I can sit down now

‘So you are Leonardo’s little distraction. I would rather tell you would provide a huge one, signora. Truly, you are really beautiful. Would you mind to become my distration tonight?’

‘I’m afraid I must refuse you, messer-?’

‘Auditore. Ezio Auditore. But you can call me Ezio.’

‘Are you done Ezio? Don’t you noticed you are distracting her?’

‘Just a little, amico mio. I am sure this beautiful lady do not mind a little chat during the session. It must be boring to sit for so long without moving.’

‘Some can sit for hours, some just born to be in constant motion, messer Auditore. If you excuse me, I must agree with messer da Vinci. He don’t like to be interrupt when he’s working.’

Mi dispiace signora. It will not happen again.’

Grazie a Dio. Now can you sit down until I finish?’
katoora said: Do you think you could draw Leonardo working really hard on the Mona Lisa and ezio distracting him? Or making Mona laugh or something~

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Hey! I just wanted to let you know, that I've read most of your blog,and it's awesome! The only reason why I haven't read it all is because my Internet crashed and I couldn't read the rest of it. I love all your Barba stuff. Okay for now bye!!!!

I honestly can’t believe people sit down and read all these imagines in one sitting when they find this blog. It blows my mind.

Thank you so much for the feedback and sorry that your internet crashed. <3

So, I’m going to assume Brienne survives, because… because I’m going to assume Brienne survives. Yes.

With that assumption firmly in place, I guess I am forced to then wonder how well a person’s face can heal from having chunks bitten out of it. Judging from that picture of Hannibal Lecter’s nurse they carefully didn’t show us in Silence of the Lambs, I’m guessing… not so well.


So I suppose Brienne and Tyrion can sit down and form a club now, of Characters Who Apparently Need Horrific Disfiguring Facial Injuries On Top Of Their Already Existing Culturally Stigmatized Body Issues, because why not. They’ll probably want to come up with a snappier name for the club than that, though. Maybe it should be the Help, George R.R. Martin Is In Control Of My Fate Club, but then that gets a little broad in eligible membership terms. So perhaps specificity is called for! Or something! ( x )


Sig’s Secret Chapter 8 - The Mysterious Ruins

While there’s nothing the genius Lemres can’t do, I don’t think he’s the one to end all of this and use the potion he got from Witch on Sig. That’s all I could think of, not wanting to stop. I may be a klutz, and I know Sig’s getting dangerous. I’m sorry. So sorry. Really sorry. I’ve gotta see him right now. I can’t sit down and give up!

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that gif you reblogged where lance, hunk, and keith are sitting on the couch and then keith like ?? walks over the back of the couch to leave reminded me of this video compilation of riker from star trek tng sitting down weirdly, like he always fucking goes up behind the chair and like ?? puts his leg over it to get in the chair (just look up "riker sits down" on youtube because i can't explain it) and now my headcanon is that keith does that. the riker sit.


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Now listen here, I would care. Of course I would! So would so many people. We (your followers) care about you, why do you think I'm here?! Now, if you can, sit down with your favourite drink, pick up your favourite book/fanfic/game and read/play for half an hour. If you still feel bad, come back and we will talk. (Is this okay? I'm worried about you)

Your fine and sure I’ll try whatever..