like i know it’s a TV show and it’s not like we overthrew a government or whatever, but Netflix were so determined that they weren’t going to bring Sense8 back, that that was It, no more Sense8 for us, but we fought back and we said No and we refused to move or be moved and we got them to change their mind, we got them to give us a movie length special to say goodbye, We Did That, so don’t ever let anyone tell you that anything is impossible bc this is proof that if you work together with good intentions anything is possible



i’m taking pre-orders for my spd/autism noise muffling beanies/headbands

YO I am so autistic and SO PUMPED that I came up with this product. earbuds and noise cancelling headphones are sensory hell for me, but I have finally figured out how to use only fabric to block out between 50% of sound. but if you order custom, I can adjust the amount of fabric to allow the amount of sound in you want.

the beanies and headbands are made of recycled sweaters!!!

i’ll start making them march 11th and i can have them shipped by march 12th seriously im hyperfocused

plain beanies are $15. plain headbands are $10. beanies with designs are $20. headbands with designs are $13. shipping is free because GREECE but it will also take about a month to get there because GREECE

you can pre-order a plain one, a space themed one, a plant themed one, or an animal themed one (my special interests lol)

OR you can custom order one in your special interest! i’m already making one for someone who really likes monsters and it’s going to have horns and lots of eyes so basically tell me what you’re interested in. custom beanies are $25 and custom headbands are $17. i can also change the fabric or add zippers or snaps or tassles or fringes. really just let your sensory desires run wild my buds

in conclusion i am SO FREAKING HAPPY. i see so many products for autistic people made by allistic people and it’s like??? no. i’m autistic and can’t hold down a job because of my anxiety disorder, so this is my only source of income. i’m also trying to save up money to buy a retired greyhound that is dying so i can give them a good home

etsy shop will be up tomorrow. PLEASE message me with what you want and i will mesage you because i’ll probably have made it in 1-3 days

please sign boost for autistic/spd people who shouldn’t have to deal with uncomfortable and unstylish ear protection!!!


I got my things back!!

The police called me to tell me great news!! At 4 am, two dudes that were in posession of a suspiciously big bag were arrested. When the police checked it out, they discovered lots of stolen computers and other electronic devices inside!

And they fould my computer there as well! Along with my tablet!! When I got the mail this morning I was so happy I could cry! I spent almost all day out trying to go and get it, and now I am finally writing this from my beloved computer <3

It’s also in perfect condition! The thieves didn’t have the time to mess with my data, so everything is still here! My comics, my documents, everything! Boy am I the luckiest skeleton in the world or what <3

I have to say, this last two days where I thought there was no hope, you all guys were so nice to me. I received lots of support and even donations and now I almost feel bad… you’re too nice for me. I shall repay you somehow.

First of all, I’ll answer to the huge message load that I got, since you’re so nice and sent me over 100 asks filled with love and support <3 And then I’ll work on making this weekend’s pages and the art giveaway! I also have to finish that mini-comic I was doing for the Bloomtale blog! I have so much stuff to do, I am so happy to have my things back!! I’ll draw and draw and draw!!!!

Bless this spanish police, and bless you my lovely followers <3


“Life is more a matter of choosing than knowing. He could never know the eventual destination of his path, but he could always choose in which direction to take each step.” 

― Matthew Woodring Stover, “Traitor”