I can't breathe

Me, after registering at Wizard World Philly: “Is there a schedule of times for all Sebastian’s photo ops and autograph sessions?" 

Nice lady 1: "Yes, you can find a schedule at Sebastian’s booth inside. It’s in the back on the… left?" 

Nice lady 2: "Yeah it’s on the left, because we moved Mackie to the right to keep them apart." 

Me: "I’m sorry, did you say you have to keep Sebastian and Anthony apart?”

Nice lady 1: “Yes, because they get into trouble if we don’t. They have been silly stringing each other and the staff. We had a volunteer directing people and they both completely covered her head in silly string." 

Me: ”….you’re joking.“ 

Nice ladies 1 & 2, looking slightly disgruntled: "No. We aren’t." 

You guys. The staff of Wizard World Philly have literally been instructed to keep Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie separated. Because they are silly stringing themselves, others and the venue.

  • *Roses Scabbard airs*
  • Damn, that was gay. Doesn't get much gayer than-
  • *Jailbreak airs*
  • Damn, that was gay. Can't possibly get gayer than-
  • *Cry for Help airs*
  • Oh my god that dance was so gay. There's no way it-
  • *Keystone Motel airs*
  • It can't possibly get gayer than that endi-
  • *Hit the Diamond*
  • *Mr. Greg airs*
  • Okay. Maximum level of gayness has been reached. Can't possibly top-
  • *Last One Out Of Beach City airs*
  • *slow claps* One doesn't just create that level of gay.... this is a gift.