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Fairy Tail Chapter 528 Review

So if people have been keeping up I’ve been spoiling this chapter today and boy was I not happy because this chapter my god.

I really like this cover image. I love the new art style of Erza’s first ever armor and I like the touch that Gray and Erza are front and center because in volume 3 it’s the same thing with them on the cover.

So we open on Acnologia stepping on Irene’s corpse which is still kinda amusing because yeah that Irene stuff still is a pain in the ass.

I guess Wendy would know it’s Acnologia because smell more than power but hey this is leading to the where the shit hits the fan.

Yup Jellal is back. Look a lot of people were happy to see hi back but here’s the problem I have. How? No seriously this will be a running theme about bad moments in this chapter and it’s how? We don’t know how Jellal got here, now people will say that scene against august where he said he’d protect Erza but there’s not a scene of him getting up or anything like that it’s just lazy. He comes out of nowhere without any foreshadowing.

So that was my frustration, how are you here? August left you in a ditch. we never saw you get up or anything like that. You just thought of Erza and that was it. But here’s the thing I’ve always said is Jellal’s greatest problem, he is always forced into an arc haphazardly but this arc lacks that because it’s war, it affects everyone. Also, it’s war against Zeref the character you wanted to fight since the timeskip. Also here’s my biggest problem, where are the oracion Seis? Because it seems you left them behind, that is very wrong, you are basically the guild master crime sorciere but you abadoned your guild to save Erza, which I understand is the wwoman you love but shouldn’t your priorities be focused on your team. Or hell just bring them along, it actually would help make sense because Cobra could hear where erza is.

anyway back to the story…

So Jellal attacks for several pages and…

Acnologia shows why you don’t fuck with Acologia. But again just wait it gets better…

Oh no. Yup people Acnologia eats all magic.Which is kinda cool until we’ve seen this all ready. Irene with Deus Zero and August with his negation, all these final bosses have something to do with “your magic is ineffective against me” it just seems lazy.

And best scene of the chapter. No I’m serious. Wendy is deciding that she is the one who must fight Acnologia because it’s her job as a Dragon Slayer. This is amazing to see that little girl who hid from fighting is now facing the big bad herself. This is what a final arc is, the joy of watching that development come through.

Little problem I have is Erza is concerned but Jellal is and why does Jellal care about Wendy? That was Mystogan who cared. I know Wendy brought him back but they’ve barely established a connection and yet there are times he’s worried about her which makes no sense giving they haven’t made a reason for it other than “you revived me”. I guess he’s concerned in a base sense but still, it feel like it comes from nowhere.

Oh god. This was a moment where I was like “THAT SO COOL” but then I remember it was shot down by Wahl Icht, how it it back, how is Ichiya there? I guess universe one moved him but did he fix this ship? It just doesn’t make sense. Where did it come from.

Okay first off I wasn’t mad that Christina could hold off Acnologia, we saw Makarov in Titan form tank it but why Isn’t shooting it? Why? Even if it’s a fast ship, it’s big, Acnologia could shoot it down.

Second, we need to “lead it to a certain place” we can beat Acnologia. Well, now you are straight up ripping off Rave Master because to defeat Endless he had to be lured into star memory. Also this place where Acnologia may be defeated, never brought up before.

And finally this new character appears, Oh boy with the text putting emphesis on “KEY” you know it’s a celestial wizard and one that could know about Acnologia, it might be Anna Heartfilia. OH WHAT BULLSHIT IF THAT IS TRUE! We don’t know anything about Anna, who is she, no actual alluding to the possibility she came to the future. Did she cross the eclipse gate? That is again bullshit if true. This means nothing, you just pulled this out of your ass. Yes we’ve talked about Anna and what she did but again WHO IS SHE?

But some people have pointed out that because of the hairy and how Anna didn’t have bangs that framed her face it could be Layla… WHAT THE FUCK, THEN? If there one character who had been established to be dead this whole series just to come back as a deus ex machina, what a load of crap. Plus with the next chapter called teacher and we know Layla had students, it could be her. And like Anna, no build up prior.


Post Chapter Follow up: Ugh this chapter was not good. I know a lot of people thought I’d hate this chapter because Jellal showed up but that wasn’t my problem. My problem with all of those scenes I bitched about had no foreshadowing, at all. Jellal maybe thinking about Erza but even then, not enough at all. The Christina is back, HOW? New character that may be Layla or Anna, HOW? There’s a place where Acnologia can be defeated, HOW? None was built up, scenes like these lose weight because they weren’t built uo, they rely on the amount of shock value and rise it gets out of you. For this chapter to be liked, you have to be sitting there and just keep saying “FINE” FINE” “FINE” to everything thrown at you and that’s not good story telling.

Okay so Acnologia is this all slayer which again builds up there’s no way to beat him other than dragon slayers. But, you add in this place we’ve never been introduced or alluded to. 5 dragon slayer that can beat Acnologia that was the plan you had to mess with it didn’t you hiro?

Also, I know a lot were happy to see Jellal but her’s my question, why is he fighting Acnologia? It’s been built sense the timeskip he’d fight Zeref but this wasn’t built up at all, other than Erza was there.

So any positives? Well… Yes. Wendy’s moment is amazing, she has come far. It’s always good to see development acknowledged. She’s probably the most developed character in this chapter.

Also Acnologia is still on point. He’s taking everything Jellal has and just laughing it off. It’s nice to see him not treated as less. Also I was Glad to see Erza not do something. She shouldn’t be able to given her condition fro just recovering.

Ugh this is the part where I pass final verdict but before I do, I want to say we don’t have much time left for FT. I think we may have only 15-20 chapters left maybe less. And I want all of them to be great but no more like these, Hiro, please this is what you leave people with, it’s time to buckle down and really try. Because this climax could be awful if you stay the course.

Final Verdict: 3/10

  • Foreshadowing “what’s that”
  • Below average pacing
  • Just all around not fulfilling
Mun/muse respect and appreciation...

*deep breath in*

I think it is very important to remember that there is a mun behind the muse. Since I’ve joined Tumblr a couple of months ago I’ve noticed that from time to time people seem to forget that. These blogs are made to be fun. Let’s keep it that way. Remember that the people who run these blogs are doing it out of the goodness of their own hearts. They take time out of their day to interact with their multiple followers. They do not get paid to do it, but they continue to do it regardless, because they know it brings other people joy.

Try to remember that they have lives outside of Tumblr. They have priorities and problems that arise, and maybe they can’t get back to you right away. And sometimes Tumblr is a mutherfucker and it eats your ask, or maybe (if they have a LOT of followers) it’s possible that your post got buried and they just didn’t see it. Don’t panic and assume they hate you! Jesus Christ!

Try to put yourself in their position. Imagine having hundreds of followers who – on a daily basis – are sending you asks, tagging you, sending submissions, making requests. That’s a LOT of goddamn work! They likely get swamped regularly, and the fact that they can keep up is mind-fuckin-boggling to me. One of the main reasons why I don’t do major RPs is because it seems overwhelming, and I’m not organised enough to deal with that shit! So kudos to anyone who RPs!!

If you are RPing with a person, be respectful. Don’t try godmoding and taking shit in a direction someone doesn’t want it to go in. Communicate with your partner! If you ever get the feeling like maybe they aren’t as into it as you are anymore, shoot them a message! Politely ask if they are still okay with the way things are going. Shit like that! It isn’t rocket-science! Maybe it got a little off track. Whatever. Communication can fix a lot.

Do. Not. Treat. Them. LIKE THEY BELONG TO YOU!!! That’s a person. Not your tool. Not your sex toy. Not your property. A person. And that person has multiple different interactions with multiple different people. Their universe is not centered around you. They have SOOOOO many people to please, and they try their hardest to make everyone happy. Do not get greedy. Do not get jealous. I understand that some people are having a rough go in life, and coming on here and getting away from it all makes them feel better. That is fine. If this is therapeutic, then by all means, have at ‘er! But always respect the people you interact with. To expect them to be at your beck and call and place you on a pedestal is unrealistic and unfair. We are all equally important to them. No one above the other.

Let’s appreciate our muns! Keep it fun for them! Give them a reason to want to keep doing this shit, because unless you own a blog like that, you have no idea how much work it is. Don’t ask them the same question every day. Don’t be needy. Don’t make everything about fucking (and that’s coming from a huge pervert, so you know it’s an issue). Build real relationships. Try to be deep. Send them creative asks. Make it interesting!!!

And do me a favour! If you’re reading this and you think you might be guilty of any of these things, don’t run off to bombard anyone with apologies. Just try to be thoughtful and respectful moving forward. Sometimes we get caught up in shit without even realizing it (I’m guilty of that myself from time to time, and I have enough lady-balls to admit it). Don’t take this personally and disappear. Don’t. You are not a burden. Stop thinking that way. These people are amazing, and they love their followers, but sometimes we can forget ourselves. This isn’t about making people feel bad, this is about reminding people to treat our muns and muses with respect and being mindful of our own actions. This isn’t an attack, this is my opinion. It has been bothering me for so long, and I don’t keep the shit that bothers me bottled up. And if it pisses you off that I’m saying this, then do whatever you’ve gotta do. Unfollow me. Block me. Cuss me out. But keep something in mind. I’m a nice, reasonable person, but when I see people getting mistreated it goes beyond the funny, sarcastic, carefree side of me, and it turns into something a lot more serious. If you’re gunna give me shit for standing up for people, be prepared for my retaliation. I didn’t name my blog ‘rage machine’ to be ironic.

Be respectful!!!

*deep breath out*

anonymous asked:

I need so much angst tbh so RFA gang + V finding out that MC cheated on them (doubts that would happen tho)

*:・゚✧ a|n: so it was my one month anniv yesterday!! even though i thought it was before but lets not get into thisyou wanted angst so here u go ✧゚・: * ++ thank u ssssm for 5k!! we hit it on my 1 month anniv woooo!!

why would you cheat on them? (ps it was hard to add comments to such a sad hc) ++ a read more cos it’s kinda long but prepare to be sad (= ╯︵╰,)ノ

° Yoosung

  • classes were dismissed early and he reALLY wanted to show you his grade on the paper you helped him on
  • practically runs home excited to see you and he rushes into your room
  • he quickly quietens down when he sees you playing tonsil tennis making out… with another boy - unaware of the fact  he was standing there
  • he just freezes at the doorway watching you two for a while
  • he even rubs his eyes, pinches his arm, blinks a few times to establish if.. this.. is real?
  • has to bite down on his bottom lip to stop himself from letting the pools of tears spill over his eyes
  • when you hear his sniffles you walk over to him to try explain [bs] but he gives you a forceful push away and looks at you both with his lip quivering 
  • “I-I hope y-you’re both ha-happy, I didn’t k-know I made you so unhappy MC.. I’I’m so so so-sorry”  
  • why are you apologising omg nO STOP
  • picks apart on everything he did wrong and says that’s why you left him.. he was never good enough for you..
  • that one time that he didn’t let you on the computer, when you told him to do the dishes and he didn’t that’s why you left
  • incredibly hurt and confused, the rest of the world is going on it’s business abut he’s in his own bubble of silence picking himself apart
  • he runs into his room before sinking onto his bed and the tears glide over making him a blubbering mess letting them take over
  • the pain seems to swallow him into a deep abyss … why did he have to be so stupid? he wouldn’t be in this stupid position where his heart is heavy and his eyes sting 
  • god damn it get out of my head please please I’ll do anything 
  • plays LOLOL like his life depends on it to drown out the thoughts of you so Saeyoung as to drag him to classes
  • always cooped up in his room: red eyes a l l the time and he’s completely lifeless - his insecurities have rocketed sky high
  • his heart feels hollow - like he’s missing something? it was as if you’d slapped him across the face and said “I need someone better
  • people try get him to dislike you in order to move on
  • but whenever your name leaves his lips his eyes tear up but you can see him visibly fume up .. he can’t hate you..
  • he can’t throw away your photos together, or that silly handmade gift you gave to him - it’s like binning a part of him
  • whenever he sees you at a party - he just gives you a lopsided small smile before walking off again fighting his tears because he’s reminded of how he ‘fucked up’ with you
  • He’s a complete mess but tries to play it off trying to keep his cool but he’d be very formal when you approached him - looking down at his feet apologetically while you talk to him
  • there is no joy, no happiness, no brightness and he is in the center of this deep, choking misery that doesn’t seem to have any end

° Zen

  • wow so you’d both go to an after party to enjoy yourself after his new film premiere and god he’d be so excited eeeeeeek
  • he’d be taking 1000 selfies at the premiere jesus he’s just SO happy
  • he’s going to find you and offer you a drink but he can’t find you??
  • asking everyone where you are he’s extremely panicked 
  • so when he sees you and other guy in the corner of the room the worst comes to mind he’s fuRIOUS AT THE GUY
  • he’s pushed the guy to the wall and is grabbing him by the collar - he’s out for b l o o d.. how dare you touch MC I will ki-
  • he instantly freezes up and loosens his grasp on the man letting him go and turns to you - ..what did you just say?
  • in those few seconds the world stops and he feels dizzy.. you wanted this?
  • backs away slowly looking from you to the other guy you were making out with - who has a small grin on his face [fuck off]
  • he’s pushing everyone away with angry tears pouring out from his eyes, his his head hurts, his breaths are shorter he can’t believe it
  • he wants to cuss you out, scream at you - but the only thing he is capable of doing is squeaking out
  • “why.. would you..? how? I can’t”
  • runs out of the party pushing everyone away and gets on his motorbike speeding away to just anywhere away from you
  • he’s driving subconsciously to the place where you first kissed - damn it 
  • barely focusing on the road gets beeped at several times but he doesn’t fucking care, he just wipes the tears from his eyes before speeding on
  • nothing matters anymore
  • scrambling off his bike - he runs to the top of the bar rooftop like you both used before falling to his knees and sobbing at the edge
  • he wanted to do so much more than just pathetically sob but that was the only thing he could do
  • taking an old selfie of you both from his wallet he stares at it before furiously ripping up the photo into a million pieces while taking swigs of a drink he found on the way up there [that’s a health haza-]
  • but his hands are shaking and he  can’t help but smash the bottle furiously and screaming before lying down on his back and covering his face with his hands
  • everyone betrays me… I can’t trust anybody.. they’re all the same
  • you were the only person he could confide in & trust but now his heart reflected the shattered bottle - mangled
  • seeing all your missed calls he chucks his phone elsewhere before stealing more drinks from the bar downing them all
  • he hates you, he loves you, he wants you scream at you, he wants to kiss you, he wants to leave you, he wants to make up - his brain is just screaming at him
  • he’s found hours later by Jumin’s search party drunk and passed out :((((
  • but this becomes a regular occurrence as he drinks and smokes to forget about the confusing void you left in his heart as he completely avoids you to try get rid of this damn pain in his chest
  • occasionally you get drunk texts from him but whenever you reply you get no response.. it’s a cycle of pain.

° Jaehee

  • since she rarely invests her emotions on someone else this would be a huge let down for her.. she’s never experienced ‘heartbreak
  • and a reminder she cares for you.. a lot
  • so one day when she arrives to the office and sees your coat outside the manager’s desk she’s confused
  • but where are you?  (´・_・`)ゞ
  • she continues on with her work but she needs the stapler from the managers’ room so she just walks in there - she usually does
  • but what she sees shocks her soul out of her body
  • “Is that.. MC… and my manager?”
  • she doesn’t really react and just blinks a few times before clearing her throat and you can’t help the look of surprise on your face [yes u cunt]
  • but before you can say anything Jaehee just .. ignores it?
  • she just weakly whispers “I’m here for a stapler.. thank you”
  • taking the stapler she runs out the room even though you’re calling for her and even following her [fuck off]
  • heads straight into a single toilet locking the door before leaning on the basin and taking deep breaths recollecting her thoughts
  • her heart was thumping and she felt sick… deep breaths Jaehee..
  • she lied to me.. don’t think about it until work ends.. okay
  • calming herself down and wiping the few tears from her eyes she splashes cold water on her face and she readjusts herself and walks out again looking.. okay?
  • she walks straight past you and everyone else looking fine? everyone’s confused but she just plays it off
  • drowning out her worries with work she overworks.. for days.
  • she doesn’t want to face you at home and the problem so she doesn’t leave the office for about a w e e k!!??!./
  • she’s incredibly snappy to everyone and is extremely sleep deprived surviving on mugs of coffee and her eyes are super red
  • after a few days she’s threatened by Jumin [wow] to actually go home and she reluctantly agrees.. she has to face you now
  • taking a deep breath before opening the door she notices something different.. everything of yours is gone.. 
  • there are no traces of you..
  • her hearts starts ripping again as she absent mindedly  looks around the house.. it was like you never existed - she feels numb from the shock
  • biting her bottom lip to stop herself from crying she returns back into the main room where she notices - your scarf
  • she picks it up and thats when the emotions overwhelm her
  • breathing in your scent she starts to whimper into the scarf quietly hugging it - MC.. why..
  • the pain seems to swallow her before her breathing hitches and she lets loose cradling the scarf
  • theres a hole in her heart and this pit in her stomach.. this is what true heartbreak feels like but she can’t show this to anyone
  • so she continues doing what she does best.. acts as if everything is okay

° Jumin

  • wow cheating on Jumin? how did he not find out earlier is my question
  • him taking you out to dinner was a regular occurrence.. he liked showing you off to people - you were his beloved
  • so when you asked to go outside to take a call but spend over 20 minutes there.. he was worried as H E L L
  • excusing himself to go check he finds you beside the restaurant in a small alleyway and you weren’t alone
  • he manages to clear his throat before walking up to the man you were ‘caressing’ and pushes him to the wall before you start screaming at him
  • but he ignores you before giving the guy a swift simple punch across the jaw.. he had to take out his anger somehow?
  • because that’s all he felt in that moment. anger and betrayal.
  • adjusting his suit he grabs your arm before uttering two simple words “we’re leaving” [run]
  • the car ride home is awful.. he can’t seem to gather his thoughts and emotions and did his hand hurt even hurt? he can’t feel a thing now
  • drowning out your apologies in the car he stares lifelessly ahead until you get home and the questions are running and ticking through his brain
  • telling you to get out and go straight to bed he decides to spent the night at a hotel.. he needed a break
  • but thats a horrible idea.. a night alone with his thoughts um no
  • the second he arrives at the hotel he just calmly turns off his phone and sits on the edge of the bed. still lifelessly
  • “..Now what..”
  • it still hasn’t really hit him? the only person he could trust fully.. had .. cheated on him?
  • pacing around the room there was no logical solution for this.. what was he supposed to do?
  • running water over his slightly cut hand he starts to feel the slight stinging sensation and instantaneously he feels an an ache, a deep ache from the core of his body
  • sitting down once more he then flicks over his wallet and stares at the photo of you, Elizabeth and himself 
  • and it triggers an overpowering wave of emotion
  • the room spiraled and he sank to the floor, finally letting the sadness overtake him
  • the world had crashed it shattered to tiny pieces and they were piercing through his heart..all he could think about is how much it hurt.. it hurt so bad he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs
  • he bows his head as his shoulders trembling.. why would you do this?
  •  it gets hard to breathe and he feels lightheaded but the physical pain doesn’t amount to the emotional pain
  • … he changed for you.. you helped him and crushed him all over again
  • throwing the picture away from him he brings his knees closer to him.. all his anger was now gone.. he was just.. tired
  • returning home the next day with red puffy eyes he sees all your stuff gone and he has a fixed mindset. love sucks.
  • immerses himself in work and different women from time to time - he always claims he’s okay. but you’ve destroyed him. another soul tormented

° Saeyoung

  • he’s been through.. S O much with you.. this would almost kill him..
  • one day he came over with flowers for you to surprise you at your house and you had forgotten that you’d given him your keys
  • seeing another man’s shoes at the front door he wouldn’t really care.. he’s an open person tbh
  • but hearing giggling from upstairs and clothes on the stairs? that was..
  • creeping up the stairs slowly he peeked into the keyhole before seeing you and someone else just.. well it was obvious
  • his broken heart was still and for a moment but he clenches his jaw before placing the flowers outside your door and leaving swiftly
  • every breath he took downstairs stabbed him like a knife being plunged into his chest over and over again ripping at him  
  • driving away he only felt numbness but then hatred and dysphoria surged through him with so much power he had no option but to pull over
  • his breath hitched in his throat as he broke down
  • his heart stopped beating, it had only beat for you and now his mind went black, as did his heart
  • he need you so much.. you were the only stability in his life yet you betrayed and left him like everyone else
  • “… Is there something wrong with me? That’s why no one wants me.. or just betrays me”
  • returning home he’d have to let his anger out somehow??
  • frustratedly pulling at his hair he grabs a photo frame of you both together and hurls it at the wall before slumping into his computer chair
  • he would have given his life for you yet you stepped on his heart leaving a deep void and a dull ache
  • he also like Jumin and Jaehee would try to immerse himself in work but he’d be very reckless about it
  • crying himself to sleep as he forces to delete your spam of messages but then he’s all cried out and he’s just numb
  • numb from everything.. everyone and the world
  • he can’t focus as everything he does reminds him of you.. he almost gives out his identity and messes up
  • but strangely enough he doesn’t care? he doesn’t care about anything at all because in his eyes he deserved it
  • he was being too selfish when he wanted you to himself.. when he was just a worthless hacker that everyone should avoid - it was dangerous enough anyway - 
  • it was stupid of him to hope for a future anyway..
  • forcing himself to believe this he isolates himself from everyone now, his remaining family, friends, work.. he had to be alone for everyone’s sake
  • he deserved this constant tugging lump in his throat that wouldn’t go away

° V

  • honestly speaking even if he suspected you of cheating he wouldn’t do anything
  • but when countless people confirmed that you were definitely cheating he’d get over his fears and confront you although he didn’t want to
  • when he was met with silence as your response all he could do was let out a small sigh and a feeble smile before getting up and could only respond with.. “okay”
  • it was clear to him that you didn’t love him anymore but he loved you still.. with every ounce of his being
  • but he just wanted you to be happy.. so he broke up with you right then and there because “if you’re happy with him, please continue to do so.. but I will always love you and I will always wait.”
  • it crushed his soul to say that as he walked away - but sometimes if you love someone you have to let them go [17 agen lol]
  • he needs some time off - so he goes to where he is most at peace
  • an open field where he could try mend his heart
  • but it felt as if world had fallen on his shoulders, feeling cracks of his heart as if it was glass, and they were trying to pry their way out
  • he didn’t even feel resentment.. just an engulfment of sorrow
  • taking out old photo books he quietly sat there flicking through the memories you created together tears dripping onto them
  • “how long was she upset for, I wish I could apologise?”
  • he was silently reflecting to himself but at the same time he couldn’t help but let a smile play on his lips remembering all the happy memories you spent together
  • you were so beautiful
  • he knew while flicking through though that if you needed him, even for a second he’d be there.. he’d give his all for you
  • he missed your presence, his other half, the one who understood him and never judged him for his mistakes
  • but he would feel guilty keeping you in a relationship that you didn’t ant to be in.. that was his main priority.. your happiness
  • so he vowed would stay by your side as a loyal friend no matter how much it hurt him to see you love another person
  • even though a constant nagging pain deep down inside his body would make feel utterly drained.. he would be there for you
  • every day forward he would pick himself up and show everyone he was okay and if ANYONE tried to be rude to you
  • you bet your ass he’d stick up for you.. even more than your current lover
  • but at the RFA party one day, when your new lover proposes to you -  he lets the tears fall from his eyes freely as he finally bursts from his seams
  • you’re not in his grasp anymore.. you’ve completely left him

(i haven’t proof read this I apologise its tired i’m late)

Good Girl Ch 34: Under The Table

“Are you being serious?” I beam up at the handsome man in front of me.

“Yes, but don’t forget, there will be a list of rules,” He tries to sound stern but I know he is happy to see me so excited.

“Thank you!” I scream as I launch myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He laughs and swings me around a couple times before setting me down on the marble. “When will she be here?”

“Youngbae will be here with her around ten after a meeting,” He glances at the clock on the wall. “We still have a few hours so do you mind tagging along with me to my work to grab a few things?”

I nod eagerly, “Of course!”

“Okay, let me change quick,” He turns toward the hall.

“Should I change?”

“If you want, you look beautiful like that,” He winks at me before continuing on his way. I look down at my ripped black jeans and t-shirt and decide I should change. After finding my way to the fully stock closet Jiyong so sweetly provided, I glance threw all of it until I find a basic black dress. I pull it on, loving the way it hugs me small figure. Jiyong doesn’t even bother knocking when he comes into my room dressed in a completely black suit. “Wow,” He whistles.

“Who picked all these clothes out?”


I cock a brow at him, “You picked out all of these?”

He nods, “I was very excited to have you all to myself in my home.” I say nothing as he walks over to the dresser built into the wall of the walk in closet and digs threw the first drawer. He returns to me with a golden necklace that he basically demands to put on me. I don’t put up a fight and turn around so he can put it on easier. “Perfect.”

“Thank you,” I hum.

“Grab a jacket, it’s still pretty chilly,” He tells me. I nod and pull on one of the many jackets in the closet. The ride in the elevator in quiet, as well it the walk out of the building. He had told me earlier that his work was only a few blocks down so he usually walks. Like last time he places an arm around my shoulders and pulls me close. My eyes mindlessly wander over the lit up buildings taking in the city life that has become foreign to me since my, um, situation began. We reached his office in no time; passing security and ridding up the elevator was an interesting experience with all the guards staring at me completely dumbstruck. Guess him bringing girls around is rare.

His office is covered in black marble with gold accents. I can’t help but stare out the floor to ceiling windows that stare over the city. In the distance I see a familiar looking building that makes me run up to the window like a child. My hands press up against the clean glass, my nose even gets smashed a bit in my eagerness.

He clicks his tongue at me, “Of course you saw it.”

“So that is their building?”

“Yep,” He hums.

“I had no idea your building was so close.”

“Yea, now when you get bored this summer you can just walk over here.”

I scoff, “You want to start a war don’t you?”

“Of course,” He smirks.

I’m about to scold him when movement on the couch catches my attention. A fat fur ball is sitting up, it’s slanted green eyes mirror my own. In childish excitement I rush over to the cat with a little squeal.

“Kitty!” I grin as I crouch down in front of the fur ball.

“Mojo,” Jiyong tells me.

“Mojo,” I coo at the cute kitty.

“I need to look through some files quick.”

I nod but keep all of my attention on the kitty that looks completely done with me already. It stands up and jumps down, it’s nails click quietly on the marble as it exits the room. I eagerly follow behind.

“Stay on this floor!” Jiyong yells at me as I go.

Like my daddies building, Jiyong is the only person on the whole floor. The massive golden doors that lead into Jiyong’s office are cracked open allowing both Mojo and I to slip threw into the massive lobby. Mojo scurries to the left down a hall. All the way down the hall he turns into a dark room that I blindly follow him into. Flipping on the light I see a long table with chairs lining the sides, it’s a conference room. Glancing around I see Mojo sneaking under the table.

“Come here kitty,” I call quietly as I follow it under the table.

It finally stops and sits, its eyes are fixated on me. He meows loudly, once, then twice. Scooting closer I’m finally allowed to run my fingers threw his amazingly soft black fur. The soft hum of its purr begins to fill my ears making me smile.

“Why is the light on?” A familiar voice asks with a bit of hostility in his voice.

“We were here earlier so we must have left the light on,” Daesung’s calming voice reasons.

“It looked like someone was in the office too,” Another bitter voice snaps.

What are they doing here?

“You guys,” Suho snaps back sternly, “I know we are all irritated about Jooyoung but we need to talk business right now.”

Kai scoffs, “Easier said than done.”

“I was undeniably annoyed when that little girl first started popping up in conversations but now I understand all the fuss,” Seungri teases them. Though what he saying may sound a little dickish, he had said it to my face yesterday so I mind it less.

“Watch your mouth,” Xiumin growls.

Seungri chuckles, “It’s a compliment, I swear. She is a very nice girl.”

“I still couldn’t care less about her,” Seunghyun interjects. I roll my eyes at him, what a cranky man.

“No one cares Hyung,” Daesung chuckles. “Now gentlemen, as much as we would all enjoy continuing this conversation we have things to discuss. Please take a seat.”

Shit, shit, shit! I pull the cat into my lap and curl into a ball, praying that they wouldn’t see me. As much as I am over joyed to be seeing them, well their legs as they sit on one side of the table, I have a very strong feeling they would not be happy to know that Jiyong just let me wander around his building unsupervised. I notice a familiar pair of long legs take the seat next to where I’m curled up. Daddy Yeolie. It takes all of myself control to not reach out and touch him, to not crawl up into his lap and wrap my arms around his neck. I missed them. I still miss them. I never realized how irritating it is to have them so close but not be able to touch them or talk to them. At least I can hear their voices, though they aren’t filled with their normal warmth, or any to be completely honest. The iciness in their voices makes me shiver.

On my other side are the four men I’ve come to know in the last two days. Closest to me is Daesung, then Youngbae, Seungri, and finally Seunghyun. They take up a small portion of their side of the table compared to the twelve men sitting across from them. The more I notice about the whole situation I realize there is no way I can get out of this without someone noticing. Then I remember Jiyong will be looking for me soon. I silently curse the cat in my lap for bring me here and curse myself for being stupid and following it.

“You told us that you found the man who sent the email,” Daesung finally starts their serious conversation. I nibble on my lip as I consider covering my ears but curiosity is tempting me to listen in until Jiyong comes for me.

“We did, it was a bit difficult but after an hour with us in the dungeon we were able to figure out who asked him to research her.”

“I heard about your extraction on the news,” Seungri chimes in. “Another club that will be closed down I guess.”

Another club? Did they shot up another club? I clench my fist as I resist the urge to come forward with my presence but I’ve already kept quiet this long.

“I don’t see how that is any of your business,” Kris doesn’t even try to hide the distaste for the younger man. “We got him and the information, beyond that, what we had to do is none of your business.”

The room is silent for a minute. My mind is racing with thought of what could have happened in the short amount of time I was gone. Luhan had told me about a small problem that they were going to take care of but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be dangerous. I know I’m stupid and childish for thinking that violence was just a rare thing for them. They’re gangsters. They are one of the biggest mafia groups in Asia, I just keep forgetting that or ignoring it.

“I don’t even know why I’m here,” Seunghyun grumbles as he stands up. “I couldn’t care less about that little girl so I’m leaving.”

“Have a good night Hyung!” Seungri yells happily.

“I see Jooyoung’s magic didn’t work on everyone,” Chen says once the older man leaves the room.

Dae chuckles, “He’s the only one. She even has Youngbae hyung wrapped around her pretty little finger.”

“As much as I love talking about how she has us all whipped I would like to know why some bastard was looking into her,” Youngbae finally speaks with a voice a cold as ice. I tense, someone is looking for me?

Suho clears his throat, “We found out he’s actually a member of Block B sent to not only find information about all of our relationships with her but he said he’s supposed to find an opening to have someone take her.”

“Don’t tell me that Zico bastard is seriously trying to fuck with both of us,” Seungri scoffs.

“We are going to be doing some more checking the next couple of days before we have our foot men step in. Are yours’ available to tag along with them as well?” Kris wonders.

Youngbae hums a yes, “That should be fine. Were you able to figure out if he knew anything more about her?”

“He knew a little more about her relationship with us. He wasn’t very good at his job, finding secrets or keeping them. The little that he did have was stuff that he could have gathered just from watching her or asking anyone at her school a few simple questions about her.”

Lay help him answer, “Other than for her birthday, close friends, and school they don’t know much else. I’m not sure how they were expecting this kid to spy on someone protected by both our groups.”

“He could be a newer member they thought was expendable,” Dae suggests.

“We are going to check into him more, he was too easy to catch and too break.”

Dae clicks his tongue, “By the way you’re talking I’m guessing he’s no longer with us.” I guess I’m not the only one who caught on to that.

“You would be correct,” Soo answers.

“A question for you,” Seungri’s voice is laced with mischief and from what I’ve learned from the others is that it means he’s up to something bad. “I haven’t been able to get in on any action lately, mind giving me some gruesome details?”

In a panic of not wanting to hear whatever they had done to this boy, I grab on to Daesung’s leg, finally telling someone I’m here. Where is Jiyong when I need him? Dae tenses under my touch before he slides a hand under the table. I offer up my hand with Jiyong’s ring on it so he can figure out it’s me. As his hand finds mine he freezes, his fingers feel the warm metal before holding my hand. His thumb makes small circles across the back of my hand.

“Seungri,” he says in the warm voice that I know. “We don’t need to hear about that right now. You should get your kicks elsewhere today.”

“Why are you being such a buzz kill today? I’m quiet sure you love to listen to the gore as much as me. Better yet, I have wanted to ask what the Choi’s son did to get such a shitty end. His mother was so heart broken I almost cried,” Seungri chuckles.

Next to me Chanyeol growls, “There was an incident but we handled it.”

“You call sending your friend’s head to his family’s door step handling it? I heard his teeth were ripped out, along with his eyes. Let me guess, you did the teeth. That’s your usual thing and the eyes must have been Xiumin hyung. Sick bastard, I heard he was still alive when you did it.” The amusement in his voice should disgust me but Jiyong warned me earlier about the younger man’s crude mouth.

“It got the message across to anyone.”

“What message is that?”

“Don’t touch our baby,” It’s Xiumin who snarls this time.

Once again the room is silent, Daesung’s hand holds mine tighter.

“Why so quiet now?” Kai sneers. “We’re sick bastards for tearing that boy apart limb by limb until you know that the same kid tried to fuck our baby.”

“He tried to what?” Youngbae mumbles so softly I barely hear him.

Daesung’s words surprise me, “And you only kept him alive for an hour?”

What the hell? Don’t encourage this stuff! I scream in my head at the sweet man I thought was the light in the darkness.

“It was an hour of hell,” Kris barks. “We made sure of that.”

“If it was us it wouldn’t have ended that quickly,” Seungri scoffs.

Kai is on his feet and slams his hands down on the table, “We were much more concerned about our baby being horrified of us and having a full on mental break down. So sorry if we didn’t torture that bastard enough for you but you know damn sure we made that short amount of time was the longest moment of that bastard’s life.”

“Kai,” Soo tries to calm the younger.

Kris makes Kai sit back down with a forceful tug before turning to my new oppas, “You have no right to call us into question about anything we do outside of our business. Even though we are working together to get rid of the mole in our midst, what we do with our baby is none of your concern.”

“You honestly can’t expect us to not worry over her,” Youngbae scoffs.

“You have no right to worry about her after only knowing her for a fucking day,” Tao sneers.

I can imagine the glare Youngbae is giving them, “We don’t need your god damn permission to worry about her.”

“She is safe with us. You have nothing to worry about.”

Daesung holds my hand tighter as if he can sense the panic growing in my chest. I know he wants to help get me out but we both know he can’t without causing some kind of scene. To be honest though, at this point I might not mind a scene as long as it gets me out of this room and away from this horrible conversation. I know my life of rainbows in sunshine won’t last forever but I don’t want it to end right now, not yet. I want so much more time with them. I know I’m not always the little girl they want but I try, I really do try to make them happy and feel needed. But maybe they will get tired of my stubborn big side and get rid of her, get rid of me.

Youngbae’s angry voice takes me out of the thoughts that are beginning to make me shake. “How can we not when her care takers are known for their violent and short records with women. You’ve already kept her for three months, how much longer do you think she’ll keep your attention? Are you going to get rid of her like you did with the other?”

“She is different, we aren’t going to-“ Suho tries to defend them but Youngbae doesn’t even give him the chance.

“You are going to throw her away? Then what are you going to do when you get bored. You guys always get bored. But you’re right, you can’t just throw her aside like the others, she knows way too much. So what are you going to do, kill her, torture her for information about us?”

By now tears are streaming down my cheeks. I try my best not to sniffle but Youngbae’s too truthful words are too much for me. I know the dungeon is the only place I could end up at this point, I’d be an idiot to think this would last forever but a girl can dream. But now this dream is turning into a nightmare as the idea of them not wanting me anymore fully sinks in. I want to reach for them right now. To beg for them not to hate me, to not throw me away. Even though they love me today, what about tomorrow, or next month. Is them planning things for me this summer planning too far ahead?



The room is silent.

“What are you doing here?” One of the men on my left yell. I curl tighter into myself, thanking Jiyong for everything. Glancing over my shoulder I see him standing in the doorway, his face is out of view but I can see his hands clenched at his sides.

“Where is Jooyoung?” Baekhyun is up on his feet as I imagine him staring at the doorway expectantly whether he’s happy or worried that I might have over heard, I’m not sure.

“She is safe.”

“Is she with you? Can we see her?” Soo’s sweet voice only makes me cry harder. I’m down here daddy, but I don’t know if I want you know that. I don’t know if I want you to know that I heard what you did. Will you be mad that I was here? Will you be mad that I already know how this will end for me? That I know what’s beyond the world of rainbows and sunshine that you made for me?

“I left her at my apartment,” Jiyong lies. “She’s napping.”

“You just left her? What if she wanders off?” Xiumin is on his feet now too.

Youngbae scoffs, “Afraid she’s going to take the first chance she’s got to run away from you?”

“I’m getting tired of your shit!” Kris roars.

“And I’m fucking tired of Jooyoung being afraid that you could kill her or throw her away because she’s not how you want her!” Jiyong snaps back.

“She told she’s afraid?” My dear Lulu asks.

“We’re leaving,” Suho deadpans. The whole line of men are on their feet now and begin to make their way out. Suho is the last out, he stops in the doorway and turns back to face the room. “Thank you for meeting with us, if you have any information please call us and let us know. Until then we will see you on Tuesday. And one more thing,” The politeness in his voice quickly slips away. “What we do or do not do with our Jooyoung is none of your fucking business. Whether we keep her as our baby for the rest of our lives or throw her away or sell her off or chop her little body into pieces is none of your fucking business. We both know that she is going to be the one to call it off with all of us. She’ll get tired of acting for us, I can already tell she’s not enjoying it as much.

“When that happens, our world will fall apart. We will have to do things we don’t want to think about now but it’s the only option we will have. She’s too well known in our world already, she’ll be come a target. We’ll end it when we have to, not a moment sooner. If she wants to go to you, we will give her the option but if not…” He pauses to calm himself. “Until that moment comes, she is ours. Got it?”

“Got it,” Jiyong echoes.

“Go back to her, to make sure she’s safe, okay? Your time with her is running out so enjoy it while you can because this will never happen again.” Suho’s voice cracks at the last word. I see him turn on his heel and quickly walk away. I don’t know how I feel right now. Tears are still running down my face but I don’t know whether it’s because I want to run to them or because one of them finally admitted it. They are going to kill me. Not now but after this is over, whenever that is, they are going to kill me.

“My love.”

Jiyong’s voice is the new light in my darkness. He must have seen me under the table and figured him kicking everyone out is my only way of escape without my daddies freaking out about me hearing this whole conversation. But now I can’t get myself to climb out from under the table. My mind is swirling its self into a dangerous web of fears and regret and worry. The four men are sitting in the chair in silence, having a mental debate on just dragging me out or letting me get out myself.

After what feels like forever I let out a sigh, wipe away my tears and finally let go of the whining cat that I’ve been holding in a death grip. All the men watch me with soft eyes as I scoot out and look up at them with probably red eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Seungri mumbles softly.

Youngbae hums an apology, “We wouldn’t have said that stuff if we knew you were here.”

“I know most of it anyway,” My voice is barely above a whisper. “I know that they will throw me away. I know that they will get tired of my attitude and that me not being afraid of them will get old. It’s just different hearing it out loud.”

Jiyong helps me up and gives me a tight hug, “Do you still wanna go out tonight?”

I forgot about that. I want nothing more than to go home to my daddies and curl into a ball for the rest of the week. But instead of saying that I nod. I want to go home but at the same time I don’t want to face them. To go home and deal with all the problems I’m constantly trying to ignore. Going out and getting completely shit faced with Jihyo seems like a horribly great idea!

With a deep breath I smile, “Lets do this!” I take Jiyong’s hand and lead him to the elevator with the others on our tail.

“Are you sure?” Dae worries cutely.

“You heard some pretty scary stuff about the people closest to you, it can shake a person up.”

I shake my head, “I knew scary stuff to begin with, I’m just stupid and pretend it doesn’t exist most of the time.”

“You are not stupid for doing that,” Jiyong tries to comfort me in the elevator.

Daesung nods, “You are just doing what it takes to survive.”

“I’m not doing it to survive I’m doing it because I’m fucked up in the head and don’t seem to mind that the only people who care about me are gangsters who kill for a living.” That I have to basically act like a child to get them to love me and to be honest, I don’t mind it that much. I love when they dote on me but at the same time I wish they would love the real me completely. That I will become whatever they want me to be as long as they promise to keep loving me. God what the hell is wrong with me? “I just need a couple shots of tequila and my best friend to be happy right now.”

They just nod. The walk home is quiet until Jiyong’s arm around me tightens, “If you want, you don’t have to go back.”

I’m surprised by his words, “What?”

“You heard me. You don’t have to go back to that house or that school. You can just stay with me forever.”

I don’t respond right away, I seriously consider his offer. Could I stay with him forever? He doesn’t expect anything from me, no baby talk or stupid rules. We could talk for hours about nothing, he would probably let me hang out with Jihyo more and he is always honest with me. But even with those things, I want to go home. I want my daddies, their warmth and comfort. Tonight will be my last hoar before I go back to rules and school and home.

“Maybe not now, but later,” He adds on when I don’t respond. “When you are done playing house with them, when you realize that they only love your little side, when you are ready to have someone love all you, my door is always open to you.” He kisses the top of my head softly.

I say nothing. Not even when we reach his penthouse, I go straight to my room to change into something more risqué than I would normally wear. After pulling on some high waisted black shorts and a crop top. Leaving my air a bit crazy is a lot easier than trying to style it again only to have it be messed up in the club. My make up is pretty basic, gold eye shadow and lots of eyeliner to compliment my cat like eyes. A knock at my door brings me out of thoughts, it swings open to reveal Jihyo in a similar outfit.

“Hello Sexy!” She squeals as she basically tackles me to the floor.

“You don’t look to bad yourself,” I tease as I sit us up.

“I’m beyond jealous right now!” She swats at me, “Where the hell did you get more hotties?” Seungri and Daesung are standing in the door with smiles on their faces.

“Don’t be fooled by their looks, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing,” I warn her.

She grins mischievously and suddenly I’m more worried about what she could do to them, “That’s what I was hoping.”

“You have an interesting friend,” Daesung pipes.

“I get that a lot.”

Ji glares at him over her shoulder, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, just that you weren’t what I was expecting.”

“Are you ladies ready to go?” Seungri beams at us.

“After the rules of course,” Youngbae adds as he joins them in the doorway.

Ji groans, “More rules!”

“Trust me,” I pat her back, “they will be a lot less strict than my other oppas.”

“I wouldn’t guarantee that,” Dae chuckles before leading us to the living room where Jiyong is waiting. They sit us down on one of the couches before taking their own seats either across from us or on the other couch like a bunch of dads.

“So rules?” Jihyo hums.

“I’ve heard you are quiet the trouble maker,” Jiyong eyes her up and down.

Jihyo feigns hurt, “Me? A troublemaker?”

Jiyong ignores her attitude, “No leaving the club without us.”

“Understandable,” Jihyo muses.

“Drink as much as you want, it’s on the house. Do not accept drinks from strangers. If a guy makes you uncomfortable please let me know and it will be handled.” I raise a brow at his words, something he automatically notices, “Depending on the severity of his actions will decide how it’s handled.”

“Sounds good to me!” Jihyo is on her feet.


Jihyo whistles, “Wow.” We both stand in the middle of the moving club in complete aw. The club is absolutely amazing and beautiful with just as beautiful people crawling all over the place. The dance floor is packed along with the many booths and the bar stools. Of course we have nothing to worry about with the owner holding on to my other hand leading us to the private balcony for VIPs only. With our own private bar and booth we are able to sit back and relax for a little while before Jihyo gets the itch to shake what she’s got.

I’m dragged along without much of a fight, the large amount of alcohol that we just drank seems to encourage it. We are both a giggling mess on the dance floor, spinning and screaming along to the music like the drunks we are. I barely notice the creepy looking guy sneaking up behind me and snaking his arms around my waist. His chest is pressed against my back as he begins grinding with me. Even in my drunken state I know I want nothing to do with this guy, I try my best to push him away but he’s a lot stronger than me. Thankfully that issue doesn’t last long before Jihyo is there trying to pry this bastard off me.

“Hands off,” She growls at him.

“Back off bitch,” The drunk man slurs.

“The lady said hands off,” Youngbae appears next to us and I breath a sigh of relief.

“Try finding your own piece of ass shorty,” The man laughs.

Suddenly the man is ripped off me and is on his knees with his arm twisted behind his back and Youngbae standing over him. “What was that?”

“Nothing man, I’m sorry.”

“Are you alright?” Youngbae pushes the man on the ground and steps over him to get to me.

“I’m fine Oppa, just a little dizzy.”

“How about you sit down for a little while?”

I shake my head, “I want to dance a little more first.”

He seems hesitant to leave, “Are you sure?”

“How about you dance with me to make sure no one else tries to bug us? Get one of your sex friends down here for her!” Jihyo suggests with a hungry look in her eyes.

“I don’t know,” Youngbae is hesitant to place his hands anywhere on Jihyo when she gets close to him.

Glancing around I see Jiyong at the main bar nursing a half empty drink, his eyes are locked on me. I wave him over, he of course rushes over to see what is wrong. The man who had been all over me is now crawling away at the sight of Jiyong, who does not look one bit happy to see any guy near me but what does he expect in a club full of drunks.

“Dance with me,” I demand the moment he’s close enough to hear me over the music. His eyebrows go up as he looks from me to Youngbae and Jihyo, who has somehow convinced the short man to grind with her. “Not like that, just dance.”

“Are you sure?”

“I prefer you to some stranger.”

“That means a lot,” He chuckles.

“You know what I mean,” I roll my eyes at him, “Don’t want me getting another admirer do you?”

He smirks, “Someone’s cocky.”

“Are you doubting me? I might as well look around for some other options for when my daddies get tired of me.” Though my tone is playful Jiyong can hear the pain behind it. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close so we are doing a basic slow dance in a crowd of thrashing bodies.

“You have me, you always have me,” He mumbles in my ear. “Not to mention that you won’t find anyone better then me in here.”

“Now who’s being cocky?”

“I’m not being cocky, it’s the truth. I’m the most dangerous monster in the whole country my Love.”

“I think your wrong,” I counter.

“Oh really? Who do you think could beat me?”


A soft chuckle leaves his lips. “What a smart little girl,” He muses as he leans in close again and rests his chin on top of my head.

Daryl x Reader - Do it for her (Request)


Daryl x Reader

Requested by anon:  Hey! Can you please write an imagine with where the reader is young and have depression and daryl starts to help her with that because he loves her but he’s insecure about the age difference, sorry if it’s too much!

I hope you like it ;)

P.s: Reader is Beth and Maggie’s sister (and she’s legal)


She’s gone

How could it be?

Everything were going just fine, she was safe, the trade went smoothly and she was finally into my arms.

“Now we just need Noah”

After those words everything happened so fast.

Beth left my arms and walked toward that police officer, stabbing her with a pair of scissors.

Before I could elaborate what just happened, I hear a shoot and in a moment Beth fell to the ground…dead.

That’s something I will never forget…the death of my baby sister.


Since we arrived in Alexandria I wasn’t the same as before.

Everybody do something: Daryl helps Aaron recruiting people, Glenn and Tara go out scavenging…even Maggie, my older sister somehow recovered and start help out Alexandria’s people.

I spend days in bed doing nothing at all.

Every time I close my eyes I see the moment of her death, it was just too much to handle!

Suddenly I hear a knock on the door

“Come in”

“Hey…I thought I could bring you somethin’ to eat”

It was Daryl.

Me and Daryl get closer after Beth’s death…closer than we were before.

Since we arrived here, I closed myself into a room, everybody came to see how I were doing, trying to help me get out of this situation, however the only reaction they obtain from me was just a silent stare. However with Daryl was different.

He came to my room and talk to me about what he and Beth did when we got separated after the prison, he was the first to make me smile, talking about how Beth didn’t listen to him when he told her to not enter an old house but she did that anyway because she heard a dog.

He really understood me and I really enjoy his company.

“Thanks Daryl but I’m not hungry now”
He placed the tray with food on my bedside table

“I’m not going anywhere until you eat all of that, you need to eat”

“I don’t need to do anything”

“Damnit (Y/n)! Do you think that Beth will be happy seeing what are you doing to yourself?”
Somehow those words irritate me: “SHE’S NOT HERE! SHE’S GONE! She’ll never feel happiness or joy or sadness anymore! She’ll not sing or fall in love anymore because she’s dead! She’s dead because I couldn’t stop her and protect her!”

I start sobbing, all my sadness and guilt just came out at once.

I feel strong arms around me and Daryl breathing onto my hair: “sssh it wasn’t your fault, you did your best to keep her safe”

After I calmed down a little I start to realize something: Daryl was by my side since he arrived with the others at our farm, we haunt together, we also drink together but it’s just after my sister’s death that I start to see him as more than a member of our group or a friend.

He pull away from me just to looking into my eyes: “Yes?”
“Thank you… you make me feel better…every time you came here I feel happy, that’s something I didn’t feel for quite awhile so thank you”

“Don’t mention it…I really miss our “drunk nights” and hunting” he said smiling, while he caress my cheeks.

We stare at each other for minutes so I took the chance.

I peck him gently on the lips, then I move again and I start to kiss him.

At first he was still but after a little while he kiss me back, putting his hand on the back of my neck for deepening the kiss.

He was so good and I start to moan into the kiss.

Daryl’s eyes snapped open, and suddenly he pull away: “I have to go”.

He start heading to the door, but before he could open it, I take him by his wrist:” What happened? I thought you wanted it”

“It’s not that it’s just…”
I don’t let him finish, too hurted by his reaction:

“It’s just what? Ooh now I get it, for you I’ll always be Maggie’s broken sister that needs help and compassion…you know what? I’m tired of people who just pity me. I thought you were different but here you go, making your way toward my heart and then throw me away and leave me just like everyone else…”


That was unexpected, Daryl Dixon was in love with me?
“Do you love me?”

“Yes I do, I love you since I lay my eyes on you”
I let go of his wrist and I start to caress his left cheek: “Then what’s the problem?”

“…It’s just…you’re so young, you could be my daughter, what people would think seeing you with someone like me?”

“Do you mean what people will say after they see me with an amazing and caring man? Do you really think that I care? You stayed by my side until now, helping me go through all of this…and I can do it just if you continue to stay by my side…I love you too Daryl, please, don’t throw our possible future away because people will judge us”.

Daryl didn’t answer, he just hug me tightly.

I hug him back, scared that if I let him go he’ll walk out of that door.

“Please stay with me”.

“I’ll never let you go” he answered kissing me.

I’ve a long road ahead of me, but I’m sure that with Daryl by my side I’ll be able to feel better and be back the way I was before all of this.

I’ll do it for her.

anonymous asked:

Salam. How do i completely stop my addiction to masturbating. Ive tried so many ways. Ive stopped fr a few weeks but every once in a while the desire comes back strong and I keep making dua but i always find myself falling for it. Pls make dua for me

Walaikum Assalaam,

Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala is the most forgiving and merciful. If we sincerely repent He will forgive us. No matter how many times we commit a mistake and after every fall we turn to Him and ask for His forgiveness sincerely He will forgive us. 

The temptation will be there but you have to suppress your desire for the sake of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. Keep striving and never give up. Keep yourself busy and do productive things that will benefit you in the hereafter. Make dua and ask Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala for help. Cry and beg to Him that He give you strength to fight with your desire and help you abstain from sin. Avoid all the circumstances that trigger your feeling and strengthen your relationship with Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

“The more you go against the self, the more light will be put in the heart.”

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

First of all find out what are the triggers and avoid being in those circumstances. Secondly fast if you are having problem in controlling desires or eat less. Thirdly temptation will always be there, throughout our life. But we have to abstain from the temptation. When you think about the desires and it gives you joy. The first thing you have to do is to repel that thought, before it becomes an action. Try to distract yourself, do something read books, talk to your family or anything that may help you to get distracted from the thought. If you keep thinking about it, it will become a stronger desire and it may happen you may end in doing sin.

Following are some tips that will help you to reduce sin in shaa Allah

1.      Fix your prayers.

Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing, and the remembrance of Allah is greater. And Allah knows that which you do. (Surat Al-`Ankabūt 29:45)

2.      Being God conscious, always keep in mind that whatever we do, we have to be accountable to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and He’s watching us all the time.

3.      When you get tempted to do sin think of the death because it is the cutter of delights.

The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) said:“Remember often the destroyer and cutter off of delights, which is death.” (Sunnan Trimidhi:2229)

4.    Have friends that remind you of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala not those whose company makes you forget Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

5.    Strive to get closer to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. When our connection is stronger with Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala it will be easy for us to fight with the desires.

6.    When you get tempted think of the following things:

·         Allah is watching you

·         Angels are recording your deeds

·         Punishment of the grave

·         You have to answer on the day of Judgement

Here are some tips to get closer to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala that will help you in shaa Allah.

1.If we want to get closer to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, we have to fulfill our obligatory duties and follows the command of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and his messenger (peace be upon him) wholeheartedly.

2.Being God conscious, always keep in mind that whatever we do, we have to be accountable to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and He’s watching us all the time.

3.Whenever we do a good work, always make the intention that you are doing this to please Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

4.Be thankful to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala in every situation and be happy with the Allah decree.

5.Try to do dhikr all the time, it will make us closer to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Following are some dhikr that we can do all the time:

1.  Asthaghfirullah

2.  Subhaanallah

3. Alhamdulillah

4. Allahu Akbar

5. Laa ilaaha illallah


7. Asthaghfirullah-halladhee Laa ilaaha illa-huwal Hayyul Qayyuumu Wa athoobu Ilay

Or Asthaghfirullah



9. Subhāna-llāhi, wa-l-hamdu li-llāhi, wa lā ilāha illā-llāhu, wa-llāhu akbar. Wa lā hawla wa lā quwwata illā bi-llāhi-l-aliyyi-l-azīm

10. Lā ilāha illā-llāhu waḥdahu lā sharīka lahu lahu-l-mulku wa lahu-l-ḥamdu yuhyi wa yumītu wa huwa ḥayyu-llā yamūtu abadan abada, ḏū-l-jalāli wa-l-ikrām, biyadihi-l-khayr, wa huwa alā kulli Shay-in qadīr


Laa ilaaha illal-laahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu wa huwa ‘alaa kulli shay-in qadeer

We should also recite much of durood e Ibrahim which is the durood that is recited towards the end of Salaah. 

Or the shortest durood is: Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallim

6. Dua and Repentence:

Almighty Allah says in the Qur’an: “When my servants ask you concerning me, (tell them) I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on me.“ [2:186] 

The place of Dua is so high in front of Allah, that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallim) has said:”Nothing is more honourable to Allah the Most High than Dua.”[Sahih al-Jami` no.5268]. 

Allah loves repentance & loves those who turn to him in sincere repentance: 

Truly Allah loves those who turn [to Him] in repentance… (Qur’an 2:222)

Narrated ‘Ubaadah that the Messenger of Allah said, “Whoever seeks forgiveness for the believing men and believing women, Allah will write for him a good deed for EACH believing man and believing woman.”(Tabarrani) 

Subhanallah this deed can be done in EVERY dua and can you imagine how many rewards can be gained for each and every Muslim you make dua for from Adam alayhis ‘salam until now and the last Muslim on earth. This is the easiest way to earn rewards that go into the billions and the more you make these dua’s then the more your good deed account will get filled!

Ask Allah for the help and try to do dhikr all the time, it will help you in shaa Allah. Recite Astaghfirullah, Durood Shareef and kalma as often you can. Desire will always be there, nafs and shaitan is our enemy and this battle will continue till our last breath. On our shortcomings we should repent to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala sincerely. He is the most forgiving and merciful.

I hope it will be helpful. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala make things easier for you.

Allahumma Ameen


Request Anonymous: “Sorry I’m sending us a. Inch of kids request but I just saw that your a god writer of pre serum Steve so could you possibly do one of reader and preserving Steve have a son together and they find out that there son have some of the same health issues Steve has?”

A/N: Don’t be sorry, I love getting requests! Especially for my fav preserum Steve! Also, AAAHHHH!!!  I’ve accepted the headcanon that Steve’s kids would have the same health problems as him and I’ve been DYING to write a fic about it! And, thank you!  I’m glad you like my writing!

Dad!Preserum!Steve x reader

Word count: 1784

Summary: Steve and (Y/N) were blessed to have a son, but not all is well with the Rogers baby.

Warnings: child-birth, mentioned health issues, self-hate, sad Stevie (of course)

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The Story of the Gloves

Rachel Scott was not perfect and did make mistakes. Among all the things found after Rachel’s death, there was a story she wrote that captures her compassion for the underdog. It is called “Gloves of Conviction.” I don’t think she wrote it for a class at school. I don’t even think she wrote it for anybody else to read. Rather, it was something she wrote out of her heart after failing to care for somebody as she felt she should have. The story is about a needy-looking woman who came into the Subway sandwich shop where Rachel worked. I think we have all been in similar situations, and typically many of us prefer to turn away and mind our own business rather than reach out to someone who obviously looks as if she could use our help. For Rachel, this one episode of failing to help someone who was more vulnerable than she was, troubled her deeply and inspired her to write this story.

Gloves of Conviction

I was opening that day for work. On Sundays, no other employees come in until 11:00, which meant I had two hours of work to do by myself and then open the store for another hour alone with customers.

Usually no one comes in until about 11:30 on a Sunday morning anyway, so I always have plenty of time on my hands. I couldn’t believe how windy and cloudy it was. The cold of the breeze alone could bring you to a chill.

It was 10:00 so I flipped the switch for the open sign and unlocked the doors. It must have only been five minutes after that when I heard the doorbell ringing, telling me I had a customer. I went out front and began to put the gloves on, ready to make the first sandwich of the day.

I looked up and saw a woman who must have been in her late forties. She was wearing several layers of clothes. They were torn and dirty. Her face was dark from dirt. She was shivering, and then she began to cough in an almost uncontrollable manner. She looked up at me after she was all right and she gave me such a warm smile.

“What can I do for you, Ma'am? I asked?

She looked at me pleasantly and said, "Oh I was just wondering if you happen to know what time the busses were coming. I have been waiting out in the cold for two hours. You think they wouldn’t be so late, especially on a Saturday.”

I felt bad when I told her it was actually Sunday. She looked at me with such embarrassment and shock.

“Oh no,” she said. “I need to get back down town. I thought it was Saturday. Do you mind if I just sit here for a while until figure out what to do?”

I told her no problem, and she sat at the table in the far corner. As I looked at her and the situation more carefully, I realized she must have been so poor, and maybe even homeless. She was dressed in the dingiest clothes that hadn’t been washed in a while. She had a snug, winter hat on, three layers of flannel, baggy pants, worn through tennis shoes, and gloves. Her gloves were turned inside out. They had fringes coming off all sides.

I felt right then and there that I should have made her a sandwich free of charge. Then I should talk to her, telling her that whatever she did, God loved her and wanted her to trust him and fall into his arms once again. I knew where all of this was coming from. I knew God was giving me these words and asking me to go talk to her. But what if…what if…the usual questions and doubts about why I shouldn’t.

I went back to work, trying to forget about it, and hoping she would leave soon. My next customer came about an hour after that. She was a woman in her early thirties. She was well dressed in what looked like a work outfit. She had her hair pulled up nicely, and she was laced with perfume.

I made her some sandwiches, and we were at the cash register when she asked me how long the other woman had been sitting there. I told her about an hour.

“Did she get anything to eat?” the lady asked me.

I said no, and told her about the busses. Then the lady asked me if I wouldn’t mind making one more sandwich. I looked at her and smiled.

I never made a sandwich with such happiness and at the same time guilt. I told the lady no charge, and handed her a bag of chips to go with it. She thanked me and then went to the other woman.

She handed her the food and began to talk to her. They must have talked for two hours before I saw them leave. As I was cleaning the tables and feeling bad for not talking to the woman myself, I noticed that she had left her gloves.

I told God that I was sorry for disobeying him. He told me something that will always give me boldness to those situations, something that will never make me hesitate to tell other of him.

“You feel like she missed something because you lost your boldness, but she didn’t lose her opportunity. The other woman is sharing with her right now and she will not lose out on me.”

“You lost. You passed up the chance to gain something. You just let a wonderful flame to past you and into the hands of another. Let this be known, child when you do not follow through with the boldness and knowledge I have given you, more than one person is affected by it. You are as well as they.”

Chapter 10

Mark Tuan || frat boy au

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Reader (you) x Mark Tuan ft Jackson

Word Count: 2081

Genre: slight angst, fluff

Note: just before this series is going to end, i’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you. You guys gave this story so much love, I cannot express how thankful I am. Which is why i’d like to update early just for you. sadly no more Mark Tuan frat boy but soon (on Thursday) you’ll get to meet Jaebum in Rich. Happy reading and take care :) -admin 

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7 Chapter 8  Chapter 9

“What are you doing, (Y/N)?” I heard Alex ask from my bed as I rummage around the room. It was the day of the big band dinner dance and Alex came over to help me get ready. She perfectly dressed me up for the occasion and did everything she could to make me look good. It wasn’t until last minute that I realized I lost my rose gold ring.

“I can’t find my ring.” I stated, flipping books around and creating a mess in the dorm.

“You’re going to be late, (Y/N)! Screw the ring and leave.” Alex said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

“No,” I fought back, “It was my mother’s ring she gave to me as a present.”

“Look (Y/N),” Alex exclaimed, holding me by the shoulders, “You don’t have time to look for the ring. I know you and you love this event. Jazz music, dancing, and the silent auction. This dance is for a good cause and you’re wasting it on finding a stupid ring.”

I sighed as I looked at Alex. She was right. Today was the day where I can relieve all the stress I had from my head and not worry about anything. Especially since I needed to get Mark out of my head. Yes, I still like him but I knew he was someone that would cause trouble. I wanted to go back to him, let him explain his side of his story and, maybe things could work out. At the same time, I wanted to avoid him as much as I can because my heart couldn’t take his trouble.

“Alright,” I sighed, “I’ll be back around midnight.”

“No drinking!” Alex pointed at me with her fingers as a warning. I chuckled under my breath and nodded my head. I was grateful to have a friend like Alex because she knew how to care for me. Waving her goodbye, I started to walk towards the event with my heels clicking on the pavement stone.

Soon, I started to hear the jazz music ringing throughout the area. The relaxing and soothing music rang through my ears as it almost made me sway to the beat. Once I entered the room, the magnificent set up with the band in the background made me smile. This was the place for me to forget about Mark.

“(Y/N)!” I heard someone called. Looking around I spotted Jackson, in his lovely suit, waving at me. He had a drink in hand and looked stunningly handsome. I was never interested in Jackson but I could say he was looking good tonight.

“Hey! I didn’t know you would be here.” I beamed at Jackson as he gave me a one armed hug.

“One of my friends is in the band so I came to support.” Jackson stated, as he took a sip of his drink.

“Who?” I asked, fully engaging into the conversation.

“Youngjae. The one on the trumpet.” Jackson said as he pointed towards the band. I tried to follow Jackson’s fingers and I made eye contact with a rather handsome guy. He flashed me a smile before continuing to play his instrument.

“Come sit with me, (Y/N). We can have dinner together.” Jackson smiled at me before leading me towards his table.

The whole night was full of laughter and joy, mainly because Jackson was the mood lifter. I got to meet Youngjae after he was finished playing in the band. He radiated happiness and was loud which was why I came to the conclusion that he was a trumpet player. Later on in the night, Jackson and I danced to some tunes that was played at the event. It was perfect. I never felt so happy and free after the incident with Mark. I wanted this mood to stay but, unfortunately, that was not how reality works.

Jackson continued to dance with people on the floor as I sat at our table. I observed on how happy people looked as they enjoyed their time at this event. Smiling to myself, I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of upbeat jazz.

“Hey.” A deep voice suddenly appeared out of nowhere, causing me to jump slightly. I turned to look at the man who I wanted to forget tonight. There he was, his blond hair swept to the side nicely as he wore a nicely tailored suit. His smile melted my knees as I started to fall for him, again, just like how I did when I first saw him.

“Hey.” I mumbled out of my mouth, grabbing a glass on a table and taking a sip of sparkling water. I needed to distract myself and make me look like I wasn’t interested in him. But that was a total lie.

“Didn’t know you would be here.” Mark simply stated as he pulled out a chair and sat down next to me. A whiff of cologne swept by my face making my legs go weak. He looked good, smelt good and, flirted well too. How more perfect can Mark be?

“Same goes to you.” I replied, keeping my sentences short. My heart started to beat fast as I tried to keep my emotions together. What was he doing to me?

“Would you like to dance? The music is great.” Mark smiled towards me, trying to make eye contact. I felt my heart leap as I so badly wanted to dance with him but, I really wanted to sort things out before I can’t handle my feelings anymore.

“Can we talk?” I asked him, hoping that he would get the message. His smile disappeared as he nodded his head and stood up. Leading me outside the building, the cold air hit my exposed skin as Mark and I stood in the middle of the sidewalk.

“I’m sorry.” Mark simply said as we stood there. A moment of silence passed by as I tried to think of different ways to approach him. I wanted to yell at him, scream at him for being a dickhead that he was. At the same time, I wanted to grab his face and makeout with him.

“You can’t just say sorry, Mark.” I finally spoke up. “It’s something you need to fix.”

“What? My sexual issues? Yeah, I know.” Mark sighed as he leaned back and ran his hands through the soft blond hair. “It’s been fixed, trust me, and I’m just looking for the right mom-”

“Well, well, well…” A voice called from behind. “Look who it is. Mark Tuan and his girl that he supposedly dump me with.”

I turned around to see a strikingly beautiful girl, looking like she was ready to kill someone. My head finally clicked as I realized the girl in front of me was Shae. I could see why Mark slept with her. She was drop dead gorgeous and someone whom was dangerous to mess with. I took a step back, crashing into Mark from behind as Shae started to spill nonsense about Mark.

“Asshole. You left me because of this ugly bitch?” She screeched at the top of her voice. “I could make you feel ten times better than her. I can treat you better than her.”

“Shut the fuck up, Shae.” Mark hissed as he grabbed my waist and pulled me behind him. “You can’t just talk shit about a girl you never met. (Y/N) is ten times better than you. She’s more beautiful, caring and, smart.”

At that moment, I decided that I couldn’t avoid Mark anymore. He respected me and loved me. When I told him he needed to prove his love to me, this was the moment I was looking for. I’ve never seen Mark protective over me before but I felt good. This was when I realized he did love me and so, I began to accept it.

“And how about you? You are complete trash, Mark Tuan. You are nowhere near caring, you heartless freak. I can’t believe I had sex with you because the only thing you were good at was making a girl feel good.” Shae spat out.

I looked at Shae with complete disbelief. Yes, I believed she was crazy but she didn’t need to bring down Mark when the problem was me. And so, I decided to step up and defend for Mark. Why? Because he deserved it.

“How could you say that when you don’t know Mark at all?” I stepped up from behind Mark. “He’s one of the sweetest guys you’ll meet. He can do more than make a girl feel good during sex. His kindness was one of the main reasons why I liked Mark in the first place.”

“(Y/N)…” Mark warned from behind, grabbing my arm and holding on to it. He was warning me that Shae could get out of hand but, I didn’t care. She’s a bitch and deserves to be taught a lesson.

“Kind or not, Mark is someone that plays with hearts. An rude asshole who doesn’t care about a girl’s feelings. That’s what he is and he knows it.” Shae yelled. To be honest, she was right. Mark was someone who played around but he was different my eyes.

“Get the fuck out of here, Shae.” Mark finally spoke up. Looking around, I tried to find something that would get rid of Shae. Finally, I spotted a man holding a glass full of water and started to get an idea. While Mark and Shae fought, I quickly ran away towards the man holding a glass full of water.

“Hey, can I borrow this?” I asked the man. I didn’t give him time to answer since I snatche it out of his hands and ran back to Mark. Stomping towards Shae, I quickly dumped the glass on top of her head as I watched her face turn into horror.

“What the fuck?” She screamed at the top of her lungs. I smirked at her as I grabbed Mark’s hands and grasped it tightly. I could hear Mark chuckle under his breath as we both watched Shae freak out.

“Fuck you and you,” She cried, pointing to Mark and I, “No wonder you both are perfect pair. You’re both crazy as hell.”

And with that, she stomped away from us as she continuously cursed at us. At some point, I did think that my night was ruined because Mark showed up out of nowhere. It was suppose to be the night where I should’ve forgotten him. But this was something I wanted to do for a long time. And I did it because Mark came into sight and proved his love.

“That was hot.” He stated as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

“That you will never see again.” I laughed as I felt my cheeks start to rise in color.

“So, how about we start over?” Mark smirked at me as we pulled away. I pursed my lips as I tried to hide the huge smile. Nodding my head, I watched as Mark bend down on one knee and reached for my hand.

“Tell me you’re not going to propose. You said you wanted to start over and this is not how we start over.” I exclaimed, suddenly getting hot. My heart started to race immensely fast as I felt Mark put something in my hand. He stood up and smiled at me as I opened my hand and gasped.

“My ring!” I beamed, putting on the rose gold ring I was looking for.

“You left it at my dorm after you stormed out. Just thought you’d like it back.” Mark chuckled under his breath.

“No duh. I was looking for it before I came here. Thanks!” I happily stated as I gave Mark a hug, cherishing the moment we just shared. As we pulled away, Mark quickly pressed his lips on my cheek, making my heart lurch. I beamed at him feeling glad that Alex pushed me to go to a party with her. Otherwise I wouldn’t have met Mark.

“How about we go back to my dorm?” Mark said as he grabbed my hand.

“Netflix and chill?” I raised my eyebrow at him, slightly joking but we both knew it was going to happen.

Mark winked at me as his hands made their way down to my ass, giving it a good squeeze. “I can do that all night, babe.”

lephrasia  asked:

Just read alot of the requests you've answered and I'm in love with them all! They make me laugh, in a good way and they also make me feel happy! O3O Since I'm having problems with this myself, may I request the RFA ( + V & Saeran ) finding out about MC's self harming habits / problems and her thoughts about considering suicide?

I’m so happy to hear that, this cheers me up! Knowing that people love what you write, it’s just..So good.
I hope you feel better!And i hope you like it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • MC always hides the marks on her wrists,  Yoosung was not a very observant person
  • And she’s smiling, so nothing is wrong with her…This is what he thought
  • MC was picking one coffee that he made for her, but he forgets to ask her if she wants milk in it
  • So when she picked that up and starts to walk away, he grabs her wrist, feeling those marks
  • MC froze, and Yoosung couldn’t believe MC did that in her past, then he looks at her wrist, pulling the sleeve to see it better
  • Then he sees that those marks were fresh, she didn’t do in her past, she’s doing this in her present.
  • He couldn’t help tears coming out of his eyes, and then he looks at her face, she’s not even looking at him
  • “You will talk with me about this MC…” His voice is so broke, but you know that you can’t escape right now, you’ll have to talk about it.
  • And this is what you do, talk about your problems about your suicidal thoughts, everything.
  • Was funny that one smile could hide so much pain.
  • Yoosung listen to everything, with this falling from his eyes, seeing your sorrow, makes him feel the same.
  • He cannot think about you leaving, he just can’t.
  • He hugs you tightly, allowing you to cry on his shoulder and he cries on yours.
  • Yoosung can be a baby sometimes, but this is so serious,he’ll ask to Jumin and Seven if can get some medical help for you, he’ll see on the internet, everything he could do, and he’ll always, always, listen what you have to say.
  • He prefers to listen to your sweet voice all the time rather than never listen to this anymore.


  • You could try to hide this from him, with long sleeves, jackets, he will not question about your “fashion sense”
  • But Zen is a romantic knight, he’ll always want to love every part of your body, because of that it didn’t take long until he realizes it.
  • He pushed you to him, while he was sitting and starts to sing to you, you were so distracted that you didn’t even notice when he pulls your sleeve up and starts to kiss your wrists.
  • He opens his eyes and sees it, you move away from him
  • He couldn’t believe what his eyes saw “Mc…What is this?”
  • If you don’t want to talk about it, he doesn’t care at all, you will talk about those problems right now, he loves you and he wants to know
  • Then you told him about everything, the pain, those suicidal thoughts, everything
  • He will not cry, even if he wants to, he must be strong for you, and you must be strong too.
  • He’ll ask Jumin help this time, this can hurt his confidence, but you’re more important than everything.
  • He’ll be always watching you to see if you’re getting better.
  • Always.


  • She’s always so busy that she don’t notice anything, everything is normal in her eyes.
  • “Mc could you pick that box?It’s up there" 
  • When you try to reach it, she sees it, but looks away, but see it again, doesn’t believing what she just saw.
  • "MC…You’re self-harming?”
  • You stay quiet, she only opens her mouth and hugs you “You can tell me…Please, let all those bad feelings out”
  • So you told her, and she’s listening closely, making some notes with this, she must know and remember all that you’re going through.
  • She obviously will get medical help, but she’ll always be at your side, she’ll stop all the work sometimes and just stay with you, reassuring you that you’re not alone.
  • You have someone who loves you very much by your side.


  • He’s just a dork, but he has a dark past, and you helped him get through it
  • Was tough, but you guys did it, now everything is happy! This is what he thought.
  • You just out of the shower, holding your towel in a way that your wrists don’t show up, Seven sees you and runs to you
  • “Look at this beautiful lady!Let’s dance!"He grabs your wrist and feels it, the smile goes away from his face, he has a serious expression right now, he looks at your wrists, seeing those marks, he knew that some of those marks were made not a long time ago.
  • He looks at you, seriously, ”MC, you must tell me, please, what are you feeling".
  • You told him, feeling a little better just my letting those feeling get out of you, he’s listening to you, with a serious expression.
  • He hugs you when you’re finished, he will say how much he loves you in your ear and that he’ll do anything to help you.
  • He asks Jumin for help, you need medical assistance, he cannot leave you with this thought.
  • He cannot lose you.
  • He’ll always make jokes, be a clown, he’s always trying to make you smile or laugh, he’s always trying to make you happy.


  • He cannot even think about you leaving him, he wants to make you happy and he’ll make you happy
  • Because of that he very worried about you, he’s always watching you
  • So he discovered it fast.
  • He realizes those long sleeves or something that you use to hide those marks
  • He knows that maybe something was wrong, so when you was distracted, he picked your hand and sees it
  • He knows that was just a possibility, but now when he sees that it’s true he cannot believe in it
  • You’ll have to tell him, he needs to know what is going through your Head, and when you tell him, he is lost
  • Just thinking about losing you makes him that way, so he’ll be strong, for you
  • He wouldn’t cry, he will save these tears to cry of joy when you’re good
  • Tears will not help, so he’ll hire medical help, the best one to help you.
  • And he’ll always remember you that he’s by your side


  • Everything was good in his life now, he has the perfect woman, the perfect life.
  • Now his life has no longer sorrow, if he feels sad, he’ll remember that you’re by his side and he’ll be better again.
  • You don’t worry about those marks, you don’t need to hide, V can see a little, but not so much to notice this.
  • But you did not expect a mistake on his part, he would hold your hand while you were reading something to him, but he didn’t grab your hand he grabbed your wrist.
  • You get your hand away from him really quick, but he had already noticed it, his expression is pure sadness “Is this…No…It can’t be…MC…Please, tell me everything…”.
  • You couldn’t hold back anymore, and this is why you told him, he cries in the middle of the process.
  • He couldn’t believe this was happening, another person that he loves being in sorrow, but you will not follow that path.
  • He’ll find medical help, to be honest, he’ll find any help that you need, don’t matter, but he’ll be at your side, always.
  • He’ll never let you, not even in this tough time, he’ll be always there for you.


  • He notices when you sleeve was a little higher than it used to be. But he didn’t say anything about it, but he freaked out.
  • You’re harming yourself, and he knows this could lead to suicide, this is why he was like that, scared.
  • He doesn’t know what to do, he asked Saeyoung for help, and he’ll help, he says he would talk to Jumin about those problems, but he says that Saeran needs to stay by your side.
  • Saeran will be at your side, he’ll do anything to help you, he loves you more than anything, more than himself.
  • He told you what he saw, and you told what you’re feeling.
  • He hugs you, letting some tears fall, and then he kisses you, a kiss that says a lot of things, especially how much he loves you.
  • Saeran will help you and be always at your side.
  • You saved him, now it’s time to him return the favor.

emilynightshade89  asked:

Dirk Gently fluff AU where Dirk is out doing god knows what, and Todd is at home trying to take a shower, but the water is colder than hell so he decides, "fuck it, Dirk won't be home in a few hours." and sneaks into his flat to shower bc the water is warmer, and out of nowhere starts to sing "Take Me To Church" by Hozier. Completely unaware that Dirk gets home a few seconds after he starts singing, and just politely sits outside the bathroom door amazed bc he's never heard Todd sing before. :3

“You changed the words.”

With the pure adrenalin hit of a voice sounding where a voice had not been expected, three things happen, almost simultaneously; Todd’s life flashes before his eyes, his breath leaves his body and his towel leaves his waist.

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Quotes from ESFP Characters


Once you get used to something why bother? It’s just repetition. 
Dorian Gray from Penny Dreadful

I don’t want to be in a battle. But waiting on the edge of one I can’t escape is even worse.
Peregrin ‘Pippin’ Took from The Lord of the Rings

Do I have to tuck my shirt in? Cause honestly, that is kind of a deal breaker.
Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation

No matter what happens, no matter how crazy things get, I’ll always try to restore balance.
Korra from Legend of Korra

I’m not even sorry.
Joey Tribbiani from Friends

Forty seconds? But I want it now!
Homer Simpson from The Simpsons

Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves.
Bender from Futurama

It ain’t hard. The right choice is the one that keeps us alive.
Shane Walsh from The Walking Dead

Regina thought she was punishing us by erasing who we were, but I think she underestimated how much crap we wanted to forget. But, we can’t let it stop us. She gave us a chance to start over, and I wanna take it. I think you should too.
Ruby Lucas ‘Red’ from Once Upon a Time

Some people struggle not to be drawn in to the darkness. But ever since I was a little girl, I’ve said… “Why not splash in and have fun?”
Cruella De Vil from Once Upon a Time

Sorry, I can’t talk. I’m in hero mode.
Galavant from Galavant

A wedding without a trampoline, that’s crazy talk.
Michael Kelso from That ‘70s Show

I’m no expert, but I think people mope when their expectations are too high. It’s tiring when you always have to overachieve. Don’t overdo it. Just work on achieving what you can.
Yoshida Haru from My Little Monster

Man, you’re letting your brain dial turn your fear volume up.
Finn the Human from Adventure Time

I will not stand by and watch innocent people destroyed, and I am not alone. Many have already joined me. Many more join every day. 
Arthur Pendragon from BBC’s Merlin

I’m going to make you cry and dip my cookie in your tears.
Roger from American Dad

Life is short, when you’re done you’re done, we’re on this earth to have some fun!
Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog

No one’s even willing to consider that I might be the Hitler of the group?
Pierce Hawthorne from Community

We all die. You can either do that here, feeling sorry for yourself, or you come back with me and get your revenge. The choice is yours.
Octavia Blake, The 100

The name’s Finn. And I’m in charge. I’m in charge now, Phasma! I’m in charge!
Finn, Star Wars

People started to talk as if he was a god. He was not a god, he was a man. A man with many dreams and many failings. I’ve learned that in the years since he went away. If I was him I wouldn’t come back. Despite all his failings, he’s still the greatest man in the world to me.
Bjorn Lothbrok, Vikings

Something happens at around 92 miles an hour - thunder-headers drown out all sound, engine vibrations travels at a heart’s rate, field of vision funnels into the immediate and suddenly you’re not on the road, you’re in it. A part of it. Traffic, scenery, cops - just cardboard cutouts blowing over as you past. Sometimes I forget the rush of that. That’s why I love these long runs. All your problems, all the noise, gone. Nothing else to worry about except what’s right in front of you. Maybe that’s the lesson for me today, to hold on to these simple moments. Appreciate them a little more - there’s not many of them left. I don’t ever want that for you. Finding things that make you happy shouldn’t be so hard. I know you’ll face pain, suffering, hard choices, but you can’t let the weight of it choke the joy out of your life. No matter what, you have to find the things that love you. Run to them. There’s an old saying, ‘That what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’ I don’t believe that. I think the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad. Strength comes from the good things - your family, your friends, the satisfaction of hard work. Those are the things that’ll keep you whole. Those are the things to hold on to when you’re broken.
Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy

I’m talking to my credit card company. I tried to get an online subscription to the New Yorker and they declined me. Apparently, based on my previous purchases, they assumed it was fraud. That’s crazy. I’m fancy. One time I had coffee-flavored ice cream.
Detective Jake Peralta, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I’m stupid. A stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns.
Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones

[SCENARIO] How the Vocal Team will Propose (JH/JS/WZ)

A continuation of one of our earlier scenarios (How the Hip Hop Team will Propose). We will also be doing one for the performance team as well, so we hope you look forward to it!

A/N: WHOO! And that wraps the Vocal Team up! We really tried our hardest to make each of them unique in their own way, so we hope you like them!


-Scooped ✌️
-junnie :> 


Originally posted by grown-man-woozi


I think we all know that the Vocal Team are definitely the shyer, less expressive ones (other than Seungkwan) in the group, so we can see them turning to simpler, but sweeter ways to propose to their significant others. True to themself, their proposal methods may be really cliche but it will definitely melt any girl’s heart.

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Testosterone  (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: When u have time, can please do an imagine where the reader (who isn’t an avenger) and Bucky are best friends. And she’s dating this guy. And Bucky doesn’t like the guy because he really likes her, and thinks the guy is a total douche and unworthy of her love. One day, he just walks into her apartment to see her picking herself up off the ground. And Bucky raises his voice and scares the crap outta her. He asks what he can do to make the situation better, and she says nothing. End how you want.

“You still got that boyfriend?”

“You still got that attitude about it?”

Bucky looked at you with a smirk and took a drink from his coffee, “always, doll.  The guy doesn’t deserve you.”

“You’re biased,” you sighed. You had gone through this with your best friend so many times that the conversation was now nothing more than rehashing the same content over and over.  

“No,” he said, leaning into the small café table, closing the gap between you to make the conversation more private.  “I’m right. I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s something you’re not telling me.  I’m pretty intuitive, ya know.”  

It was time to call him out. He had been pushing this issue for months, and you wanted to get to the bottom of it.  “So am I, and I think you’re jealous.”  You held his eye contact as he sat back again, now looking visibly uncomfortable.  He reached in his pocket and pulled out several bills, throwing them on the table and standing to leave.

“Really?” you scoffed, “did I offend you or something?”

“I’ll…uh…I’ll talk to you later, (Y/N),” he mumbled.  You watched in shock as he turned and walked away, leaving you alone to let your mind wander and race to figure out what had just happened.  You obviously struck a nerve, and if you were right, this opened up a whole new problem that you had no idea of how to solve.

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I am so in love with all of these photos <3 <3 <3

In the weeks leading up to the con I was so nervous about them and generally about Jensen even coming to the con, because I thought it was likely the twins would be born soon …. damn, was I right ^-^  We read the news on his twitter during Misha’s panel on saturday (gotta rewatch that on youtube, because the second half I couldn’t concentrate very well - sorry Misha!!!) and I was so happy for him but also instantly worried he wouldn’t come, which would have been more than understandable. An hour later we got the news that Jensen called to say he’s coming and we were ecstatic! He was in such a good mood and you could see the happiness radiating off him the whole day, it was truly the best part for me just seeing him like that <3

I wanted the hand holding pose so much ever since I saw a similar photo my friend (who I shared the rockstar!Jensen one with) did at JIB7, but I was afraid I’d make the weirdest face or simply die on the spot if I had Jensen looking at me like that. Well, I didn’t die and I think I look sufficiently happy and enchanted and in love in the photos, but I gotta say I was shaking so damn hard after the last solo op with him, even my legs felt completely wobbly. I did the hug photo first - AND GOSH LOOK AT HIS BEAUTIFUL SMILE - AND HIS ARM!! <3  I thanked him after the photo and said a quick congrats to him and nearly melted on the spot when he smiled at me so full of joy, you can truly understand the sentiment “it’s like staring into the sun” :D

Then I got back in line with my friend for the other two. I asked her if I can do my other solo op with him first, in order to prevent me from being a complete idiot again like at the photo ops with Rob and running off after the shared one, so I walked up to Jensen and asked if we can hold hands. He smiled and a second later I had my hand in his and he was looking at me and I was so lost in the moment, I didn’t realise there’s a problem until Jensen suddenly tugged me lightly to his left and I tore my eyes away from his to look over at Chris who was motioning for us to take a step to the left. So I let Jensen guide me into the right spot, him never letting go of my hand all the while, and then we looked at each other once again and I think the small panicky voice inside my head went like “AGAIN? HOW AM I GONNA SURVIVE?!” but it was the most wonderful moment, which I’m never ever gonna forget, and I can only encourage everyone (looking at you @perfmishka​ ;D ) to do a pose like that where you can look him in the eyes, see them crinkle from his smile, and feel like there’s only the two of you for like 3 seconds. … I feel like this report will get mighty long because I can’t stop gushing about Jensen. Sorry, not sorry.

After that it was time for the rockstar pose. I had wanted a photo with Jensen singing to me for a long time as well, but I had already decided on the hug and hand holding pose, so I asked my friend if she wants to share a third Jensen solo op with me and told her about my idea and needless to say there wasn’t much convincing to do - none, actually ^-^  I brought one mic from singstar with me to the con and we didn’t even have to say anything, once we held out the mic to Jensen he knew exactly what we wanted. He went into the rockstar pose so quickly and naturally, we had to hurry and drop to the floor (I felt like doing that anyway by then lol) and I absolutely love the way this photo turned out. This one is going to be printed as a poster and stuck on my bedroom door for sure <3

The last photo here is actually cut out from our shared J2 photo op (which I’ll post in a bit) and like I already said to @perfmishka​ once when she told me how intimate it looks, I almost have to cover my eyes when I look at this too long because it looks so intimate and affectionate, but then I just get lost looking at it all the time anyway <3  True story: When we were still sightseeing in San Francisco after the con on monday, we went to grab a drink and sit down for a few minutes and I looked through my photos on my phone and got completely stuck and lost in this one until @perfackles​ noticed me having zoned out and she was like, “Melissa is doing something important on her phone…” because apparently I looked deeply focused and the second I snapped out of it at the mention of my name, she realised I had only been staring at the photo again and we all just burst out laughing :’D

I’m gonna stop right here and stare at the photos some more and start posting the others I have left.

If you want to use/edit anything, please let me know and credit me. Thank you!

Bite (Part 6)

Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader
Vampire AU Smut
Word Count: 2,931
This chapter is basically just a lot of Tae fluff, character introduction and some explaining with a bit of angst at the end. I wrote a smut request this week too that should be out today or tomorrow so I kept this a bit short, sorry. next chapter shall be MUCH more exciting and explanatory. Pls pls let me know what you think and like/reblog if you enjoyed it, it means a lot <3 :)


Chapter 6

I awoke the next morning to images from my dream still flashing behind my eyes and the cold feeling emanating from her body still seeped into my skin.

I began to panic, fear and disgust bubbling up my throat until I vomited the other half of her blood all over us. Salty tears filled my mouth as I wailed a broken cry and clutched at my loves dead body, hoping that there was some way to revive her, that this was just a bad, horrible nightmare. But no matter how much I shook her shoulders or how loud I screamed for her to come back, the only thing that answered back was silence. I hugged her close to me and my sobs shook her body and the corner of her night gown slipped over her cold, pale shoulder. Tears dropped from my eyes and absorbed into the white fabric that sat just below her shoulder blade, right under the dull pink-purple symbol that marked her skin. I had killed her, my love, my life. My summer. Yureum.

Her mark was like mine, for the most part. The blurry pinkish ‘U’ shape below her shoulder blade was just as similar to mine, save for the ring that surrounded the strange mark. Something felt strangely familiar about her, as if I knew her but couldn’t remember from where. My head clouded with confusion and I reached my arms out, subconsciously searching for two boys for comfort, but they were not there. The bed on either side of me was cold and empty with disuse as my hands spread over the soft fabric. Immediately awake, I hopped up in a panic and realizing I was still naked, pulled on some clothes from my nearby dresser. I glanced at my clock and read the angry red numbers that glowed in the slight darkness of my room.

7:33 p.m.

Were they gone? How long had I been alone, vulnerable to Him. Tears pricked at my eyes and my breathing hitched in my throat as I stood up and rushed to my bedroom door, opening it and calling out for them as my feet carried me through my apartment.


I stumbled into the living room and breathed a sigh of relief as black hair and black eyes met me and embraced me in a hug, whispering soothing words into my neck.

“Shhh.. It’s okay, (Y/N). We’re here.”

“Y-You left me! I thought you left me?!”

“We would never leave you, Love.”

Tae took my hand and guided me to the couch where I sat, cradled in Jungkook’s arms, surrounded by familiar and unfamiliar faces. Slight embarrassment flushed my damp cheeks and i wiped at my childish tears as my panic boiled down to a simmer.

“Sorry.” I mumbled.

“Don’t be sorry.” said the deep voiced, pinkish blonde haired one with thick lips. “It’s completely natural for you to act like that, (Y/N). This has probably been very stressful on you. I’m Namjoon by the way.”

“I’m Yoongi.” Said the shorter one with minty hair and hard, intense eyes. The one that seemed to have an attitude.

“I’m Hoseok, it’s nice to meet you, (Y/N).”

This one had dark, straight hair the color of coffee and his skin was golden like Tae’s. His voice seemed to ring with a hint of joy and warmness that had me relaxing into Jungkook’s warm, firm chest.

“Hi…” I said timidly.

“And im sure you remember me, (Y/N), how could you forget a face as cute as mine.” Said Jimin, his face breaking into a wide grin that made his eyes shut into happy crescents. A grin began to form on my lips and his cuteness broke through the tension in the room.

“Ah, Jimin, you have the biggest ego.” Jazmin sighed, a hint of laughter mixing with her usual annoyance at the orange haired boy. She and Jin shared a chair that sat at my island counter since my couch was particularly full at the moment.

“Don’t worry, my size matches my ego, darling.”

“Oh c’mon, do you have to go talking about you’re dick at every opportunity?!” exclaimed Yoongi, his face twisting with displeasure.

“You can’t deny it, it’s not like you’ve never seen it before.” Replied Jimin

“We’ve all seen it, Jimin, you walk around naked half the time.” Laughed Taehyung.

A laugh rumbled through me at their playful bickering, my episode from earlier already forgotten.

“Well then, you can confirm that I’m well endowed, right.” Said Jimin, his eyebrows raised.

“Not as well-endowed as Tae and Jungkook evidently are, from what we heard earlier…” teased Namjoon from his spot opposite me.

The smile left my lips as Jungkook and I blushed furiously while Taehyung just laughed and smiled with pride, no shame tinting his cheeks crimson. I was horrified that all of them had been witnesses to our steamy shower sex that I had been too absorbed in to even remember that they were just feet away, only thin walls separating us from the Vampyres who had super hearing abilities.

The whole room burst into fits of giggles at our reaction to being called out for our loud escapades earlier in the morning.

“Yah! Stop!” shouted Jungkook, trying to calm the room and avert the attention away from me.

“Ahhh, ok, sorry sorry, we’ll stop. But you guys were loud.”

“So!…-“ I exclaimed, trying to change the subject. “-… um, thank you for cleaning up. That was really nice of you guys.”

Now that I looked around I could see that the wall had been scrubbed clean, my door was fixed, and that my carpet looked just as bloodless as it had a few days ago. The only scent that lingered in the air was bleach and the chemical lemon scent of whatever cleaner was in my closet.

“No problem.” Said Hoseok, his smile as sweet as cake.

The air grew thick again with the unasked questions that I knew everyone was thinking, but no one wanted to ask for fear of upsetting me. I was grateful that they would let me explain in my own time.

“Listen, (Y/N), if you ever need anything, you can call anyone of us for help. I suggested you come stay with us for a while until we can deal with this guy, but Jazmin said you would want to stay here. Is that true?” Namjoon asked. I was beginning to get the feeling that he was the leader of the group.

“For right now, I think I’d rather stay here, as long as I have one of you with me. I can’t just give up my life, I still have work and school..” I trailed off.

“Fair enough, but our door is always open. Just in case.” With that he stood up and stretched his long legs and the others followed suit, everyone slowly getting up and walking towards my door, except Tae and Jungkook.

“I’ll come back in the morning, so we can go to class together.” Said Jazmin with a smile as she hopped off Jin’s lap and tossed on her coat.

As Namjoon followed the crowd that was filing through my door, he turned and looked at Jungkook, an authoritative look in his deep eyes.

“You need to come with me, Jungkook. We need to talk.” His voice held a finality that had my curiosity burning.

“But, (Y/N)…” began Jungkook.

“Taehyung can keep her safe tonight.”

Jungkook hesitated beneath me, his arms tightening around me in defense. I turned my face to his and he gave up, placing a hand on my cheek and wrapping his lips over mine in a desperate, needy kiss, as if he was afraid he wouldn’t see me again. He broke the kiss, leaving me slightly breathless, and stared in my eyes with his, filled with determination.

“I’ll be back soon. I promise.” He whispered.

“I know…” I answered, because I knew he would.

He shifted me from his lap and I instinctively crawled into Taehyung’s waiting arms, his hands moving my hair aside as he pressed a kiss to my neck, sending distracting tingled up my spine. Jungkook walked up to Namjoon and slipped past him into the hall but I didn’t miss the dangerous glare that he shot at the slightly taller Vampyre as he left. With one last look at us, Namjoon softly shut my door behind him and left me absolutely alone with Taehyung.

“SO!” Tae clapped his hands with excitement.

“What should we do tonight? We have this whole apartment to ourselves and its only 8 o’clock.”

He looked at me with eagerness, his eyes filled with electricity that made me smile.

“I don’t know, what do you want to do?” I asked, somewhat shy at the fact that I was alone with Teahyung for the first time.

“Well, Love, I know what I want to do, but I’m sure you need a some rest so you don’t break into pieces.” His voice dropped and thickened with lust and I nervously giggled, averting my eyes from the way he bit at his beautiful lip.

“We could watch a movie?” I suggested, my eyebrows raised as I waited for him to react.

“Sounds good. What’ll it be? Romance? Sci-fi? Comedy?” he asked, his lips turning in a grin as I scooted closer to him.

“How about…. Action Superhero?” I asked.

Tae stared at me, his eyebrows raised slightly.

“A girl who liked action superhero movies… careful now or your gonna make me go and fall in love with you.” He teased.

I sidled up to him, his arm draped around my shoulders as I leaned into his side, and flicked through my now buzzing television until I found the movie I wanted and paid. It was comfortable and nice, being with Taehyung but not having sex. We got along great, laughing at the same parts, becoming engrossed in the story line, blushing together when the steamy love scene finally played. I was accutley aware of every kiss he dusted on me or every slight touch that connected our skin as one of us shifted in our positions. We made popcorn and I had simply devoured it by the first 30 minutes were up, since I hadn’t really eaten in 24 hours, and he eventually ordered my favorite takeout for me, paying for it even though I had protested multiple times. Part of me wondered if this was technically a date or if it was just two friends enjoying a night in together. It was hard to tell what kind of relationship we had, especially since Jungkook was most definitely involved.

When the movie ended and the night grew dim, we made our way to my bed where he lay on top of the covers and me underneath them, a wordless promise that tonight would not involve his hands on my body. Part of me was thankful, for I felt like it would be a betrayal to Jungkook in some way.

“Tae, get under the covers with me.” I said.

“I don’t think…” he hesitated.

“We won’t do anything… I just… I want you to hold me.” I admitted sheepishly.

His resolve broke and he shifted beside me, his warmth adding to mine under the thick comforter as his arms drew me flush against his body. Our faces were inches apart on the same pillow and I could feel his fingers drawing soft patterns on the small of my back as his clean, musky scent wafted around my nose and his eyes searched mine.

“Can I ask you a question?” I suddenly asked.

“Of course, Love.” He said simply, eyes twinkling at the way I blush every time he says ‘Love’.

“Every time I sleep, I see things, in my dreams I mean. They are so real and vivid and they leave my heart racing when I wake up. In these dreams I am Jungkook… I feel like they are memories. Am I right?”

His eyes left mine to focus on the shape of my lips, seemingly staring through them as his mind worked.

“Yes, they are. When a Vampyre feeds from a human, often there is a Blood Bond that results in a connection between the two, you know this already, but when a human feeds from a Vampyre, the human will gain strength from our blood’s healing properties. They will also experience many things with that Vampyre, for example, you are acquiring some of Jungkook’s memories and feelings. As long as his blood is in your system, you will experience this.”

He hesitated before he continued, unsure if it was wise to tell me the next bit. His eyes finally met back with mine.

“…Also, if there is a significant amount of Vampyre blood in a human’s system at the time of their death, they will undergo the Change. Into a Vampyre. That’s why we wanted you to be careful when you left this morning…”

It took a moment for this new information to sink into me before I reacted.

“Wait, What?!” I exclaimed, the shock finally settling in.

“I’m sorry! We took too much from you last night and we were worried about your health. Everything is fine as long as you don’t severely hurt yourself!”

“Or as long as a psycho killer doesn’t get to me, right?!”

My eyes were wide with anger and even fear, I didn’t know anything about being a Vampyre but I was sure it wasn’t something I’d want forced upon me.

“Calm down, Love.”

His voice was sweet as sugar and thick like molasses, poring over my body until it was heavy with the saccharine sensation of his words.

“Don’t do that!” I shouted although it came out more like a kitten purring than a dog barking.

“Do what?” he said, feigning ignorance.

“You - You know exactly what I’m talking about, I know about the Compulsion thing!”

Again my words were softer than I wanted them to be and my hand that I went to slap his chest with basically just caressed it instead.

“Okay, sorry. I just don’t want you to be mad or yell at me.”

He drew my face to his snuggling into me cutely to distract me from my waning anger, and compulsion or not, I couldn’t stay mad at Tae, who’s every touch felt like morning sunrises and happiness.

“Ugh, fine. Just, next time, tell me these kinds of things. Please.” I replied, melting into his form.

“I will. I promise, Love.” He whispered into my ear, tickling the inside and making me giggle and wiggle against him. That is, until he caught my lips in a sudden deep, passionate kiss that knocked the air from my lungs and made me whine needily. He broke from me and I opened my eyes that had been closed momentarily at his touch, to stare into the liquid chocolate iris’s that burned with heat.

“You make it so hard to not devour you when you act so cute.” He huffed, one hand squeezing where it rested on my hip.

“Behave yourself, Taehyung.” I chastised him playfully, placing my pointer finger on his soft lips, gasping as he just licked it sensually.

“I’ll try.”


That night’s dreams were filled with happier memories of Jungkook’s, ones filled with Yureum, always filled with Yureum. The moment they met when she bought fruits from him for the first time at the local market among the noise from all the hagglers that seemed to disappear as their eyes met, a moment in time where all he did was stare at the beautiful way the sunlight filtered onto her face, casting patterns among her lips and cheeks as they lay among the tall grasses beneath the trees on a lazy summer day, the first time they kissed, sweet and gentle and breathless with foreign sensations that left him with a dizzy, drunk feeling. Those melted away to form a scene in which they were both facing each other on his bed, her in just her thin, cotton nightgown that left her form visible as the moonlight filtered through the material and left it translucent against her flushed skin. Their first sexual encounter, as innocent as mine wasn’t, shaking hands and shallow breathing with light kisses and hesitant touches, until the scene shifted and it was me he was touching, against the bed at HemCorp and drunk with lust and fire. My consciousness shifted and I was now seeing this picture from my own perspective, underneath Jungkook’s red eyes and sharp fangs, pleasure twisting at my insides.

“I’ll make you feel good, Love.”

Love, Love, Love…

That word echoed in my mind, startling me at how unnatural it sounded in his mouth, except, it wasn’t his mouth anymore. Red rosebud lips were now pink and full with a defined cupid’s bow and a top lip that was just as luscious as the bottom. Chocolate eyes and butterscotch hair replaced the black tones of Jungkook as Taehyung leaned in to give me a kiss that pulled moans from my lungs and sent chills to my stomach. The pleasure that I derived stabbed at my heart as I thought of Jungkook while Tae was above me, affection and guilt battling inside me until I awoke, breathing heavily, confusion twisting my insides into a knot as I saw Tae’s serene face sleeping beside me.

I was beginning to feel too many things for these boys and I didn’t know which ones were real or a product of the intimate Blood Bond that bound us together.

I wrote this on March 1, 2012…

“When you opened the eyes for the first time, a woman, very proud of you, deeply smiled and cried because you had come to the world. In this world, victories, failures, love, hate, anger, and everything you can imagine. Before you were born God had a purpose in his life so great, but so great, you had no idea, is not it? You can not imagine that something so grand and amazing would happen to you after a few years. The exactly eighteen years ago, you were born, bringing with you a contagious joy that could make anyone smile when I was sad. I know, I know your childhood was not one of the best and how we all, you also went through their problems. The separation of their parents was one of them, you were so tiny, did not quite understand things, but after a while I missed that relationship “Mom and Dad together.” I know this all hurt, but you managed to survive with he had and fought hard for everything. His mother was always by his side, no matter what there, his grandparents loved you so much and love you more today! Do you know why? Because you are a winner! Yes, Justin, you are a winner. God has given you obstacles, difficult paths, stones and more stones in your road of life … But he was sure of one thing: That you never back down. Everyone cheered a lot for you from the beginning, today, are seeing how much it’s worth fighting for so long, how much it was worth chasing truth, how much worth the wait. And I repeat again: You thought someday I’d be where you are? I think no one thought … but you did, little prince. Today, it is no longer so little and that’s why I’m here writing to you. You grew up, my angel and now no return! The responsibilities are greater, his view on things were different and everything will change, or just about almost everything. I know you are not alone, there are many good people on your side, who can protect you, welcome you when you need it most. I would like to thank his mother, Pattie, for being so strong when everything seemed to go so badly. Thank Scooter, to have found you and have not missed beaten, knowing that there, in that little boy, there was a great man. Thank all the people who insisted to the success came. I’m really grateful for all the good that is happening to you, and I know you know how to manage it all in stride. I wanted to say that this time, I am crying to say I’m very proud of you. Say that without you in my life today, I would have dreams and not believe them as I believe. I’m sure I’m one of the people who love you in this whole damn world. You have created a large family, Justin. 17 billion girls and boys are united because of you. Are you aware of what is it? 17 billion people? It’s so big… and you did it, by yourself. Sometimes I wanted to be in your body to see how it feels you feel, knowing that so many people love you and admire you. And suddenly you see yourself in this world, in an amazing world in which God has given you. God has given you a great gift and you use ta knowing perfectly. Justin, I wanted to wish you all the best, that every second of your life is unique for you, you know all enjoy a healthy, cheerful and happy way. You can enjoy the finer things in life. I ask God to take care of your steps, you’re free from harm’s way and take good care of you. Today, you complete another year of life today is his 18th birthday and this give me a pang … know that that little boy that I met 14 years, is now a man. I love you so much and I will still be able to realize my dream to look into your eyes and say how important you are to me. You are my life, Justin Drew Bieber. Happy Birthday for you”

Wow. Ok. Now I can’t even breath. I was younger so sorry for the mistakes lol btw… I don’t know exactly what to say because like… I’m still here through all over these years and I’m so proud of him like SO SO SO SO proud and I never know what I would do if I haven’t met him. I mean, not in person but you know… I believe that my turn will come someday, who knows. 

Justin Bieber, I’m here to wish you happy birthday and to tell you that I love you so much, you’re the best person in the world and I’m so proud of you. Look what we done, boo… just take a look. We are proud of each others. I’m sure. So… have an amazing day and enjoy your birthday, sweetheart. 

                          We all love you so much. Never forget!

The Substitute

Written for @timepetalsprompts this was written for the Eight/Rose prompt.  It’s a hurt/comfort fic that also has Nine involved.  Enjoy!

Eight x Rose (and Nine)


Word Count:  2308

The Substitute

Something had gone wrong. Rose staggered to a back alley, holding her side as she lurched along.  The female Wryntee had only been afraid.  She was trying to help her, to make her understand that the Doctor could help her get back to her planet.  Whether she didn’t comprehend or just didn’t trust Rose was unclear.  Almost in slow motion, the small grey-green alien extended her retractable claws and lashed out, slicing through Rose’s clothing and cutting through the soft flesh on her side.  

The alien, upon seeing Rose bleeding heavily, made a soft whining, groaning noise and ran the other direction, leaving Rose clutching her side, watching the crimson stain grow as it seeped through her clothing.  She let out a panicked whimper and started for the ship, desperately hoping the Doctor was already there.

How far away was it? She couldn’t remember and turned a corner, looking down the alleyway.  It couldn’t be this close, could it?  Her fingers were slick with the warm wetness of her own blood.  She wouldn’t be able to walk for much longer. Placing her hand against the side of a building for support, she turned another corner and there, at the end of the alley, it shone like a beacon.  The TARDIS stood alone, soft light coming from the sign on the roof.  Her vision started to grow dark in the corners, but she pressed on, dragging herself to the entrance.  She pulled out her key and slipped it into the lock.  

The door swung open and instantly, she knew something was very, very wrong.  Gone were the coral struts and metal grating.  Instead, an elegant study took up most of the space. The console sat off to the side, almost as if it were an afterthought and not the primary function of the room.

This wasn’t right at all. She moaned softly and tried to turn around to leave but everything was going dim around the edges.  The last thing she saw before collapsing was a startled man with wavy brown hair wearing a velvet jacket.  

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Imagine Elrond comforting you when you tell him about your mental health issues

“They’re going to be fine, don’t worry. But I would recommend that they stay here for the time being.”

“Thank you Lord Elrond, I don’t know what we would have done without you.”  Your mother’s voice said. You could hear the grateful tears in her voice.

“Yes, thank you…” Your father’s voice now, sounding gruffer then usual. “I don’t know how Y/N could have gotten in the way of those horses. When we saw…”

“Let’s not dwell on that right now.” Elrond said as a few noises that sounded like sobs came from your mother. You noticed that your arm was resting on a pillow and that your torso was held in place by even more pillow forming an encasing that prevented you from moving too much. 

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You Remember?!


YEH A LadyNoir and Adrienette oneshot xD

It had almost been a year since Marinette and Adrien had started dating. The day they found out about each others identities was surprising for both to know they loved each other from the beginning even when Marinette started to have feelings for Chat. But tomorrow was their Anniversary and all Marinette could do was think about all the things she had planned to do.

“Tikki i cant sleep, i just really hope Adrien likes my gift i worked all week for” As she showed Tikki her final piece of the key chain she had made for Adrien. It had a red ladybug in a shape of a heart and a cats paw to represent Chat Noir. “Marinette you should sleep now you wouldn’t want to sleep in tomorrow its late btw you still have school” With that Marinette turned off her lamp and went to sleep while Adrien himself was doing something different.


“MARINETTE YOUR GONNA BE LATE AGAIN and you’ll miss seeing ADRIEN” Tikki shouted in Marinette’s ear to make her wake up. “OMG IM LATE why didn’t you wake me up Tikki ughhh i gotta go” Tikki on the otherhand just rolled her eyes and jumped into Marinette’s purse.

As Marinette made her way to school she was carrying Adriens gift in her hand all wrapped up in green and black wrapping paper. Marinette ran as fast as she could and had a few minutes to spare and give Adrien her present. “Hey Adrien…..do you know what today is kitty”. Marinette waited for a response but instead had Adrien in a bad mood.

“Ummm no

“Nevermind but can we go to the mall or go shoppi-”

“Mari im super busy”

Marinette felt tears rush to her eyes as she held Adriens gift tighter trying to rip it apart he doesnt remember…our aniversery Marinette tired her best to keep her tears in but let one out and wiped it before Adrien saw her mess. “Oh okay that fine I’ll see you” and she ran and ran and ran to a place where no one could find her and cried her heart out.“ I cant believe he doesnt remember Tikki,after everything we’ve been through togather he told me he remembered and HE LIED” Tikki was trying her best to comfort Marinette for her not to get akumatized.


Alya and Nino had seen the whole thing and even saw Marinette crying and running away as they made there way over to Adrien. “Dude what’s your deal you didnt have to be so mean on a special day you know…even if you remember”.

“YOU FORGET TODAY IS YOUR ANIVERSTRY ” Alya screamed and grabbed Adrien’s phone when he spoke up.“Guys relax its just a act”

“Dont tell Marinette” and he walked off into the alleyway and transformed into Chat to look for his Princess. “Marinette was in her room still sobbing and eating ice cream while watching movies when she heard a similar tapping sound but ignored tap tap

“Hey Marinette its me we need to talk please open the door”

Marinette gave a huff and opened the trapdoor while wiping her tears. She opened the trapdoor and saw Chat with a supportive expression. “What do you want” Marinette said in a annoyed tone.

“You haven’t come to school the whole day i was worried. Please tell me what’s wrong”

“YOU WANNA KNOW THE PROBLEM…THE PROBLEM IS YOU FORGET ALL ABOUT OUR ANIVERSERY AND YOU COME NOW” Marinette couldn’t help but let a few tears wash down her face as she began to sob.

After a long bit of silence Chat spoke up. “I need you to transform into Ladybug please there’s someone in trouble” and she transformed but also grabbed Adrien’s gift and pushed Chat aside to get through the door but before she could use her yo-yo Chat grabbed her bridal style and ran.

They reached a park and Chat let go of Ladybug and asked her for her hand. “Follow me”


“Trust me”


“Trust me bugaboo”

Ladybug refused to follow but have him her trust and took his hand. Chat let himself on first and helped Ladybug after. In the centre of the patio was a picnic set up for two with a brown basket and were many different coloured flowers in the centre. Ladybug was speechless.

“You remembered” Ladybug said with now tears of joy.

“You think i would forget bugaboo” and gave her a gift. It was a sewing kit she needed for her latest designs with chocolates and flowers. Of course she accepted the gift and gave hers to Chat. Chat ripped off the wrapping paper and carefully opened the box to find a keychain and gave his lady a long passionate kiss.

They both enjoyed the night when there miraculous beeped and transformed back and Marinette layed into Adriens lap with his hand in hers.

“Happy Anniversary Adrien”

“Happy Anniversary Marinette”

and the two fell asleep in each others arms with there kwamii’s beside enjoying the momment.


YEH another oneshot done