I apparently have a lot of thoughts about this photo

The day I apparently broke the internet! From Dallascon16

So I have come to learn that quite a lot of people have seen this photo and only about half know the amazing story behind it. So I thought I would finally tell it here on tumblr!

I had bought a mishalecki photo op ticket on the Thursday before the convention but had absolutely no clue what pose to do, until it hit me. I am a hug Misha fan, and every time I have gotten to talk to him I am usually sarcastic and try to match his wit. I also love Jared, he is like an actually giant puppy. Anyway way the whole fandom knows that Misha had bragged about how flexible he is, well I am quite flexible too. Just as flexible as Misha actually,lol! So then this pose came to mind. I knew it would crack Jared up and it would give me a chance to show off some skill. I didn’t want to many people knowing what pose I was going to do because I was afraid volunteers might not be keen on the idea or I just wanted it to be a surprise.

So I was third or so in line for the photo and Misha and Jared set the tone pretty quickly with their entrance that screamed fun and sexy. Half the people in the room knew what pose I was gonna do and the other half didn’t. When it came my turn I walked up to Jared and Misha, I had to repeat it twice but for the sake of just retyping the same things I will write once.

I stood between Jared and Misha, looking at Jared while I kept Misha in my sights. I said this, “ Hey guys so I am going to do a pose you have never done before. (They began to smile; I then gently put my hand on Misha’s chest to direct Jared’s attention) See I am more flexible than Misha is, (Jared chuckled, Misha looked curious) so I am going to do a reverse table top yoga pose and I want you two to arm wrestle on my stomach. Look as extreme as possible, got it!?” I had to repeat this twice, but both were smiling and went ok, I have a feeling they were still confused, that was until I hit the ground. I heard half the room gasp,slightly, and the other half sorta whispering. From above I heard Jared and Misha go at the same time, “OH”, they had finally understood. Jared actually signaled for Chris to do another picture because he realized they both were not ready when the photo was taken, I am so glad he did cause it turned out amazing.

As I started to come out of the pose Jared helped me up, which was basically pulling me 3ft into the air, I am 5′2! He went, “Damn girl that was kick ass!” and gave me a high five. I told both of them thank you and started to walk away when Misha decided he was not done with me yet. Misha gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He leaned in so close to my face I could feel his scruff and he whispered, “ Your not more flexible than me.” As I turned to look at him he gave me the Casifer grin and winked. And to put the cherry on top of me walking away I started smiling and wagging my finger going, “No no no no no”, and the damn music stopped. Misha and Jared chuckled and I left. Later that day I showed Jared the photo, he cracked up laughing and decided to sign it, even though I already had his auto. I was like Jared stop and he went, nope I am signing this. He also signed it with AKF.

There you have it, my crazy story!

heello! i recently ordered from acorn press and still have a couple chillypig charms still in my possession so i thought it’d be a good opportunity to do a comparison/review! all the charms are 2″ clear acrylics

this’ll mostly be for people scoping out new companies, or for people who’re interested in making charms for the first time!

NOTE: in all the pictures, charms with a phone strap are chillypig and without are acorn press

i’ll be fairly nit-picky about everything and be as in depth as i can to provide max info, but please keep in mind this is all from personal experience! it’s not the end all be all

this is gonna get pretty long so under the cut we goo

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Scary Godmother Travelling Cartoon Extravaganza!! Part 1
So, I get asked quite often, what do you do when you go on the road, to talk at schools or go to a Con? This weekend is the perfect opportunity to share how I spend my time when I travel.
First Off, I flew to St. Louis last night where the lovely Jen DeFeo picked me up and we drove back to Casa DeFeo. It’s her classes and school I am speaking at today. So goodbye 18 degrees and snow in Chicago! I’m hungry for better temperatures! ;-)
After a terrific flight on #Southwest we drive 2 ½ hrs to the middle of Missouri. Gotta catch some zzzzz s cuz 5:30 am comes early!
It was dark when I went to bed and dark when I got up!
Grabbed all my art and stuff and head over to Thomas Jefferson Middle school.
We setup a video projector so I could paint in front of the kids!
I do an introductory talk where I explain who I am, what I do for a living and some basic overviews on how comics are made. Then I pass out some original pages from projects that I’ve done so kids can see what olde tyme artwork on paper looks like. With pen and ink as well as paper and real hand lettering right on the board.
Then I paint and take questions!
I did this six times in a row today! Then I are lunch with my Book Club girls, they all are really cool kids who had great interest in storytelling!
In fact I got to see their ‘make up a god and mythos’ exercise.
My favorite magical item was The Silver Spork.
As I drew Scary Godmother, some of the kids copied my drawing. A nice boy named Deuce did a fantastic job.
William posed for me and made his William the deranged face,as you can see in the photo. He accidentally held his breath trying to hold the pose and I thought we were going to have a 'death by drawing’ situation!!
I signed a bunch of autographs, hugged Scarlet. Talked to Makenzie about her many ghost cats and found out all the middle school news from Carson. Aidan likes Harry the Werewolf the best.
And apparently there’s lots of cool Scary Godmother stuff on Pinterest! Who knew?!
Then we packed up our stuff after school so we could drive to Kansas City!
I’ll share more when I’m settled! PlanetComicCon you’re up next!!

J submitted: 

 3 month progress before-after. Down from 210 to 155. Male, 5"8.

When I decided I was tired of being in poor health, I told myself I needed a radical change. Progressives things never worked out with me as i always came back to my old habits. So from a day to another and without any kind of preparation, I completely stopped drinking ( I drank more than six beers a day ) , and started a high protein-low carb program , before gradually return to a healthy and complete diet . No particular exercices in my case, as i already had a pretty active lifestyle before. Of course, every physical things are a lot easier to do now. Down results came quite quickly in my case, about twenty pounds a month.

For all honestly, i wouldn’t necessarily recommend to try losing weight that fast, as it’s pretty difficult to cope with your body changing at this rhythm. I still have plenty of “ghost fat” when i look at myself in a mirror, even thought i know the results are pretty apparent and i generally feel a lot better than three months ago.

Stay focused and motivated on your endeavours. It’s really not that hard when you got the right state of mind.

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

1. Wear as much fucking makeup as you want to. Who cares if other people don’t like it? I’ve never once heard or seen a girl say “I’m putting on eyeliner because boys like eyeliner” I see “I love my makeup” and “makeup makes me more confident” and “makeup makes me feel pretty” etc. so who gives a fuck what someone thinks? As long as you think you look good, you look good. Paint your entire eye black or just do a little cat eye. It. Does. Not. Matter.
2. The photo she was referencing, yeah not my best makeup look. I was a sophomore (maybe a freshman) in high school and I didn’t know much about makeup! I did panda eyes to the max!! Now, I’m not saying a lot of black on your eyes can’t look good (*cough* just look at Taylor Momsen*cough*) but I thought I looked nice and it was so humiliating to have this girl (and apparently her guy friend) not only rank me out of the blue but to public ally mock me and tell me that people would like me more if I looked “better”. And at this point I was really struggling with myself anyways which just added insult to injury.

And this is why I’ll never turn down a submission or insult anyone any way. And you shouldn’t either. Don’t like blue eyeshadow? Fine but don’t make fun of the girl who loves it. Don’t like makeup at all? Fine! But people who wear it aren’t below you. Don’t “help” the girl who’s happy with how she looks unless asked. Don’t mock girls just learning makeup or do it in a style you don’t like. It’s not for you. It takes zero seconds to just scroll past a picture so why take your time to openly mock someone?

He finds out you have a twin sister
  • Ashton: You were never really close to your sister. You two always had fights and argue qith each other about stupid things. You spent more time with your brother than with your sister, he was nice and you two never had fights.One day you were talking with Ashton about the old reunions with your family and you mentioned a fight you had with your sister, "Wait... you have a sister?" Ashton said interrupting your story, you nodded with a confused look on your face, you thought he knew about her, but apparently he doesn't, "Why didn't you told me you have a twin sister?" he asked "I thought you knew about her" he had a confused look on his face "Well... it's not really important, she is annoying and we are always fighting" you said and he giggled
  • Luke: You two were at your house, it was late and Luke was looking at your baby photos that were on the table, "Hey babe.." he said turning to you with a photo on his hand "this girl looks a lot like you here" you laughed "Of course we look alike, she is my twin" he looked at you lifting one of his eyebrows and looking confused "You have a twin?" you laughed louder "Yes Luke, I thought you knew about her" "Do I look like I knew about her?" you just laughed harder at his comment
  • Michael: You invited Michael to a family dinner that your mom organized, your whole family loved Michael. He called you to the backyard and you went with him "Hey babe, the girl that is with your aunt looks a lot like you" you laughed at his comment "Mikey, of course she looks like me, she is my twin sister" he shaked his head and you laughed "Wait what? you have a twin sister? since when?" "Humm.. since I have memory" he just stared at you with a confused look on his face "I thought you knew about her" "You never talk about her" you shrugged at his comment "We don't really talk a lot" you spent the rest of the night telling Michael about her because he wanted to know more about her and your family
  • Calum: You two were chilling and watching tv in the living room of your house, you got up for popcorn and snacks and left your phone on the couch besides Calum, when you came back you saw Calum looking at your pics on your phone, you didn't care and you just focused on eating the popcorn "Hey babe" he talked in a low voice "Hmm?" "Is this a mirror effect or is that an actual person that looks exactly like you?" he asked showing you a picture of you and your sister "Babe... that's my sister" "Wait... that's your twin? Oh my god she looks a lot like you" you laughed at his comment "Well yeah Cal, that's why people that look alike are called twins" he laughed and acted surprised "Oh my god really Y/N? " you laughed at his 'surprised' face "You sarcastic lil shit" you said that and kissed him on the cheek