I come up with the best ideas at 2 am


Today, 4 years ago, one of the greatest bands known broke up. 2 minutes ago, I remembered and started crying.
I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone, but sometimes I wish I had them to walk with.
If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s My Chemical Romance, and I fucking miss them.
Not a band, just an idea, but this idea was the best idea someone has ever had.

The Interview

Part 1 | Part 2 | masterlist

AU: You are an interviewer and are about to interview one of your favorite bands.. twenty one pilots and Josh finds you really intriguing.

Josh Dun x Fem!Reader


A/N: don’t make fun of the questions I made up please!!! I am by no means an interviewer and I tried my best. I’m not too proud of this fic, I just had this cute little idea, and if you think it needs a part 2, let me know!!

The day had come. The day you were finally going to interview twenty øne piløts. You were freaking out, and really excited at the same time. You had a huge crush on Josh and had always been inspired by Tyler, and you were determined to make their interview amazing. You had prepared two sets of questions. One set being a silly, fun interview, and the other being a serious interview. You planned on asking the boys which interview they preferred, since they do interviews all day and get asked a lot of the same stuff. You also had questions specific to each boy, making sure not to leave anyone out.

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5-0 || Egobang

@carterinferno requested seven for egobang 8 million years ago but I have no idea which seven so they get all three :D here’s the first


Brian groaned letting his head fall against the brick of the building his best friend was currently defacing. “Come on Danny, Graffiti is so old school. Just call them out on yelp or something.” Danny stood up from his bent position, spray can in hand as he pursed his lips at his friend, crossing his arms over his ACDC shirt, looking full punk aside from the halo of unruly hair. Sticking his pierced tongue out at brian, the silver stud barely visible in the 2 am light he quickly went back to work.

“So you don’t care they’re homophobic and kicked Terry out for fucking, joking flirting with me?”

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A series of story that I’ve always wanted to work on —- a story between Hanji (falconer) and Levi (Falcon). I came up with this idea because I am actually a super falconer lover and I think it’ll be cool to have falcon in AOT lol

P1:cover page

P2-4:comic part

P5:A close-up of lovely Hanji and her cute bird <3

You can have a look of some works that I’ve done before with the #falconlevihan tag. I finally decided to turn Levi to a “black falcon” instead of a brown one to make it look more special.:P)

In the coming future, I’ll try my best to update this story maybe in the form of short comic of around 1-2 pages each time. And most probably funny content.(Ya~falconry is fun~) Hope you’ll like them><


Lastly, I would like to spend few sentences to talk about my recent work. You may notice that my updates became less frequent. I’ve changed to a job with a totally different nature from my previous one. I really want to try my best to learn more in this new field as this’s a precious experience, but I also don’t want to give up in drawing. And I’m still striking a balance between these two important things in my life! Hope you can understand>< And thanks for all the likes,reblogs and follows during these days. I am so happy about that as I know that I’m not alone on the ship of levihan :DDDD
Thank you!

5 things I like about myself

I was tagged by @primrosepathofdallliance a million years ago and I’m cleaning out my likes, so here we go!

1. I try my best to live by “when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME.” This means I take care to not jump to conclusions about other people before I engage with them! I’m not always perfect, but I’m careful enough about it that I consider it a point of pride.

2. I am a font of creativity! I am constantly coming up with ideas that range across tons of different mediums, which is part of the reason I find it so difficult to get things done - time spend getting good in one medium is time not spent getting good in another, and when I get too indecisive I usually end up goofing off instead. But it’s fun to dabble, and I like that my ideas aren’t confined to one genre. Someday I’m going to sell a script, just you wait.

3. I love language like a linguist: I care a lot about using the words and grammar that best convey ideas to the reader, and as a beta reader I can see and explain very faint shades of nuance to my writers, but I’m not a prescriptivist. This has not always been true – I had to get over a lot of uptight stickler feelings!

4. Having fairly neutral blue-grey eyes means I can make my eyes look different colors based on what I’m wearing. This makes me a real-life Mary Sue. It’s pretty cool. 

5. I finally have made the change from being a keyboard warrior, a “slacktivist,” to actually getting out in the streets to protest, going to town halls to see my elected representatives, calling Congress, joining and speaking up in activist groups, donating 10% of my income to charity every month, and doing my best to get my friends to join me. I feel like I’m finally coming into my own as someone who gives a damn about social justice and I’ve never been more proud of myself. 

Now I tag five people. I will pull some from my most recent notes: @hep0katti @shehasathree @kelseyysuee @return-to-sonder @speakinginquotes

Have fun! Everyone else is free to join in! Love yourselves!

Spring brings new life into the world around us - Amber_Flicker - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Day 2 of @hartmonholidays‘s hartmon spring fling.

Spring is back, but so is something else.

Coming up with spring-related ideas was not easy. I took some inpirtation from @literallyflashtrash‘s post involving Cisco sending bugs to other earths and that one discussion from a while back where Hartley shot a spider.


Hello. My name is Cassidy. I’m 17. I love to draw and play the ukulele. I like sunny days and cheesy movies. I live for seeing the sun set and take too many pictures of the sky. I have a chai latte addiction, and I dream a little too big. And I am pan. The road to figuring it all out wasn’t an easy one. Not one bit. And even still, I’m figuring out new things. Life is a learning experience. We learn and grow as we go. When I was rowdy little girl, I always knew I was just a little bit different than everyone else. As I grew up, I was told who I was to be and what kind of person I should strive to become. I was raised in a very Christian conservative family so when I started to question things, there was a constant battle in my head of what was right and what was wrong. It all began in 6th grade when a certain girl moved to my school. She was interesting. She seemed so happy and bright, something I wasn’t at the time. My mom had ditched me and ran off to California, leaving me with my grandparents, but that’s another story for another day. Most importantly, she was a friend to me when no one else was. Come 7th grade, we were inseparable. Where ever there was me, there was her, or vice versa. People just started associating us with each other. And then things changed. Around the end of that year, she texted me and told me she had feelings for me and I was scared. I was always told being gay is wrong and bad and gross. I wanted to say yes. But it was drilled in my brain from a young age to say no. After thinking about it for a day, I told her yes. Our relationship grew from there. She was my first everything. She made me feel unlike I’ve ever felt before for anyone else. I fell in love with that girl. The only problem? I couldn’t accept myself as someone who was not straight. I kept running from who I was. And that was the downfall of us. Things got even harder when we were told not to see each other or be around each other anymore by our parents. “I won’t have a lesbian in my house.” They said. We met in secret. Between classes, sharing quick little kisses in the bathroom and leaving notes in each other’s locker. After 2 and a half years of struggle, we both found it best to call it quits before we hurt each other anymore. It all seems like some sort of dream now. 2013 was a defining year for me. That summer everything clicked. I read about this thing called “pansexuality”, not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity, and it made sense to me. It perfectly summed up what I had been feeling all that time. I was able to shake the idea that being LGBTQ+ was a bad thing that I would be punished for. And once I did that, I was so much better off. I’ve been so much happier ever since. I feel like I’ve found myself. And I feel good about who I am. I’m proud of how far I’ve come and I can’t wait to see what’s to yet to unfold. I’ve currently been in a relationship for almost 2 years now with my best friend. And I have to say, I’m pretty lucky. He’s so understanding and patient. He accepts me for me. And I love him with all my heart. I’ve surrounded myself with friends that care about me and accept me for the quirky individual I am. Accepting myself as pan is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And that’s why today is so important. I’m Cassidy and that’s just a little bit of my story. Feel free to message me anytime if you need to talk. My asks are always open. And may everyone have a pleasant Pan Day! :)

Hijacking Hijinks ~ Synlington Fluff

Summary: A pair of pranksters are running amuck in Ruxomar, but their latest scheme doesn’t quite go according to plan.

Word Count: 1076

As Requested by syndisparklez4lyfe

It was a stuffy summer night in the realm, but that hadn’t prevented a pair of trouble makers from creating a bit of mischief. A certain Waglington and Syndicate had resolved to make off with the flyinite whilst the captain was sleeping.
“Shhhhhh!” Tom hissed at his partner in crime as they flew up to the door of the RV.
“Shh yourself! I haven’t said a thing” he retorted, following Tom into the vehicle. Without hesitation, Tom took his seat at the helm, leaving Wag to the passenger seats.
“Where are we taking it to?” The wizard questioned as the engine roared to life.
“I see it only fitting that the flyanite return to its rightful home in the desert” Tom pressed into the gas peddle and the RV lurched foreword, slowly chugging along towards their destination.
“Damn this thing is a slug.” The zombie growled and beat his fist against the dashboard. The motor howled in insanity as the secondary engines fired up. Confused, the pranksters exchanged glances just seconds before they were rocketed foreword. The sudden change in speed flung the duo against the back wall, Tom landing on top of his companion. The wizard mewled in pain, but they were traveling at too great a speed for Tom to do anything about it.
“You’re c… crushing me you oaf” James stuttered trying to shove him away. Miles and miles later, the RV spluttered to a stop, sending the two toppling forward. Waglington rolled over onto his back, covering his face with his palms.
“Bloody hell! Sorry about that man!”
Tom retracted and pushed himself to his feet. The wizard parted his fingers long enough to shoot a scowl Tom’s way.
“I think I just lost the ability to procreate” He sniveled, taking hold of Tom’s hand and clambering to his feet. Once they had both stood and dusted themselves off, they took to investigating their situation. Tom hovered over the helm, inspecting the damage.
“It appears we’re out of gas” He concluded.
“Really now?” The wizard glowered. Tom grinned, his companions’ sarcasm flying over his head. Wag sighed and picked his bag up of the floor. “No trouble, I’ve got a mark set back at my tower, we can teleport home.” He began rummaging through his backpack, occasionally tossing something onto the floor by mistake. His face went white as he realized he had left his spell book behind.
“Ok… Scratch that…How about we fly back” Wag suggested, extending his wings and giving them a flap.
“And how do you propose we navigate? The last landmark I saw was the ceiling of this scrap heap.”
“Well I don’t see you coming up with any other ideas sunshine!” Wag let out an annoyed yawn and looked down at his pocket watch.“It’s nearly 2 am, our best option is to try and get some sleep, I’ll think better if my eyelids aren’t drooping.”
Tom nodded in agreement and they worked to push the chairs together creating a make shift bed. They both took a spot, and all was well, until Tom fell asleep. He wasn’t the most restful sleeper, and the wizard quickly found an arm, and a leg, draped over himself.
“Tom, there’s this concept called personal space.” Wag growled and shoved the sleeping zombie away. Like rubber, his limbs snapped back to their previous location, and wag found himself trapped under the other man. “Listen up octopus arms!” The wizard shouted, startling the older from his sleep. The zombie’s eyes blinked open in confusion. “What are you going on about?” He yawned and pulled himself closer.
“Its hot as all hell, and your trying to spoon! That what I’m on about” He groaned and shoved the other male away. Tom hummed in response, and burrowed back into Waglington’s space. Every time the wizard tried to push away, the zombie retaliated by scooting even closer.
“Don’t fight the love” Tom mumbled sleepily. Seconds later, wag felt a warm nose nuzzle against his neck. With an annoyed sigh, he complied, and drifted off.

The sun had just begun to peep over the clouds, when the wizard was awoken by snickering. Prying open his eyes, he wiped away the sleep and looked towards the sound. Standing above him was a very amused Captain, and a pair of Mianitees who were trying desperately to hold in their laughter.
“Looks like we’ve got a pair of love birds.” Tucker giggled, hiding his face in Sonja’s shoulder.
“If I find any suspicious stains on my chairs, you’re both in for it” Jordan smirked, but his eyes were dead serious. The wizard was mortified, this was supposed to be a prank to top all others, not Ruxomar’s next sex scandal!
“I swear, it’s not what it looks like” Wag attempted to pull away from the slumbering man, but as soon as he sat up, Tom’s arms snaked back around his torso, pulling him closer.
“Come back to bed peaches” He mumbled drearily. At that, Tucker and Sonja lost it, falling to the floor in hysterics.
“Thomas, let go” James snapped, his face burning a deep shade of crimson.
“It’s ok, I’ll take these kookaburras, and leave you two to your honeymoon” Jordan turned for the door, Tucker and Sonja following close behind. The wizard sat in obnoxious silence.
“I wonder what they were so tickled about” Tom mumbled sitting up.
“You… You’ve been awake this entire time?” James growled turning to face him.
“Mm hmm.”
“Why what?”
“Why did you do that!”
“Do what?”
“The bloody peaches thing! What else would I be referring to?”
“Oh that.”
“Yes of course that”
“Not really sure, You’re just kinda cute when your flustered”
Waglington was speechless.
“See, you’re doing it right now!” Tom beamed, and wrapped his arms around James for a tight hug.
“I have no clue what you mean” He huffed, shoving Tom away and standing up. “Now stop messing around, we’ve got to find our way back to town” Waglington headed for the door, and was just about to fly off, when a pair of soft lips were pressed to his cheek. A gust of wind later, and Tom was out the door.
“I’ll give you another kiss if you can catch me” Tom bellowed and flew off.
“Oh I’ll catch you all right! But it won’t be for a kiss!”
“You’re so into me its beautiful”
“That’s it! Get back here you asshole!”

NEWS - Bitte lesen/Please read- (English below) 

Hallo meine Lieben! Wie ihr durch meine letzten posts gesehen habt bin ich nun zurück von der Connichi und habe vieles und schönes erlebt. :) Hier ein kleines Update, da ich viele ähnliche Fragen über das Wochenende beantwortet habe.

Crash ‘n’ Burn 2: 
Band 2 wurde auf der Connichi innerhalb des ersten Tages fast komplett ausverkauft! (Ihr seid awesome! *__*) Im Laufe dieser Woche wird er in euren Buchläden vorhanden sein, aber es empfiehlt sich, ihn zu bestellen oder reservieren, da wie bei Band 1 er sehr wahrscheinlich schnell ausverkauft sein wird! 

Crash 'n’ Burn 3: 
Ob Band 3 zustande kommt, kommt ganz auf die Nachfrage an! Wenn ihr einen dritten Band wollte, schreibt einfach Tokyopop eine Mail. ;) Ich selber hätte noch ein paar kleine Storys zu Kimi, Scott und natürlich Kyle & Tyler.

Englische Version: 
Wenn ihr an einer englischen Version interessiert seid (das ist mehr für internationale Fans), schreibt Yen Press einfach eine Mail mit der Bitte, es auf english rauszubringen! yenpress[at]hbgusa.com

Nochmal ganz lieben Dank an alle, die mich besucht haben! Es war eine tolle Zeit, und ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald wieder. ;) 


Hi everyone! as you saw in my last few posts, I am back from the con! :) Here’s a little update as I have been replying to many repeated questions.

Crash 'n’ Burn 2: 
Volume 2 was nearly sold out completely within the first day of sales! (You guys are awesome! *__* ) This week it will finally come into bookstores, but I recommend ordering it or reserving a copy, since we had the same problem with volume 1…! that way you are guaranteed to get your copy. :'3

Crash 'n’ Burn 3: 
Whether or not Crash 'n'Burn will get a third volume, is entirely up to readers to decide… Best idea is to write Tokyopop (germany)  an e-mail asking for more! I personally still have a few stories up my sleeve…

English Version: 
If you are interested in an english version, please e-mail Yen Press and urge them to publish it in the USA and UK! yenpress[at]hbgusa.com

Thanks again for all who came by and made my con experience super fun once again!  ;) see you soon~ 

pippielongstocking asked:

I’m currently writing a paper for school about the writing process. I was just curious to know what is your writing process is like?

Great question!

Like many writers, my writing process is constantly evolving and is subject to whims. My process tends to vary from project to project, but there are a few things that stay the same (or similar) throughout:

1) I am a planner.

I tried winging a book once, and the results were not good. To this day, some of the worst writing I’ve ever committed to the page, and it wasn’t even my first novel! It was so bad I had to shelve it, and if I ever come back to it, I’m going to have to demolish it and start pretty much from scratch. That said, I like to have at least a few weeks of straight up planning before I begin to write. My planning phase involves writing down ideas, refining and summarizing the plot, doing research, coming up with a loose timeline and really loose scene list, and gathering inspiration. I prefer timelines and scene lists to outlines.

2) I am a drafter.

Novels are pretty much always written in drafts, but not everyone does a first draft, second draft, third draft, etc. Some writers do a draft, revise that draft, maybe do a second draft, then a polishing draft. Some writers do a first, middle, and last draft. There are lots of variations, and it’s okay to do whatever works best for you. I do at least two or three rewrites, but what I like to do is do a “save as” of my first draft as “draft two” to get a second copy of my first draft. Then I just create some space at the top and start re-typing from the beginning. This allows me to make changes as I go while keeping the text right there within easy reach. Every few paragraphs I’ll delete the bits I’ve already re-typed, but sometimes there are sentences, paragraphs, or even entire scenes that I know I’m not going to change much, so I can just backspace those up to meet the rest of the text to avoid re-typing them. This cross between re-writing and revising works really well for me.

3) Beta Reads on Draft Two

Some writers get feedback from critique partners first, but I like for my betas to read my second draft. This way, they get a version that isn’t raw but is early enough for me to make big changes. No matter what their feedback is, I can work with it and use it to make my story better. As an added bonus, they tend to point out smaller issues which I can iron out before my CPs get it.

4) Critique partner reads on Draft Three

My CPs get the version that has been improved with beta reader feedback, and since the smaller issues have been ironed out, they can focus on giving me feedback for bigger issues and “big picture” issues.

5) Final edits take awhile.

I’m really slow with my final edits. Painfully slow. 

6) Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I do usually take a short break between projects, but typically the next project starts bugging me as soon as I’m finished with the last one. I try to step away from the keyboard for at least a few days, though, and if I can, I try to make sure I spend some of that time outdoors, doing something fun.

Best of luck with your paper!

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)


So this happened, mostly because I hate myself and don’t understand the value of time. It’s all very inaccurate but heh. I tried to include everyone if I didn’t I’m sorry I missed you.  Under the read more if you want to know what’s going on because I actually thought about these.

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Originally posted by jikain


idol: chen ( exo )

genre: fluff
a/n: hey guys! i just need to stress that thank you so much for 200 followers. anyway, a while ago, we received a request for a certain camel bb scenario. should i make this multi part? <: ? this is kind of rushed as well, so please excuse any mistake!! ; ; enjoy.
here are some songs to listen to <3

Your phone buzzed to life, the ringtone chirping as your new alarm clock. Who the hell would be calling at… 2:36 AM? Of course. Nobody else, except the infamous Jongdae. He should be glad that he was your best friend, or you would have murdered him by now. Curiously, you grabbed your phone and tapped the screen to answer it.

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I am 20!!

Woke up sick and only got 4 hours of sleep last night, haven’t run in 5 weeks because of my injury, have more pimples than I have in a while, am v behind on my schoolwork, have 2 midterms and a paper to write this week, and have no idea who I even am. BUT I’m wearing my favorite sweater and sipping my favorite tea and am so sooo in love with life right now. I’ve come to terms with the fact that life is a fucking mystery and it’s up to me to solve it, or at least embrace it until I figure out my raison d’être.

I still have no idea what I want to do in life but I’m determined to wake up every morning and try my best to accomplish any short and long term goals that I set for myself. I’m really happy to be alive and am looking forward to living in the moment every single day for as long as I live. 5 months ago I never would have thought that I would even be saying these words, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come since then, and of how much I’ve blossomed in the past 20 years of my life into the person I am today.

Drabble #26

I would love it if you’d write about Mulder getting a little jealous over a guy coming onto Scully, but he’s trying to be casual about it. Preferable taking place before they get together.


Mulder finishes his interview with the waitress and turns. Some guy at the bar is trying to pick Scully up while she responds with the cold stare that is, unfortunately for her, arousing.


To some people.

Not that guy, not now, but eventually he’ll have to share her. It’s distasteful to imagine a third party in their dark and clandestine bubble. Someone else in her apartment at 2 AM when his best ideas happen, someone else eating half her egg roll and arguing against pineapple pizza.

A surgeon. A dentist. A guy for babies and Frisbees, for Christmas at Bill’s and July Fourth cookouts. Polo shirts and loafers.

He saunters over, taps her arm with his notepad. “Contact never showed, I guess?”

“Oh, hey, I didn’t know she was here with someone. Sorry, buddy.”

Scully’s eyes narrow. “You’re apologizing to him because you think I’m his property?”

“Whoa, hey, calm down babe.” A nod to Mulder. “Feisty little redhead you have there. True what they say?”

She slaps her badge on the counter.

Mulder waves bye-bye with the tips of his fingers when the man backs away. “You are kind of feisty though.”

“He asked if I wanted a glass of red to go with my hair.”

Mulder guffaws as though he can’t imagine a version of himself cockily asking her the same thing. “What an idiot.”

Scully shrugs, jaded.

He leans forward, batting his lashes. “My name is Fox, but you can call me tonight.”

“I’d rather call you a cab.”

He wonders how much longer he can go without kissing her.

March 28, 2016 - Wake up buddies!

So, you know how I’ve been trying to ease myself into this new life where I wake up really early (I’m a wake up late sleep late kinda person), I convinced one of my best friends to be my Wake Up Buddy. Basically, we both LOVE sleep, but we knew this was the best for us so to hold ourselves accountable we said that we would try our hardest to wake up at 6 and if one of us hasn’t called the other by 6:30 the other one has to call/text them to make sure they are up. Best idea ever.

I had time to make myself an actual breakfast and head to school early. I was done with my UWorld for the day by noon. Woohoo, what a dream. Previously I would be doing UWorld until 2-3 pm and then start with school work. 

In other news… I AM ALMOST DONE WITH UWORLD. Holy moly, ISP is coming way too soon. I had a meeting with my step advisor today and we planned almost hour by hour my schedule for ISP. Let me tell you, I am terrified of that baseline exam. Good thing I had dinner with some of my 3rd year friends and that helped calm some of nerves. 

I’ll leave you guys with a nice reminder I found today.