I am not kidding

You need to understand this.

Although I have a lot of followers, I have a really good memory for people. If you sent me a sweet message, if you added a cool comment to one of my posts, or if you just reblog my stuff all the time, I probably remember your face/avatar/url and smile to myself every time I see you in my activity tab.

remember how fairy tail was mostly all about having fun and then everything changed really quickly

the fact that I didn’t add their pasts makes me even more not o K 

anonymous asked:

Okay, viria. I need to get something straight with you. You can ONLY draw Percy, Thalia, Piper, Jason, Nico, and every other fictional character out there as punk without the world hating you for it, but NOT PETER PAN, FOR GOODNESS FUCKING SAKES!

it’s really awkward because Kula Shaker’s Peter Pan RIP is playing at this very moment……

A text conversation between my mom and I
  • Me:Hey I left my backpack at home can you bring it here?
  • Mom:The sky is falling.
  • Me:What?
  • Mom:It's falling.
  • Me:Okay can you bring my backpack? Please class is about to start soon.
  • Mom:It's Earth day, honey.
  • Me:Mom please.
  • Mom:Earth Day.
  • Mom:Okay peace out brussel sprout
  • Me:So you're bringing the backpack?
  • Mom:Is Obama black?

It seems that a festive, formal event will occur in Sherlock Series Three.

I would just like to point out that RDJ!Holmes and JudeLaw!Watson WALTZED WITH EACH OTHER during a formal event in their last film.

BBC, the bar has been set.

I expect a tall, obnoxious consulting detective to cut in on an Army doctor and take a few turns around the dance floor (in order to discuss a case with his exasperated friend).

—  Valeria2067

Mum: Could you stop spending time only on talking about skijumping, reading about skijumping, dreaming about skijumping, listening about skijumping, watching skijumping and thinking about skijumping?
Me: Ok… Hmmm, maybe I will do a crossword…?

Crossword: “Piotr, polish skijumper”
Crossword: …what?