I can't win

  • Me:wow so Lil Cal's influence turned Bro into a capricious abusive plaything for Lord English
  • Homestuck fandom:yeah that's what it looks like
  • Me:so it's entirely possible that the same thing happened to Gamzee
  • Homestuck fandom:whoa no fuck off with that Gamzee apologism
  • Me:but Gamzee showed no sign of being violent before coming across Lil Cal and Gamzee explictly clarifies in canon that Lil Cal is responsible--
  • Homestuck fandom:Stop trying to excuse his actions
  • Me:i'm not i'm just trying to explain them--
  • Homestuck fandom:he's evil end of story
  • Me in a conversation:*impulsively blurts out something awkward and embarrassing before I can stop myself*
  • Me in class:*knows the answer to the question but says nothing for fear that I may somehow be wrong and then I'd look bad*

the thing about writing a story that ends really sadly is that even when you make happy or innocuous art from before the tragedy everyone’s tags are still like NO STOP YOU CRUEL BASTARD AUGH AUGH AUGH

shut up flo you’re in mexico get off of the internet buT TUMBLR no get off the internet it’s hot here and there’s sun and trees and shit bUT TUMBLR look at all of those goddamn waves flo TUMBLR waves, ocean, outside, wilderness TU M bLR you’re in fucking mexico i think u can last five seconds enjoying the goddamn beach BUT stop thinking about fictional couples and open your eyes BUT ITS TOO SUNNY no such thing SUCH