I could not stop laughing this entire episode

So I started watching Gotham on the weekend… And young Bruce Wayne is breaking my heart. In particular, the scene in episode two (I think? Could be three) when he and Alfred are play sword fighting and Bruce keeps saying “no stop I don’t want to” even as he’s smiling/laughing. And it occurred to me last night that what he didn’t want was to be having fun because his parents are dead and he feels like he shouldn’t be enjoying himself because they don’t have the opportunity to enjoy themselves ever again. Which may be an entirely wrong interpretation but now I can’t stop thinking about it and it’s breaking my heart :’(

Old Sidemen GTA Aesthetics

Josh saying “Oh my god.” When Vik laughs so hard he squeaks and you can practically hear him folding over in his chair. Ethan cheering himself on. When “Evil Tobi” was a thing. Simon saying “hey buddy” in his Optimus Ron voice. When JJ pulls off something crazy and ends up winning the race. Harry driving into easily avoidable things like buildings. When Simon and Vik work together instead of blowing each other up. Ethan’s giggles. When the race starts with them falling from the sky and everyone goes “uhhhh……..” Ethan and Vik being blaze boys together. When the banter is so strong that all of them are in on it. When the vehicles used to be so sporadic that one person could be in a monster truck and another could be in a tractor. When they find glitches and spend entire episodes laughing over them. When free roam meant them running around and doing pointless shit. Vik’s little laughs when he messes up simple stuff. “Turtusing.” “Why did we let Harry drive?” “Why the fuck do I have stars?” When they all stop racing to do something silly. Josh and Ethan’s weird insults. When the race becomes difficult for them and they all end up working together without realizing it. Tobi and Vik’s goofy banter that the rest of the group doesn’t understand. When Vik starts talking and just says whatever comes to mind. “‘Elmet boy origins!” “BARRELS!” Unexpected trains. “Vaguely yellow gang.” Moist wet waves. The electricity barbs. JJ saying “fucks sake.”

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Spider man / Marvel 🕷🕸

  • Why I like them

Peter Parker is easily one of my favorites, especially considering he was my #2 favorite super hero when I was growing up (#1 was Green Lantern), because of how he was relatable. How his struggles were actually things that could happen in real life. I mean, the actual real life bits of it. He was spunky, he made me laugh and he set a good example for me as a kid who didn’t exactly know how to at around people.

  • Why I don’t

I mean, there was Spider-Man 3.

  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)

Hm… I guess my favorite episode/scene/bit from Spider-Man, any Spider-Man thing is during New Avengers, after House of M ended. How much he wanted for his life to stop completely and how desperate he felt after that entire deal was over. On a happier note, literally any episode of Spectacular Spider-Man will do it for me xD

  • Favorite season/movie

Spectacular Spider-Man. Always and forever. I can’t really talk about comic book runs because I can hardly remember the ones I have and haven’t read.

  • Favorite line

(too many to actually say one but this is one of the funniest)

“Yeah, well, you want acting, go get Toby McGuire.” (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12)

  • Favorite outfit


  • OTP

While PeterxMJ will always be a ship thing for the ages (damn you One More Day), I like PeterxCindy to death and back.

  • Brotp

PeterxJohnny. They are the literal best.

  • Head Canon

For someone who loves Pete as much as me, I tend to keep out of making HCs for him xD

  • Unpopular opinion

Turning him into “the poor man’s Tony Stark”, while it had various amazing effects and showed how even greater Pete can be if he has the budget for it, was not the brightest idea.

  • A wish

I wish One More Day had never happened and that Renew Your Vows was the canon timeline for Marvel in general.

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen


  • 5 words to best describe them

Lovable dork who likes everyone.

  • My nickname for them

Spidey. Don’t need anything else. This one pretty much wraps up how cute and awesome he can be in one word.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo - Episode 8

HAHA I could not stop laughing at Joon-hyung’s friend at the end of this episode. He goes tearing over to the infirmary like a bat out of hell, and then when he gets there he basically says “Joon-hyung’s brother is here. I don’t know why that’s a big deal but….” He goes to all that trouble without even knowing why it’s a problem. That is the kind of college friend you need - that is the guy who will come get your ass from a party at three am so that you don’t do something stupid. This entire show is basically #squadgoals.