I am not kidding

I feel like show is literally trying to gaslight me into choosing/believing Sam’s side every single season. Since I don’t have selective amnesia, it doesn’t work on me, but its incredibly jarring to witness. 

Like, I was supposed to hate Amara from the get go because she was this powerful destructive entity but I’m supposed to give Jack a chance? Or how all monsters were evil and needed to die last season but monsters can be redeemed this season? Or how Sam was working with Mary last season in secret but he didn’t have a relationship with her at all? And advocating for tough-love while we have been shown again and again how Dean responds well to support and care? 

I can’t possibly list them all, but the show does this a lot. It always, always takes Sam’s side and even when Sam is proven wrong (Ruby, Demon blood, BotD) somehow the show tries to gas-light the viewers into believing in Sam’s version. By redefining the rules or by ignoring established canon or by re-framing the events in a starkly different light. This attempt at gas-lighting is not even subtle anymore and it makes me so uncomfortable. 


hi everyone. This is why mod has been on hiatus:

I’m currently constantly scared for my life. My mother is extremely abusive and has been for years, and a couple days ago I broke down and couldn’t take it anymore.

In order to try to fend for myself, I posted that little button that says to feed Tama pokebeans. Each donation is 3$, and for every three dollars donated I’ll personally draw you a lineless chibi doodle, an example being the background of this blog.

Please help if you can, I can’t take the stress any longer. Being mentally disabled doesn’t help either: I have autism, ADHD, and depression. Please help.. I feel super guilty about doing this but I feel I need to. Thank you.

You need to understand this.

Although I have a lot of followers, I have a really good memory for people. If you sent me a sweet message, if you added a cool comment to one of my posts, or if you just reblog my stuff all the time, I probably remember your face/avatar/url and smile to myself every time I see you in my activity tab.

Low-Key Logan Cosplay

And so it continues. Today is Logan! Please excuse the former 3D glasses. I’ll post Patton tomorrow, and I have already done Virgil and Roman.

(I have a ton of Star Trek books, don’t tell anyone)

Did I ever tell you about the time I had a dream that Dan and Phil came to my [secondary] school for no apparent reason?

And some unexplained logic meant that (1) nobody recognised them and (2) there was barely anyone in my school at the time anyway? All the classrooms and corridors were empty.

I kept trying to go up to Phil (Dan had disappeared somewhere) and introduce myself as a fan of theirs, but he kept ignoring me and I got so upset it was ridiculous.

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  • What I say: I'm okay.
  • What I mean: Everyone died. Literally every major character they introduced in this film is dead. They killed everyone. And every death was painful. And beautiful. And sad. And Baze and Chirrut are the best powercouple ever and now they are together in death and it is so beautiful and that movie broke me wtf.