I am worried about them

did i ever show you this edit i made

ok i know i’ve been Out There with blaming sm for lack of updates on anything jaemin, but forreal forreal…..is jaemin okay for this comeback? is he truly recovered enough? have his (presumed) physical therapists cleared him for normal idol activities?? as much as i miss jaemin and want to see him again, his health of course comes first. back/spine injuries are no joke, and i reeallyyy hope sm isn’t putting jaemin back out there before he’s really ready. between jaemin, mark and donghyuck, i’m about to develop heart palpitations istg i never stop worrying about these kids

kavinsky’s pack of dogs aka my favorite misguided boys. i realize i’m posting this in the literal middle of the night, but it seems appropriate.

i finally figured out what i wanted all of them to look like and wanted to practice their faces before i did a whole big drawing with ‘em!


Basically if you like this post it means I can write random starters for you or send asks whenever I feel like and not worry about “am I bothering them??” cuz I mean you’re allowed to not reply or whatever if you don’t like the nature of the starter/ask or don’t have inspiration for it or whatever and you don’t have to tell me or apologize for it or anything, it’s really just giving me permission to spam you with shit when I feel like it and not be afraid of being judged.

You are allowed to tell me to back off if I’m overwhelming you, tho. I just want to interact, not cause you unnecessary stress XD


look no offense but please consider yamasuga

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Having severe anxiety. Need you to confirm somehow that Quinn will be able to communicate to Carrie that the neighbor dude was at the same parking lot as Sekou's van, or that Carrie will figure out that Quinn was right and make the connection herself, before all that shit goes down at Carries home and Q is captured and dragged away and I cry a million tears. Not worried about Frankie bc in the promo we see Quinn putting her and the nanny in a separate room for her safety.

My guess is that Quinn will not be able to tell Carrie himself that the neighbor went to the parking lot where Sekou’s van was the previous night. My money is on Carrie making the connection herself, in that mysterious Carrie way she does. 

I am worried about all three of them. I am worried about Quinn’s safety and health. I am worried about Franny’s safety. And I am very worried about Carrie having both of them torn away from her. Next week is gonna be awful. 

tiny malfoy boys headcannon

Scorpius Malfoy had the exact same antics of his father, as when people cross him he used to say “my father is going to hear about this!!!” and Draco thinks it’s cute at first because wow his son is just like him but then realises that it gets really annoying and he starts to pity his father for dealing with all his teenaged bullshit

One day Draco receives an Owl from his teenaged soon and replies with annoyance saying something along the lines of, “Scorpius, I do not care if another student had called you *insert insult here*, I do not care about the Potter brothers, all though I am quite worried about your obsession with both of them, and I hate the fact that I used to do the exact same thing, also I pity your grandfather for all of my bullshit. Please deal with it yourself, as I have so much work to do” because for god’s sake it was his 50th Owl this week and he did not need to hear about how Albus’s eyes were green like the forrest or how James played Quidditch like a God on a broomstick.

Then Draco reminds himself to apologise to his father for being such a pain in the arse as a child.

My parents honest to god think I’m wearing too much makeup and look too made up when I have a tiny bit of low coverage foundation on a small part of my face. “You look so done up!” They say. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

So I mean with a full face they really wouldn’t know who I am so I guess I have nothing to worry about in terms of them finding my online shit so GUESS WHO NO LONGER GIVES A FUCK? This girl.

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Hey JHH, you are a very weird creature! You are always so calm about gillovny, so sure... almost never freak out but you are so worried about season 11 every time there is some bad rumor. I don't know but I am sure we will see season 11. Don't know when but I believe they will do it eventually! They don't negotiate so long for nothing. But what I am not sure is gillovny and I am so worried about them all the time and PM doesn't help at all :(

I know! I have less doubt about Gillovny than I have about season 11. I’m not worried about Gillovny, it’s a done deal for me, and if I’m wrong or I’m proven wrong some time, I’ll just wait for them to get back to each other, because they always do anyway. But season 11… the wait is frustrating and not knowing if it’s going to happen or not makes me want to scream!

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But there's been no evidence that he's worried about him. And maybe he's just good at pretending which is fine. But ROBERT doesn't think he's worried about him. Which Robert is fine with - I don't think he was complaining about it. He's probably glad thinking that Aaron won't worry about him. But as a robron shipper, it makes me sad.

I am sure Aaron is worried about everyone, Chas, Liv, Robert all of them coz he loves ALL OF THEM I know I wanted a scene between Robert and Aaron talking about their relationship and them being alone when Aarons in prison. I wanted Robert to tell Aaron that he’s scared of being alone and the way round coz they both are scared, scared af. I AM SCARED AF FOR THEM ! Yeah I think Roberts kinda fine with Aaron not worrying too much  about him the last thing he wants is Aaron being upset about him too. And yes its sad coz I really wanted to see that talk between them I also wanted Robert to be near Aaron while having the panic attack maybe Robert crying so Aaron can see how much this affects Robert too. I BLAME ED FOR LAZY WRITING THIS EPISODE SORRY SERIOUSLY this could have been way better. Anyways RObert loves Aaron and Aaron loves Robert and they care about each other equally, and they are a family and no way in hell Aaron thinks theyre not a family togehter the hell came up with this ED?!?!?!? MEHHHH and whatever everyones saying AARON DOES CARE ABOUT ROBERT !!! OF COURSE HE DOES!

Taemin GQ Korea October Issue interview

Q: But you can’t play Billiards yourself.
Taemin: Yes, I have my really close friends with me. They are people that I don’t have anything to worry about when I am with them. When we are in one place together, we really don’t even say anything. If we’re at home, we’ll just come in straight, we do what we each need to do, when it’s time to eat we’ll eat together, and when it’s time to leave we’ll just leave. Actually we don’t just go. We’ll all sleep before leaving. They are friends I’ve known for over 10 years. They are friends I’ve known since my trainee days.


getting linked to on reddit is so weird because I’ll get ten thousand page views in an hour and a couple of angry confused anons calling me a ‘cringeworthy SJW’ and then you look over there and the post only has 100 votes and ten comments. tumblr seems to have a much higher notes-to-interactions ratio. 

tumblr also tends to send angry anons telling me I’m a privilege dripping Straight White Man, which is how I know I’ve been linked on reddit when I get the “SJW!” kind.