I am seriously not trying to be one of those fans

EXO'luXion in Dallas

Okay, I am making this post, because I have noticed a lot of negativity towards the Dallas audience. Some about cheering inequality (Which yea, and I tried to cheer for them all. Lot of Chanyeol biases. Seriously lol), but I didn’t think any member got neglected. I think everyone went extra for Jongin and Yixing to show support.

Other than that, I saw just some FALSE ASS RUMORS, like people were trying to make Dallas look bad.

I get where it’s coming from. A lot of people where really negative towards MMT about a lot of stuff, especially the Jongin visa ordeal. I felt ashamed as a Texas resident that people were acting this way. I was afraid EXO were going to come to a empty venue, but it seemed those people either were irrationally lashing out or didn’t come and other’s replaced them because, there were no attitudes in the audience.

I also was afraid of fans at the airport, BUT despite what you read online, they were pretty well-behaved. There is always a few, but it was tame.

The concert got off to a late start, but the venue was filled to the brim with screaming fans from all different places of all genders, races, religions, and ages.

There were a couple issues with a couple of fans, but for the most part, everyone behaved.

Guys, EXO was so surprised by us singing along instead of just chanting. They were happy at how enthusiastic we were! They had fun.

So, please, be happy EXO felt so loved. I was praying they would and they did.

We are One!

Beyoncé’s Fans

I honestly am offended with Beyoncé’s fans using things like GoFundMe etc. to raise money for concert tickets.

How dare they even ask for handouts/donations on those sites, that is seriously a selfish and heartless thing to do, I’m not trying to be mean by saying that but there is a line that fans don’t cross and this is one of them.

Beyoncé’s fans should be ashamed of themselves, those sites are to be used for business, more importantly CHARITIES & or even life threatening tragedys.

Sure, it sucks that you don’t have the money to go to one of Beyoncé’s concerts but DON’T ASK FOR HANDOUTS/DONATIONS ON THOSE SITES, EVER!