I can't hear you I have a banana in my ear

voltron characters as things my cousin and i have said
  • Lance: walk slower! i'm applying chapstick!
  • Pidge: sleep is such a waste of time. like do you know how many things i could have done in the time i slept? a lot.
  • Hunk: the bananas blend in with the ground, okay?!
  • Coran: i guess milliseconds go by quickly.
  • Shiro: what the frick frack is this buffoonery.
  • Allura: heels make me feel empowered though, like i could stomp on anyone who wrongs me.
  • Keith: i can't do anything without being criticized of being a farmer!
  • Shiro, about Slav: all i hear is aggressive mumbling.
  • Matt, about the first Galra he saw: look at those ears. he could fly away with those.
  • Zarkon, about Thace: how dare he bow to me and then betray me!

ryvetted4  asked:

Hi, for the prompt ideas could you do Sterek and "You can't keep kissing strangers and pretending that it's him!!"

1086 words, i broke my own rules on the first try. keeping it brief is hard work.

Someone knocks on the stall door. Stiles isn’t paying much attention to his surroundings; most of his focus is on the mouth on his neck and the hand down his pants - but he sighs and says, “It’s occupied.”

The knock comes again, more forcefully. “Stiles,” Scott’s voice hisses.

The guy Stiles is sharing the stall with lifts his head, eyebrows rising. “That your boyfriend?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “No.” He raises his voice so Scott knows it’s directed at him. “If you’re leaving, go ahead. I’ll be home later.” The guy grins at him; Stiles grins back.

“Stiles,” Scott says again, exasperated. He rattles at the stall door. “Come on!”

Stiles heaves an irritated sigh. “One sec,” he tells the guy, and crowds him back so he can unlock the door, pulling it open enough so that he can glare out at Scott. “Will you please leave?”

“No,” Scott says. “Come on, man, this isn’t good for you. You know that.”

“No,” Stiles says icily, “I don’t. I’m having fun, Scott, I - ”

“You can’t keep doing this,” Scott says, his face creasing with worry. “You can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that it’s him!”

Stiles’ mouth snaps shut, heat flooding his cheeks.

“Sorry,” Scott says softly. “I shouldn’t have - sorry.”

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