I cannot stop laughing

This year I’m a senior and since I was recently diagnosed with leukemia I wasn’t planning on going to my senior homecoming. My motto during my treatment is “take my hand and drag me head first fearless” and to “stay fearless”. Today my doorbell rang and my amazing friend Bridger was dressed as @taylorswift asking if I’d want to be fearless at homecoming!!! BEST DATE AWARD. LIKE EVER. 😹😻❤️👩🏼


“Iggy is authentic!!! She moved to America to become a rapper! AUTHENTIC!!!! RAPPER!!! TUPAC!!!" 

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auressea  asked:

Hello Sam, as a leading fan fiction writer [and all around consulting guru], how do you describe the difference between a "cross-over" and a "fusion"?

A crossover is where two different canons meet up, like, Sherlock Holmes hangs out with Pikachu. 

A fusion is where one universe is embedded within another, like, Sherlock Holmes is a Pikachu. 

Remember when Becky Rosen wrote Wincest?


Sam shivered as he leaned against the splintered wooden wall of the barn. His shoulder ached from his fight with the demon spawn Mar-Delok and his clothes were soaked from the cold rain which fell outside. He let the knife fall into the dust and turned to his brother.

Dean was shaken up. His chest was heaving with exertion and his shredded shirt was barely clinging to his muscular frame. Sam could see he was hurt. 

“Hey. Are you ok?” Sam stepped closer and put his arms around Dean. “We’re going to get out of this, they can’t keep us here long." 

The brothers huddled together in the dark as the sound of the rain drumming on the roof eased their fears of pursuit. Despite the cold outside and the demons who, even now, must be approaching, the warmth of their embrace comforted them. 

And then Sam caressed Dean’s clavicle. 

"This is wrong,” said Dean. 

“Then I don’t want to be right,” replied Sam, in a husky voice.