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You Make it Okay

Pairing: NewtxReader

One where Newt gets hurt and you care for him. Kinda confusing, involves the vines but is not when he get’s the limp. Like pre-Thomas era but post-limp. Sorry if it’s confusing and has bad grammar. Crappy ending too, haha I apologize. Hope you enjoy! Love to take requests!

“Make way!” Minho was making commotion outside that was leaving the glade in a frenzy. Even from inside the Med jack hut, I could hear his uneven footsteps fall, crushing the dried grass underneath. Quickly as possible I wiped my wet hands on a clean towel and opened the door to see what was happening.
I gasped the moment Minho walked through the door with Newt draped across his arms like a rag doll, unconscious and broken.
“MINHO WHAT HAPPENED?” I tossed everything off one of the cots so Newt could lie down.
“Y/N I don’t know! Ben and I were just returning from our run and just saw him on the grass near the maze doors and I think something’s broken and he’s all bloody and just-“
“Just, please help him, Y/N” Minho sputtered out before leaving the room, a hard look on his face.
I hadn’t been in the glade for very long, 3 months tops. First female greenie was a bit of a shock to everyone, myself included. For the first couple of days I sat in absolute silence, not wanting to cause trouble, or do anything that would cause the boys to react irrationally. It was Newt who took time out of his day to coax my worrisome state which led to me eventually warming up to them all. Alby set up a couple of new rules here and there, certain exceptions (for example, no one, NO ONE, was to be in the general vicinity whenever I showered; basic rule). Other than that, I was accepted and welcome into, essentially, a family of rowdy, unruly boys.
I guess you could say I had taken a special liking to Newt, I mean, who wouldn’t. British accent and all, he was absolute perfection, whether he could admit it or not. He was gentle with me, always putting me forward like I was priority. In fact, he always put the other gladers first. If anything, Newt was the most caring. Alby would always be leader, that’s a given, but Newt seemed to understand the frailty of everything around us. And now, now that he was laying unconscious and torn in front of my very eyes, a tear escaped my eye, because he didn’t deserve pain, suffering, nothing, and it just wasn’t fair.
Letting the tear roll down my cheek I snatched up the bottle of antiseptic and put it down on the bedside table, careful not to spill any. Nervously, I tore off Newt’s already torn linen shirt and threw the bloody mess into the bin. His orange top was stained with even more blood, all soaking through. With shaking fingers I cut it off and tossed that in along with the shirt. (insert gif 1)
I had been chosen to be a med jack because of my small, nimble finger but now, I was beginning to question that decision. To see Newt like this almost literally broke my heart, not to mention made my hands shake uncontrollably. The antiseptic did its thing as I ran a cotton pad over the bloodied cuts and purpled bruises that littered his torso. I felt his warm skin under my hand and suddenly was very much aware of the fact that he was shirtless. His chest rose with each breath he took, my cheeks getting warm as I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander a little, over his small but still muscular frame and pale body. If Newt didn’t have injuries scattered throughout the expanse of his body, he would’ve looked like he was sleeping, really. Tussled dirty blonde hair, furrowed dark eyebrows. His face was made up of sharp edges but a smooth expression. Even when he was angry he was very human.
I let my eyes scan across his body once again and breathed a sigh of relief when I noticed that none of his cuts were deep enough that they would need stitches. Me being in the state I was, I didn’t think I would even be able to keep my hand still enough to even manage to string the thread through the needle. The left side of his rib cage was a strange mix of blue and purple bruising, which only led me to assume one of his ribs were broken. Having absolutely no medical expertise I could remember of, the best I could do was ice the whole area and make it the least bit painful. It was late when I finally finished bandaging and wrapping all his wounds, ointment gratefully slathered on beneath all his bandages. The whole hut smelled of mint and antiseptic. I waited for Newt to wake up. Peaceful he laid, expression softening up a bit to which I could only assume was relief. I sat on the wooden stool that was next to the cot and laid my head on a patch of empty bed space near his arm. His long spindly fingers were all too tempting and before I knew it my hand was intertwined with his, fast asleep.
                       *                     *                         *      
I could tell it was really early in the morning when I woke up. No later than 5 am. The sky was streaked with orange slowly fading into blue. Me not ever being a morning person, took a while to get my head out of the gutter and see what was going on.
For starters, I hadn’t even noticed, but my fingers were still wrapped around Newt’s hand as if holding on for dear life. But now, I wasn’t the only one holding on. It was immediately after understanding that did I notice Newt was awake, eyes staring out the window in front of him, eyelids barely half way open, looking out into the fiery scene just like me. Then, unlike a normal, calm human being who would’ve probably calmly let go of Newt’s hand and asked if he was okay, I came to realize the boy I liked was holding my hand, immediately yanked my hand back, and very loudly said,
“I am so sorry I have no idea what I was thinking.” Newt was a little startled ,to say the least, at the sudden rapid amount of sound in the room, but as soon as he saw it was me, his expression softened and he cheekily smiled.
“No worries, Love,” no other words were said. Just him looking out the window.
The sun shone a warm light into the room. The only sound in the whole Glade was that of birds chirping and the Maze walls moving one last time before the runners went out there. I sat still. Observing every inch of Newt. His sharp jawline, pale soft skin, everything bathed in the yellow light. My fingers gingerly picked and smoothed out the wrinkles in the sheet, waiting for him to say something.
“You can ask, Love, I won’t be mad you know?” He still wasn’t making eye contact with me, same expression, just talking this time. (insert gif 2)
“I know, but maybe, maybe I don’t want to.” I answer and genuinely as I can, which is hard for someone like me who really does prefer the sugar coated aspect of answers. It is in this moment that I feel like a complete stranger to Newt. How he’s all emotionless and not-so-Newt-like. It’s like staring at a painting except all you see is exactly as it is, the human being. There. On the canvas. Colors but no real, sobbing, heaving life.
“I was just sick of not being able to do anything. To not be a runner like I used to, or to be of some help. But this bloody, bastardly limp just keeps holding me back; I just wanted to climb up the vines and see if I could figure something out, anything out. And then the vine snapped and dragged me down the wall and now I’m here. Hurt once again.” I had never heard Newt talk so rapidly, so panicked. I could see the tears welling up in his eyes and if he cried, I would probably cry along with him. Before my brain had time to process anything that my limbs were doing I was leaning standing up.
“I might regret this massively but,” And I took his face in my hand and kissed him with everything I had. Just like that. Just melting into his lips and feeling a surge of every emotion I could possibly feel, but of course, mainly happiness. My stomach lurched at what I had just done. It was all up and down. Suddenly, I felt Newt moving his lips along with mine. Kissing me back. His arms enveloped me and he deepened the kiss. So in sync and perfect I broke it just in case I fainted from everything that was going on. My eyes fluttered open to see Newt softly smiling at me. A beautifully genuine smile of happiness. (insert gif 3)
“Newt, every single glader has a purpose here. Heck, every single human has a reason to be alive. And you’re so much more than you give yourself credit for. You’re not just second in command or just the boy with the limp. You’re part of this. You were chosen and whether thats a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t think anyone knows, but you’re one of the strongest people here, if not the strongest. Everything turns out okay because I believe you’ll always be there for us. There hasn’t been a day where I faltered to see you as anything less than a wonderful leader who’s going to fix things and who helps everyone stay alive. And I don’t believe this could get any cheesier but, those are all the reasons why I’m so utterly in love with you.” The confession made me want to both throw up and smile at the same time. I had no idea how Newt would take it, nor did I really want to if it were to be bad. When he didn’t say anything, just stared at me, eyes open but unmoving, I felt my heartbeat increase and took it as the worst. Just as I was about to leave the room embarrassed and flushed, I heard him whisper.
“I love you too.”
And it was all okay.

Hope you liked it! I’d love to take requests. May take a while because I’m super slow but yeah, hahaha! Check out my other writings in my master list!! Thanks!

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Prompt: Darling Pan, Peter/Malcolm reflects on his feelings for Wendy. (I'd be really interested in seeing how you wold write Malcolm, seeing as how most of us pretend he doesn't exist. Fell free to make it creepy, sweet, fluffy, angsty, ect. Anything you want!)

I’m so glad I got this prompt because, as a writer, writing Darling Pan while taking the Malcolm twist as canon is a hell of a challenge, given that we ALL PRETEND IT DOESN’T EXIST. So, I did this. I’m not too sure about it. I hope I did a not too bad job. 

Tremble for yourself, my man, you know that you have seen this all before (x)

 He’s not who he pretends to be.

As Peter Pan, he’s a king, a mighty, wicked, vicious boy, with all that entails. Childhood isn’t just innocence, belief – it’s the ruthlessness of the soul, the appetite for games. With youth, he goes back to that side of him that was always creeping behind the surface : the part that doesn’t care, that doesn’t want to care. He fights, he plays, he rules – he takes whatever he wants without any care for the consequences.

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No Time To Run

Months later Julian could hardly believe the turn his life had taken. Looking up at the king he wondered if it wasn’t too late to run. He had never been one for staying in one place for very long and this, this would make sure he never left. A knight. That’s what he had become. Of course it wasn’t only him who was being knighted as the first of the commoners. Terric and James knelt beside him. I shouldn’t be here, he thought, I’m no knight. He was right. Julian was not the type of man who rescued women and children out of the goodness of his heart. He was drunk and a traitor. Everyone knew him for the women and the booze. But one day that would change.

“And so I knight thee Sir Terric, Sir Julian and Sir James. Rise.” It was over, no time left to run and maybe, just maybe, Julian thought it might not be so bad, to have a home.

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Hinata and tsukki and hinata makes strawberry shortcake for tsukki and tsukki is surprised that hinata got him something and thus feels guilty so he takes hinata on a date which goes surprisingly well

Hinata presents it to him rather extravagantly, his hair has powder in it and there is dried batter stuck to his clothes and underneath his nails (and the corner of his mouth, did he eat some of the cake batter?) but he looks proud of himself. He holds up the plate of cake that’s got an old birthday candle stuck into it and Tsukishima is glad he keeps the matches up high because he’s sure Hinata would have lit the house on fire. 

“What’s this?” Tsukishima looks at Hinata and back to the cake. It was lopsided and uneven, and it looks like he tried to put frosting on it while it was still warm because that’s uneven as well. There’s a smiley face and a few hearts scattered on the top, and three strawberries sitting on the side of the plate. 

“What does it look like!” Hinata pushed the plate into his hands and clasped his hands together. 

“I’m assuming it’s a cake.”

“I made it myself!” Hinata beams at him.

“I can tell.” He looks back down at the cake. “Is this even edible?” 

Hinata frowns, “Of course it is!”

“Hmm…” Tsukishma eyes it warily, “I don’t even have a fork to eat this with.” 

“Oh!” Hinata dashes out and is back not a minute later with one for him. 

“Ah… Thanks…” he holds the fork and the plate looking awkward. 

“Are you going to eat it?” Hinata cocks his head. 

“Um, I don’t really want to put this in my mouth. It looks awful, don’t you think? I mean, did you even wash your hands when you made this?” He knows he should have kept his mouth shut, he knows he’s gone too far. Hinata grips onto the hem of his shirt and looks down at the ground. 

“Sorry, I can do better next time. I’ll make you another one.” He shuffles his feet around, not making any eye contact with Tsukishima. 

“No need, I’m pretty sure if I looked in the kitchen I would only be greeted with a mess that I’m going to end up having to clean.”

“Stupid Tsukishima.” His voice is shaking and he runs out of the room and Tsukishima hears a door slam shut. He sighs. Why can’t he just keep his mouth shut? He sits at the table with the cake in front of him and scowls at it, ‘Stupid Tsukishima’ ringing in his head.

He reluctantly picks up his fork after hearing some obnoxious sniffles coming from down the hall and takes a small bite. It’s surprisingly good, Hinata must have spent a decent amount of time trying to get this right for him. And he insulted it. He sighs again, but not in irritation, more like in exasperation from his own idiocy. He finishes the cake and brings the dishes to the sink. The kitchen was actually a lot cleaner than he had anticipated. There was some dried batter clinging the the side of the sink and he knew Hinata had done the cleaning, too. 

He runs his hand through his hair, feeling awkward and stupid and bad, and he walks down the hall towards the muffled cries. He knocks on the door and Hinata’s sniffling quiets. 

“Go away!” He throws what he assumes to be a pillow and it thumps against the door weakly. 

Tsukishima rested his forehead against the door and tapped on it with his fingers. “I ate it, stupid.” There’s no movement on Hinata’s side of the door so he continues. 

“It was good. Is there more?” 

Hinata sniffs again and says quietly, “Yes.” 

“If you’ll let me have it, I would like more.” There are footsteps and he hears the door click unlocked and Hinata cracks it just a little bit. 

“You’re just gonna make fun of me again. Stupid Kei.” 

“I won’t.”

“You promise?” 

“I already said I wouldn’t!” Hinata opens the door and stands in front of him awkwardly tugging at the hem of his shirt. 

“Are you lying just to make me feel better?”

Tsukishima grunts in annoyance and pulls Hinata to his chest. “Look…” he clears his throat a bit, “i’m sorry. I really mean it. I’m sorry.”

Hinata looks up at him and grins brightly. “You never apologize!” 

“Agh, shut up.” 

“So you want more? It’s in the fridge!” 

“Actually,” he scratches his cheek and looks away from Hinata, “Would you like to go out?” 

“Like on a date?” 


Hinata grabs his hand and nods quickly, his orange locks bouncing up and down. He looks excited and Tsukishima has to cough to regain his composure. 

“Go take a shower then. We’ll go wherever you want.” 

“Awww, yes!” Hinata jumps, pumping his fist in the air and runs towards the bathroom. 

“Oh, Tsukishima!” Hinata pops his head back out and smiles at him. “I love you, a lot!” 

There’s no hiding his blush this time when Tsukishima glares at him. 

“You too, idiot.” 

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"You know, it’s okay to cry." for Wylde/Bobbi >:3

Oh god. I hope this is okay. Dx

“You know, it’s okay to cry…” Wylde’s voice was soft and soothing as he stood next to the trembling woman. It hadn’t been long since he’d met her, the strange beauty who thought his cheesy pickup lines were utterly awful.

And yet, in the short span of time they had been traveling together, he’d found himself inexplicably drawn to her. Something about her kept him coming back for more, like an addict begging for their next hit. It was completely and utterly frustrating, but he had given up trying to fight it.

Which was the main explanation for their current situation. As he snapped out of his thoughts and returned his attention to the woman at his side, the foul, acrid stench of fresh blood assaulted his nose.

“Bobbi? Come on. Let’s find somewhere to rest for a moment.” He murmured, worry creasing his brow as he gently gripped her elbow and guided her into the recently cleared store.

They had been ambushed by a group of raiders. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing they hadn’t encountered before. Except this time, Wylde had been taken off guard. One of the Raiders had leapt from the balcony above, plunging his knife into the man’s shoulder as he landed on top of him.

If not for Bobbi’s quick reaction to spin around and shoot the raider between the eyes, he would have surely been killed. He owed the woman his life, for more than one reason.

Guiding Bobbi to a vacant sleeping bag, he gently moved her into a sitting position before crouching in front of her. Carefully, his digits worked over the skin of her face, neck and arms, navy hues searching her torso or legs for any injuries. When he found none, his confusion and worry grew.

Why was she trembling? What had happened? 

“Bo? Come on. You’re scaring me. Snap out of it. Please.” He breathed, worry causing his gut to twist painfully.

Slowly, his eyes closed, trying to take deep breaths to calm himself, to keep himself from acting irrationally.


A hard hand connected with the left side of his face, snapping his head in the opposite direction.

“You asshole!” Bobbi shouted, fury burning in her eyes as her body continued to tremble. “Pay attention, you dumbass! You could have been killed! If I hadn’t been there, that raider would have gutted you like a stuck pig!”

Wylde stared at her in shock. In all the months they had been traveling together, she had never once acted like this. Did his possible death honestly upset her that much? He had never imagined… had never hoped…

Slowly, a smile stretched across his lips. “Aw, you do care!” He cooed, always one to look for the brightside. Bobbi did not look pleased, hot tears trickling down her cheeks while angry fists connected with Wylde’s solid torso.

The man simply wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close as she attempted to harm him.

Eventually, her body went slack against his chest, silent sobs wracking her body. “I thought I was going to lose you.” She whispered hoarsely, fingers angrily grasping at the fabric of his shirt as she buried her face deep into his shoulder.

A fond smile graced Wylde’s lips before he placed a tender kiss on the top of her head. “Can’t get rid of me that easily, Bo. You’re stuck with me for quite a while.”

Still holding her close, he shifted their bodies until they were laying within the sleeping bag. Wylde maneuvered them until Bobbi was against the wall. Her body securely protected by his own and the hard, solid wood.

Though Bobbi drifted off to sleep quickly, Wylde remained awake, ever vigilant. He’d never let any harm come to his Bobbi and now that he a small idea of how much losing him would affect her, he’d do his damnedest to keep from ever leaving her side.

Moonlight ☽ Jared & Dominic

It was exciting to have received news from home, and most importantly, a package of some sort. Jared stood patiently, feet playing with sand as he watched the sea vessel come closer to him. When the boat finally arrived, a gigantic man stepped forward and bowed. “Your majesty.” Merely two words before he dropped an enormous treasure chest, almost crushing the royal in the process. With that said, the ogre-looking fellow sailed away, leaving Jared dumbfounded. 

Upon realizing the chest was too heavy to pick up, or even drag for that matter, he remembered the dashing professor who offered him help should the prince need physical assistance. Reaching into his pocket, Jared grabbed his phone and dialed Dominic’s digits before sending him a text. 

Dominic: “Are you busy, darling? I’m in need of your muscles.”

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Imagine your OTP playing an A:TLA version of the Pocky Stick game. Who would break the stick and who would gobble it up quickly?

Hehehehe, okay, I did imagine it indeed… *rubs hands together*

tiny psa ?? : I am a very insecure, clingy person. I like talking to people who have shown interest in me/Kaey, & I get really excited about it very easily. But the thing is, if my constant messaging annoys you, or if you want to talk about something other than rp, tell me please. I am clingy & I am paranoid that that freaks people out or irritates them because I’ve dealt with it in the past. I know I’m annoying & over passionate about rp, & if those things make you uncomfortable let me know so I can turn it down, because I want you to be comfortable around me because I want to be your friend, & thus I respect you & your wishes immensely. If I’m being too clingy let me know, I’ll stop, & if my insecurity bothers you I won’t mention it. I will do anything to maintain friendships because I honestly suck at them & I try too hard 100% of the time. So please, for the sake of being cool with each other let me know if something I does bothers you.