I blame you



(I blame all of this on my roommate who decided to go break my heart.)

((Help this boy I love him.))

(((screenshots property of Cheritz)))

I dont blame the end of our relationship on the fact that you cheated, I blame it on the fact that you never really loved me.
—  Excerpt from my journal. it’s 4.08am 53hours since I left you (Y.A) 

This is the final form of the WIP I posted earlier! It’s big, so click on it to get a better look. ( ´∀`)☆ In a fit of absurdity I said I’d put it in my college’s art show and therefore I had to actually finish it. I was inspired by the following conversation between William Shatner and theorlandojones:

Bluejaku AU Headcanon: While koujaku is having sex with Sly, Sly takes koujaku’s coil and records himself moaning and then sets it as his ringtone so the next evening when Tae has koujaku and Aoba over for dinner, koujaku’s phone goes off and it’s just Aoba having an orgasm and suddenly both Aoba and Tae are beating him senseless at the dinner table just like “HAVE YOU NO SHAME” “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU” while koujaku is cowering into his plate of food like “IT WASNT ME I DIDNT- OH MY GOD”

I think the reason Hamilton resonates with the millennial population (in addition to basically everyone else) is because we have grown up in an era of politics where people have become increasingly jaded about what the government can (and will) do, a time where many of us feel disconnected from our representatives, where we feel like our vote and our voice don’t matter. 

But Hamilton is the opposite of that. In Hamilton, new ideas flow freely in the street, people are passionate and eloquent and invested, in a time and place where orphans and abolitionists and allies from across the sea band together to do incredible things, and it’s all done in music that we already listen to. 

Hamilton speaks our language.