I blame book learning


Learning. That was what he did when he first knew of his abilities. Researched and learned. Researched on how he was able to control lightning. And learned how to mend and bend and manipulate it to his wills. He had tried and failed several times but eventually he was able to succeed.

He also found out through his research that he was not the only one with special abilities. With abilities that has been present even before the earth was created. He learned that those who possess abilities like him were far superior than any being in the universe. But with their superiority comes enemies that wants them either dead or be slaves and used. He knows he must find the others to inform them of the things he has learnt. He must warn them that the evil that are coming for them has created something that can destroy them. He must unite them to defeat the evil forces that are after his kind.

He must the others to unite them.Even if costs his life.
He must find them before the evil forces.To save them, for they are the last of his kind.

He who can control lightning.