I am not sure what Louis did

So, I was watching the video to the gif that I just re-blogged of Harry pretending to spank Louis on stage in Cardiff (shortly before Louis forgot his vocals) and you can see that prior to that Harry points to Louis and then Louis walks toward him. So I looked for more footage, and I found another video, and while you cannot see all of it, you can actually see that after Harry pointed to him, Louis pouted as he walked towards him before Harry pretended to spank him. At least that is what it looks like anyway in the VERY brief moment on video. (Credit to Monika Rozynek for the video.)

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I cant understand the other anon lol I personally did not find the bears dirty with cake offensive at all. It was actually fun for goodness' sake, it was for h's birthday. :) If the bears are important to us, what more to the people behind them (*cough* larry *cough*)? I know louis does not love washing, but harry does for sure, so no problem with that. I hope the next picture we have the bears are on a bathtub XX

Anonymous said:February 2nd 2016, 9:10:00 am: Does that anon really think a build a bear - a child’s toy - isn’t easily washable?

Anonymous said:February 2nd 2016, 8:18:00 am: For that anon who said they felt used because the bears are dirty now.. I mean, they can be CLEANED UP, there’s a thing called washing machine yknow? WTF is that?


I know haha :D:D

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??? ? how did a post saying "tmz will not be swayed by your babygate comments" become "oppressing and silencing people of color"??? it doesn't matter who you are; if you say "LOUIS BABY CONSPIRACY" on a tmz article, the people at tmz will think "yeah i know" and nothing will change?? i'm sure you're very ancient and very white, vee, but just... what...

I have no idea, but I am definitely older than time and whiter than snow.

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Today I was at the salon and this young couple came in with a tiny baby and everyone was going gaga over it asking how old it was and they said she was 12 weeks but she was a premie so she just go out of the hospital yesterday and all I could think about was the larries bitching about Louis and Briana taking the baby outside meanwhile this tiny baby was at the salon on it's second day home lol!

How am I to believe this was a real baby?

Why were their parents at a salon? What parents care about looking nice right after dealing with taking their premie out of hospital? That is the last thing parents of such a baby want to do, surely they should be sat at home staring at it for all hours in sweatpants and adult diapers?

Did you notice anything about the mother’s belly, anything strange or unusual about the size? I’m assuming it was incredibly distended and you’ve consulted dozens of midwives via anon message to make sure that it looked the right size?

What sort of clothing was she wearing? If it was too baggy then she’s definitely hiding something, if it’s really tight then she’s honestly a shameless slut of a mother. It’s the number one signifier she’s not a Real Mother, Real Mother’s are Virgin Mary personified and we live in the dark ages here on Tumblr when it come’s to women we don’t like.

Anything else I can say to make you feel suspicious about this woman and her baby? Because it’s a normal critical thinking thing to do and I don’t want you to be fooled by women and their babies, that makes you a sheeple and you really have to do better. If we ask as many questions as possible about this woman then it’s only natural we eventually suspect she’s lying and covering something up, otherwise why would I have come up with these questions at all?

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what do you think is this bc real or no?

Well, I don’t think Briana actually had a baby, so no, I don’t think the birth certificate is real.

Of course, I also don’t think there’s any point in microanalyzing the picture and debating live birth/informational/distance to Sunglass Hut, either. It’s a decent forgery. You know what? When I was 17, I had a really real-looking driver’s license that said I was 22. It didn’t make me 22 (or even able to drive).

I did briefly consider ordering a copy from Vitalcheck last night just to know for sure if something was actually filed, but I would have had to commit my own identity fraud to do that, as Ventura County requires there to be some kind of legal relationship in order to get even an informational copy. Though I am enjoying the image of the Ventura County Clerk getting a hundred requests from Louis’ many internet mothers checking up on their tiny son and grandson.

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Name:Gabrielle or gabby

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Early 1900s St. Louis Riverfront Photos

What did the St. Louis riverfront look like before the Arch was built? Here are some pictures that I scanned from glass slides, which I think are from the 1920s. These pictures include riverboats on the Mississippi, the St. Louis skyline and riverfront, and laborers taking breaks from working. I am not sure who shot these, but they appear to be candid and an interesting glimpse into the history of the St. Louis along the Mississippi!

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Early 1900s St. Louis Riverfront Photos was originally published on VintageReveries - Vintage Fashion and Ephemera Blog


You finally took me to eat a burger tonight.

Was it a date? Maybe it would have been had you had the chance to make yourself pretty and me to get my hair in check. And yes, you wanted to get pretty. Don’t lie to me, I know you did. But thank you for going against your normal habits for me. Once again you sacrificed something that to me may seem small but I can’t know what it means to you.

Of course, there was also that Loui tagged along, and with 3 it’s not a date anymore… I think he realised afterwards that neither you nor I wanted to admit what it probably looked like. Thank the heavens he didn’t make it uncomfortable. But I’m not sure how comfortable I am with him seeing right through me.

I’m sorry I kinda ruined it though. Not that it was a date but the night in general. First talking about how much I love Fred’s eyes (but I do! I mean have you seen them?! They’re like gorgeously green!). And was it me or did you not like it? Loui cast me a glance that made me feel like it was the wrong thing to say, but you wouldn’t care unless you… cared.

And then sorry I took that dreadful call that made me sour. I tried not to let it get to me and pushed it from my mind. At least while we ate. At least to be a good sport with you and Loui.

But thank you for being as sweet as ever. Thank you for paying for me. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and safe.

I spend half of my time around you thanking you. But I really am thankful. You were the only bright spot in this dreadful night. And I can tell you’re trying to find middle ground with me. I don’t want to change you, but it is beautiful to see you try to at least remember for me.

I may never understand your smiles or your actions, but thank you for being here.

Oh and next time we go out (I hope there IS a next time), I am totally paying ;)

P.s. Do my hugs make you nervous? Because you seemed to run away tonight but you thanked me afterwards by text…