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Audiopost Round 2

I got tagged by @azrielsiphons, @highlady-casandra, @lronteeth, and @readinglikewildfire to do Moe’s second round of the audio… ask.. meme? what are we calling this?? lol

Also…. listening to this a second time…… I sound like I am literally on drugs. This is what I sound like on 3 hours of sleep. I listened to it and was like “…I literally disagree with myself on some of these answers??? who am i” 

Probably no one should listen to this.

  • You have one hour to spend with a member of the Inner Circle. Who and why?
  • If Aelin, Manon, or Dorian has to be sacrificed in TOG, who do you think it should be?
  • What would one hour alone with Amren be like for you?
  • Are you more of a smut fan or a fluff fan? DON’T LIE
  • Voice your feelings on Mort the doorknocker, King of Sass™
  • Fly with Illyrians or fly with the Thirteen?
  • Consider and respond to the fact that: Sam Cortland is dead (I’m sorry, I just really want to hear everyone flail in real time the way we do on the internet)
  • Describe your fav character from TOG and ACOTAR in one word.
  • What’s that one (or more) ship that everyone else loves but you just…. don’t?
  • What character do you want to bring back from the dead the most?
  • What character do you REALLY NEED A NOVELLA ABOUT RIGHT NOW?
  • What are your theories on Nesta’s favoritism of Elain over Feyre?
  • Are you looking forward to Tower of Dawn or not? BE HONEST
  • Would you ever name your child or a pet after a book character? If so, who? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be an SJM character) -
  • Did you like the ending of ACOWAR? Be brutally honest (but remain kind please).


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anonymous asked:

I'm a cashier, and I gotta say I generally love it when people are nice and you can have a real chat with them, something other than "hi how are you?" Type of stuff. So I don't think you being outgoing is anything to be ashamed of

i am glad to hear this actually. i always feel like i overstepped or like annoyed somebody when being too friendly with them. like part of me is like “you dumbass, it’s their job to be nice to you. they don’t like it when you talk and joke with them” and its very confusing!!

I sacrificed my sleep time for this. @amazingphil @danielhowell, take responsibility!xD #NoRegrets #DeleteLater Finally the alien saw the earth light. Take care of him and Dab, Dil! Show them the dreamy world~

♦ Happy B-day, DALIEN! ♦
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 Dil and Dalien to Phil, Dan and Sims 4 developers (=

P.S. I also wanted to add ‘have two lil D’s’ as a feature, but I’m not that kind of person xD