I can't seem to fall asleep

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hey... you seem like such a nice person and... i need to share. i woke up my parents at 2am crying and told them for the first time that i have depression and that i've hated myself from age 15 till now. they didn't really understand but they tried theyr best. now i just can't fall asleep and reading through your blog helps me calm down. so, thank you.

You sound well-surrounded, and I’m glad for that. What you did was super important, and super brave. I can’t imagine it must’ve been easy. Just don’t ever doubt that it was the right thing to come out and tell your parents.

Sorry I couldn’t answer your ask faster. But I hope you have a nice day anyway <3

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I can't seem to get even close to out of my body for astral and sometimes I even tend to fall asleep! Any tips for those starting out w astral travel?

There are some exercises that can help you achieve astral projection. A good one is as follows :   

(1) Relax. Sit on a chair or lie down on your bed. Make sure that you are comfortable.  
(2) Tense the muscles in your toes, curling them as tight as you can. Hold 5 seconds. Then let go. Now tighten your feet muscles and hold and release them the same way. Continue with your ankles, calves and knees, slowly working up your body until you reach your scalp. This method is called progressive relaxation.  
(3) Move your right arm upwards, and back down. Pay attention to everyone sensation you feel whilst doing this. Now imagine lifting up your arm, and bring this astral arm back down.  
(4) Repeat with your left arm, now try it with your legs. Repeat until you are confident that you can replicate every movement in the astral.  Now, looking at the ceiling, imagine floating up and ‘see’ the ceiling from around a foot above you. Lower yourself back down.  
(5) Now try sitting up. This may take a few tries and you might want to practice in physical first.  
(6) Now try to stand up. With any luck, your perspective will switch to your etheric body and you will be in the astral. If this doesn’t work first time don’t be discouraged, it will probably take a few weeks before you get the knack of it.

- Lana

  • Me: "Alright Brain, time to go to sleep now"
  • Brain: "Hm... I wonder what's going on on Tumblr now"
  • Me: "Dude, come on, I have to get up early tomorrow!"
  • Brain: "Oh, remember that cup of coffee you drank like 12 hours ago that seemed not to work? I can definitely feel it now!"
  • Me: "Are you kidding me? Just stop shitting around! I already only have 4 hours of sleep left"
  • Brain: "Ooooh, remember those really embarrassing moments that happened when you were a kid? Those moments you constantly try not to remember? Good times"
  • Me: "Let me guess. I'm not falling asleep any time soon, am I?"
  • Brain: "Yes"
blankets [mingkit]

a/n: i’ve been in a bit of a slump lately so this took me way too long to write. it’s the second 750 follower drabble for the lovely @nongkongphob who listened to me whine about being unable to write and therefore more than deserves it!

i’ll do the other prompts as well, i promise! it just might take me a while.

i can’t sleep, kit types and hits send. it only takes about half a minute for his phone to buzz with a reply.

thoughts of n’ming keeping you awake?, the stupid white speech bubble under beam’s name reads. kit frowns.

i’m not thinking about ming, he writes. he’s lying right next to me.

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To help write my recent fanfic, I actually made a few headcanons based on the prompt so…here they are!

Tadashi post the death of his parents

  • had a hard time adjusting to living in his aunt’s house. It just didn’t feel like home to him right away.
  • had trouble sleeping. he missed his parents and thought about them a lot at night.
  • ate, but ate slowly; small appetite. ate because he had to, but didn’t enjoy it.
    • Cass makes great food, but it’s just not quite like his mom’s.
  • missed watching TV and playing sports with his dad.
  • Hiro kept asking where their parents were and Tadashi explained that they’re gone, but he didn’t get too into detail. 
    • he was only three, so there’s a lot about what happened that he wouldn’t understand yet.
    • also Tadashi was trying to deal with it too/let all the information sink in.
  • Tadashi moped around the house. he didn’t isolate himself and he talked to Cass, but he was kinda quiet. 
  • played games with Hiro to distract himself. that’s when he was at his happiest. 
  • the day after they died, Tadashi didn’t go to school. Cass called his school and gave them the rundown of what had happened. 
    • he went to school the day after that though. he didn’t want to fall too far behind. 
  • school was an okay distraction. peers gave condolences, but he did his own thing. did his class/homework, but stayed quiet in class. 
  • constantly thought about his parents. he just could not believe they were gone just like that. 
  • dreams of them. not necessarily nightmares, just dreams where they’re okay and woke up to them still being gone. 
  • checked on Hiro in the night sometimes. he seemed at ease knowing his brother was sleeping well.
  • the overall adjustment took some time, but he eventually was able to be more like himself.
    • Cass assured him that they can talk about his parents at any time.
  • once he was able to find comfort in his new lifestyle, he felt happier.

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Hey I love the Bart Allen fanfic! I can't wait to see whats going to happen next on here :). Could I request the "Just jam your knee into my crotch. That'll be fine" with Dick Grayson? I don't know that just seems hilarious (don't do it if you aren't comfortable though or find it weird ). Once again LOVE YOUR STUFF SO FAR! -T

I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT! I apologize for posting this late but I’ve been busy with school and exams.

  “Move, my arm is falling asleep.”

  “At least you can breath. Get off me, Grayson.”

  The two of you groaned but complied to eatch other’s request. 

  “I hate cuddling. Just stay on your side and give me my own space,” you whined and turned your back to your boyfriend.

  “What space, Y/N?” He let out a small chuckle, “if I move an inch I’ll fall off.”

  “Then fall.”

  “Babe, stop being mean.”

  You could just hear him pout. You let out a small groan and turned your body towards him again, hugging his head on your chest.

  He had returned from his crime fightning activities two hours ago. After getting him patched up, he suggested you two cuddle. You didn’t want to, since the bed in your apartment was meant for one person only, but looking at his fluffy hair and blue eyes-they were begging you to say yes-you agreed.

  A decision you immensely regretted now.

  A schreech left your mouth as almost tumbled down the bed. Thankfully, Dick wrapped his arms around you, saving you. Sometimes. you were glad you had a hero as a boyfriend.

  You both let out an irritated sigh.

  “That’s it,” you scowled, “tomorrown we’re buying-,” you accidentally moved your legs a little to fast and ended up hitting Dick in his private parts. You gasped and flew up from the bed, while Dick clutched the throbbing area with a grimace on his face.

  He broke out in a cold sweat. “Just jam your knee up my crotch. This is fine.” His face was now red.

  Laugher bubbled up from your chest. You tried covering up your mouth with your hand, but it was in vain. Dick threw you dirty look and gritted his teeth.

  “Your boobs are small.”

  You kicked him off the bed. 

  “Suffer,” you said and walked out of the room, leaving Dick behind withering in pain 

You don’t deserve to be the last thing that crosses my mind before I fall asleep when you haven’t been a part of my life for months
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 14
“I can’t seem to forget you”
I would tell you about her eyes, but she’s heard everything I could ever say about them and I can never quite capture their depth in my explanation anyway. I would tell you about her lips, but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten what they look like because mine can’t stay away from them too long without the yearn to feel hers burn against mine. What I will tell you is that I am absolutely infatuated and captivated with the way she exists so beautifully with me.. to me. I’ve never believed in soul mates, but it’s as if I wasn’t really living before I met her. I always had to pick words from in between my teeth as if they had no meaning and force myself to feel. I always had my tongue between my teeth preferring spilt blood to spilt confessions. I avoided raw emotions, but this time is different. She does not let me hold back. She does not let me shy away from how I feel about her. She hides her smile behind her hands or shirt the same way the moon hides behind the clouds when I look at her and tell her she’s absolutely beautiful. She smirks when I pull her closer and kiss her like it’s the only thing I would ever want to spend my time doing… because it is. I could spend the rest of my life kissing her. Her hips, my god, they are shaped like they are made to be watched and held by my hands, as I pull her into me every chance I get. She sways with me in the soft glow of her bedroom light and it’s like we dance to the hum of our favorite songs. I can’t sleep before she does because I need to feel her body become still inside of mine. She curls into me and I can feel every one of her muscles relaxing as I tuck her hair behind her ear and kiss her cheeks and breath I love you as she peacefully and safely falls asleep. I fell in love with the way time seems to exist everywhere, but with us. As if the clocks refuse to move another second when we kiss. What I can tell you is I keep getting lost in her smile and eyes and quite frankly I hope I never find my way out.
—  Ethan Chamblee
First StarkStrange HC
  • Me: regarding the movie i love how much of an asshole and smartass strange is , i literally got so many StarkStrange ideas with how similar their personalities are , and then his hands ! How important they are to someone like Strange and Tony god the ideas and that i got from that alone ! but yes i love the cloak (cap) thing which also gave me a bunch of fic ideas. honestly i cant wait to see it again . very impressed with marvel again .
  • and did you stay for the ending credit scenes ? cause the movie had two of them , which gets me excited for what's next .
  • Zhou: I've seen both ending scenes a few times. Laughed my ass off at Thor and they're moving to comic Mordo. Very exciting.
  • I also have so many ideas. But mostly I kinda want them cuddling under the cloak n holding hands.
  • Me: omg i was not expecting to see Thor in that ending credit scene. but as soon as i saw him i was like "does this mean Strange is gonna be in the next Thor movie !? cause i know the Hulk is gonna be in it but damn that would be awesome !"
  • please tell me these ideas you have , right now ill i can think about is them (StarkStrange) and its my current addiction.
  • Zhou: Ok! Ideas! They both had horrible experiences in space. Tony with the nuke n suffocating in that portal and Strange with dormamu killing him over n over again. So what if one day they're talking and Tony lets slip that he used to love space. They end up sharing their experiences. Strange gets annoyed that something they loved was taken from them and starts trying to fix it. By finding the most beautiful places in space to show Tony. Helping both of them let go of their fear in the process.
  • Or the cloak following Tony like a puppy and Tony just kinda treats it like one of his bots. Teases it, pats it just generally adores it. Dum-e and the others like to play tag with it and Strange can't help but find it all adorable.
  • Me: soo cute , the space thing never even crossed my mind that was genius .
  • and the cloak , to add on . it seems like the cloak always knows when Tony is getting tired . it'll just show up and wrap itself around Tony and the warmer he gets the more tired he gets until eventually he just falls asleep . and then the cloak just wraps itself around him and floats him up to bed or to Strange like "i have brought you your human, take care of him."
  • i had ideas where Tony calls him C , like Strange walks in the room and the cloak isnt on his shoulders and he's just like "Where's C at?" and then he feels the cloak wrap around his shoulders, and then he gives him nicknames like Cloaky , C , my warm baby , floaters . gives the cloak a birthday . makes sure all the babies get along like introducing the Cloak to Dum-E and the bots as their new sibling (kind of being gender neutral with the cloak and i think Tony would too)
  • or Tony having an actual interest in magic because he loves knowledge , and with how smart Strange is in their downtime they pick random subjects to learn about together. Like Tuesday nights is Foreign Languages , Thursday is some type of science and Sunday's they study magic together .
  • Zhou: All of that. That's perfect. "Here is your human. Care for him." I love it! And learning together is the cutest thing. I want all of it.
The signs as things my Scorpio boyfriend has said
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> "If someone did something bad to you, I would kill him!"<p/><b>Taurus:</b> "I don't know what to do. I need time...which I don't have."<p/><b>Gemini:</b> "You'll always be the cutest potato sack."<p/><b>Cancer:</b> "I'm here to teach you how to cook and how to be cute, okay?" <p/><b>Leo:</b> "The first thing you have to do to be confident is to trust yourself."<p/><b>Virgo:</b> "I would always listen to you, that's one of the things you do if you're in love with someone."<p/><b>Libra:</b> "Every decision we make in our life, defines us and we can't avoid making wrong decisions, we have to handle that and make the best of it."<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> "Nobody can answer the question why it's you, not even god. But maybe I can answer it by being there for you my whole life, in good and in bad times." <p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> "New country, new people, just the two of us and more than 2000 miles, it's going to be great." <p/><b>Capricorn:</b> "I can't be neutral. It's like something inside of me forces me to handle." <p/><b>Aquarius:</b> "It seems like even the stars are wanting it."<p/><b>Pisces:</b> "One of the greatest things we can do in summer is lying on a field, listening to the other's heartbeat and just telling each other our thoughts until we both fall asleep."<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

I want delicate love and fiery
passion I want to be pushed
up against the wall and kissed
so fiercely as if you’re afraid I’ll
disappear when you let me go
but I also want to have you sit
across from me and tuck stray
strands of hair behind my ear
before cupping my cheek to
kiss me so gently and so softly
on my lips that I can feel how
deeply you care for me just
from this one gesture.

I want to get lost in fits of
giggles and laughter with you
at three in the morning over
bad pick up lines right before
we lose ourselves to each other
in between the sheets.

I want to be there for you when
the world makes you want to
curl up in the shadows of your
bed and shy away from the light
because you deserve to be held
through the pain even when
you’re not ready to explain why
you’re hurting.

I want to argue over both stupid
and serious issues with you that
will test us because I know we
can make it through them even
when the outcome may seem
hazy but I believe in us and I will
always believe in us because

I want you and I want all that
comes with it because to me
you’re worth it.

—  Saying “I love you” just sometimes doesn’t feel like enough - j.e.o.

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part of GD's lyrics in 'Sober' are "I can't do anything. I can't fall asleep without you." isn't nyongtory known for sleeping together in the same bed? &amp; Ji always hugs seungri to sleep? OMG????

Ok here is my full theory:

The name of the song is called “SOBER” and “sober” technically means not being drunk or high or being in your right mind and the theme of the song is not wanting to be “sober” hence the the lyrics “It’s hard for me to be sober”, “I hate being sober” but I don’t think they are taking about “sober” as in not being drunk or high although it does seem like they are on some kind of drug but I think that was more for the creativity of the MV, but “sober” as in not wanting to face or accept reality because of their idol life.
I think GD’s scenes and verses are about the two sides of him.
The human Kwon Jiyong and G-Dragon the celebrity.
I also think it’s also Jiyong the one with the pink pants.
In the beginning it shows Jiyong literally coming out the closet so that obviously symbolises Jiyong wanting to reveal his sexuality, then it switches to G-Dragon being outdoors with a bunch of beds goofing off and starts rapping…
“Stop acting like you’re all that
You’re actually the most pathetic
Yeah, Try to provoke me even more,
So I can have some fun for a moment”
I think he is either 1: Trying to tell the human Kwon Jiyong to stop thinking he is all that when he is in G-Dragon mode because it’s pathetic because he knows in real life he’s not really like that and that Jiyong needs to step his provoking skills up to provoke G-Dragon to come out or be more true to himself so in the meantime he is still going to have fun while he is still G-Dragon the celebrity.
Or 2: He is telling that to Seungri because Seungri comes next after GD and Seungri’s verse is self explanatory, it goes…
“If you only chase after money, power and fame,
Your crotch is gonna rip and you’re gonna fall,
They say love is good, friendship is good,
But be warned, the back of your head might be in pain”
I think Ri is telling that to G-Dragon the celebrity since he came right after him.
And as Seungri is singing that, a scene of G-Dragon the celebrity laughing appears so I guess that symbolizes how G-Dragon doesn’t listen to Ri so he is mocking him by laughing at him.
Then after Seungri, goes YB and after YB goes GD again and his scene goes back and forth with Jiyong being miserable throwing flowers and rolling around the bed and G-Dragon jumping and running around being happy so I think Jiyong is showing us how miserable he could end up if he does come out or he is still having a hard time accepting who he really is or he regrets coming out because he is singing
“It’s hard for me to be sober,
I can’t do anything” so I think it means it’s hard for him to be his true self and how he can’t do anything about it because of Korea being homophobic and G-Dragon the celebrity is still happy because he still gets to enjoy the luxuries of being a celebrity even if he is not true to himself and “I can’t fall asleep at night without you” could be about Nyongtory like you said because of how they are known for sleeping together.
The ending is where you can see how LOSER and SOBER MV and IF YOU connect.
Seungri is singing GD’s Crooked remix (Without You)
“Without you, everything is hard
Without you, this dark night, this cold world
It’s too hard for me” and is searching for what it looks like GD but gets lost so I guess that means Ri wants to give him another chance but can’t find him and then GD appears going towards the “One Way” sign just like the one in LOSER and behind it there’s another sign that says “Dream” so I guess it means there is only “One Way” he can reach his “Dream” and in LOSER MV it seems GD is confused as to what path to take so in SOBER GD finally made a decision and it seems he chose his career which is why he kissed the girl because he needs to keep a “straight” image for his career so it’s like he basically cheated or left Seungri just like the girl in LOSER MV but notice that as G-Dragon is getting intimate with the girl, he starts singing…
“Without you, I’m still left alone here, I’m waiting for you”
And then it shows Jiyong the human being getting happy and holding flowers which I think means he was finally getting to accept who he really is and was going to give those flowers to Ri but as G-Dragon kisses the girl, he sings “But I’m a fool, no no no” and Jiyong punches the wall so I guess Jiyong was trying to tell Ri he chose him and that he was alone without him and waiting for him but G-Dragon took over him and was a fool for choosing the girl so I guess Jiyong punched the wall because he realized his mistake for leaving Ri because in LOSER MV also had a “Do not enter” sign so GD obviously made the wrong choice in choosing his career because he lost Ri so then that’s when IF YOU comes next.
In the beginning of IF YOU, the last verse TOP sings goes…
“I’m standing absently like a fool” Just like how Jiyong said in SOBER that he was a fool.
And then after Seungri sanged…
“Thinking of old times” in IF YOU, GD whispered “Yeah” so that could also mean something and since IF YOU is about a break up and trying to get back together, maybe that’s why they didn’t make a MV for IF YOU because maybe GD and Ri’s LOSER solo clip mash-up was intended to represent IF YOU, at least that’s how I see it.

This is so long so I hope this was understandable and I apologize if this is so delulu of me to think of it as this but this is just my theory.
And this is also for the anons and ppl who messaged me asking for my opinion on SOBER and IF YOU so I decided to kill multiple birds with one stone. =∩_∩=

it's 7am and I can't fall back asleep so let's speculate some shit.

Alright so y'all may have already seen the new title cards for episodes 6, 7, and 8 of Minecraft: Story mode. I’ve seen people crying but it seems we don’t have any speculation yet so let’s do this shit.

Well would you look at that I already tainted this shit with my fat ugly handwriting for something that was already painfully obvious. Listen folks I don’t own a tablet pen and don’t ever plan on owning one so you’re going to have to deal with it. Anyway well look at that shit, the title is even enlightening us on this grand mystery. Well as you can Cleary see that shit is made of gold and a gold portal isn’t a thing we’ve ever really seen in any version of minecraft. So I’ve got two ideas for this one, both of which are based off of the foreshadowing at the end of ep. Four. Remember what that dude said? “There are many worlds other than this one” or some shit? Idk man I think thats some important foreshadowing if you ask me.

1: Server concepts. The MC community is big and you can really see that on: guess what: SERVERS! Especially those hunger games and factions servers. Boy, imagine the new order getting caught up in THAT shitshorm…

2: We’re going modded. Holy shit are modded survivals popular or what? With how cool some mods are and how popular they are in the MC community, I wouldn’t be suprised if they did some touching up on that. Poor jesse tho…

First thing that comes to mind when I see this:  "Give us the child"

Yeah but I think we’ve got a Petra, Lukas, And Ivor theme going on here bc we haven’t seen Ax or Olive in a while. Anyway so as you can see here we got pirate girlfriend and Gandalf the salty fighting over who gets poor ol’ Jesse J. Poor guy. It looks like he’s getting a frighten. Well behind them we’ve got a Redstone portal, which I’m kinda in the dark about. Maybe it’s a portal to the coding of the game? Are we going matrix or something? Probably. Looks like we’re also having a REAL splitting arc as well unlike ep. 2 which I think did that poorly. Go with your badass girlfriend or angry salty person who knows a lot of shit? The choice is yours. Have fun in the matrix.

Aww :(:(:( a journeys end :(:(:( how sad :(:(:(

Well pull your pants back up bitches bc theres a question mark at the end there. See it? That asshole right there may as well be our savior. Anyway our friends here look like they in a hurry. Probably running from something. With claws. And big teeth. And WAIT IS THAT A SEA LANTERN + GOLD PORTAL??? Well shit looks like we’re going to something like a special dome city hidden under the ocean or something? Or is that the portal out bc something bad happened and they’re gonna drown to death unless they get in there at top speed? All I can tell is that there’s a sea theme here. Oh yeah and again with the Petra and Lukas theme. 


So…I’m going to get eaten alive for this idea, but what if they involve youtubers in these episodes? Like I know it sounds like shit but stick with me and think about it for a sec. Youtubers made minecraft something huge and without them it definitely wouldn’t be as massive and popular as it is today. So like maybe they’ll play around with something like that. Like…one of those portals is to an alternate universe, where instead of the order of the stone they have…get this…Team Crafted? Eh? Eh? Yeah I know it’s cheesy but it would still be really intresting in my opinion.

Alright I’ve been working on this post for a whole hour. It’s 8:00am now. So that’s enough speculation for today. I’d love to see comments about your opinions in the tags for those of you who reblog this. Thanks for reading nerds

won't you come to me and rest (a snowbarry drabble)

Barry’s been having trouble sleeping and goes to Caitlin for help.


Caitlin’s always been an observant person; it’s just the scientist within her. She really can’t help it, especially when it comes to Barry. So, over the past week or so, as his speed has started to slowly decrease and the bags under his eyes have grown darker each day, it’s hard for her not to notice. It’s even harder for her not to say anything. She’s concerned, of course, but she’s been making an effort to not give voice to each small worry of hers. Barry’s proved to her time and time again that he can make it through pretty much anything. He’s not invincible, she knows this, and they haven’t been without their close calls, but she believes in him more than she’s ever believed in anything. So she bites her tongue each day, confident with her decision to let him work through it on his own.

She lasts until three o'clock on Thursday morning, when Barry decides to start pounding away on her door.

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I want to eat Chipotle with you and trade spoonfuls. Then have a chat at your favorite cafe whose name I can't seem to say right. Maybe catch a movie that will make you do that adorable laugh. And have a candlelit dinner where I've already asked the band to sing your favorite song. And after the day is done, I can hold your hand and keep you warm. As you fall asleep on my shoulder I'd whisper that I love you, because you don't know it yet. But I do.


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How can I avoid to stay up late? I mean I am tired but I can't sleep. Nothing seems to work. Also I can't get out of bed in the morning because I'm tired. I sleep at around 1am and I have to get up around 6:30am or 6:50am so that's problematic..

Hello. Here are a set of tips:

  • Avoid caffeine, sugar and salty foods(potato chips…) before going to sleep. I am not sure if it really does give you have a harder time to fall asleep, but you can try it. There are some people that I know of who drink coffee before they sleep and they do not have any issue at all.
  • Focus on sleep: Do not try to read another chapter of a novel/fanfic before going to sleep. I thought that it would help me become tired to the point that I would automatically fall asleep. But, it is not the case. You end up wanting to read another chapter and another, until you will fall asleep because you read so many.
  • Same goes for Netflix, and video games. One more episode and one more mission end up making you forget that you have to sleep.
  • Put on some music: I listen to music before I fall asleep. Put on some calming/instrumental/sad music and it will help you fall asleep. 
  • Dark room? I close the door to my room when I sleep. It helps me fall asleep. Normally, I have my blinds slightly open so the light from the sky and the moon(if I can see it) are only things that slightly illuminate my bedroom. The last thing I see before falling asleep is the nightsky. 
  • Clearing Thoughts: If you have a lot on your mind, it will be difficult to fall asleep. Try to set aside the thoughts of what occurred in the past and in the present. 

Best of Luck.