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Prompt: Darling Pan, Peter/Malcolm reflects on his feelings for Wendy. (I'd be really interested in seeing how you wold write Malcolm, seeing as how most of us pretend he doesn't exist. Fell free to make it creepy, sweet, fluffy, angsty, ect. Anything you want!)

I’m so glad I got this prompt because, as a writer, writing Darling Pan while taking the Malcolm twist as canon is a hell of a challenge, given that we ALL PRETEND IT DOESN’T EXIST. So, I did this. I’m not too sure about it. I hope I did a not too bad job. 

Tremble for yourself, my man, you know that you have seen this all before (x)

 He’s not who he pretends to be.

As Peter Pan, he’s a king, a mighty, wicked, vicious boy, with all that entails. Childhood isn’t just innocence, belief – it’s the ruthlessness of the soul, the appetite for games. With youth, he goes back to that side of him that was always creeping behind the surface : the part that doesn’t care, that doesn’t want to care. He fights, he plays, he rules – he takes whatever he wants without any care for the consequences.

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Tonight's Company || Tara & Robert

His phone’s ringing snapped him out of his train of thoughts. Leaning forward to pick up the phone from the desk, Robert leaned back again on his chair then answered the call. “What?,” he answered in his usual clipped tone of a voice. “Good evening, Sir. The desk you asked as a replacement for a Resident’s suite has been delivered.” A desk for Juliet’s room. He could almost feel himself wince from the memory it brought to him. “The front desk is informed of which room,” he said and vaguely recognized his voice as dead. Not waiting for his assistant’s reply, he hung up his phone. He needed to get some air right now. Glancing at his wrist watch, he saw it was a couple of minutes past 11 and remembered his meeting with Tara on the roof. Robert got up from his seat then made his way to the rooftop, trying so hard not to be spotted by any of his employees.

As he got there, however, Tara wasn’t around just yet. He took this opportunity to enjoy the time alone up in the open. It was too late to cancel the meeting with Miss Greystone now but if he had to be honest to himself, he needed someone to talk to. Miss Greystone…Tara, he mentally corrected himself, was the person he wanted to talk to. He may not want to talk about the real issues he was dealing with but whatever conversation he and the escort could make, it would be enough to distract him. And right now, that was enough. Robert walked towards the edge until he reached the wall that served as a barrier from death then propped his elbows on it. He watched the view in silence before he heard footsteps walking towards him. Turning around, he greeted his tonight’s company with a tiny smile.


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No Time To Run

Months later Julian could hardly believe the turn his life had taken. Looking up at the king he wondered if it wasn’t too late to run. He had never been one for staying in one place for very long and this, this would make sure he never left. A knight. That’s what he had become. Of course it wasn’t only him who was being knighted as the first of the commoners. Terric and James knelt beside him. I shouldn’t be here, he thought, I’m no knight. He was right. Julian was not the type of man who rescued women and children out of the goodness of his heart. He was drunk and a traitor. Everyone knew him for the women and the booze. But one day that would change.

“And so I knight thee Sir Terric, Sir Julian and Sir James. Rise.” It was over, no time left to run and maybe, just maybe, Julian thought it might not be so bad, to have a home.

It’s so sad to say “I’m used to fandom drama”, what I’m not used to, it’s that that drama comes from the Elsanna fandom, one of the fandoms I always said was the nicest one.

I mean, yeah, it has its problems from time to time, like all the fandoms. But what has happened lately has crossed a line. People attacking writers? People attacking others’ works?
Who has hurt you so badly that you feel the need to attack somebody’s work? A work in which they have put love and soul… a part of them. I don’t write for fandoms, but I write and I know that when you write something, that something is like our baby. They are sharing that with you, which it’s not as easy as you may think, and you can’t even begin to comprehend that and I feel sorry for you for not being able to it, because losing yourself in somebody else’s world has to be one of the most satisfactory things.

I wanted to said something to all those writers individually, but I don’t want to miss someone, that’s why I decided to publish this.
To all of those who have been attacked: I’m sorry that you have to deal with this, that’s the last thing you deserve, but when you write something that is so awesome, you will make other people jealous, because they don’t have that ability. And if you need to take a break from all of this, you go ahead and do it, just don’t give up. Not for us, the readers, but for you; because you are stronger than them, but especially because you can’t let them take that away from you. You write because you love to write, the fact that you make a lot of people smile it’s secondary, a very satisfactory secondary, but the main reason is because you love to do this and you shouldn’t let that idiotic people take that away from you. You are not alone, you never will be :)

“Successful people are followed by envious people.”

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The hosts having a crush on a student at their school and getting all flustered and embarrassed around them 😊

This is such a cute ask! I actually had to write this one twice, because my WiFi crashed, and everything was deleted. I am afraid this one isn’t as good as the last one, and I apologize for it being so crappy. And for not updating at all yesterday.

MORI isn’t the type to get flustered often, and when he does, it is quite hard to tell. The only person who can tell is Hani, who just raises an eyebrow up at Mori when Mori’s crush walks into the host club.

“Takashi! Look, there’s that person you like!” Hani said much louder than Mori would have appreciated. His face turned a rosy shade of red, as he tried to hush Hani, by feeding him more sweets, but Hani didn’t take the bait.
“Hey __!” He called to Mori’s crush, waving to them widely “Come sit next to Takashi and I!” He grinned enthusiastically, patting the small space in between himself and Mori.

Mori’s eyes widened, and he made to hush Hani, but it was too late, They were making their way towards him. “Oh, I don’t have to sit there if you don’t wish for me to…” They bowed their head, noticing that Mori was trying to quiet Hani
“O-oh no! You can sit!” He said quickly, moving his legs, so they could have more space “That is not what I meant at all!”

HANI was normally a bundle of energy and excitement when it came to anything to do with being a host, but why was it different around them?

He just couldn’t seem to get his words right when he was talking to them, and hie voice always seemed to catch in his throat. He found himself talking much to fast, leaving them with a look of confusion about when he had said.

In the end, Hani would end up just giving them food, and using that as an excuse to get out of talking.

TAMAKI often gets carried away, so much to the other hosts amusement, it wasn’t an unusual thing.

When his eyes first laid on them, his face immediately turned a crimson colour, as he spun to Kyoya “Mummy, who is that fine guest, and what might their name be?” Tamaki almost demanded quickly, wanting to find out their name as soon as possible.

It never occurred to him that he could have asked them himself, which exactly what Kyoya suggested, with a roll of his eyes, as Tamaki straightened himself “Oh yes! Ask them! How silly of me”

He made his way to them, before planting a kiss on their hand as a way of greeting. “W-what might your name be?” He asked, trying to keep his voice steady. He has to keep up his appearance of the kingly type of the group, but it was so hard with them around, making his heart flutter with one look.

KYOYA rarely ever becomes flustered around anyone at all, even in the hardest situations, so when he starts to feel his face flush, and begins to flounder for words, he drops the conversation as quick as he can and leaves.
It wasn’t that he did not want to talk to his crush, he truely did; What he didn’t want was to look like an idiot in front of them.

He would go away, and start planning something to say to them, to capture their interest. Coming up with what should have been fool-proof plans, but when he came to actually confront them, the plan always went out the window, and he was left blundering again.

Once that happened, he would start to avoid them again, coming up with another way of making them fall for them. And thus the cycle continues.

When HARUHI becomes flustered around her crush, mumbling incoherent words, with a bright red face, she tries to play it off like it were nothing and she wasn’t really affected at all.

Avoiding as much eye contact as she could, and trying to direct the conversation they were having to anything other than her flushing face, she attempts to bring one of the other hosts into the mix.

With one of them there to distract her crushes attention from the stuttering mess she was at the moment, would hopefully give her a moment to calm herself down.

KAORU immediately becomes shy once his crush started up a conversation with him. He could hear his heart pounding in his ears, and all he could do was wonder in awe at why they were talking to him, barely taking in what they were saying.

He finds it hard coming up with words to say. He wants to sound smart, avoiding saying anything that might sound silly, he also didn’t want to interrupt them, or sound obnoxious, or too annoying.

Slowly he would talk himself out of even saying anything at all to them, hopelessly afraid of messing up, that he just sits there, nodding and shaking his head at appropriate times while his crush talked, staring in awe at them like they were the sun itself.

HIKARU doesn’t react well once he is flustered. He has no idea why he was acting this way, and why his head seemed to be spinning. All Hikaru knew is that his crush was the cause of it.

He tries to bare through it for as long as he can, ignoring the way he would occasionally forget how to structure his sentences, and the heat on his face. As time goes on, Hikaru realizes that the way he is acting is only getting worse, so he snaps at his crush.

“This is your fault! I can’t think straight when you are around!” His crush would be shocked, and concerned, him suddenly blurting that out mid stuttered sentence, before storming off, leaving them unsure of what their next move should be.


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I just imagined that, like you said, somehow he knows and “understand” cuz he does the same but the thing that he says goodbye in last moments… *dead* But I don’t think cuz he writes a letter like season 5 again (that what I think)

;_____; And then everything falls away. It’s like the world stops spinning, the time stops moving. They stand frozen in place, shaking, bleeding, crying. You look at them, they look at you. You’re just a few feet apart, yet it feels like there are oceans between you, like there’s an anchor tied to your feet pulling you under the surface, smothering you. You’re sinking. Down. Further and further. You can feel it. Twisting inside. Screaming so loud, making up for their silence. You tilt your head to the side, you swallow, feel tears stinging in your eyes. You look Sam in the eyes, then you look over to Cas. You want to say something but you can’t find the right words. Biting back the tears, you can already feel them stinging, the salt in them burns like acid. There’s not much time left now. You open your mouth, you feel how your lips quiver. You hear yourself say “I’m sorry… I love you… Goodbye”. You close your eyes to erase the tears, when you open them again the world is black.