I am worried about them

Apocalypse no Toride chapter 45

I wasn’t prepared for that last chapter. 

Even though I heard that it was going to be last but still

I was happy for Iwamae moment and I am praying that they all will be okay. I hope that Rikkun will become human.. 

I am so worried about him

“True ending” comes in october and honestly I am scared. I want happy ending to them ;__; 

But overall chapter was good
It was kinda calming and peaceful and I liked it
still crying tho I wasn’t ready for the end


From the early-2000s Personal Books I bought a couple weeks ago:

Yamato Yuuga (and a musumeyaku I don’t know, sorry!) cosplaying Rurouni Kenshin

Kiriya Hiromu cosplaying Sakamoto Ryouma

@animaniacal I think these are relevant to your interests…

milkshakemotel replied to your postBitch magazine is doing a fellowship for a…

bitch is imo solid, friends of mine have worked there and like it!

yeah I have heard that it’s a good work environment, I obviously have not always agreed with or adored everything they’ve ever published and I think they sometimes fall into the traps that every single feminist pop culture criticism website falls into - you know, whatever, as my girlfriend once said we all have feelings about Grey’s Anatomy or whatever that hit us in a weird place politically -  but I have been published by them in the past myself and they paid fairly and on time so I am not like, worried about them as a potential employer. I am mostly struggling with the idea of having to write a statement that talks me up as someone to pick over other candidates because I’m The [Gal] That Sucks Plus I Gots Depression

I was down in the dumps the other day and for a split second, was even considering just ending it all. But then I thought about my dolls, and worried about what will happen to them when I am gone. They are the only one constant in my life that’s giving me joy, and that’s probably what’s keeping me going day after day. 


I just submitted my second draft of my first novel to a publisher, and I am falling into that anxiety of “It sucks! What if they hate it?” even after they said that with some work, that the series would be a wonderful addition to their catalog.

(But, the edits on the first one were mostly “there are scenes that could be removed” but no mention of what they were, details or events that they felt needed to be rethought, which were either already explained or were a line, or one that was just “she loses a thing”. Also, no response from the person who emailed me the edits and review thing for two months. So, I did what I thought they might want, made the fixes I could, but I am still worried.)

I just am very worried about them hating the edits, about them thinking what I added or took away is not what they meant, or that it makes the story worse in their eyes.

I’m 17 and I like men who are 14. I also like men who are 24. Who are maybe even as old as 30. I am worried about other who like people much older or younger than them. But I also gotta be true to myself. This website makes me feel conflicted. Just be safe and make smart choices…

I am like… legit concerned about meme.ufacturing being such a popular blog on here. they’re only 15 and admittedly, openly mentally ill and already pretty adept at emotional-crisis/cultural ennui humor and I just am super worried about what’s going to happen to them the moment they post something problematic.

anonymous asked:

would just like to warn you that fandomshatepeopleofcolor have staged an attack on one of your posts. Beware incoming trolls. You may wish to switch off anon for a while.

I just saw Oh Lord, its about the fucking Daisy Johnson allusion as Kylo Ren in an AU. Which I was merely basing off the fucking CANON storyline.

Yeah someone in Buckethead and friends must have sent it to once again discredit me. [ Seriously coming from a marginilized group of people [jewish] I try not to say racist things and careful with my microagressions and when people call me racist which is absolutely rare I ask what I did wrong apologize and fix it. ]

But thankfull people actually know what I orginally intended while making the gifset and have gotten no trolls. I am also not worried about them, the Mod of that site once said Chris Pratt was in Brownface during Jurassic World when he just got a tan like normal people who go into the sun often do. 

So I am just going to live my life and fuck those people. They support rampant POC fetishizers and Melinda May Haters. 

But seriously to all my POC followers if I say something racist or do something racist do tell me and I won’t be offended at all. 

Thank you for the warning though. 

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Casimir how does it feel being away from your family?...U-uh sorry for asking,I'm always there for you

Casi: Well… *sighs* I was very sad and mourning about them for a long, long time… I gave myself the fault for their deaths… and I can’t see them anymore as they turned into angels when they died… they are also low-rank angels so they don’t have an earth permission… I suffered a lot because of that… however… not so long ago I met an angel called Mia who kinda helped me to get over my past and told me to start over like most dead people do… which I finally did… *smiles a little* I fell in love with the brother of Mia… now I’m living with my boyfriend, knowing that my family is safe in heaven so I don’t have to worry about them… I am finally happy again after such a long time of grief and I’m very proud of my boyfriend who I love more than anything… *sighs dreamy and smiles again*

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