I can't even

i look at the moon but i don’t see the moon.
i see your voice over text saying
“god, have you seen the moon tonight?”
no, i have not seen the moon tonight.
but i’ve seen god.
i’ve seen him. really.
he was playing the trumpet just yesterday
on the corner of an east london street.
he played a song from the godfather because
he’s somebody who knows about love and death.
the closest i’ve come to death is
when i think of the time you came
closest to touching me.
maybe touching is overrated.
the closest i’ve come to love is when i imagined you
kissing my throat while it was sore.
i always imagine your mouth on my throat.
i imagine my throat tap dancing on the moon.
i imagine god holding out the moon
in his palm.
i imagine god telling you that if you’re
going to believe in anything, let it be this
person and their question-mark-shaped neck.
ask them everything your teachers shrugged at.
but then i hear your voice and i’m not imagining it.
you’re saying:
‘nothing exists. nothing exist. not even god. not even you.’
and so the moon disappears, and you
disappear, and your mouth on my throat
turns into a forged novel that’s been found out.
look. listen. it’s over.
the sea of tranquillity is already
halfway down your oesophagus.
you can’t expect anything to save this now.
—  Salma Deera, Nobody Won

This parade at Disneyland looks like fun! I sure hope they do it at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

This just in, my cat loves Jensen Ackles

I have a black & white house cat, who likes to chill with me when i’m on the computer, and every time Jensen comes up on my dash she stares at the screen really intently, with her ears up and her eyes all wide, and starts purring at him. I’m not even kidding you right now. She just put her head down on my keyboard while I was putting a gif of Dean into a reply, and did that dreamy-eyed stare thing while purring at the screen. This experience has been so cute that I might actually explode. 

The first thing Emma said to Henry to write was to bring back Hook.

The first thing Emma did when she woke up was look for Hook. 

The last thing Emma did was tell Hook she loved him.

Killian sacrificed his life for her and Henry. 

He didn’t even know what she meant to him- he took her word. 

The first thing he did when he woke up was look for Henry to make sure he was okay.

He begged her NO, PLEASE, DON’T.

The camera panned to his face at the end.

If this isn’t the story of FUCKING TRUE LOVE, I don’t know what is.

Heat is Doubling Down on a Completely Debunked Story

By heatworld heatworld on Tuesday, 19 May 2015 at 10:33

Last week, heat revealed the (heartbreaking) news that Harry Styles is off the dating market, because he’s got a secret, normal girlfriend – talent manager Joy Muggli.

And now, we’ve spoken to Joy’s mum, who lifted the lid on how her daughter first met the One Direction star.

“They met through mutual friends,” Daniela Gronna tells us from her home in LA, adding, “Joy knows a lot of people.”

Joy works with Harry’s friend, music agent Jeff Azoff, and she’s also mates with 1D’s guitarist Dan Richards, so it’s inevitable they’d cross paths eventually.

One reason we think Harry’s fallen for her (except the fact she’s a total hottie, obvs) is that Joy wasn’t a 1D super-fan.

Joy and her mum Daniela

“She used to be a fan of Hilary Duff when she was young,” says her mum. “She did like One Direction’s music, along with all the other music she listened to, but I wouldn’t say she was a fan.”


I am in AWE at the chutzpah!