I could be in my final year of school

“Our daughter was five months old when I got a scholarship to Johns Hopkins. My wife came with me to Baltimore so that our family could stay together. I will always be thankful for that sacrifice, because I know it was the toughest three years of her life. She didn’t speak a word of English. We lived in a tiny studio– so tiny that many times I did my studying in the bathroom. In Vietnam, she had a job where she was getting phone calls all day long. But in America, the phone never rang. She wasn’t allowed to work because of visa requirements. Vietnamese holidays were regular days in America, so I’d be in class during New Year and we could never be together. Sometimes when I’d come home from school during wintertime, she’d look at me with tears in her eyes and say: ‘Tuan, I want to go home.’ But she still stayed with me. When I finally got my degree, many of my friends asked if I’d look for a job in the US. But I wouldn’t do that to her. She had done enough for me. So I said: 'We are going home immediately.’ And as soon as we got back to Vietnam, she was like a fish back in the pond.”

(Hanoi, Vietnam)

Kind reminder

Dan and Phil are doing this 9 week tour for the American fans, it is likely they are doing a Canadian tour straight after but they are finalising the tour dates. Can people remember how hard this is going to be on Dan and Phil, a non stop 9 week tour is going to be hard and in that they have to travel a lot and Phil get’s travel sick. Can people not harass them for more tour dates? I mean 9 weeks non stop is a lot as it is and harassing them for more dates because they aren’t preforming on your street corner is a bit ridiculous. They are trying their hardest and they are doing this for you. 

Also people complaining that its school nights and thats unfair on you? i had to miss three days of University to meet them and its my final year. The did it on school nights here in the UK also, they would have been given time frames to when they could do things especially because of venue availability. 

Can people please remember they will be away from their families for 9 weeks, and in those 9 weeks is Dan’s birthday and im sure he would want to be with his friends and family on his birthday. Also Phil will be away from his mom and Dad and we all know Phil likes to visit his parents a lot because he worries. 

Please do not stalk them, please do not exhaust them, they tend to only meet people in VIP because they paid so there really is no point in stalking outside the venue for them, they will have been working their ass off and traveling a lot so let them get back to their vehicles without them getting harassed by fans who don’t know when to stop. 

Watch Tyler Oakleys Snervous and see how upset he was getting when people was stalking him and his hotel. It applies for Dan and Phil too, let them ‘travel’ and arrive and leave the venues without putting pressure on them and harassing them. 

Thank you. 

Classroom Chaos part 2

It was my senior year of High School. It was getting towards the end of the year, getting close to finals, and graduation. So what do normal high school seniors do? They slack off in class. So I had 4th period Physics. Normally I payed attention in class, but I decided to give up like everyone else and started goofing off too. 

(A quick background on my teacher, he was the definition of a walking skeleton, could barely hear what was going on, and his voice barely carried past the third row.)

So throughout the entire school year, the a**holes in my class would take advantage of that and throw stuff around the room, leave class whenever they wanted, and pretty much do whatever they wanted. I typically hates these kinds of people, so I was silently getting them in trouble if I ever did something. Because would the quiet kid do something bad? Or would the loud obnoxious kids be caught doing something bad? 9 out of 10 it was the loud obnoxious kids doing something bad. (So I never got into trouble once in High School, I always blamed someone else no matter what I did.)

So it was one of the final days, so those kids had escalated their throwing. I decided I would help them throw stuff. So I took out my binder full of looseleaf, took about 50 pages out, and started making paper airplanes as fast as I could. (I averaged about 2 planes per minute. )

I made a plane and passed it behind me to be thrown. Pretty soon everyone in the room had a plane, and the sky and floor were flooded with paper airplanes. People were laughing hysterical, screaming and making a huge mess. The teacher was essentially oblivious to all of this, so he couldnt stop it.

By the end of the class the room was a mess, and by then the teacher had noticed. He had caught the a**holes throwing the planes and given them detentions. They tried to push the blame off to me since I had made all of the planes, but they had no proof that I made them. Nobody would give them support, and I had my stuff packed away so “I couldn’t possibly have made this many paper airplanes”

So in the end the a**holes of my class got detention, had to clean up the room, and I walked away with a giant smile on my face. 

It’s funny how “your gods are weird”, “why do you worship elephants and cows” and “what’s that thing on your forehead” has turned into “boho”,“chic” and “trendy”. After moving to the UK I did everything I could to not embrace my culture… It’s not like I had a choice because apparently my luxmi string was not allowed at school but your cross on your neck was. It’s taken me almost 10 years to finally embrace my culture again.. I miss going to temple on Sunday’s and singing bhajans, I miss going to bharathanatyam dance classes every weekend, I miss praying everyday and I miss fasting on Fridays… I’m finally welcoming back my culture back into my life 🇿🇦🇮🇳🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

On Sketchbooks

I got into a conversation with someone on Twitter about Sketchbooks and how to work in them. 

External image

Personally I’ve got a long and fraught history with Sketchbooks and like many difficult relationships in my life, it took years to finally get to a place where the Sketchbook and I could be friends who fight fair and make each other better. 

External image

When I was a kid in High school, I had a ton of sketchbooks. I had no fear and just filled my cheap spiral bound whatever purchased from Wal Mart full of drawings. I was proud of almost all of them (blessed that naive ninny) and never had a problem filling them to the brim. 

External image

As I got older and started engaging online with artists communities, I found myself pushing to create better work and this caused me to start realizing that a lot of my sketchbook drawings were (gasp) actually quite terrible. I started getting self conscious when I was around other artists or when I was sharing my work online. 

External image

I remember the first time we had a meet up of our artist community at San Diego Comic Con. It was amazing to meet all these great artists who I had gotten to know online in person! (I also met my future husband here, but we only said hello and didn’t actually ‘meet’ until two years later) But I was so nervous about my sketchbook. These events were all about passing around your sketchbook to show other people and to have them do a drawing for you in yours, so it was very nerve wracking to see these professional full time artists looking at my high school sketchbook. That book was very thin because I just kept tearing pages out of it. This was bad because not only was the book thin, it was also obvious that I was a very self conscious artist. 

After this I actually abandoned sketchbooks entirely. I chose to draw only on copy paper so there was less pressure. I would walk around with the pages on a clip pad so that if one was bad I could just toss it and nobody would be the wiser. 

I would start sketchbooks, but would never get further than halfway through before I abandoned them. I would go through a lull of not drawing and then the drawings would just show a skill level so far away from where I was I had to just get rid of them from the shame. 

It also didn’t help that I had a weird hoarding tendency with sketchbooks. I used to travel a lot with my family and would bring back blank books from all over the world. I had some from Nepal, Japan, Germany, and all of them were beautiful and perfect. 

I was too afraid to touch them. I knew that the drawings wouldn’t all be good and I couldn’t ruin this one book that I had. This led to me having a whole shelf in my house of blank un used sketchbooks. 

It wasn’t until we did our first Kickstarter, with Curiosities, that I sort of got over that way of thinking. I started to realize that this project that we were working towards could be good, could be bad, but we had to finish it. If it wasn’t perfect, that was okay, we were learning and we would do better next time. With our next project we could always show improvement and have people remember the good drawings/paintings rather than the less than stellar ones. 

This philosophy got us to finish a project that I couldn’t have imagined that we would have done if I had still been that insecure high schooler tearing out pages from the sketchbook. It’s incredibly important to move on and just keep moving forward even if those mistakes are embarrassing. 

After this, I started to think about my sketchbook in the same way. If I did a bad drawing, I just had to do a better one next. People don’t tend to remember failures only successes, so even though my book isn’t totally full of great drawings, people walk away only remember the decent ones. If I had torn out a bunch of pages in the book, I don’t think that I would have been able to finish any of them.

The year to date, I’ve finished two sketchbooks. A huge acheivmenet for myself. I feel like I finally broke through a wall that had been haunting me since high school and now I’m able to move more quickly learn from my mistakes and get better fast. 

Even Hayo Miyazaki, the legendary film maker, feels the same way about his films Acorrding to his new book “Turning Point” Miyazaki says: 

“Making films is all about–as soon as you’re finished–continually regretting what you’ve done. When we look at films we’ve made, all we can see are the flaws; we can’t even watch them in a normal way. I never feel like watching my own films again. So unless I start working on a new one, I’ll never be free from the curse of the last one. I’m serious. Unless I start working on the next film, the last one will be a drag on me for another two or three years.”  – Hayo Miyazaki

And that’s the way we should feel about our sketchbooks, we know that there are flaws but we have to keep moving, share it with the world and make the next one better. 

Harry didn’t struggle especially but, three years ahead of him, academics was the one area I was excelling in. He thought he was supposed to match me grade for grade. I think he would get frustrated at times, and Mum would gently push me to help him with science homework and English coursework, to build up his confidence for looming exams. I could never fathom how he had a confidence problems, he was popular, decent at sports and not a bad student either. I would have trade my A’s for his B’s and charisma in a heartbeat. I don’t say this to point out his flaws but to try and offer some perspective. Everything he does seemed to be effortless, even now; watching him leap around a stage in front of thousands of people, he seems untroubled and free from self-doubt.
—  Gemma Styles on Harry Styles getting frustrated about schoolwork. 
So a homophobic principal wouldn't allow me to complete a school project because I'm gay...?

I know this is a bit long and this is an odd time to post this because GAY MARRIAGE LIGAL YAY! But this is the story of how a homophobic principal broke a young teen..

If you could just take a moment that would be awesome..

Hello, my name is Chiara Jacob. I live in a town on the coast of California, and I just finished 8th grade, therefore I am only 14 years old. However, I spent the last month or so of my school year fighting to finish a school project. My final English project this year was a protest speech, each student was allowed to choose their own topic, and it was a competition. All 8th year students were to pick something to protest, have two weeks to write a speech, read it to their English class, the class would all vote for the best two speeches, the two winners speeches would be displayed to the whole school, after that the entire school would vote, and elect two winners out of 12. My topic was homophobia and conversion therapy. I won in my class, and the teachers thought so highly of it that they spoke of it in the teachers lounge and I was asked to speak in front of another class. I was very proud of my speech, everyone seemed to love it. But the day before I was supposed to have it filmed, I was pulled aside and told I needed to edit out a few things, like the direct references to the school (even though I never once used any names other than my own) and the word “porn” even though I used it in a quote. This made me a little bit angry, but I did it anyways and had it filmed. I was very pleased and proud of my work and went on happily. However, the day that they were going to show it, I was told the principal disapproved it at the last moment. I simply did not understand why, so I went and spoke to her. She told me, “I believe it is inappropriate for 6th and 7th graders because it talks about suicide and death and this might have a negative effect on them…” Although I hardly mentioned it once, and according to my therapist talking about suicide lowers the chance of it happening. The principal went on to say, “we didn’t have enough time to write out permissions slips for the students.” But she had gotten my speech nearly a month in advance! I believe she knew she was one of the homophobic characters I mentioned in my speech, although not by name, and that’s why she didn’t want it shown. I spent almost an hour arguing with her, but eventually walked away. I only had a week and a half of school left, but I was not about to give up. I called up my (most amazing friend in the world~thank you again~) friend, Kira King, and had her write me a petition. She sent it to me that night, and I only had two days to gather signatures, but I did it. I got 350 signatures in two days. Everyone that I approached signed it. 350 signatures is more than half of my school. I had done everything in my power, and kept a level head in it all (which is something very hard for me) and I thought I had done well. Two days later, however, the principal disregarded all of my work without a second thought. My speech was never shown. She told the school one of the reason is because I didn’t “properly represent the other side”, meaning I didn’t talk about the thousands of reasons people could be homophobic. I do not believe that is a valid reason. Many other winning speeches did the same thing. I tried my hardest to keep it together, I didn’t want to explode and lose the end of the year privileges for 8th graders, so I tried to understand her side, I tried to see why she was doing what she did. I couldn’t do it. On the very last day of school, after we got out of class, I walked up to her and said in a very sweet and calm voice, “Ms [I feel I shouldn’t say her name], I would just like to say, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I hate you, you homophobic bitch. You truly are the spawn of satan and I hope you burn in hell for all eternity, because that is where you belong. You broke a 14-year-old girl’s spirit in the course of a month and it will take me a long time to recover. I believe you will get what you deserve, there is a special place in hell for people like you.” I could see the heart break in her face, her eyes watered and in a shaky voice she replied, “oh, Chiara. I’m sorry that you feel that way.” I turned around and flipped her off as I walked away. Later I heard that after I did that she turned to one of the students that had gathered and said, “I could really use a hug right now,” but was declined. That month had broken me. I had been constantly fighting for gay rights, with just two people helping me (Maya Krietsch, and Jesselle Oliva-Rodriguez thank you again so much), at school, in my own home, and against my closest friend’s mother. But breaking that woman the way she broke me was really something.

If this gets enough notes.. Let’s say.. 1,000..?Because I doubt I’ll get 50, but I’ll do as my family and friends and friends families suggest and submit a tastefully edited version of this to a magazine or newspaper or something if it gets 1,000.. So let’s see.. Thank you!

Your face…looks like…some sort of trap… 


@taylorswift hey tay! IT’S MY 17TH BIRTHDAY TODAY! I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done this year. I finally got to see you live for the first time and it was the happiest night of my life. I haven’t been feeling really happy the past year but you are the one person who can put a smile on my face no matter what. You make me want to be a better and stronger person because I want to make you proud. Whenever I’m feeling down, I listen to your music and it makes me feel less alone. I am so grateful to have you in my life and so proud to call you my idol. I care way too much about other people’s opinion of me sometimes, but you remind me that I am not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know me. So thank you, Taylor, for everything. You are the strongest, sweetest and most loving person I know and I love you so much 💖

FAHC Ray being crazy fucking good at Math.

Stay with me here.

His father left him and his mom when he was seven, and that left his mother in a pinch for money. Ray couldn’t go to school, and when he did, finally, he couldn’t speak a lick of English.

(“But Ray, you can’t speak Spanish.” Gavin, probably, points out.

“Did I say Spanish was my first language?”)

(It’s Portuguese, don’t ask)

So all the classes in school were hard for him, all except for one, Math.

Ray could finally be fucking decent in a school filled with English speaking people, and was actually in the top of his class for Math.

Years later, and Ray, now in the crew, doesn’t use math on a daily basis anymore. No one ever knew that his proficiency in the class.

Until one day Geoff plans an elaborate heist where at one point they have to get on a train, and then jump to another train going the opposite direction on a different track.

Except he doesn’t know when the trains are going to meet.

First instinct, go to Ryan, of course. Ryan is staring at a map of the train tracks for a solid ten minutes, mumbling out half formed thoughts before Ray walks in and asks what’s going on. Geoff explains, Ray looks for less than a minute before pointing at a spot on the map.

“There.” He says, and everyone disregards him at first.

“Ray, be serious.” Geoff scolds.

“I am.” Ray says in a tone that made the two other men look up. “Dude, it’s just simple math.” (Ryan mutters about how train problems are not simple, there are actually the bane of people everywhere, thank you very much) and Ray has to go and explain the thought process, such as the speed of which they are going, what stops they have to take for refueling or whatnot, and Geoff realizes how much of a fucking genius Ray is and didn’t notice.

Ray would always call out the equal cuts of the estimated amount of money they would get on heists, Ray being good at pool, saying that it was just angles, Ray always knowing the exact amount to pay for things in cash/to leave a tip.

And holy shit Ray’s a math genius.

Hey Taylor! My name is Vania and I’m a 20 year old psychology student from Mexico. I’ve been your biggest fan for 9 years, it’s been such a long time! I am so grateful I could get to grow up with your music because it is definetly a big part of who I am today. I am so excited I will finally get to see you on concert on October 17th on Dallas. I would be travelling 10 hours (and skipping work and school) to finally see you, I am so excited! 💘 I’ll be sitting on section 329, row 6, seat 10 💕💕 taylorswift

Christmas Party

so basically i found this on twomblyed ‘s wishlist when i was stalking it (oops) and thought it was super cute so yeah it’s long and it sucks but i hope someone enjoys it at least lol

[prompt: a “you’re my best friend but please be my fake boyfriend for my family Christmas party you’ll get free food and we’ll be at a nice cabin but my family always asks why I don’t have a boyfriend and I need this from you shit we slept together this is awkward” au]

Ever since the summer and school year had passed and the former ‘Team Lyle’ finally began working at the eminent Googleplex, the bond between the anterior teammates grew adament. Neha and (Y/N) became good friends who could come to each other about anything, even though most of the time their issues were fashion related. Nick and Billy became paternal models in (Y/N)’s life at Google, giving experienced advice and pick-ups when she was down. Yo-Yo and Lyle weren’t as close as the others, but (Y/N) still enjoyed hanging out with them and canvass work-related matters with them.

Then there was Stuart.

Stuart, who at the beginning of it all had his life revolving around what was materializing on his phone, came to be (Y/N)’s best friend and vice versa. If either of them was feeling down, upset, or even just bored, they could call each other up and talk for hours. (Y/N) couldn’t deny having some sort of romantic feeling for her best friend, but chose to detain that information because she knew her feelings were a dead end.

Christmas time was rolling around, and the office building was adorned top-to-bottom with red and green decorations. Creative drawings of notable holiday characters and objects like Santa Claus and Christmas trees were lined down the walls in glass frames. A long playlist of all the Christmas songs you could think of (and then some) played 24/7.

Stuart, who chose to stay in California for Christmas, had planned on staying in his apartment, maybe catching a few drinks with friends at night when all the parties ended. Nothing big. (Y/N), on the other hand, whose family roots were planted just a few miles from her worksite, had the annual family party to dreadfully attend. And she was not looking forward to it.

Every year it was the same routine; she’d show up with a tote bag of gifts. Her Aunt Carol would hug her and ask her where her boyfriend was, which (Y/N) would respond to with the aforesaid 'I don’t have one’. Then she’d go to the family room, greet her family, and watch TV while being pestered with questions about school or work. After opening presents, she’d fight with her mom on what size clothes she wears and would leave shortly after. She was tired of it.

It was Christmas morning - 8:39, to be exact. Her red dress hung in a clear garment bag on the bathroom door behind her. Makeup was spilled all over her counter and she had yet to paint her nails.

If only I could find a god-damn boyfriend.” She mumbled to herself as she rolled and secured curlers in her hair. “Or at least a pretend one.”

Interrupting her from her internal thoughts, her phone buzzed with the cue of a text message on her countertop. Pinning up the last of her hair curlers, she picked up her phone to view a new text message from Stuart.

'Merry Christmas! Hope yours is better than mine’

The girl chuckled out loud at her best friend’s message, and typed a reply.

'Merry Christmas to you too! and why do you say that? Santa forgot to stop by?’

She got a reply moments later.

'Ha ha. I’m staying home all day watching the Christmas movie marathon if you’d like to join.’

(Y/N) smiled sympathetically at her phone. As she was about to type a quick response, her thought from earlier struck her mind again. If only she could find a boyfriend.. or a fake one.

Eyes widening in realization, she erased her previous message and typed a new one.


She tapped her foot impatiently, eyeing the clock to keep track of time so she could take the hair curlers out at the right time. Her phone sat on her counter surrounded by all the sprawled out makeup. A minute later, her ringtone sang, gesturing a phone call, as Stuart’s name and embarrassing profile picture displayed across her screen. Taking a deep breath, she accepted the call.

“Hi! Hey, Stuart, hi, merry Christmas.” She rushed out, pressing the phone to her ear.

“Merry Christmas. You sound pressed, what’s up?”

“Okay, you’re going to think I’m crazy, but just hear me out, all right?”


“Okay, so I’ve told you about my family Christmas party, right? The one at my Aunt Carol’s?”

“You’ve mentioned it and its reoccuring dreadfulness, yes,”

“So that’s today, you know, it’s Christmas and all.” She rambled. “I-I, you’re gonna think I’m insane..”

“Just say it! We’re best friends, I’ve seen you at rock bottom. But if you’re talking about committing a crime I should probably call the cops-”

“No! Stew,” She laughed. “You’re my best friend but since you don’t have plans, please be my fake boyfriend for my family Christmas party, you’ll get free food and drinks, and we’ll be at a nice house for a few hours and everything and we won’t even have to keep up the act for long. But my family always asks why I don’t have a boyfriend and I need this, please.”

Stuart took his friend’s words into thought. Fake boyfriend? His heart skipped as he imagined pretending to be (Y/N)’s significant other. Even though their friendship was unspokenly platonic, he couldn’t help but feel attracted towards his best friend. 


“And remember you owe me for what you did on Halloween!”

After a moment of radio silence, he spoke up. “Fine. When, what do I wear?”

(Y/N) squealed into the phone. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re a lifesaver,” She exclaimed. “Be at my apartment at 9:30, dress nice but not that nice. Maybe a button down with a tie and some Chinos or something like that.”

“See you at 9:30, fake girlfriend.” (Y/N) could practically hear his smirk through the phone.

After a long process of makeup, hair, and nail care, (Y/N) had slipped her dress on and was putting the last touches on her appearance when the familar three-syllable knock sounded from her door. Prancing in her heels, (Y/N) opened the door to reveal Stuart, clad in a navy blue button down with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, a red tie, and a pair of beige Chinos with black shoes. His hair and glasses were worn in his usual style. He glanced down at your outfit and widened his eyes.

“Wow, you look great.” He said, and unconsciencely licked his lips.

“Thank you, you look great, too.” She complimented. “Let me go grab my purse and the gifts, and then I should be ready.”

After running to grab her belongings, she met her pretend-date back at the door. “Shall we?”

(Y/N) drove them both in her own car. “It’ll be about fifteen or twenty minutes.”

Stuart nodded. “So I’m going to need some backstory.”

(Y/N) scrunched her face while keeping her eyes on the road. “Backstory?”

“Yeah!” Stuart proclaimed. “Like, how we met, anniversary stuff, how long we’ve been going out, stuff like that.”

“I’m hurt that you don’t remember.” (Y/N) joked. Stuart frowned at her. “No, but, uhm.. well, let’s say we met at Google. The Internship Program. That part is actually true.”

“Got it.”

“We’ve been going out for like, say, six months? Our sixth month anniversary was last week?”

“Works for me.” He agreed. “What about Christmas? What did we get each other?”

“Well, what do you want to pretend to have me give you?”

“I’ll go with a watch. And for you?”

“Jewelry. Necklace.”

“Gotcha.” Stuart said. “Are we in love?”

“I don’t know, are we?” (Y/N) bantered. “Kidding.”

“I’m breaking up with you.” Stuart said sarcastically.

“Ha, ha.” (Y/N) retorted. “And, by the way, my family’s weird, rude, and incredibly passive aggressive. If they ask you weird questions just answer as sanely as you can.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Pulling into the driveway of her Aunt’s unnecessarily huge house, (Y/N)’s heart thumped at the speed of light. Not only was she worried about people finding out that she was lying, but she was also afraid of her family in general. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out of her car and extracted her things while Stuart walked to her side.

“You ready?” Stuart asked her as they made their way to the front door.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Stuart, being the pretend gentleman he was, reached and opened the door before (Y/N) could even retaliate. “My lady.” He said with a smirk. (Y/N) glared back with a smile.

At the moment of her entrance, her Aunt Carol came barrelling towards her niece. “(Y/N)! Darling! How are you?” She questioned her niece loudly as she enclosed her in a hug.

“I’m do-”

“Is this your boyfriend? Have you got a boyfriend?” She asked, eyeing Stuart behind her.

“Yes, Aunt Carol this is Stuart.”

“It’s nice to meet you, ma'am.” He said, holding out his hand for the old woman to shake.

“What a gentleman,” Aunt Carol purred, and turned to her niece. “Let’s get you to the family room. You need some meat in some places.”

Trying not to be offended, (Y/N) led Stuart through the large house and to the family room, where the rest of her family was seated, conversating in random spots. Before (Y/N) could say anything to any of her relatives, her Aunt Carol beat her to it.

“Attention! Attention everyone!” Her Aunt called out to everyone in her sickly-sweet singsong voice. “(Y/N) here brought a boyfriend!” (Y/N) and Stuart both blushed, trying to make themselves as small as possible. Her family gave a small ovation before going back to their conversations. Aunt Carol, who somehow always finds a way to meddle into people’s business, made busy elsewhere, much to the pair’s relief.

“You want something to eat? Drink?” (Y/N) asked. Stuart shook his head. “Okay, let’s just sit down somewhere where we won’t have to talk.”

But, that method didn’t go as well as intentioned. Soon, a handful of (Y/N)’s relatives surrounded the pair, making them uncomfortable.

“So, Stuart, is it? How did you two meet?” Aunt May spoke up.

Stuart cleared his throat. “Well, we, uh, we both were enrolled in the Google Internship Program and worked together there, and now we both work at Google, so, yeah.”

(Y/N) squeezed his hand, sensing his socially-awkward semblance. Her aunts aw’d.

“Do you two live together?” Her aunt asked. (Y/N) sucked in a breath - they hadn’t rehearsed anything for that question.  

“Yes,” Stuart blurted. “We have an apartment near the Googleplex.”

(Y/N) smiled at her relatives before turning to her counterfeit partner. “How about we go visit with my cousins?” She asked, and tugged his hand after smiling sweetly at her aunts.

“I’m sorry.” (Y/N) gushed once they were out of sight.

“It’s okay. It’s normal for family to be nosy about this stuff.”

(Y/N) showed a small smile to thank him for understanding before leading him into the kitchen. More of (Y/N)’s relatives were scattered around the room, and Stuart wondered how the hell she had so many family members.

After three agonizing hours of sitting, eating, talking, and opening gifts, that may or may not have been regifted, it was finally time for Stuart and (Y/N) to get the hell out of there.  Right as the pair was leaving, Aunt Carol called out to the two.

“Wait!” She yelled, hobbling after you. “I have something for the two of you!”

(Y/N) and Stuart looked at each other skeptically before approaching the elder aunt. Aunt Carol had a knowing smirk on her face and her arm was tucked behind her back, obviously hiding the surprise. They were in front of the whole family now, and everyone watched in suspense. She yanked her arm out from behind her and (Y/N) and Stuart’s eyes widened and mouths dropped. Held out by Aunt Carol was a medium sized mistletoe on a string.

“Rules are rules, lovebugs!”

Stuart’s breathing got heavier. Was he really going to kiss this girl who had friendzoned him, but he still liked her anyways? He turned to face her. She shot him an “I’m so sorry” look, but he just showed a small side smile.

“Please don’t hate me for this.” He whispered into (Y/N)’s ear before placing a hand on the back of her head and kissing her vigorously.

part two yes or no??? hope you liked it !!

Rumiko Week Day 5-  Most Relatable Character

Ok not only is he my favorite character of Rumiko’s series- but I honest feel very attached to him in a personal way. I understand the pain and hardship he dealt with by being an outside and had to get strong on his own surviving and growing up not trusting anybody. I was bullied for half m life and was in complete survival in my Elementary. I became hard and closed up over the many betrayals, the many ups and downs of school, teachers, peers, at home drama- but I pushed through. And eventually I was accepted by somebody. I finally was able to find a person i could call a friend and find who I truly am. 

And just like Inuyasha- he face a lot over his years by being betrayed, cheated on- pushed back and being brought down for what he is— BUT HE PUSHED THROUGH! Of course he was granted with inhuman abilities and a magical sword by his father.. Where as I only have my drawing skills… 

However he was able to have friends, find true love and defeat all the enemies that have ruined him. He became stronger and more intimate in the end. He may be stronger now but he’s no longer a brick wall anymore. He knows how to open up to people and learn how to trust others again. I know that feeling having to be able to ‘trust’ someone and be able to break the walls. Although he still is stubborn and has a sailor mouth– but hey so am I XD Plus he loves ramen… SO DO I XXD


“I didn’t know I wanted to be an actor straight away. I know I wanted to be in it, but I didn’t think I could; that I could make money out of it. Then I took two years out after school, went traveling, went to America, went to Europe. I traveled around for a long time. And then I just joined a youth theatre in Scotland, where I started working with them and doing productions and I realized that this is what I want to do.” - Sam Heughan

Congrats, you did it! You survived three years of middle school, as well as the onset of puberty. But now, it’s time for an even scarier event. High school. Here’s a collection of all the resources I could find about surviving high school, specifically your first year of it.

Tips from older students (mainly seniors): here and here 

So you want to get a job in high school!: Here’s how to answer the 31 most common interview questions.  Here’s a great masterpost on getting a job in school.  Here’s another cool masterpost about getting a job in high school.  Here are the 7 questions to ask at the end of every interview. And finally, my advice on the subject: know the labor laws! Know what you’re due (legally, as well as what a moral person would give you). Know how much they’re required to pay you, how many  breaks you’re required to take, and the limits of what they can make you do.

What if you’ve never studied before? Don’t worry! There’s an amazing masterpost on how to study here.  I put all my tips and tricks for studying here, and try to update it daily. Here’s a great post on taking notes! Here are a bunch of study methods. Here’s 101 study tips!

What if you’re super shy? Here’s how to balance being shy with being a great student! 

What should you do when shit gets tough? I have a bunch of self care resources here, and my ask box is always open here! Here is a hella great cheat sheet. Here are 101 self care ideas. Here is an amazing interactive self care guide. Here are tips for studying with depression. Here’s how to study with mental illness. Here’s my self-care masterpost.

What stationery/school supplies do you need? You really don’t need fancy stuff. As long as it’s functional and you like it, you’re all set! Here’s a free 2016 planner, and here are a bunch of cute, free printables. Here are adorable and fun school supplies (that are also pretty cheap), and here are some more. Here are some nice cheap pens. Here are cheap but high-quality notebooks/journals! And here’s how to go back-to-school shopping.

Finally, what should you do over the summer? Enjoy it! It’s your last few months of freedom (don’t worry, I’m mostly joking). I have fun summer stuff here, and a summer masterpost here. Here are 50 things to do for a more productive summer, and here’s another productive summer masterpost I love.

I always recommend talking to counselors and teachers, as they’re on your side and can make school a lot easier (having a relationship with them will also help when you need letters of recommendation for jobs, internships, college applications, etc.). Don’t forget to join some clubs! They’re fun, and a great way to make new friends.

Last but not least, GO TO ORIENTATION! It’s literally just there to help you, and will help you learn about your school, teachers, and classmates.

Good luck at high school! My ask box and messages are always open, and I love making new friends or giving advice.


basicwith-secrets  asked:

Hi Carrie! This will be a bit of a downer and I apologize for that. I guess I’m more disappointed than anything. My last year was gonna be my 4th and final musical at school. And that didn’t happen because I didn’t look like I could be related to Charlie Brown. Instead Sally went to a girl who DOES look the part but can’t sing for the life of her. Is this is how it is always gonna be? The color of my skin being the major thing holding me back from my dream of performing? Sorry for being sad btw


Firstly, you don’t need to apologise for being sad. Everyone is allowed to be sad from time to time! 

Secondly, and I’m gonna be honest, sometimes that will happen yes. But the good news is sometimes it won’t. One of the biggest, and I might even say one of the most brutal things about acting is that a lot of it is based on how you look. If you’re auditioning for a character, you need to look similar to what the casting directors have decided the character should look like. You need to fit into their pigeon hole. Unless there’s wriggle room like, for instance with roles like Elphaba in Wicked where they’ll never be able to find someone who is actually green or they have a very flexible idea of how the character should look.

I am desperate to play Nala in The Lion King but, unfortunately, I know I’ll never get the chance because…well…look at me. I’m a little bit too pale! BUT I was exactly what they were looking for in 2013 for Eponine! So sometimes, yes, there will be parts you miss out on because they’re looking for someone an inch taller than you, someone with blue eyes, or someone who’s got red hair. But there will be times when they’re looking for someone who looks exactly like you and then you’ll kick their butts with you awesome talents and they won’t believe their luck! ;) 


But sometimes it just hits me – just how utterly important it is. We’re always saying that, but then I just stop and think about it: 25 years. It took me 25 years to find a love story that I could really, truly, relate to. 25 years of loving fiction, of growing up having my mom read to me, of watching Disney films with “happily ever afters.” 25 years of being an avid reader; from reading Harry Potter at 9 years old in the old book club with my school friends, reveling in the magic and adventure. Of falling even more in love with fiction throughout middle and high school English classes, years in which I was painfully lonely, growing attached to outcast characters; the ones that never quite fit in, just like me. Of finally majoring in Creative Writing in college because stories are so, so powerful…and that’s what I’ve always wanted to dedicate my life to, one way or another.

For 25 years I’ve had a love affair with fiction, with stories. They helped me through so many difficult times and taught me so many things. I related to them on so many levels, and yet…there was one way in which I never really felt I could. At the time I didn’t even know why. For a long time I just figured romance wasn’t my thing. Sure, I shipped things here and there, but I never considered myself to be an avid shipper. A lot of the time I found myself, like back in the AtLA days on the ASN forums, only hanging around the shipping thread and chatting about that stuff because it was what most people were talking about; it was the thread where everyone was always posting, even after the show was long over. I shipped things because, more often than not, I just wanted to be part of the conversation. It wasn’t until a little ship by the name of Korrasami fell into my life that I was suddenly able to understand the level of obsession shippers had. Really, truly, understand it. Feel it. Experience it for myself.

I grew attached to Korrasami over time…the same way the characters grew attached to each other. Nothing was immediate. Everything took time and patience. And then, somehow, one day…the show ended, confirming once and for all that yes, Korra and Asami were in love. These two characters were in love, this love story that I had grown attached to like no other in my life before was real. It was canon, it was actually canon, this love story that I had been so afraid would be ripped away from me at the last second – because that’s what everyone had warned me about – because women in love don’t get to be in love in that way, get happy endings that are definitive. Not the way straight couples do. Especially not in a “kid’s show.”

But then it happened. It actually happened. It was also stated definitively by the creators incase anyone had any doubts. Incase anyone would insist on doubting, doubting that this was as real as any other love story. Yes. Yes it was. For the first time in my 25 years of life I had a story to call my own that was a love story that I could see myself in.

It’s not just a ship. It’s a story I’ve been waiting for all my life. It’s my love story. It’s mine. And it’s real.


2015 has been my year of decora, and I couldn’t ask for anything else. 

So many days I am troubled over the thought that I “could have done better” or “I could have done more” but at the end of the day, 2015 is still coming to a close regardless and all thats left that I


do is be proud of myself. Doing anything else would just be a waste of my energy, you know? I’m not a very confident or happy person so Im going to try my very best to just be proud of my accomplishments this year….! Each year that has past since I’ve graduated High School I’ve become more, and more upset with myself. “Why aren’t you doing anything with your life…!!!” But I feel like, finally, this year I slowly started to crawl towards my dreams?

I started off the year by handcrafting my first pair of customized platform shoes and made a pompom skirt by hand sewing 300+ pompoms onto tule. On my 20th birthday I got to meet Sebastian Masuda who is my literal biggest inspiration. I got to travel to NYC all summer to help out with his Time Capsule Project. I attended Waku Waku and wore one of biggest coordinates of all time. I spent 40+ hours creating a pair of shoes for said coordinate. I met Haruka Kurebayashi. I was invited to model at Rufflecon. …..I’ve worked with Tokyo Otaku Mode and was (even if briefly) on Kawaii International..(I was also featured on World Ranking on ntv…! Again, even if only briefly)  I’ve met some amazing people and built incredible friendships that will last a life time. I’ve overcome my own personal obstacles regarding my mental health and my gender. I’m.. still fighting those battles, or course. But like, I’m still here. Im still alive and I’m still fighting. And I don’t mean to 

This year I’ve done so many incredible things and although I am still very unwell the least I can do for myself is be proud of all of the things I’ve accomplished this year. (and I don’t meant to say those things to brag- gosh not at all. Im trying so hard just to accept these things myself as accomplishments and to recognize how hard I’ve worked this year…!!)

And, (surprise!) in 2016 I will be attending Anime Expo (all the way in California!) and I’ll be going to Japan… !! I have so much to look forward to. I have so many events I’ll be attending and so many projects I’ll be starting. So many people to meet, and so many friends to continue growing and learning with. 

And I just, I don’t want to give up yet, you know?

I’m saying all of this on my decora post because decora fashion has literally revolutionized my life over the years. I’ve met so many wonderful people and have seen so many creative things and I’ve been filled with more inspiration that I could have ever imagined. I know I say this a lot, but I really… am not a happy person. There are a lot of things I still constantly struggle with and I only bring that up to stress how important decora is to me. Decora fashion has kept me going on days which I thought I couldn’t go any farther. Its so bright and happy and it surrounds me with a warmth that I cannot find anywhere else. And I am just…. so thankful. 

I am so thankful to be apart of this fashion and to be apart of this community and to have the love and support of all of you amazing people. I really am so genuinely blessed.

I will do my best to keep fighting and to keep trying my best! I hope to work even harder in 2016. I never want to stop running towards my dreams.


“My entrance into acting was pretty standard but also very tragic. I was in college pursuing a theatre degree when I really wanted to do film, so I worked up the nerve, dropped out of school and moved myself to LA. From there I just started talking to everyone I could about the industry, and a lot of googling! I found myself a class and then a manager and then an agent, however, they were not the best representation and after a year of floundering and being taking advantage of a bit, I finally found a new class, where the teacher really championed my career. He introduced me to the right representation and then I actually started to work. So my advice is to yes, do your research and talk to everyone but make sure whomever you are talking to is worth listening to.”

The Last Five Years Starter Sentences (Part One)
  • "I'm still hurting."
  • "What about lies? What about things that you swore to be true?"
  • "Go and run and hide away"
  • "Run and find something better"
  • "Run away. Like it's simple. Like it's right."
  • "Maybe I'd see how you could be so certain that we had no chance at all."
  • "Where can I turn? Covered with scars I did nothing to earn."
  • "I'm breaking my mother's heart."
  • "Just as long as you're not from Hebrew school."
  • "Now I'm getting somewhere, I'm finally breaking through."
  • "I've been waiting for someone like you."
  • "I've had Shabbas dinners on Friday nights with every Shapiro in Washington Heights."
  • "From the minute I first saw you, I could barely catch my breath."
  • "I've been standing for days with a phone in my hand like an idiot, scared to death."
  • "My people have suffered for thousands of years and I don't give a shit."
  • "You are the story I should write."
  • "If you like to drink blood, I think it's cute!"
  • "I'm your Hebrew slave, at your service."
  • "I've been waiting for someone, I've been praying for someone, I think that I could be in love with someone like you."
  • "I guess I can't believe you really came."
  • "See, I'm smiling. That means I'm happy that you're here."
  • "I stole this sweater from the costume shop. It makes me look like Daisy Mae."
  • "I think you're really gonna like this show. I'm pretty sure it doesn't suck."
  • "See, you're laughing, and I'm smiling, by a river in Ohio."
  • "I think we both can see what could be better."
  • "I didn't know you had to go so soon... I thought we had a little time."
  • "Whatever, if you have to then you have to."
  • "We could be together, here together, sharing our night, spending our time, and you are gonna chose someone else to be with."
  • "No, that's exactly what you're doing."
  • "You could be here with me or be there with them."
  • "No, you do not have to go to another party with the same twenty jerks you already know."
  • "You could stay with your wife on her fucking birthday."
  • "I know in your soul it must drive you crazy that you won't get to play with your little girlfriends."
  • "You cant spend a single day that's not about you."
  • "I swear to God I'll never understand, how you can stand there straight and tall, and see I'm crying, and not do anything at all."
  • "I've got a singular impression things are moving to fast."
  • "Oh no, step on the brakes, do whatever it takes but stop this train."
  • "No matter what I try I'm flying full speed ahead."
  • "Things might get bumpy, but some people analyze every detail. Some people stall when they can't see the trail. Some people quit out of fear that they'll fail. But I keep rollin' on."
  • "I met my personal Aphrodite."
  • "My heart's been stolen, my ego's swollen."
  • "I'm so happy, I can't get worried."
  • "Handful after handful of Doritos."
  • "I tend to follow in his stride. Instead of side by side I take his cues."
  • "Yes, he's insane, but look what he can do."
  • "I didn't know the rules do not apply."
  • "I'm a part of that, aren't I?"
  • "First, a story. A little Christmas Story."
  • "I should take out my teeth and go to bed; I'm sitting her with talking clocks instead!"
  • "He looked and the clock was turning back."
  • "Sewn into the seams were forty-one seasons of dreams."
  • "Maybe your heart's completely swayed but your head can't follow through."
  • "Shouldn't I want the world to see the brilliant girl who inspires me."
  • "Say goodbye to wiping ashtrays at the bar."
  • "Here's a headshot guy and a new Backstage, where you're right for something on every page."
  • "Have I mentioned today how lucky I am to be in love with you?"
  • "I'm sharing a room with a former stripper and her snake, Wayne."
  • "I'm certain I'd prefer to be going slowly batty, forty miles east of Cincinnati"
  • "I saw your book at a Border's in Kentucky, under a sign that said 'New and Recommended.'"
  • "All things considered, I guess you don't have to buy it."
  • "He wants me, but he ain't gonna get me."
  • "Look at him, look at me. Son of a bitch, I guess I'm doing something right."
  • "I'll get on my knees and pray I can state in my next bio 'I'm never gonna go back to Ohio.'"
  • "The torture is just exquisite, while I'm waiting for you to visit. So, hurry up schmuck."
  • "Will you share your life with me for the next ten minutes?"
  • "There are so many lives I want to share with you."
  • "I am not always on time, please don't expect that from me. I will be late, but if you can just wait, I will make it eventually."
  • "Anything other than being exactly on time I can do."
  • "I don't know why people run. I don't know why plans fall through."
  • "I don't know how anybody survives in this life without someone like you."
  • "I want to be your wife. I want to bear your child."
  • "I want to die knowing I had a long, full life in your arms."
  • "Til there's no one left who has ever known us apart."
  • "Can we go see the dinosaurs?"