I can so tell them apart

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Sorry if this is nosy. But how did you get together with them? From what I can tell, don't you guys live pretty far apart? Just curious how that works. Also, congrats. Happy your happy :)

So this took me several hours to answer because it literally engendered a one to two hour discussion between the three of us and basically we have no idea how or when it happened. We are long distance and that introduces a note of… ambiguity. 
Essentially, Sarah and I became friends, talked ALL THE TIME (I used to stay up all night to get to talk to her when she got up in the morning and the boyfriend asked me the other night what my reasoning for doing that was, and my only response was “… I never thought about it.”), and we got really close. Kept discussing poly “in theory” and then ignoring everything until one day after literally months of avoiding talking about the subject the boyfriend pointed out to Sarah that we were dating and yeah that happened. 
Then the boyfriend and I started talking because we were with the same person so it felt kind of important and then whoops we were like “hey so I really like you too…” 
So anyway yeah we are pretty far away but we have some nice long visits planned that we’re reeeaaally looking forward to. Until then, lots of video chatting! 

Things I wish someone would’ve told me before I started working with crystals

1. There is no one correct way to use crystals.  You could use them to help you meditate.  You can use them to bring a specific type of energy into your space or your body or your spirit.  You can use them in place of something on an altar (for example, my apartment doesn’t let me use candles so I use pyrite to represent fire when I work).  You could carry them around with you to attract something.  You can use them however you see fit.

2.  You may connect with one type of crystal and not at all with another type.  You will hear a lot of people tell you that “____ is a great crystal for beginners because everyone can work with this” and that’s BS.  You may not feel connected to a certain type of crystal AT ALL.  AND THAT’S OK!  Personal example, I had read somewhere that a good crystal for students was fluorite, so I went out and got a fluorite.  I didn’t connect with fluorite whatsoever.  It didn’t sync up with me, and so I hardly ever use it.  On the other hand, the first time I ever picked up a smoky quartz I just KNEW it was for me.  I deeply resonate with smoky quartz still to this day.

3.  You may connect with one SPECIFIC crystal, and not at all with a different crystal of the same kind.  And, again, that’s ok.  Certain crystals will just call out to you more than others.

4.  Certain crystals will want to be used for certain purposes.  I have a crystal that is specifically used for headaches.  I tried using it for other things and it just felt weird.  The only purpose I felt at ease using that crystal was for headaches. Your intuition will help you with figuring out how crystals want to be used. 

5.  If you can’t feel crystal energies from the get-go, that’s ok.  Keep working at it and don’t give up.  It comes more naturally to some.  I was one of those people who didn’t really feel it much to begin with, except for smoky quartz.  I had to train myself to do so, and once you get into that state where you can feel the energies, it will be so exciting.  When you feel it, you’ll know.

If anyone wants to add to this, feel free to do so!  This is based off of personal experience, so if anyone has had different experiences and wants to add those too, have at it!

Best things about Achievement Hunter
  • The GTA Heists videos where they actually pretend to be their characters
  • When someone makes a song reference they all break out into song together and its beautiful
  • They literally got a bunch of their inside jokes made into a cartoon and then made those inside jokes sad
  • Every single one of them are lovable dorks
  • AHWU
  • The fucking shipping jokes
  • Apparently Ryan and Jack can’t even tell their own voices apart while re-watching videos
  • Achievement City
  • They’re all like one big huge lovable family and it’s so great it’s just so amazing
  • Gavin’s bird noises
  • I don’t know everything?? Yes.
the signs getting told that their outfit is ugly
  • Aries:*turns to a random person* "I think this person is talking to you???"
  • Taurus:*grabs the persons hand* "I think we need to get you to the eye doctors asap"
  • Gemini:"HAHA good joke tell me another one"
  • Cancer:*raises their eyebrow* *looks them up and down slowly* "are you sure you can judge?"
  • Leo:"Yea and your outfit looks so good!... wait is it not opposite day?"
  • Virgo:*gets super confused because they cant comprehend the idea that they look anything other than incredible*
  • Libra:"honey please this outfit costs more than you are worth"
  • Scorpio:*calmly explains to the person that they are just projecting their insecurities onto other people and then walks away calmly while the person sits there falling apart*
  • Sagittarius:*laughs hysterically* *walks over to their friends and tells them what happened* *all collectively points and laughs at the person*
  • Capricorn:*throws whatever that they are holding at the person then acts like nothing happened*
  • Aquarius:"Yea your probably right but I chose to look like this whats your excuse?"
  • Pisces:"... and yours isnt?"
I hope we’ll get lucky enough to grow old together. You see them on the street, those couples who’ve been married so long you can’t tell them apart. ‘How’d that be?’ ‘I’d love to look like you,” I said. 'I’d love to be you.
—  Paula McLain, The Paris Wife
Long distance love never ends to astound me. You fall in love with every part of them. In a simple text I can tell how her eyes light up as she watches her favourite show. Or how happy she is as explains her nerdy passion, how she smiles and giggles when you send her messages. You learn to recognize the smallest subtleties, when they are upset. How they get quiet or always message the same things when they are sad and need help but don’t want to bother. I can tell when she is sleepy and when she is stressed. The love becomes so deep and rooted into your soul that you remember everything. You learn to cherish the smallest things, you learn how freaking lucky everyone who gets to see your love everyday is. And that they probably don’t notice how much privilege they have. Most importantly you learn how to love unconditionally and to trust someone who is miles and miles away. If that doesn’t blow you away, I don’t know what will. And promise me when you find someone that makes you feel this way, the way of closeness and bliss, don’t ever leave them. Because you have something like I do and it is worth the pain and distance you have something mind blowing.
—  Long distance lover
I keep checking my phone to see if I got a text message from you, only to remember that we don’t talk anymore. I can’t forget how your soft kisses felt, and now I find myself wondering if they ever meant anything to you. You’ve left so many parts of yourself with me, I can’t tell them apart from the parts of myself. I can’t help but miss you, you were my home. I can’t be away from you for too long before I begin to feel homesick. You told me that you couldn’t give me everything, and I didn’t understand why you thought I wanted everything from you. I never wanted anything but you, all of you, and you couldn’t even give me that.
—  m.o.w, i only wanted all of you
Moving Out and Getting an Apartment, Part 1: Are You Sure?

So you want to move out? Congratufuckinlations. But before you do, let me tell you something: you can’t just move out. It’s not that easy.

Are you even old enough to move out? I’m so sick of hearing 17-year-olds whine about their parents and having everything served to them free of charge. Oh my God, I can’t believe your mom made you clean your room that you live in rent free that’s full of shit you didn’t pay for. You have no idea what getting an apartment means or costs. That’s why you’re here.
Can you even afford to move out? Because it’s more than just rent. When I shared an apartment, I paid $360 for my half of rent—which was damn cheap compared to what I’m looking at in Chicago. So first things first, know your area. Figure out what rent will cost you. See if you even fucking have that money in your account. More than that, make sure you have more than one month of rent in your bank because no one wants to house your poor ass and have you move out a month from now.

But moving out is so much more than rent. Chances are, you don’t know how easy you had it living at home. You’re gonna pay rent. You’re gonna pay for utilities. You’re gonna pay for your electricity and your water and your sewage. Yeah, that’s right, sewage. You literally have to pay to use the bathroom in your own goddamned place. That shit ain’t free. Neither is your shower or brushing your teeth or using the stove and air conditioning in the summer? Forgeddaboutit.

You also need to pay for food. No more going to the fridge and grabbing whatever you want. No more texting mom to pick up milk or ice cream or whatever your pansy-ass self is used to receiving on a silver platter. Uh uh, that shit don’t fly on your own. You probably don’t even realize how much you eat or how much it’s going to cost you. Go check out the USDA’s website and figure out what your average cost will be. Yeah, there’s math involved here. I bet you were that kid in the back of the class who never paid attention because no one uses maths in the real world. God, I hate that kid. I want to punch that kid in the face. But I don’t have to, because eventually the real world does it for me, usually in the form of bills and taxes.

More than your monthly food costs, you need to stock your kitchen before you even move in. You need to buy shit like flour and sugar and milk. You need cereals and mac and cheese whatever the fuck other shit you’re used to eating. Don’t you dare clear out your mother’s kitchen. You’re moving out. She doesn’t have to feed you any more, you little leech.
You’re not done yet! You need to figure out what else your apartment needs. You probably have a bed, but maybe you want a bigger one so your deadbeat boyfriend can move in with you and not pay rent. Fine, go get one. You have clothes and maybe a dresser and a toothbrush. But what about a table? Or chairs? Couches? A TV? Windex? Paper towels? A toaster? Plates? I want you to find a pad of paper and a pen and keep it with you for the next 24 hours. Write down every single fucking thing you use or even touch in your house. Tomorrow I want you to look at that list and figure out the cost of everything. It’s probably about the same price as one month of rent. Better subtract that from what you thought you could spend on the actual apartment.

Now, if you’re really, truly serious about moving out, I want you to make a budget. Figure out how much you really have to work with after all these expenses and your phone bill and internet and if you’re even the least bit educated student loans probably. Yeah son, there’s that math thing again. Bet you wish you’d paid attention in class now, huh? I’ll probably make a post on this in the future, but until then, you better go beg your parents to let you stay or at least teach you how to budget. Go ask your teachers or your librarians or someone at your bank. There are so many people who want you to learn this shit before you have a chance to cripple our economy more than everyone else already has.

I don’t even want to begin talking to you about how to find one of these magical apartments until you figure out if you can afford to move out. Go do all that math shit and come back later and maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll feel generous enough to write a post on your next step.

and if I must be alone, then I will wear it with pride.
I will drink my orange juice, while fishing out the pulp with
a fork and forget that I ever let myself conform to
your silly desires. I will walk around my apartment
shirtless and stop at every mirror to admire
my love handles and stretch marks,
because I am fucking beautiful and you never told me
this enough. I will throw out all of your mail
and hope the neighbors stop by for extra
eggs or flour, or whatever neighbors want,
just so I can tell them that I am alone now
and laugh when they stumble to find the right words
to comfort me. You were the only one who could comfort me.
Everyone knew this.

and if I must be alone, I will not cry every night
because the bed is significantly colder when you are gone.
I will not keep your large t-shirts just to have your smell
linger on my skin a little bit longer. I will not read your piss-poor excuse
of a goodbye letter anymore and wonder what I did wrong.
What did I do wrong? I will open the windows instead of letting
the sound of your footsteps echo throughout these hallways.
I will not dial your new girlfriend’s number at four in the morning
just so I can hear you pick up the phone and answer with
that groggy voice of yours. I will not remember the first time
you told me you loved me. I will not make that groggy voice
what I hold onto when I must be alone. I will try to fall out of love
with you. I can not make any promises.

Writing Jewish characters, and what to avoid

Anonymous said:

Do you have any advice for writing a Jewish character? Maybe a list of things to absolutely avoid doing?

Before I launch into the list of things to avoid, I want to say that the reason I love this blog so much is that they’re always responding to “how to write an X character” posts with “make sure they’re well-rounded outside of just that.” In other words, write a Jewish character so distinct that you could have two Jewish characters and they’d be different enough from each other that the reader could tell them apart.

I’m not saying you have to have two Jewish characters, just that if you have two Jewish lesbians in the same story, for example, then you can’t fall back on “Jewish” or “lesbian” as a way of defining the character and have to start building an actual personality. The book I’m writing now has three Jewish lesbians, plus a bisexual woman, and they have different interests, histories, outlooks, and roles in their world.

Read things by Jews. Try to stay away from anyone who seems to be too self-hating or “antisemisogynist”, i.e. that thing where Jewish men criticize Jewish women, which is dangerous because their intra-community misogyny gets picked up by the Gentile (non-Jewish) world and taken seriously because “oh, it’s their own people, so they must know.” No, it’s [some] men oppressing women, just as everywhere else.

Not all Jews are white or white-passing Ashkenazim. That’s something Gentiles often forget. So don’t think your Jewish characters have to look like me (or me with black hair.)

Some of us are atheists and still identify as Jews because of the way we often think of it as a tribe. Some of us feminize all the God nouns and verbs for feminist reasons. Some of us are very traditional and wear long skirts and sleeves. Some of us go to temple every week but have never, ever kept kosher (Hi. Nice to meet you.)

Here are all the stereotypes about us and, in a few cases, how I’d suggest getting around them if you find yourself written into a corner.

-Please don’t write us being either needlessly cheap (in other words, the character can afford to do X, but just doesn’t out of irrational stinginess) or cheap in a way that directly hurts others (in other words, not giving low-paid service employees a cost of living raise.) If for some reason your plot HAS to go there, it would help take away some of the anti-Semitic implications of rehashing these tropes if there are lots of other Jewish characters who aren’t acting like this or are acting in direct opposition to this. For example, if your greedy business owner won’t pay his employees above minimum wage, have the workers standing up to him and/or maybe a more generous owner from a competing business be Jewish as well. This is a character you would hurt us to write unless there are plenty of examples to the contrary showing that you don’t mean we’re all like this. This is the specific lie used to hurt us the most, in the past 150 years.

Note: broke college kids or struggling working-class people being cheap is different. Can you see why?

-Please don’t write us being the human version of the Volturi from Twilight. There is no secret Jewish conspiracy through which we control the media, banks, and politics. I used to joke that Jews don’t control the media because if we did, I’d have a book deal. I now have three book deals, so I need a new joke, but trust me, I’m in charge of nothing. Even my cat doesn’t obey me. She listens to my spouse, but not me. I think she thinks my spouse is the Mama Cat and I’m one of her littermates.

-Please don’t write a Jewish woman whose sexuality seems to be directly affected by the amount of money her partner is either making or buying her presents with. I’m not really sure there’s a way to fix this. It’s worse if she herself is already financially comfortable; I’m not really talking about a struggling single mom with three kids and a low-paid service job who’s turned on because a guy in an expensive suit offered to pay for her kid’s violin lessons. I’m talking about that caricature of a rich woman who’s used to good things that she didn’t earn herself, who requires more good things that she didn’t earn herself.

-Anything in which we are lizards or dragons is gonna have to be done delicately. I did it (spoiler, oops?) but that’s something that probably takes insider finesse. I mean, my dragon is definitely and unequivocally one of the good guys. A bad Jewish dragon would be playing into some of the most bizarre stereotypes I’ve ever encountered. (Google David Icke; I haven’t the stomach.)

-If you’re writing something with gore or fantasy violence, try to stay away from anything that evokes blood libel, the medieval myth that we use the blood of Christian kids to make ceremonial food. Vampires are also something that needs to be done with finesse because of the way “bloodsucking” can also be a metaphor for the stuff in the first bullet point, profiting financially off the hardship of others. (Side note: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter frames the white slave-owners in the American South as literal vampires who fed on their human captives. I thought this was a BRILLIANT metaphor because, well, it’s practically not even a metaphor.)

Some other less spectacularly awful stereotypes that you’d be doing us a favor to stay away from: our men being wimpy mama’s boys, our women being frigid after marriage, our women being tremendous nags, any gender but especially women being exceptionally whiny, and reducing the entire religion and culture down to “not eating pork” and “having a different winter holiday.”

If you must write a weak-willed man who dotes on his mother and lets her boss him around, please write at least two other Jewish male characters who aren’t like this, so that he doesn’t wind up representing all our men. If you must write a Jewish woman with a low sex drive, please make it clear she’s asexual or demisexual or something – or having a medical issue – and write her as a fully realized character and recognize that men are never, EVER “owed” sex anyway.


Punctuation in novels

When we think of novels, of newspapers and blogs, we think of words. We easily forget the little suggestions pushed in between: the punctuation. But how can we be so cruel to such a fundamental part of writing?

Inspired by a series of posters, I wondered what did my favorite books look like without words. Can you tell them apart or are they all a-mush? In fact, they can be quite distinct. Take my all-time favorite book, Absalom, Absalom!by William Faulkner. It is dense prose stuffed with parentheticals. When placed next to a novel with more simplified prose — Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy — it is a stark difference (see above).


Malec headcanons

● When Alec is angry at Magnus it never lasts long. Sometimes, all Magnus has to do is smile at Alec and he’ll be all over Magnus again.

● Alec would leave little notes all around the apartment. Some of them saying “don’t forget to turn off the lights”, but many also saying “I love you”, not adding any names to them so they can equally be meant for Magnus and the children

● Alec and Magnus tuck the kids into bed together. Alec reads to them, and when he’s done, Magnus sings them a lullaby

● Magnus doesn’t like to admit it, but he’s just as bad at cooking as Izzy. Alec never tells him, instead he secretly spices up the food when Magnus isn’t looking

● When Alec is out hunting, Magnus sits down on the sofa with the children, watching old cartoons with them. Alec always comes home to his family asleep on the sofa and the TV still running

● Magnus deciding that he just doesn’t have enough time left with Alec, so every Sunday is Valentine’s Day, where he treats Alec with lots of flowers and a pretty breakfast

● Magnus and Alec would always give money to Izzy whenever she babysits the kids so she can order food instead of cook for them. They’re scared she’ll eventually poison their kids

● Some nights, the children would want to sleep in the same bed as Magnus and Alec, no matter if it’s a thunderstorm or a nightmare; so they’d just let them sleep between the two of them, all cuddled up

● Thanks to Magnus, Alec has watched every single episode of Wife Exchange

● The entire Lightwood-Bane family would spend whole Saturdays in a bookstore

● Magnus definitely is the one who still loves to occasionally write love letters, so Alec wakes up every once in a while finding one on the bedside table

● Alec eventually thought writing love letters would be a good thing for Magnus to have when he passes away, so he writes one every day and hides them from Magnus so he can read them when Alec isn’t there anymore.

● The entire Lightwood-Bane family just loves being together, no matter what they do. Their favorite hobby is Monopoly.

Been extremely depressed and not sure what to do with my life lately… I’ve been TRYING so damn hard to get my youtube channel growing and it just seems like my life is still falling apart… But I’m holding my ground, I keep telling myself I WILL do this, and I just keep fighting every day. I want nothing more than to inspire people and help them through their lives, because I know just how hard life can really get. Between being abused by someone who said they loved me, to becoming a single mother, and kidney failure, I know how it feels to feel completely beaten down and worn to the point of breaking. But I’ve survived this long and I’ll survive even longer. I want to brighten everyone’s day now and again with silly videos and let them know that things aren’t that bad, even when they seem like they’ve reached their worst. There’s always something or someone to be thankful for, and it kills me to know that I’ve felt so low before, and to know that SO many people out there feel the exact same way and need someone to help them see that life is beautiful. There is NOTHING in your life that makes you less of a person. Everyone is beautiful and EVERYONE deserves to know that, especially when they’re at their weakest. That’s the message I hope to spread…
Anyway, I decided to vent through art and wound up drawing therealjacksepticeye & markiplier. Hope you guys like it… :)
I planned on drawing the whole gang but… I just lost my gusto to do it.

  • Person:I can't memorize any of the exo members names or tell them apart there are so many of them
  • Me:do you want me to recite them in order from tallest to shortest? oldest to youngest? in alphabetical order perhaps? ROYGBIV??¿¿¿