I cant stop listening to this song

i still stand 100% behind my very serious and long-held headcanon  that widowmaker’s visor thing has optional built in bluetooth speakers and that she’s just constantly listening to songs from the many weird french stage musicals of the late 90s and early 2000s at full damn volume while she snipes and we just cant hear it because blizzard does not own the legal rights to any of those musicals. thats why she keeps missing so many shots, she has to stop every so often to theatrically lip sync to all the really intense parts and gets distracted

 also her huntress skin is an actual outfit that she owns and wears in canon and she based its entire design off of that stupid fucking satin waistcoat that salieri wears in mozart l’opera rock. i fully understand that no one on this website has any goddamn clue what i’m talking about right now and thats fine but im going to need you all to validate me anyway

i hope heterosexual aromantics and asexual heteroromantic asexuals see or hear about their favorite animal today

i hope trans aces and aromantics get see a pretty sunset

i hope asexual and aromantic people smell a smell that reminds them of good memories

i hope ace/aro and poly sexual/romantic/amorous people find a new song that they cant stop listening to

i hope ace/aro spectrum people take a really good nap where they wake up and dont feel groggy at all

people need to realize theres a difference between being triggered and offended …. like for example, im triggered by certain songs. but if people listen to those songs, i dont tell them “hey you can’t listen to that song ever again because it triggers me”, because that’s just silly 

on the other hand, though, if someone is saying something like “lesbians are disgusting and ugly” then YEAH im gonna be offended, and yeah i’m gonna tell you to stop, because you are being offensive on purpose, and lesbophobia is something i cant really avoid 

and i think that’s where the whole “if we respected what people were offended by, we wouldnt be allowed to talk, ever!!” thing comes from. like no!!! understand the difference between triggering and offending someone !!!!!!! 

someone being triggered by something doesnt mean it’s inherently bad either, or that you’re not allowed to like the thing; it just means you should avoid exposing the person to the thing, thats literally it!!! 

and you could even compare it to allergies, for example. if a person is allergic to nuts, that doesnt mean you cant enjoy peanuts, that doesn’t mean you’re an awful person for eating peanuts, that doesnt mean theyre inherently bad; it just means that person is unable to be around them, and its not that hard to avoid exposing people to something they’re allergic to 

listen i cant stop thinking about a supercorp au based on ‘that would be enough’. Like theyre dating already and kara hasnt told lena that she’s supergirl, but she doesnt know that lena already figured it out. Then a group of dangerous aliens try to destroy metropolis so kara and a bunch of deo agents fly there to help clarke out. But before leaving she gives lena a shitty excuse of visiting her foster mom and ofc lena doesnt buy it. 

After a few weeks of fighting, lena’s worried sick for kara, and bc the alien war is all over the news, lena’s basically watching a livestream of it 24/7, she sees an alien shoot kara, and she sees kara fall, she holds her breath while silently rooting for kara to get up but she just stays on the ground. And lena’s had enough, she calls alex, tells her to bring kara home, tells her that maybe she can make a suit with winn that will help kara fight those aliens but she HAS to bring kara home because kara cant die.

so kara wakes up at the deo a few hours later and alex fills her in on why she’s back, she squeezes kara’s shoulder and goes outside to call lena (who has been patiently waiting for hours!!) and when lena sees kara she rushes up to her and kara’s like “how long have you known?” lena answers “about a month or so” “lena, you should have told me” “i called alex a night ago” “No” “i begged her to send you home” “you should have told me” “im not sorry.”