I can't at all


save him. 

important q's to ask yourself

does harry’s character know how to swim? is harry’s character v emotional and/or aggressive?? how much will harry’s character miss his family?? what will harry’s character development be!!? how much blood is harry’s character going to lose?! who will be harry’s characters support system? and most importantly, will harry’s character survive and make it back home in one piece??!?


It’s unsurprising that they’ve ended up at the only place open at midnight on a Saturday that doesn’t want to get you drunk—Denny’s.

richonnegrimes → nathaandrake

DON’T FREAK OUT. This is only a temporary change until twd is off hiatus. I’m still a twd blog and I’m still going to be posting twd as I always do! 

new ds media muses: *are accepted*
actual ds media mom jenny heo: loOk at all my new children

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who are your friends here?

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In no order ~ these are the lovely people I’ve known for ages and they might not consider me a friend but I’ll always care for them deeply! I’m sure I forgot someone! It’s so hard to keep up with everyone these days since everyone is leaving but these lovelies have my heart and so do a lot of you!!

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You should read my immortal tho. It's an expierence for a lifetime. Your world will never be the same again.

I’ve skimmed parts of it so I kind of know what I’m missing out on. But I haven’t even read The Life And Times yet. If I’m going to read a fandom classic that’s my first choice.

can’t sleep so here take this drawing of my favourite Paladins I did yesterday when I couldn’t sleep *jazz hands*

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