My friends: Ugh, can you please stop talking about Tony Stark? It’s been two weeks since Infinity War. 

Me, an intellectual:   

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Jikook Penfriends au.

In which Jungkook’s brother, Seokjin, thought he could use some social life so he tricks him into writing to a random student from over seas. Jungkook is mad because this is very stressful for him. But maybe he’ll actually find a friend in that person. Or some share interest at least.

He never thought he’ll find so much.

Heya! late update, I took a day off yesterday because I was drawn by the comeback… OH MY LORD THIS ALBUMMMM. Yeah so, hope you enjoy this part anyway, don’t forget to stream Fake Love and Love Yourself 😚

Don’t picture Wrathion and Anduin, despite everything, getting back togther and spending the rest of their lives in love n happy.

DoN’T pICTURE Anduin passing away and Wrathion grieving his death.

Plz don’t listen to “You’re Not There” by Lukas Graham, picturing Wrathion as the singer, reflecting on the relationship they had and how its not there anymore.