I am so tired but

Some Black Girl Artists for Blackout

Lauryn Hill 

K. Michelle

Lil Kim


Azealia Banks 

Neon Jungle

Ella Eyre


Janelle Monae

Laura Mvula


Angel Haze  (Agender, still want to recommend them though! ) a>


Bridget Kelly

Elelie Sande

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking about opening an ask blog about the British Empire. Is that appropriate or would that be offensive? What are your thoughts on this?

Well the British Empire is actually covering a looong time period so I wouldn’t say it’s inappropriate itself, considering you can still see bits of British Empire!England in canon.

But I just think it’s important to keep the hetalia spirit in mind while answering. Like, don’t idealize the bad parts, don’t forget them but don’t focus too much on them either. Since Hetalia is mainly about trivia, and barely-or-not-at-all talking about touchy topics, I’d advice to probably only imply the bad parts yet clearly enough to understand that some deep shit is happening.

And about the said bad parts of history, don’t demonize the character either, think about why he would act the way he does and even if his reasons are not valid for everybody they completely are for him.

The tricky thing is to find a well balanced way to show that bad things are happening, that England would be 100% guilty of them, but that he would totally have his reasons to do them, even if from another point of view the said reasons are 524365% not valid. And all of this while not being interpreted as “finding excuses for the perpetrator of such bad things”. 

So the interview went well, I’ve got another next friday with different peeps but same job, they’re also bumping up the pay for me if I get the job by like… 2k a year, which is nice.

I don’t know though, maybe it was all of the travelling or the fact that I only got 5 hours sleep last night and the stress but I feel so fucking exhausted right now. Like seriously, I have shit I need to do, I need to clear all of the boxes out of the bedroom and clear some space so the guys who are replacing our broken tumble dryer can get in. I need to put in my passport details for my flight back to the UK tomorrow, pack my bag for the flight tomorrow because I won’t have time to do it during the day and get my stuff ready for derby tomorrow morning. 

Just, ugh, ugh, ugh. 

All I want to do is sleep. 

every fucking horoscope on tumblr:
  • Aries:angry!! always angry!! no other emotion!! will kill!
  • Taurus:carries an entire fridge 24/7 for easy food access
  • Gemini:speaking always and everywhere. i hear these assholes in my sleep. why
  • Cancer:yawn. the lamest mom. boring
  • Leo:panics if there is no mirror to check themselves out in within a 2 meter vicinity
  • Virgo:type to get excited over politics. what the fuck they probably had a file cabinet in preschool
  • Libra:charmer. everyone loves them. they could steal your firstborn and you would still thirst
  • Scorpio:fuck or die. you either fuck. or you die
  • Saggitarius:just do not care!! brutally honest!!! will tell you if you own one too many anime body pillows :/
  • Capricorn:allergic to jokes, fun and anything else that has a possibility of bringing the smallest amount of joy to anyone.
  • Aquarius:weird & goofy [insert something about water]
  • Pisces:sleeps through wedding. sleeps through childbirth. attending their loved ones funeral? guess where they at? in the coffin....asleep.

it began like a stardust cursaders strip but it was caejose all along i’m (not) sorry