone for the rest of the night.

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V: Taehyung has never been the type to get embarrassed over small things. In fact, it took a lot for him to even get slightly flustered over something. Imagine his shock, when he had discovered that for the first time in your friendship, you hadn’t noticed him standing right in between you and your other friend. You were so blindsided by the sight of your other closest guy friend, it was like you had looked right through Tae. Feeling upset, he found himself glaring at the back of your head before huffing loudly and walking off. Comforting himself, he knew you would come around and eventually earn his affection again.

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Jungkook: Sassiness oozed from the boy once he heard your apologies over your rudeness from earlier. He had long forgotten about how you had basically ignored his greeting to you, too absorbed in your hot new guy friend that had been walking behind Jungkook at the time. Seeing you at his front door, though, brought all the negative emotions back, and he let you suffer a few good moments as you sulked in silence. Feeling a little bad, he sighed and said he kind of understood how distracted a person can get. Instantly brightening, you hugged him and told him you would never not notice him again. Rolling his eyes, he was secretly feeling fuzzy inside. You gave him the type of attention he had been wanting from you ever since that other guy waltzed into your life: undivided. And he was content.

The Melody of a Broken Heart

Title: The Melody of a Broken Heart
Characters Featured: Pietro Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor Odinson
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: T (Teen 13+)
Author’s Note: Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to another Imagine Request! Just want to say that ‘Who Says Three’s A Crowd?’ will be coming out soon, I’m just still trying to figure out how to go about it. I decided to jump ahead and work on another Imagine that was submitted by an Anon. Anon writes: Heya! Can I request a pietro x reader where y/n catches pietro cheating when she gets back early from a mission and he tries to explain but she’s pissed off and she slaps him. We got a little angst going on, woo! This is my first angsty fic, everyone. So I hope you like how the story goes and as always: Enjoy!
Summary: You love Pietro with all your heart. After meeting him on the fall of Sokovia, you never thought you’d fall in love again after the tragic terminations of your former relationships. You believed he understood that, you believed he cared, what you couldn’t believe that the day you returned from your mission, he wouldn’t be alone.

“Hurrying to make it to Speedy, y/n?” Tony said, imagining the smirk on his face from high in the skies. You laughed as you drop kicked one of your opponents and shot the other point blank, “Shut up, Stark. Don’t tell me you’re not dying to get to Pepper.”
“I don’t deny that, like I won’t deny I’m really rushing to get a drink in my system.”
“You have some serious alcohol issues.” You shook your head, throwing Cap’s shield back to him so he ram the men huddling behind him. “Well, you and Rhodie share something in common. You both think I have alcohol issues.” He replied, using his repulsors to destroy the tank that was headed in your direction. “Those aren’t the only issues you have…” You joked.
Several hours had passed and the team managed to infiltrate the enemy’s base. You and the team managed to make it home early, just in time to pick your boyfriend’s gift for your one year anniversary. Stark and Thor teased you on your lovely behavior, saying how come you never got them a gift. You playfully rolled your eyes as you jogged off the elevator to head to the eldest Maximoff’s bedroom. As you flung the door open to greet him a good morning, you noticed a brown head of hair that wasn’t no one you knew of. His broad arm was around them, a soft groan flowed out of his mouth as he and the stranger shuffled under the sheets. Your soul was ripped in pieces the second you saw the stranger was a young woman, a fellow agent you trained with at the academy. The gift you searched high and low for, a childhood toy Pietro believed long forgotten, fell onto the hardwood floor and broke into unmendable pieces, very much like your heart right now. “…Oops,” You said, trying your damnedest to hold back your tears. The speedster woke up in a flash, his head pounding as he noticed your pale face in the doorway. Recollections of last night were a blur, only glimpses of alcohol-driven debauchery, and passionate, lustful night in between his sheets that he imagined he had with you. He turned to his left and noticed that it was not you but someone he had no idea who it was. His head spinned as he tried to stand up to get to you, attempting to explain but the words were beginning to escape him. Steve, Tony, and Thor walked down the hallway to continue their playful insults with you and the male Sokovian, only to observe the dead silence between you two, and the sleeping woman that laid in his bed. “y/n, it is not what you think.” Pietro began, grabbing his jeans that were discarded on the floor. The tears you tried to clutch for dear life began to fall freely down your face, “Oh? Then what is it, Pietro? Did you have to raise her body temperature? Or better yet, did you give her a dress that she just had to try on?”
“I do not even know her!” He rebutted. You went wide eyed, “Well, that just makes it better!” You walked out of his room, the three men watching with fiery glares on the European mutant. “Please y/n, let me explain! I-” Pietro’s face turned to the side as your hand made impact with his cheek hard. A red mark surfaced and pulsed on the same side, his large hand covering it. You, losing all of your strength and ability to contain yourself, began to pound against his chest, “I knew you would do this! I knew it! How could you?! You knew! You knew…!” Steve ran to your side, your arms wrapped around him and sobbed heavily, your knees giving out. He carried you bridal style as he shot daggers at the Avenger. Pietro tried to chase after you but was only held back by Tony and Thor. “I think you’ve done enough, Maximoff.” Stark said, coldly. “I believe it best you leave lady l/n alone. For good, Nike.” Thor added, almost reflecting his Jötunn brother’s tone of voice.

You turned into a shell of your former self. No matter how much the team attempted to feed you and pull you out of the darkness, it was useless. You felt nothing at all. Steve was the last one to try, and everyone knew that he wasn’t the kind of man to give up easily. “y/n…? I brought you some soup, thought you could use something in your system.” He said, slowly pushing your door open with his back as he held a large tray of warm chicken broth and some bread. You turned to look at the Captain, dark circles under your eyes, your cheeks beginning to hollow from the lack of nutrition. “I’m not hungry…” You replied, your throat dry and hoarse from the hours of screaming into your pillow. The only sounds besides you was the melody of an antique music box that you cherished dearly. It was given to you by your grandmother, her great grandmother had it made after the passing of her first love, forever playing the tune of her widowed and broken heart. It felt it was rather appropriate given the circumstances. Rogers sadly sighed, setting down the tray on your desk beside your bed. Your room transformed into an abandoned room, unkempt and disheveled. In one corner, he noticed was ashes in a trash bin, remnants of photos, objects, and trinkets given by your ex. His own heart sank, watching you gaze blankly at the floor. He understood the lost of a loved one, be it in death or the end of the relationship, the pain one endures. However, he could not comprehend why it was affecting you so much. He sat beside you, putting his arm around you which you accepted mindlessly. You cried once again as he held you tighter, “It’s gonna be okay. I promise you, it’s gonna be okay.” He whispered, wiping the tears off your face as you leaned onto his broad chest with his thumb. “Is it? I feel like it’s better if I go but I can’t leave you guys. I love being an Avenger, working together. But I can’t see him, or even think of him without my heart stopping.”
“You won’t have to. Tony and I made sure to give him frequent missions in other places. He won’t be back for a while,” He rubbed your arm’s full length. You softly smiled, though it didn’t reach your eyes, “Thanks, Steve.” You were able to let out a sigh of relief in one area of this situation. Now if you could only mend your broken heart. “y/n, that day, when you said ‘you knew’, what did you mean by that?” The Captain asked, casting his blue eyes to you. You looked up at him, shifting your body to explain to him properly. “The last man I was with cheated on me several times and sometimes in plain sight. He told me that he never wanted to be with me, he was forced by outside influences for they told him I was a good match for him. Mind you, he said this all in voicemail. That should have tipped me off. He was a coward.”
“The one before that was the worst. He always was attending parties or get-togethers without me, telling me he wanted to go alone. My trust in him was broken, he was putting me down, and made me feel so little. We were toxic to each other, escalating from verbal abuse to physical. I felt like I lost all ability to fall in love. Until I met…Pietro.” You paused briefly, your lips stumbling in saying his name. You bowed your head, Steve then wrapping both arms around you as he tilted his head to rest against yours. “I may not know much about break-ups but I do know about dealing with a broken heart. You probably heard this so many times that it plays like a broken record but he won’t be the only man you’ll ever love. There’s a man who’s out there waiting for you. Probably with the wrong girl before he realizes he needs to find you. y/n, don’t give up. I’d hate to lose you.” The Captain solemnly said, holding to both of your hands. You embraced Steve that day, feeling closer to him than ever. Feeling too weak to lift the spoon, he kindly fed you the broth and prayed that it was a sign of recovery.

“You’re cheating!” Steve laughed, as he dodged your punch when you tried to distract him by pointing to something behind him. You giggled jumped back from his grasp. With the help of your friends, most of all Steve, you managed to pick yourself back up and move on step by step. Tony and the Captain were true to their word and kept Pietro as far away from you as possible which helped your healing process go by faster. You just didn’t know how you would feel if you saw him again. The super soldier felt ecstatic that you were getting back to your old self again. He cared for you fondly and deeply, seeing you as a little sister he never had. He hugged you from behind, tingling your sides as you giggled loudly, being lifted off the ground. Steve gave you a tight bear hug, landing you back on the ground to give you a small peck on the cheek. Before his lips could touch your skin, Pietro pulled him by his collar and punched him square in the jaw. It hurt the speedster more than Steve, giving him enough balance to aim for his nose. They fell to the floor, the European was above him as he continued to throw as many hits as he could. Steve protected his face, kicking him in the stomach in order to jump onto the balls of his feet. You screamed for them to stop, trying to pry the white haired man off of Steve but you were no match for his strength, “Pietro, stop! Stop it! Leave him alone!” Pietro panted heavily, turning to you with a look of anguish and anger, “Him?! You would choose him over me?!” He moved towards you, tears welling in his eyes as lightly shook you, “I love you. I made a mistake. I missed you, I have not seen you in weeks, and I tried to drink my sadness away until you returned. One thing led to another and I thought you came back early, I thought I was with you. I did not realize until you were at the door. I have tried to come to you to explain everything but they told me I could not see you but I came back early to tell you that I cannot nor will not let you go. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” He fell to his knees, enveloping your waist in a hug, gripping your body to weigh you down as if you would fly away. As much as you wished to believe him, you couldn’t. You knew that even if you two tried again, you would always remember that day. You still wasn’t ready to let it go. You’re not strong enough to push past it and forgive him so easily. Whatever the case may be, you still loved him. You missed him and the paradise that was your relationship. Were you willing to take the risk of falling in love with him all over again? You stroked his hair, as he cried silently on your stomach. You looked to Steve for guidance and he knew that look of love too well. With one glance, he told you that he knew about that some people are worth fighting for and that maybe, it was your turn to prepare for the battle. A kind smile spread across your face as you looked down at the Sokovian, “Pietro…I’m not with Steve. I…I can’t stop loving you so easily. But I can’t forgive you that easily either. I need time. We need to start over, build the trust that was once destroyed. If you’re willing to take the time, I’m willing to try again.” He looked up, his eyes red from his tears as a smile appeared, “I will not hurt you again, my love. This was the first and last time ever. I swear I will no longer drink. I will do anything for you. I only need you, y/n…Only you.” Pietro declared, still on his knees as he held your hands as if they were precious jewels. He hugged you, the warmth of his body reviving your weakened soul. You sighed in relief the moment you felt it wash over you, like a cleansing of your tainted heart.
Steve smiled at your reconciliation with the eldest Maximoff sibling. He turned to head to the showers, calling your session done for the day. Rogers turned his head towards you again, your e/c eyes met with his sky blue ones. He shined a crooked smile before his figure retreating, remembering of his own love, and wondering if he’ll find one as strong as yours.

More Meetings (Part Two)

Summary: After meeting Dean, you and him are having more meetings.

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, swearing

Word Count: 2234

This is the requested second part to New Meetings

Forgive me if I took fooooooreeeeeeveeer. 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Dean’s POV

“So when is (y/n) moving here?” Sam asked, looking up from his laptop. “In a few days.” I answered. “So why didn’t we just bring her with us after her graduation last week?” He asked. “I don’t know. She said she need to do something.” I replied, shrugging. “Well, I’m quite excited to work with her. She’s like the perfect mix of your craziness but she’s also into research unlike you, Dean.” Sam said and I rolled my eyes at him.

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Hysteria part 3

[ This one is more violent but its the Joker after all. I hope you enjoy. ]

Warnings: Profanity, Violence, Murder

Walking back to your apartment from you EX boyfriend’s house. You were pissed. He heard what you did at the club a week back and decided that ‘he wasn’t ready for a commitment.’ When what the fucker really ment was ‘Your fucking insane.’ Which just pissed you off. After smashing some of his stuff you make yet another not so bright decision, like every other one in your life, and set out to walk back to your apartment. At night. At three a.m. Three miles away.

“I’m just a book of great ideas aren’t I.” You scowl pulling your hoodie a bit farther over your face trying not to draw attention to yourself. You walk past an ally way a mile and a half from your place when out of no were three goons come out of the shadows blocking your path. “ Awwww shit I don’t have time for this bull crap.” You groaned before you realized you just said that crap out loud. ’ I seriously need a filter put in between my brain and my stupid mouth.’ You mentally griped at yourself.

“What’s the matter girly? You have somewhere to be?” One of the goons chuckles at you. He was average hight and pretty portly, the kinda guy that you were almost 100% sure had a micro dick. And unfortunately, that got you laughing again. Geeze your laughter is gonna get you killed one of these days. This time literally smacking yourself on the forehead.

“I think were gonna have a little fun tonight boy.” A taller still pretty fat man said as he circles around you. You couldn’t help yourself, you scoffed at his attempt to be intimidating. “I wouldn’t laugh girly, your not really in a good spot now are you?” The third moron said as he starts to circle you too. Their pathetic attempts to look threatening just got you to crack up again. “And what exactly is so funny?” The first guy asks squinting as he comes closer to you. “You three are pathetic.” You spit eyes narrowing. “I punched the Clown Prince of Crime square in the jaw and am still around to talk about it. What makes you think I would be afraid of some low life goons like you?” Going for broke again you guess. The rational part of your brain throwing it’s hands up before admitting defeat and sitting in a corner waiting for you to be blown to bits. Again.

The man in your face just laughs obviously not believing anyone was dumb enough to clock the Joker. Then again he’s never met you. He comes closer trying to pull you in when you punch him square in the nose. You hear it break. You were getting good at this.

“You FUCKING bitch!” He screams as his two accomplishes get ready to pounce. Just then you see a streak of purple and the hum of a very expensive engine as you see a Lamborghini rush past you a familiar green haired figure leaning half way out the window as he speeds the streets. Your eyes lock a wicked grin begins to stretch across his face. “No fucking way.” Is all you can say before one of the fuckers punches you right in the stomach knocking the wind out of you as your knees buckle.

————————- Joker’s POV ———————–

Deciding to go on a little drive the Joker picks out his favorite purple Lamborghini and starts ripping down the streets of Gotham. No plans tonight, no heists, no mayhem, just a peaceful 105 mile an hour drive. He leans out the window to let his hair down, so to say. When he sees a young girl in a hoodie just ahead of him surrounded by three wanna be thugs. He watches as she breaks the closest man’s nose. He traces his hand down his cheek remembering that right hook.

He locks eyes with her as he speeds past. She straights her stance eyes widening as she sees him. He grins from ear to ear as he passes in a split second. Then in his rear view mirror he sees her get punched in the gut and fall to her knees. This royalty ticked him off. Here he let her live and some low lifes were gonna do what he didn’t? No. He didn’t like the sound of that.

He slams on the breaks before shooting back and ramming into one of the girls would be assailants. To the Joker’s dismay the goon flips over his car instead of going under it. Quickly flipping into drive again the Joker laughs as he lurches forward parking his car right on top of him. The cracking sound underneath his tires send the Joker into manic laughter as he steps out of his car.

———————— (y/n)’s POV————————

You hear the screech of tires as the Lambo stops dead in its tracks and starts to reverse straight into one of the guys closing in on you, hitting him with enough force to dent the extremely expensive car, flipping the guy straight over to the front of the reving vehicle. You watch as the car is shifted back into drive lurching forward just enough to throw the man underneath the tires killing him instantly. You hear the Joker crack up as he starts to step out of his vehicle.

“Don’t you hate it when you hit roadkill kitten?” He purres at you. You have never been happier to see anyone in your life. What the fuck. “Eh, I think you may need to run it over a few more times just to make sure its dead.” You spit done with this whole situation. The light catches the Joker’s eyes as he smiles in absolute delight at your statement. ‘She could be a fun one’ He thinks to himself before pulling a bat out of the car and slamming it repeatedly in the back of the portly mans head.

He walks up to you extending his hand, helping you back to your feet like your own personal, twisted, Batman. You laughed at your inner dialog again.

God he was beginning to love her laugh. It was almost as twisted as his. The Joker pulls put the same gun you had pressed to your head only a week ago. The third man freezes in fear as the Joker swings his gun around and presents you with its handle. A little shocked you stand there staring like an utter moron. “ Go on baby doll. Finish him.“ It dawns on you what he is asking you to do. He is asking you to kill the last would be assailant.

You hesitate but take the gun from him. Your eyes narrow and you decent upon the now shaking man. You press the barrel of the gun to his temple and use your free hand to smack his cheek. “Hey, hey you, look at me.” He hesitates before you tap the gun on his temple. “I have a question for you.” You say voice cold and calculated. “What were you and your friends planning on doing to me before Mister Joker there.” You say cocking your head back towards the Joker who was now leaning on his car watching you. He corrects “Mister J is fine doll.”

So you rephrase. “What were you planning on doing before Mister Jaay.” You drag out. “Crashed your party?” Now with tears streaming down his face he stares into your eyes looking for some sign that you’ll show mercy. "Answer the girl!” Mister J growls from over your shoulder. “We were goin have a little fun with you.” Any glint of mercy that may have shown in your eyes vanishes as you realize exactly how close you came to end up in a dumpster somewhere, just another Gotham statistic.

At least when you thought the Joker was gonna kill you, you would have died with your honor. ‘With a smile on my face.’ You replay the words in your head.

“One last question.” You said your tone turning deadly. The man stared at you like you were the grim reaper himself. “Have you done this to other women?” You awaited his reply already knowing the answer. “Y-y-y-ess Mam’ ” and with that thought buzzing in your head you moved the gun and place it in the middle of his forehead.

The Joker slides his hands down your shoulders and places his hand over yours on the gun. “Like this.” he whispers in your ear. Pulling you slightly sideways by your hip and straightening your arm lining you up with the pistol in your hand. He continues whispering in your ear like the devil incarnate. Hell, maybe he was. “Do it Kitten. Do it. Do it. Do it.” He repeated like a mantra. Then his index finger curls around yours and together you pull the trigger. The mans body hits the floor.

You stand there slightly shocked as you stood over the mans body, gun still in your hand. Mister J slowly steps away from you a few feet and starts slowly clapping. “Good girl. Very, very, very good girl.”

And with that you were standing alone in the middle of three dead men with the Joker as your only companion.

—————— To Be Continued——————-

Like The Back Of His Hand

Title: Like The Back Of His Hand
Character(s) Featured: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, Steve Rogers, Pietro Maximoff, Natasha Romanov, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: E (Everyone)
Author’s Note: Hello, hello, hello! Long time, no writing, I know! Well, I think I’m slipping out of my writer’s block but I am not going to sing hallelujah yet. I came up with this idea after I read a prompt from a tumblr page I follow. It helps checking out these kinds of pages if you ever start running out of ideas. Anyway, here it is and I hope you guys enjoy it!
Summary: You and Bucky have been secretly dating for quite sometime now, but your tongue is beginning to weaken. Bucky has been calm about the whole matter which quite frankly, is pissing you off but when the gang decided to have dinner at your place, Bucky is the one who begins to slip. This could turn out to be quite the dinner party indeed!

“Why are you freaking out?” He asked you, his hand brushing through his medium brown hair. “You know exactly why I’m freaking out! Why did you tell them I was throwing some big get together?!” You whispered harshly as you pulled out a chocolate soufflé out of the oven. Bucky scratched the back of his head, averting your gaze, “It was the quickest thing I could come up with so they wouldn’t think we were having dinner alone.” You irritatingly huffed, beginning to chop vegetables as sides for the fastest and most elaborate meal you’ve ever created. If you didn’t love James so much, you would kill him.
After Steve found Bucky, he asked you to take care of him for a while as he had to deal with a rather difficult situation with Tony. You tended to him, showed him the ropes, and even taught him a little about this decade. The more time you two spent, the closer you became, and before you knew it, he kissed you so hard that it made your head spin. The problem was, however, Steve believed that it’s too sudden for Barnes to enter a relationship when he hasn’t figure out who he even was yet. The idea of the Winter soldier absorbing your identity into him forced him to have a long and droning discussion. For the sake of his best friend but most of all, his sanity, Bucky ended your relationship. It left you both heartbroken as you two tried to go your separate ways. However, it was impossible for with every glance, every smile, every indirect touch; you both yearned for more. On a cold winter’s night, Bucky snuck into your apartment and declared he couldn’t stay away any longer. He explained to you the sleepless nights, the lost of motivation, all because of you. You and James consummated your love and been together ever since.
Now several months have passed and it was beginning to become harder and harder to hide. You were beginning to think they were becoming suspicious. Most importantly, the Captain was with his best friend sneaking out of the apartment at late hours of the night. Thus, why you were in this dilemma right now, cutting parsley leaves as a garnish for your side dishes. James went behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, “Hey, everything’s gonna be okay, doll. I promise.” You sniffled, your eyes burning moving to from cutting parsley to onions, “That’s easy for you to say. He’s your best friend. If you guys were any closer, you’d be joined at the hip. He’ll forgive you. With me, he’ll probably begin with, ‘I’m very disappointed with you, y/n. You deliberately disobeyed me.’” He chuckled loudly, his warm breath hitting the tiny hairs of your neck. His nostrils took in your sweet fragrance of cherry blossom and peach. Bucky hummed in delight, tightening his grasp and pulling you closer. His lips danced across your skin, leaving a trail of kisses on your collarbone. A loud knock at the door disturbed your moment of bliss. Accidentally, your elbow impacted his stomach with such force that the Winter soldier yelled in pain. “What was that?” The voice behind your front door asked. You recognized that voice all too well. Tony. “Uh, uh-It was nothing, just the t.v.” You gestured to the super soldier to make any sound to go with your story. “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine…,” Bucky recited in the worse Humphrey Bogart impression you ever heard. You smacked your forehead with your palm. He mouthed out, ‘I didn’t know what else to say!’
“Is your system messed up? Humphrey Bogart’s voice sounded terrible.” Steve said behind the door. Barnes narrowed his eyes at the object separating them. You pointed to your bedroom, before practically pushing the 6 foot tall man in that direction. The knocking grew louder, and more insistent. “Get out through the fire escape and pretend like you’re just arriving,” You explained in a hushed tone, opening the window in your occasionally shared bedroom. “What? Are you crazy? This is getting ridiculous, why don’t we just tell ‘em?”
“You know exactly why, and he happens to wear a red, white, and blue spangly outfit. Now out!” With a quick kiss and shove, Bucky landed rear first on the metal staircase. The knocking turned into banging and judging by the brute strength behind it, you knew who it was. “Nat, you gotta stop hitting my door that hard. The super already is mad at me because Thor ripped it off of its hinges,” You smirked at the redhead as you opened the door, opening your arms for a tight warm hug. “Hey sport, what took you so long?” Stark inquired as he slipped through the frame to go straight to your liquor cabinet. You rolled your big e/c eyes as Widow was still embracing you, “If you must know, I was changing.”
“Really, beautiful? Then you should have let us in sooner,” Pietro grinned widely as he peeked his head from the hallway. You laughed loudly, as the twins entered to hug you as well after Romanoff. One by one, your friends came in, all with either a hug or peck on the cheek to give. As you closed the door, a large metal hand grabbed the frame before you completely shut your apartment door. With a heavy exhale, Bucky appeared with an annoyed raised eyebrow upon his stubbly face. “Oh, hey Buck! I’m glad you could make it,” You smiled innocently at your secret boyfriend. “Yeah, I thought I wasn’t going to make it but it was like I literally pushed myself out of my place to make it on time,” He explained, his blue eyes piercing your very being as he entered the room. Tiny beads of sweat was resting on his brow, small strands of hair stuck to his forehead. Steve turned to see his rather disheveled friend, “Hey Bucky, where were you this morning? I passed by your room and you weren’t there. Actually, it’s like you haven’t been there for some time.”
“I, uh, been actually crashing?—Is that how you say it? Crashing with Hank and Scott. Dr. Pym said he could help me with my…arm situation,” Barnes stated, before turning to you and the rest of the group to make sure he was properly using the term. As his steel toe boots pounded against the floor as he walked into the wide open space, he noticed a black frame that held a photograph of the two of you embracing under the snowy night in the park. Tempted as he was to exposed finally your relationship, he knew he didn’t have the heart to cause you any distress. Instead, in a flash, he grabbed the frame and chucked into your bedroom before anyone saw. The impact gave a small clacker that caused everyone to look towards your bedroom briefly. Your e/c eyes turned Bucky, in which he gestured about the picture. Upon noticing the silence and you staring at the Winter soldier, everyone turned to him. James saved the moment by simply stating, “Uh, I saw a bug….Big one.”
The evening continued along and though it did have a bumpy start, you and the others were enjoying your little dinner party. It was always a barrel of laughs with the Avengers around. Their wonderful tales of epic battles and childish mischief was something to look forward to whenever they were around. “And then Pietro shot the arrow straight into his arm!” Tony roared with laughter, joined by everyone except Pietro and Clint. “It’s not funny! I couldn’t use my bow for two weeks!” Clint complained, rubbing his sore and punctured right bicep. The eldest Maximoff twin crossed his arms in frustration, a childlike pout on his chiseled face, “It was an accident! And I told you I am not good at aim. Catch it, yes. Shoot it? No.” You rolled your eyes sarcastically as the rest of the group chuckled. Steve got up and went to the kitchen, and asked, “Hey y/n, you have a serving knife? I’m staring at that soufflé, and I’m dying to have a piece.”
Automatically, without thinking, Barnes answered, “Third drawer on your left.” He looked up from his polished clean plate of food and gazed across from him in horror. Tony, Clint, and Natasha exchanged knowing looks while poor Rogers furrowed his brow in confusion. He slowly opened the drawer to his left, revealing the object in question where exactly it would be. “Huh. Bucky? — How did you know where it was?” He asked, eyeing his best friend with a look of suspicion and contempt. The air grew thick with suspense and anxiety, Bucky’s blue eyes searched for yours on the table. When he did, he looked for an answer, one you telepathically told him never to tell. His tongue was acting out, weakening under Steve’s powerful and regal glare. James couldn’t lie to his one true friend, “y/n and I have been going out for months now, actually I moved in with her. What I threw in the bedroom which is our bedroom, actually was a picture of us together. We didn’t want to say anything because we thought you’d disapprove so I snuck out and started sleeping here. I know you’re only looking out for me, buddy but I’m in love with her and I’m not going to even let you push me away from her.” He explained all in one breath, inhaling deeply right after. Your body, without your knowledge, was standing and moved towards Bucky. His eyes widened from his sudden outburst, and even more surprised when he found you in front of him. “Is that true?” You wondered, your voice so soft like a whisper. “What?” He replied.
“That you’re in love with me?”
James softly smiled, taking his hand to stroke your left cheek ever so gently. Within the two pools of your e/c eyes, he found his paradise. A place full of warmth, love and peace. It’s true that Steve pulled him out of the darkness but you? You are his light. “Well, yeah…I love you, y/n,” James smiled, leaning in for a kiss. While the gang reveled in your declaration of love, Steve was still in the kitchen stunned. “You…two…have been together all this time? Bucky, you’re just getting your memories back. You’re beginning to glue back the pieces of your identity, committing yourself to another person while you still don’t know who you are is a disaster waiting to happen!”
“And you, y/n. I’m very disappointed in you. You deliberately disobeyed me. I’ve explained to you time and time again how delicate his mental state is, I-”
“Oh come on, Capsicle! Give it a rest! They’re in love,” Tony reprimanded Rogers by cutting him mid sentence. You both smiled, basking in each other’s adoration as you turned your heads towards your team. One by one, they congratulated the two of you on your relationship as Steve still looked on from the kitchen. The desire to eat dessert had long passed and was now left with a sour taste in his mouth. Steve cared for them, and of course, he wouldn’t mind them being together if he was sure Bucky was okay. He was concerned for his friend, but the underlining truth was he didn’t want to lose his best friend again. As his world crumbled, he had James but now Bucky has you, and Steve’s once again all alone. He looked to the floor, surrendering to the idea of the increasing distance that will be between him and Barnes. As if he knew, Bucky placed his hand on the area between Captain’s neck and shoulder, “I’m with you till the end of line, kid.” You placed your hand on the opposite shoulder, “I would never keep you from him, Steve. Don’t ever think that. He isn’t going anywhere.”
“Yeah, I hate to break it to ya but you’re stuck with me.”
A few of his blonde locks fell to his forehead as he lifted his head and smiled, a light chuckle escaping his lips. He silently nodded which caused everyone to erupt in excitement and glee. “This calls for champagne!” Steve said, holding both of your hands in the air. “This calls for alcohol!” Clint and Tony said simultaneously, before everyone laughed in response. “Where are your glasses?” Natasha asked as she squeezed between Bucky and Steve to look through the cabinets. “Oh, it’s on the last one. — Third shelf, on the right,” Pietro said out of nowhere. The room grew silent once again, turning to look at the Sokovian speedster. You and James looked at him in confusion, uncertain if you should find it funny or creepy. The male Maximoff twin gazed at all of surrounding faces, “……What?”