I cannot wait to play this

I cannot wait to move into my own apartment, where the walls are painted white and the only thing that’ll magnify colour will be my collection of rare art work sourced from random artists online. Vanilla candles will be lit in the evening - no form of fake energy seeming through bulbs, and the flickering of the flame will cause the shadows in the corners of the room to dance. My TV will be connected to my laptop and the sounds of reggae and soul will be heard throughout the entire house non stop. The aroma will be a mix of marijuana, washing powder and incense sticks and the house will remain minimal with hardly any furniture, so I’ll always have a clear mind. My new apartment will basically resemble the household my mother raised me in, peace and tranquility.
—  MR

Spending the day in Minneapolis with my little sister before she moves away to AZ. 🌵 Words can’t even describe how sad I am so see her and her husband and their sweet baby Giddy go. Soaking up the moments with all that we have. Shopping at my favorite locale, pizza for lunch, sweet treats at the candy shop and cozied on the couch chatting and playing with the babes. Cannot even wait to visit them in hot Arizona! 😭 Love you so much @danaetorres. Don’t goooo!

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  • me:[punches wall] IM SO PUMPED
  • me:[stares out window on overcast day]i dread it profusely
  • me:[break dances]I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE ENDING
  • me:[has existential crisis]i could probably wait forever to see the ending
  • me:[falls to my knees]THE WAIT IS AGONY
  • me:[falls all the way] the end of it is worse
  • me:[bursts through wall] ITS GONNA BE SO GOOD
  • me:[playing "rue's farewell"] it's gonna be the end of me
Let's talk about the crime wall.

Here’s a picture of the crime wall the morning of John’s wedding.

See in the reflection in the mirror? The crime wall is full of stuff. All the careful planning that Sherlock put into John’s wedding.

Now. Here’s a picture of the crime wall at the beginning of HLV.

It’s all gone! The wedding stuff is all gone! Sherlock (or someone else, but I’m guessing Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson knows better than to touch his stuff) took it down at some point in the month between the wedding and HLV.

Wait. Hold on. Think about that for one minute. Let’s think about what happened on the wedding day for Sherlock. He gets ready for the wedding. Goes to the wedding. The wedding plays out….the way that it did. Sherlock leaves the wedding early, because he simply cannot bear being reminded of the fact that he could have had true love, and instead he let it slip through his fingers.

He goes home. Opens the door, relieved that it’s all finally over with, relieved that he can finally escape. And:


This is literally what it looked like when Sherlock finally made it home after the wedding. He walks in and is assaulted by the wedding again. This time, with the full knowledge of what exactly it is that he had planned. He planned this. He did this to himself.

At some point, Sherlock had to remove every single one of those scraps of paper, pin by pin. Maybe he did it right then, in the dark. Maybe he did it in the cold light of day, early the next morning, after a sleepless night. It doesn’t really matter, does it. The wedding is over now. It’s done with.

Thanks to the lovely hopelesslybenaddicted for whipping up customized screencaps!

Dating Luke Would Include

• piggy back rides
• calling you “princess” in a raspy morning voice
• “babe can we watch spongebob”
• playing with his lip ring
• wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and resting his head on your shoulder
• him purposely putting your favourite foods on the top shelf because he knows you can’t reach them without him
• 90’s sitcom marathons
• him whimpering when you have sex
• him coming home with a huge box of doughnuts
• “luke you cannot eat all those doughnuts for dinner”
• you finding him asleep on the couch in nothing but boxers
• him rubbing the sleep out of his eyes “i tried to wait up for you”
• him always giving you his t-shirts to sleep in and getting upset when you don’t
• “babe we’re out of cereal”
• pouty lips
• him using his lip ring to its full advantage
• his hands tightly gripping your waist with his head thrown back in the pillows as you ride him
• running your hands through his hair as he hums
• sweaty after-sex cuddles
• sitting on the kitchen counter while he stands between your legs with his hands on your thighs
• him softly singing you to sleep
• him coming back from tour with a bunch of cheesy gifts that he bought whenever something reminded him of you
• wearing nothing but his flannels because you know it turns him on
• nuzzling his face into your neck
• his scruff tickling your skin
• just regular tickles
• untangling your legs from his after cuddles
• “babe don’t leave yet”
• grabbing your hand and pulling you back under the covers
• sticking your cold feet against his legs just so you can make him squeal
• probably lots of blanket forts
• sex in the blanket forts
• sweaty luke coming of stage and still being full of adrenaline so he takes you back to the tourbus while the others go to the bar
• struggling to fit in the bunk bc your boyfriend is a literal giant
• finding every excuse in the book to hold your hand
• “i’m the luckiest guy in the world and it’s all because of you, princess”

Showers With Calum Would Include:
  • “Wow Y/N, you really STINK”
  • “That was a joke. I was joking. You smell fine. The way you smell like flowers and honey all the time is one of my favorite things.”
  • Nelly playing in the background
  • Tracing his tattoos
  • “Wait, I have an idea.”
  • “No Calum, the dog cannot get in the shower with us.”
  • nose kisses
  • Him humming different bass riffs
  • Dancing terribly
  • Washing each other’s hair
  • “FUCK!”
  • “What???”
  • “I got soap in my eye. It’s okay. I’m okay.”
  • little pained noises :c
  • “I may have soap in my eyes, but I can clearly see that we need another dog.”
  • The smell of his body wash
  • bickering
  • “This is not like in the movies at all”
  • Him not putting on any clothes for at least an hour after getting out
  • “Really Calum? Not even underwear?”
  • “Look woman, I was born naked. This is how it’s supposed to be.”

so i made this thread on twitter, and of course….it was taken the wrong way. most times i never feel the need to explain my unpopular opinion but i’ve gotten so many “you tweeting like a pick me” and “i’m not waiting on no nigga” tweets at me since last night. i’m slightly irritated. YOU CANNOT BULLY A MAN INTO A RELATIONSHIP. It is not right nor is it fair. alot of women are so pressed for a relationship that they’ll push a man that doesn’t wanna be in one or isn’t quite ready then complain that he isn’t putting in effort. when i say ride the wave. i mean go with the flow. let things happen naturally. stop jumping into shit prematurely out of fear that you just gone be played. because when he told you what was up, you refused to accept and thought “you can change their mind.” no honey. men are NOT entitled to being in a relationship with you if. he. does. not. want. to. be. i don’t care how much trey from round the corner said your pussy make him cum, ion care if you support his dreams, suck his dick upside down, cook like his great great grandma, he’s not obligated to be with you. the sad reality is , relationships are not fairytales. they’re real. and when a man tells you he doesn’t want a relationship right now either he doesnt wanna be with YOU , (and thats ok) or he really just doesn’t want one. relax baby, if you not willing to let nature take its course with the one you’re interested in, then go find a nigga that wants to jump in a relationship right away too and be happy. but don’t lash at me. and don’t say i’m tweeting like a pick me darling when i’ve already been picked. i have a man. and guess what???? i didn’t force him to be mine either.

the signs as actual things michiru kaioh has done
  • aries:made usagi give over her rightful turn in a game by sparkling really, REALLY hard
  • aquarius:straight up stole a baby
  • cancer:called her gf at 2am because she wants to go see the ocean, and no, it cannot stand to wait until morning
  • capricorn:wistfully sighed 'it must be nice to be young' at a group of girls one year younger than her
  • leo:has presumably made a regular habit of juggling a lemon while playing violin
  • pisces:challenged a goldfish for her girlfriend's affections
  • libra:repeatedly used life-or-death situations as a platform for inappropriate sexual innuendo
  • virgo:bullied a girl to the brink of tears because she let her win at swimming
  • taurus:taunted her girlfriend with flowers she'd received from a male admirer, who was in fact ten years old
  • gemini:made a dramatic entrance to stop a villain indoors, got flustered and sincerely apologetic when villain pointed out she'd landed with her shoes on the table
  • scorpio:flat-out chose to bring about the apocalypse over letting her girlfriend get hurt and was not remotely sorry
  • sagittarius:turned to her gf with a look of genuine bafflement on her face and asked, 'what is a fart'

Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

And Eddie Redmayne playing a trans role…? Eddie Redmayne is brilliant. He is a brilliant actor. I cannot wait to see him do the role. I think he will be great.

Laverne Cox on Eddie Redmayne playing Lili Elbe

She also had this to say in the same interview: 

Both Elle Fanning and Eddie Redmayne have recently come under fire for playing trans characters. Do you think only trans actors should play trans roles?

I think only good actors should play those roles. [Laughing.] I haven’t seen Elle’s movie trailer yet, so I feel ill equipped to discuss it… But I did see the trailer for The Danish Girl and I am so excited. Lili Elbe’s story is so important. I hope they get it right. I don’t know what that even means, but I hope they do. I was in Berlin for the very first time ever this year, and I got to see photos of Hirschfeld’s clinic that was burned down by the Nazis. He had a clinic for human sexuality. Lili got her first gender confirming procedure there.

They were doing this in the ‘20s?! 

Isn’t it fascinating to think if it weren’t for fascism, if the Nazis hadn’t burned so many books, Weimar Berlin was a very accepting space for queer people, for trans people. Lili was able to change her gender marker and live as a woman all the way back in the 1920s! And where would we be as a community, even just in terms of medical progress, if all that knowledge hadn’t been suppressed by evil people? So that there’s a movie about trans history, I am so excited.

@robwilson-work designed this amazing logo for the first new podcast from Joseph Fink since Welcome to Night Vale (episode 1 coming March 8). It is a fictional podcast series telling the story of a truck driver (played by Jasika Nicole, @sugarbooty) who travels the United States in search of her wife. Jon Bernstein, @disparition, composed the music. It’s going to be great, and I cannot wait till we put it out into the world.

Alice Isn’t Dead isn’t related to Night Vale other than Joseph is writing it and it is a part of our new podcast network, Night Vale Presents. I don’t know if you know this about Joseph, but he likes writing and storytelling (don’t tell him I told you this), and this is a character and storyline he’s been working on for a while. So if you’re a fan of Night Vale, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this new show, these new characters, this new world.

I have another fiction podcast I’m working on right now, as well (more on that in the coming months), and Joseph and I are looking forward to producing new podcasts in the coming years.

We’ve already begun working with some amazing artists to create original podcasts, doing some cool new things and telling unique stories. We’re so thrilled to make more things for you, internet.

David Tennant and Kelly Reilly from Look Back in Anger (2005) for Tennant Tuesday

Richard Wilson is directing David and Sir Ian McKellen in a new Audio Play of Look Back in Anger for BBC Radio 4 this April (2016)